Uniform Blues Ch. 1

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This is all fantasy.

I had just settled down to my break it had been a long shift so far and I was worn out and my feet were killing me. I settled down with my cup of tea and a magazine. I should explain a bit about my self my name is Suzie I am about 5′ 5″ tall with good a good figure, my job is a nurse working on a busy A&E Department, I’ve been working there for about two years. About 10 minutes in to my break Chloe one of the other nurse’s walked in and settled down for her break as well.

“Well if one more drunk makes a smart alec comment about sexy nurses I think I’ll stitch his mouth shut!” she exclaimed.

“I know I think it’s the hot weather it seems to make them worse than usual.” I replied.

“I don’t know about making them worse but it makes me uncomfortable in my uniform”

“I known but I find wearing stockings instead of tights helps keep me cool”

“Yes” she agreed “so do I but I still find myself getting too hot.”

I’ve always found the idea of wearing stockings at work a very sexual experience here I am looking all prim and proper and yet underneath I’m wearing stockings and sexy undies. It also excites me when I find out that my colleagues are also wearing stockings so I was determined to try and find out more.

“Do you wear tights in the winter then?” I asked trying to sound as innocent as possible.

“No I still wear stockings because I still find I get too warm in here in the winter. . . . besides it makes me feel more feminine if I’m wearing sexy undies under my uniform.”

“I feel the same way too, I can sometimes get quite turned on when I am wearing my stockings and suspenders and I’m looking after some hot guy.”

“It’s not just the guys, some of the girls we get in here on Friday and Saturday night are quite something.”

Bingo I had discovered what I wanted to know she was into girls as well I as guys I always suspected as much by the way she looked at me and the other girls we work with.

“I know and some of them wear some really daring and sexy clothing.”

“Tell me about it, I had this one girl in this evening with a guy who had been in ataşehir escort a fight. She was wearing a long velvet cloak with a short black latex mini skirt, black stockings that came just to the hem of the skirt and a black corset pushing her tits right up so that you could just see the aerole of her nippes and to top it all patent leather black thigh length boots.”

“Sounds like a real stunner wish I had seen her, I love corsets, in fact I’m wearing one now under my uniform.”

“Are you I’d love to see it.”

“Well we will need to find somewhere a little more private whilst I show you.”

“We could use one of the consulting rooms they are all free at the moment.”

“Sounds like a good idea shall we go.”

We made our way out of the coffee room and along the corridor to the consulting rooms, this part is always quiet at night so we were well out of the way of prying eyes. We entered the room and so that we didn’t attract to much attention and for a more pIeasant light I just switch the examining lamp on.

“This is better much more private.”

“Yes it is, do you want to show me now.” She sound a little less sure of her self and more exited.

“Might a swell get started” with this I started to pull the poppers on my uniform each one popping as I slowly revealed my corset it was my satin purple coset with black lace trim, not one of my really tight ones but it helped bring my waist in a bit more and push my already quite large tits up.

“Oh it looks really nice, is it comfortable?” as she was saying this she reached over and ran hand from my waist up to my breast very gently brushing the exposed part of my breast. As she did this I shuddered feeling my nipples harden.

“Once you get used to it they are very comfortable. they help support your back when you are lifting.” I realised that Chloe hadn’t been listening to that last bit properly, she was starring intently at my chest. I looked down I could see that as my nipples had hardened they had popped out over the top of my corset showing off my pierced nipples perfectly. Chloe reached forward again and gently brushed her ataşehir escort hand over each nipple and they stood out even further.

“That looks really good, where did you get them down?”

“My partner did it for me.”

“Did it hurt?”

“Not really I used some local anaesthetic before hand.” “Have you had any where else pierced?”

“My clit is as well.”

“Could I see?”

“Yes I’d love to show you.” With this I pushed my uniform down the rest of the way fully revealing the rest of my attire. I slowly peeled off my rubber thong and got on the couch I lay back and opened my legs. Chloe moved round so that she would have a better view of my shaved pussy with my little clit ring poking out between my now slightly moist lips. Chloe was standing admiring the view and not saying anything so I laid back and closed my eyes so I could relax. Next thing I knew I felt her hands on my thighs pushing my legs further apart and she lowered her mouth to my pussy and her tongue started to lash my clit. I started to moan and then immediately exploded in to orgasm letting out a loud groan and I felt my pussy flood with cum juice. Chloe lapped as much of my juice up as she could and then moved up he couch so that she could kiss me. As she moved up the couch she slipped a couple of fingers in to my cunt and started to gently finger fuck me, her uniform rode up revealing her stocking tops and she bent over and kissed me the taste of my pussy juice in her mouth. After we kissed she continued to fuck me with her fingers now adding a third, I reached up and started to undo the front of her uniform. I undid her uniform down to her waist, her breasts hung down encased in a black lace bra, she moved up the couch I eased her left breast out of her bra and latched my lips on to her nipple sucking it in deep. I slip my hand under the hem of her dress sliding my fingers up the inside of her thigh to her panties, I pulled her panties to one side and slipped my index finger i between her moist puffy lips. Finding her clit I started to massage it gently building up a rythmn in time with her gyrations and moans. Chloe removed her anadolu yakası escort hand from my pussy and used it to support herself better, very soon she started to moan louder and then came collapsing onto me. We lay there for a minute getting our breath back, Chloe then kissed me and we started to explore each others bodies again. First Chloe moved my feet up into the stirrups that are normally used for Gynae examinations she then grabbed one of the wrapped serile packets and unwrapped it. The packet contained a large metal speculum which she placed against mypussy lips it felt very cold and caused me to take a sharp in take of breath she then slowly eased it into my pussy stretching my lips apart. Once she had it fully nserted into me she started to open it out to it’s full stretch the feeling of having my pussy so full was delicious. Chloe now got out a second pack and pulled out a second speculum she pulled up the hem of her dress and pulled her panties down and ropped them to the floor, spreading her legs a little wider she pushed the tip of the speculum into her pussy and slipped it all the way in then she opened it out fully in side her own cunt. She then climbed on the couch over me and lowered her mouth to my pussy and her pussy to my mouth. I started to lick and suck on her clit eagerly Chloe doing the same to me also occassionally pulling on my clit ring with her teeth, I started to orgasm again griinding my pelvis up to Chloe’s mouth and her doing the same to me. After a minute of relaxation Chloe climbed off and pulled the speculum out of her pussy.

“I think we had get back to work before we are missed, but I’d like to continue this later.”

“Sounds like a good idea to me.” I replied. “In the mean time though I think you should have something to keep you going whilst we work.” said Hillary with a wicked gleam in her eye.

“What did you have in mind?”

“Just something to help keep you nice and moist for later.” She produce another sterile packet, “I find these are quite good at keeping my pussy juicy when I am feeling horny at work.”

She unwrapped the packet and pulled out an anal probe, she reached over and pulled out the speculum in my pussy and pushed the probe right up in to my cunt.

“Now you just slip your panties on and get back to work.” She produced a second and did the same to herself.

Hope you enjoyed this let me know your comments.


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