Unexpected Meeting Ch. 01

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Jacking Off

Chapter 1

To everyone else, this was an average Friday, the end if yet another week of work. But to her, it is the beginning of a new chapter. She is going to meet him.

To him, this Friday brings yet another airport- coach tickets and baggage claims and touchy feely security guards. After most of these trips, he’s ready to get home to his own bed, but this particular Friday, he doesn’t realize all that his own bed will entail…

They met online, like everyone meets these days, and like every online relationship, they live in different states. But when he told her about this week’s trip, she decided that it was finally time. Her bags have been packed for days in nervous anticipation and are full of brand new lingerie. More frills and lace than she’s ever seen.

“Alright honey, that was the final boarding call. I have a lay over in Denver, so I won’t be home until after midnight,” he says.

“That’s fine,” she replies with a smile. “I’ll talk to you when you get home.” She hangs up the phone and starts the car.

Music blares from the speakers, and her hair, blown by the open window, flies around her as she rushes along the highway. The prospect of meeting the man she’s been talking to for months, sharing opinions as friends, and fantasies as lovers, has had her in a sexual frenzy all week. And the vibrations from the speeding car and bumpy roads are doing nothing to quench those feelings.

Without taking her eyes from the road, she slips one hand up her shirt an begins to fondle her breasts, gently squeezing and pulling one hard nipple then the other. She moans quietly to herself as she gets increasingly, almost unbearably, wet.

Thoughts of him, his lips and tongue replacing her fingers, run through her head. She unclasps her bra and pulls her top up over her freed breasts,enjoying the feel of the afternoon sun on her aroused flesh. Heat and moisture radiate from between her thighs as she slides her band to the waist band of her jeans and deftly unbuttons them. She sets the cruise control Maltepe Escort and wiggles her jeans down over her hips. Her fingers slide under the soft fabric of her panties, touching her moist lips.

Shivers run up her spine as her practiced fingers find the source of pleasure. Slowly, she begins to draw circles around her clit, gathering her wetness on her fingertips.

A truck enters the highway, driving in the lane next to her where the passenger has a full view of her exposed breasts and of what she’s doing with her hand. The excitement of being watched brings another shiver up her spine.

Her fingers become more frantic as she nears her climax. A moan escapes her lips as she fights to keep driving while in the throes of her passion.

When her shuddering subsides, she looks to the man in the truck, who is now openly and unashamedly staring, removes her hand from between her thighs, licks her fingers clean, and gives him a friendly wave as she speeds away.

* * *

He’s been thinking about her all day and finds himself fighting to hide the bulge in his pants as he boards the plane in Denver.

“Am I in fucking middle school again?” he thinks as he surreptitiously adjusts himself behind his carry on bag. “I’ve got to get this under control before any one sits next to me,” he muses while taking the window seat near the back of the plane.

He calmly sits through the safety presentation and waits for the rush of take off. But he doesn’t see the stewardess. Instead he’s staring at a mental image of her… Showing him her body instead of emergency exits. His erection has now passed the point of going unnoticed, but thankfully, no one else is seated in his row. Visions of her run through his head as the plane takes off and continue while the stewardess starts down the aisle with beverages. Before she reaches him, he lowers the tray table to try to cover the massive erection that, at this point, won’t go away.

“Would you like a drink sir?” the stewardess asks. He Maltepe Escort Bayan orders a scotch, and as the stewardess leans over to hand him the tiny bottle, she notices the tent in his pants that he has tried to hide. Her cheeks flush and her body responds without her permission.

He has seen that look before, the look of lust filling the eyes of the stewardess as she hands him the bottle.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” she says, in a much more sultry voice than before, and lightly licks her lips.

He’s torn now… desperate for a little relief, but unsure of what this means. He’s been talking to her nearly every day, having hot, steamy, and sometimes kinky phone sex, sharing more than he ever has with any woman before.

But they haven’t said they’re exclusive.

That thought makes up his mind. “Actually, I was just about to visit the restroom,” he says with a wink. The stewardess stares at him, equally shocked and aroused by the implications. She quickly decides that her lust for the attractive man with the huge hard on outweighs her propriety. She gestures to him to give her 5 minutes, and hurries to finish her round and stow the drink cart.

As she moves on, he downs the tiny bottle of scotch, not even bothering to pour it over ice. His shot of liquid courage down, his hand slides under the tray table and lightly strokes the outline of his hard cock through the thin material of his pants.

When he sees her make her way back toward him after her duties are completed, he swiftly rises and heads toward the tiny lavatory without a second glance at her. He opens and closes the door, but doesn’t lock it, and lowers his pants and boxers letting his hard dick spring free. He sits facing the door and waits, slowly stroking himself.

The door opens carefully as the stewardess squeezes into the small space. Her jaw drops and her eyes widen when she sees him, half naked and ready for her, one hand wrapped around the most impressive cock she’s seen Escort Maltepe in a very long time. Without a single word, he reaches out and slides his hand up the inside of her stockinged thigh.

His hand reaches the crotch of her damp panty hose and cups her lips while he slides his other hand to meet it. His fingers gather the thin fabric of her hose and pull, ripping them just far enough to gain him access. He slides his hands to the outside of her thighs and pushes her skirt above her waist, turns her around and guides her down to his waiting rod.

Her wet walls envelop him, squeezing and releasing as she adjusts to his girth. He leans his mouth to her shoulder to stifle his moan. He knows he won’t last long as turned on as he’s been all day.

She brings her knees up and braces her feet against the door as he shifts forward slightly and begins to thrust into her in small strokes. The head of his penis, in this cramped position, is perfectly positioned on her g-spot. It doesn’t take much before she’s covering her mouth, covering her moans as he sends her into the throws of orgasm.

He thrusts harder into her wet depths, pushing on the slippery walls. The pleasure of feeling himself inside her, the spasms of her muscles as she cums, and the taboo of public sex with a perfect stranger sends him into a state of erotic bliss.

“I’m gonna cum,” he whispers in her ear.

“I want to taste it!” she says and slides her body off of him, turning smoothly to take his cock in her mouth, licking her own juices from him, just as he reaches the edge. His breathing stops as he blows load after load of hot cum into her mouth. He groans as his orgasm subsides, and she runs her tongue around the head and in the slit in the tip while still softly sucking.

She stands, licking the cum that was left on her lips and their combined juices from her fingers. Her hands slide her skirt back into place and smooth out the wrinkles. She glances at herself in the mirror, readying herself to return to reality.

“Wait here for a few minutes, then go back to your seat. Please remember to buckle your seat belt.” And she was gone.

He stood and washed himself, thinking “I cannot believe that just happened…” and returned to his seat where he quickly dozed off for the rest of the flight.

* * *

To be continued

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