Unexpected Portuguese Sex

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I never had any interest in German men, but my German friend Dagmar had fucked a fair number of good ones so I figured they couldn’t all be bad. On my current rampage of international fucking, I figured one German should at least be added to the mix. After all, I had spent two weeks in Frankfurt and hadn’t fucked once.

Carme and I went out with my new Costa Rican friend Jeffrey, who was hot but married, and his Mozambican friend Manuel to a fairly cool German bar. When we first walked in, people were self-consciously standing around and no one was dancing.

I was on the prowl as usual, doing laps around the place looking for a decent guy to fuck. Most of the guys were yuppy-looking with glasses, in dressed down suits—so not my type. I couldn’t seem to find any cute guys, which meant I kept coming back to Jeffrey and dancing with him flirtatiously, which he responded to. By three, however, Jeffrey had left with his friend. I was still on the prowl and had tried unsuccessfully to make contact with the only cute guy in the place. I noticed a ring on his finger shortly after I asked him for a light that he coldly gave me.

As I was beside the stage dancing, I noticed a cute girl on the stage, dancing rather seductively with a guy. We smiled at each other and she extended her hand, inviting me to dance on stage with her. I accepted. Soon, she had left the guy completely and danced with me. But it was the usual thing that always happens to me with women. I don’t know if this is fun or flirtatious. If it is flirtatious I don’t know what the boundaries are. Is it acceptable to run my hand on her side, like I do with a guy, how close can I dance to her? I always worry I am somehow going to blow it. I feel like the salivating guy that watches too many porn flicks cause he can’t get girls and when one finally pays attention to him, he gets dog-like and fucks it up.

We were dancing together, but not too close, then apart. We would each do our own thing for a bit, periodically smiling at each other. At times she would gently grab my side. I grazed my hand across her leg and back at times. The tall guy I had forgotten about came over to talk to me. We stopped dancing.

A tall German guy I had spotted earlier was now showing interest. He came over and started dancing with me and was very touchy feely. At some point he asked for a kiss. I obliged without too much fight but gave just a bit of resistance so I didn’t seem too easy. He surprised me in that he was a better kisser than I thought.

I spotted the girl again and went over to dance with her. We started talking a little and I learned she was Portuguese but had been in Germany for five years. She was with two apparent friends Muratpaşa Escort and her sister who were all being fairly protective of her and had little interest in meeting me. It was clear she was drunk when we were dancing as she stumbled a few times on her turns. She asked me if I liked dancing cause she loved to dance. The tall German guy came over again and I was swallowed by him for a few moments, but then I saw the girl again and shifted my focus.

We did the same routine we had done on stage, dancing sort of together then apart. Her friend came over and danced very close by, eyeing me suspiciously. Then the girl came up behind me very close. I ran both hands up her side lightly. She kissed my neck. I leaned back and our lips brushed.

“I have to go to the bathroom, come with me,” I said and grabbed her hand.

As we approached the bathroom, I noticed a door just beyond it and decided to see where it led. To my surprise, it was a small lounge area that no one seemed to know about it. It was lit by black lights and had a few couches and armchairs. As we entered, I realized I had no idea what to do when we got there. Should I kiss her or just sit on a couch? Should I tell her directly I want to kiss her and see how she responds? She resolved the problem for me. As the door was closing behind us, she pushed me up against the wall and collapsed her body onto mine. She started kissing me, slowly and seductively. It was soft but passionate.

I was surprised by her initiative because she was so much tinier than me and here she was throwing me against the wall. I had a cerebral moment of wondering what was acceptable, what was not. She resolved my uncertainty when she took off my shirt within two seconds and had my tits in her mouth. There were going to be no boundaries I quickly learned. I followed her lead and removed her tight white tank top, and unhooked her bra that clipped in the front. As the bra fell back, I discovered she had the most perfectly round, slightly more than a handful sized tits, and a narrow stomach with zero fat on it. Her tits were simply gorgeous and as I kissed them she breathed heavily telling me it felt good.

I started kissing her down her stomach, then her legs and inner thighs. She was standing, her back pressed against the wall with me on my knees. I teased all around her underwear until she ripped her underwear off and I started licking her completely shaved pussy. Her pussy was petite and presentable, somewhere between pink and olive toned. She was moaning extremely sexily and I was surprised that just my licking her pussy and listening to her moaning was about to make me cum. She hadn’t even touched my Muratpaşa Escort Bayan pussy yet. I felt like I could lick her pussy forever, it was almost tasteless, a tinge of sweetness. As I kept licking, I could taste her wetness in my mouth and her pussy juice was getting all around my mouth. The more I licked, the sweeter she tasted. I was almost disappointed when she began moving her pelvis in quick thrusts against my mouth, moaning louder until she came. I wanted my tongue to keep exploring every inch of her pussy and to continue making her moan for eternity.

After orgasm, she grabbed for my pants and pulled them down. She edged off my underwear and started licking me. My legs were quickly turning to jelly, I couldn’t physically handle how good it felt. I still had the taste of her pussy on my mouth and lips and kept licking around my lips to taste her. I grabbed her by the hand and led her to one of the leather couches, where I lied back, and she knelt between my legs on the floor and introduced my pussy to the most skillful oral sex I’ve ever received.

Her tongue was pillow soft but the delivery was massage-like. My pussy had never experienced such expertise before. The softness of it drove me mad. I wanted more of her but was already so close to cumming with so little touch of her tongue and mouth. I felt like I could orgasm within seconds and tried to hold out for longer. I didn’t want to seem inexperienced, like a 15-year-old boy who had just seen a vagina for the first time.

I couldn’t hold out and came quickly. Too quickly.

We continued kissing, her on top of me on the couch now, her perfect round tits pressed against mine. We were both overcome with excitement as our bodies gyrated against one another in a sitting position. My hands moved between her tits and feeling her back and sides. I could’ve cared less that anyone could enter the room at any time. I was lost in her smell, her body, her tongue in my mouth, soft tits pressing down on me and the feel of her dripping wet pussy periodically grazing mine.

I slipped my finger inside her pussy. It was both strange and familiar to feel the inside of a body part I knew so well, except now it was someone else’s. She was crazy wet and my finger slid smoothly in and out. We started kissing again as I fingered her. She moved her finger from gently massaging my clit to inside of me. We maneuvered from her straddling me to both of us facing each other on the couch. I sat with my legs open and she sat between them as we kissed and fingered each other. Every part of my body screamed for more, like every cell in my body couldn’t get enough. It didn’t take long of her alternating Escort Muratpaşa between fingering me and massaging my pulsating clit for me to cum again, moaning into her mouth. Both our juices created a wet, sticky cover on the leather couch below us.

I wanted it to never end but after maybe 10 more minutes of kissing and fingering, she said we should go. We dressed together and kissed at the same time. I watched her fasten her bra around her perfectly round tits and pull her tank top down over her stomach. I kissed her as we pulled our skirts down. We couldn’t locate our underwear and had to crawl around the dark room looking for it. As she crawled in front of me on her hands and knees, I pulled her ass toward me, pushed up her skirt and ducked my head between her legs and started licking her pussy again. “I really have to go,” she pleaded.

“Should I stop?” I asked, pulling away from her.

“No, don’t stop. Just a little longer,” she smiled.

I turned over on my back and she positioned her pussy on my face and rocked it back and forth as I ferociously ate every inch of her clit and vagina, all the way back to the opening of her ass. She was breathing so heavily and moaning so loud I was sure people outside the door would hear us. She grinded against my face aggressively and I was loving it—all that pussy and all mine to taste, lick, drink, suck and tease for those moments.

She pushed my skirt back up and as she grinded against my mouth, she slipped her finger back inside me, which only made me eat her out with greater enthusiasm as I reacted to my own pleasure through my mouth.

“Make me finish,” she moaned in her sweet accent. I knew what she meant: lick the shit out of me until I cum. I kept licking and her breathing became quick and fast.

Just as she started to scream in pleasure, a male voice suddenly broke the spell and asked us what we were doing. We looked up, both of us still on the floor with our skirts up and pussies out. She was still straddling my face. There was no playing this off. The guy didn’t seem pleased at what he saw and told her abruptly they had to get going. I couldn’t figure out if it was her pissed off boyfriend or a brother. She quickly dismounted from me, jiggled her skirt down and walked out calmly without bothering to find her underwear.

As tempted as I was to find her underwear as a souvenir, I decide against it as only pervy guys do that shit. My only regret about the night was that we were interrupted.


About the author

Nina Cole often gets mistaken at bars for a girl without a brain, which is always amusing to her. Nina has a Master’s degree from Columbia University and has spent the last four years working around the world as an economist in international development . Nina can never get enough of learning languages, traveling to new countries, current affairs, latte machiattos, tall boots, and Dutch bicycles. And she doesn’t understand why you can’t be a girl who is super sexual and smart at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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