Unrestrained Ch. 07

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A Breach in Time

We finished our day at the spa with a little more fun and exploring at our table. Alicia stayed to watch you and Carmin pleasure each other, while I told her the highlights of our day, with my dick still throbbing and oozing on the table. She was sweet, I thought she gave some excellent customer service; making sure her patrons enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Everything seemed to arouse her all the more. She was squirming in her seat and she looked like she was ready to get a go at my cock until Jeff, Carmin’s boyfriend, came along, searching for his girl.

Both of you had stopped and tried to act innocent, even though you were all caught red-handed. Not that it seemed like a big shock to him, anyway. After some awkward explanations and clambering out of the booth, Carmin left with a big grin on her face, and thanked us for the fantastic evening, and for the advice you gave her. You and Jeff exchanged content and meaningful looks. Some day, I thought, we’d come back and run into them again. Just to leave the magic and the spontaneity into it all, everyone just bode farewell and parted ways with nothing but vivid memories of utter debauchery.

We left the spa in the cool night air in our party costumes. I didn’t even bother putting my cock back in my shorts, as it would have been quite a painful and tedious process. I just laughed and said “No, honey, don’t bother: it’s futile.” I was driving in the night with my cock out. You were bouncing in your seat, acting your flirty and bubbly self, not showing many signs of fatigue, despite your three orgasms in one day. You looked sexier than ever with your retro outfit. Your naked thighs were gleaming from the street lights, calling me; your breasts threatened to jump out of your suit as you moved around. I just wanted to tug it down again and let them out. Oh, how I wished! Without even looking, I would let the sheer presence of your naked tits in the car make me long for you, make me hunger. Having them out there, so exquisite, available, still not being able to touch them, would be a sweet self-inflicted torture.

The radio was playing electro music and the windows were down, filling the car with vivifying cool air. We were still hyped after the day’s events, cracking jokes and laughing loudly over the wind, loving each other’s company. It was a good drive out of the woods and towards the city. We were not too far from the club. 9:46 p.m. The night was still young and I was eager to dance with you, feel you close to me and let ourselves loose a little, since we haven’t done that in a long time after children came into our lives.

As we got closer to the club, into lit city streets, the thought of strangers (not like the ones at the spa) made my libido wind down and my cock go back into hiding. I was a little sad of having to break off our marathon of arousal, but a little pause was in order. We parked the car, and went to stand in line, fighting the slight chill in the air with hot thoughts of love and naked flesh.

After a decent wait in line outside, we got in. Even though the place was starting to get packed, we managed to find a booth seat to ourselves. As we looked around, we could see everybody had dressed up for the theme of the evening, no exceptions. Guys would don floral shirts, white pants, fake jewelry, jackets with rolled up sleeves, even fake mullets, but nothing over the top. Well groomed, and totally in control of their looks, many of them looked like different versions of Tom Selleck circa 1982. I had to admit a lot of the girls were very attractive. They had put a lot of effort recreating the spirit of that beloved era. Bodysuits, jean jackets, high-rise fluorescent track pants, wristbands, loop earrings, bright makeup and perm hair do’s. They were so sexy, strutting around in the haze of this huge flashback of a party. Some were even borderline erotic, with very daring apparel, exposing a lot of skin. It was sometimes hard to discern those details in the darkness, but the omnipresent blacklight really helped showing where clothing stopped, revealing shapes of low cut V necks and short, short skirts. Your white suit, for lack of better example, was so bright next to me and seemed to be strapped so low against your boobs, leaving your decadent cleavage in the darkness for the rest of us to only imagine.

We were sitting Artvin Escort there, cuddling, sipping on vodka and o.j., trying to get the feel of things. It was hard to maintain conversation over the music, but it wasn’t necessary. Our love has been going on for ages and we shared a complicity that made silent conversation just as efficient. We traded kisses, caresses, little attentions from our fingertips. One thing led to another and soon enough, we were getting pretty horny again. Your lips gave way and our tongues twirled together. You tasted fresh, like citrus with a touch of mint. My left hand held your hot cheek, while my right rubbed down your ribcage, your thigh, slowly, down to your hips and your ass, feeling the stretchy fabric of your silky suit tight against your body. All the while, I was breathing you in, with our mouths interlocked; my veins throbbed in my temples.

You could feel my hips were getting unsteady. Your hand crawled up to my groin and started feeling up my big shaft. At the touch, you started moaning a little, already gathering ideas of how to have fun with it. My cock was down one of the legs of my shorts. As you messed with it, twisting it and fumbling through my shorts, it ended up pointing towards my belt. I felt I was getting sticky with pre-cum again. You were caressing it slowly and carefully, like you wanted to feel the best you could through the fabric. Then you pushed it up some more and I felt my cock head stick out of my waistband, pulling my foreskin in the process. It felt so sensitive against my clothing. At that, I felt an incredible rush flare up my loins, making me break off our kiss as I moaned out loud. My reaction made your big eyelashes fly up, revealing to me your eyes full of envy and raw lust. I was panting and I returned your smile, confirming that I loved the treatment you were giving me.

The club was packed and dark, and the speakers thumped away with tripped-out music: right now, nothing else mattered but ourselves, our bodies longing for each other. Lost in time, we wouldn’t let ourselves go. Our love and lust expanded, our hearts beat out of our chests, casting images of safe havens and inebriating sex behind our eyes.

‘I love you so much, baby.’ you whimpered.

‘Mmmh, I love you too, sweetheart!’

You let go of our embrace and climbed up on me, kneeling on our seat. With my face now on level with your breasts, you pulled me in and smothered me with all your flesh. I tried not to panic and absorbed the sensation, the tease of your smooth clothing against my chin. I could almost feel your hardening nipples against my cheeks. I groaned out of bliss, more than I was gasping for air. I was holding your hips as you were pivoting on the tent in my shorts. You gyrated sensually against me, in synch with the tempo. You held the back of my head and I could feel your hot respiration as you breathed through my hair. You were climbing up and down, rubbing my face in your cleavage. I stuck out my tongue, slicking up your skin to ease the friction. My chin would get caught in the fabric of your top, threatening to pull it down and pop out your tits in the darkness.

‘Do you like my little lap dance?’

I was hard as steel, and I felt the pre-cum trickling down in my shorts. Holy shit, my poor balls were starting to ache for release. They have been boiling up permanently after I fucked Carmin in the dry sauna that afternoon. And now, you were really starting to work me up. Coming back to reality, I slowly pulled my face out of your cleavage and saw people close to our table: some abstract incandescent shapes revealed from the black light. They must be enjoying the show you were giving them.

‘Boy, do I! And I think you’ve earned yourself other admirers as well.’ I said, pointing with my chin.

You slowly peered over your shoulder as you kept on dancing. You turned back to me, laughing out loud.

‘Oh god, you’re right! This looks like today’s spa all over again. The fact that everyone seems cool with that is turning me on even more. I didn’t know how much longer I was going to be able to resist you, but this is turning in my favor, apparently. Mmmh! Time to go dancing and have some fun, honey.’

‘Oh dear!’ I exclaimed, shaking my head. ‘You know, I won’t be able to bring you out in public anymore if it’s always going to end up Artvin Escort Bayan like this.’

You smiled at me and got out of the booth, pulling my arm. I downed my drink clumsily and followed you on the dance floor. All those people that were watching stepped aside like we were parting the waters. We made our way across the crowd, horny out of our minds. We hovered forward in this maelstrom of lights and colors; the atmosphere thick from the thumping music made the outside world inexistent.

You stopped and pulled me towards you, your back against me. And we danced, locking our hips together. We danced passionately, closing our eyes and feeling each other. Our hands travelled up and down our skin, along our limbs, around every crevice and over every curve. Grabbing my neck, you made me lean in towards your face and we embarked on another dirty tango of tongues. I loved the sensation of your tongue seeking mine, but I mostly enjoyed feeling the unusual passion coming to life within you.

Maintaining balance, I held your hips against mine, thrusting my furious erection against your ass. And I repeated the motion, swaying, almost humping you, now. I felt that my cock was still pointing up, with its head sticking out my waistband. It had the perfect position to lock itself in your ass crack. You would push me back, grinding against my hardness. I was going mad! The music had the perfect pace to help soothe me down for now, but deep down, I was starting to want to just strip you down and make love to you.

From your hips, my hands crawled up to your tits. Mashing them in, I turned and rolled them in my hands in every direction, aiming anyone on the dance floor that would care looking, which I assumed was everyone. I openly fondled them in front of all those eyes and you didn’t flinch. You kept rocking your hips vigorously against my cock. My shorts were starting to feel wet.

I decided that I’d finally do what I’ve been wanting to do for a while: I tugged down your top and revealed your luscious breasts to the whole club. Your kiss and your grip tightened and your ass clenched, aware that your big boobs were now exposed. Though, you weren’t showing any sign of wanting to stop me.

It was completely dark on the dance floor, and nobody could really see what was going on. But here’s the thing: the black light was now revealing the white of your outfit was now stretched further down. For the better observers, it was giving a good clue that your naked flesh was now out in the open, in the middle of the dance floor. I thought to myself, I could just keep fondling your naked breasts unknowingly in front of everyone. I caressed them, softly, lovingly. I cupped and weighed them, squeezed them together, held them up higher to feel them fall back down. They were so hot in my hands. My hips rocked in synch with the hard bass drum. My whole lower body felt like it belonged to an animal.

Your nipples were now peeking out from between my thumb and my index. They felt stiff like pencil erasers. I tweaked them and pulled them out. Oh! how close to me now were you dancing! Like velcro, your hips wouldn’t let go of mine. I assumed I must have triggered some kind of beastly nature within you. It must have felt like a release, winding you up at the same time. And we did all that without even breaking our sexy French kiss, making everything all the dirtier.

I looked around through half-shut eyes, completely drunk on sex. The atmosphere was getting very steamy. Couples would dance more daringly, humping and grinding each other. I could discern a lot of skin, layers of clothes dangling down. The music was shooting subliminal messages into our minds, telling us to break down barriers and give in to carnal pleasures.

You seized my hands from over your tits and placed them down on your hips again. Only this time, you slowly started bending over drastically, almost defying gravity. I wasn’t too sure of what you were doing in the darkness, but I was holding you steady by the hips, as you pushed your ass harder and harder against my cock. At that, I howled at the top of my lungs, over the music. It was so intense! You almost blocked the blood flow to my cock, I could feel my heartbeat in it. What you were actually doing, I noticed, was slipping down your little pink shorts, all the way to your ankles.

Time Escort Artvin slowed down in the process. As I watched you through the darkness, teasing me of the sort, I remembered that your one piece outfit was designed in a way that it didn’t cover your back end much, making shorts necessary for a minimum of decency. It acted more like a bathing suit than anything else, really. My mouth gaped open as I watched your ass cheeks revealing themselves to me in the dark. I almost jizzed on the spot.

You stepped out of your shorts and handed them to me, so I could stuff them in my pockets. Coming back up, your full and juicy breasts came again into full view from over your shoulders. You were still back to me. You looked at me and flashed a big grin, accentuated by the black light. You devilish little thing! You lowered my neck again and said in my ear:

‘You make me so fucking wet, baby. That’s mostly why I took them off!’

‘You’re unbelievable.’ I yelled. ‘Do you have any idea how hot you look right now, with your big tits just sticking out like that? You’re making me so hard, I could just do you right here!’

‘Oh not yet, mister. Here, I have an idea first.’

On these words, you tugged down my waistband a little and seized my turgescent cock as it fell down with a thump in your palm. It felt so damn swollen in your tiny hand, almost numb from the effort of staying hard so long in one day. You started moving your hips again as you stroked me lightly, acknowledging my shaft at full capacity. Your dance moves were just mesmerizing. I stood there, not really dancing anymore, just appreciating my naked dick finally coming in and out of your hand. This omnipresent darkness left so much to the imagination, it was as if I looked at it directly. It felt so good, I didn’t really need to see after all.

My arms were hanging on my sides, incapacitated. I felt you reach for my dangling hand and you brought it in front of you. The fabric of your suit was drenched at the crotch, sticky like honey. I rolled my eyes, thinking Oh my God! You were so wet, I had to go investigate further to believe it was true. I tempered with the elastic fabric, insinuating my fingers underneath and pulled it aside. Theoretically, you were now flashing your cunt out in the open. Yet, the darkness allowed for this kind of little game to pass. Your grip on my cock squeezed some more.

This whole dancing business was starting to get in the way. I wanted to do more delicate and slower things with your pussy, but that implied slowing down my “dance” moves and risking to blow our cover… though it really was getting obvious what we were up to. I stepped closer to you to slip my member down your ass crack. Up front, I started flicking your clitoris and moved my other hand to pull harder on your nipple.

Completely taken hostage by your senses, you gave in to my touch and started moaning and shuddering. I was circling around your stiff clitoris when I didn’t push it down directly, just to test your reactions. It was so slick and slippery down there, it was a breeze to start fucking your pussy with two fingers. Your whole being was purring and it was resonating in my ribcage.

The air was starting to smell like sex. Sweaty bodies were bumping into us all around. I could see a lot of naked flesh when the scarce strobe lights would come on. A lot of couples were kissing and fondling each other. Sexy girls were doing the twerking thing, guys were humping away with the rhythm. I could see hard cocks out in the open. This euphoria was turning into a massive orgy.

All of a sudden, you turned around. Stepping back, you looked at me in a provocative way while you slipped out your arms completely out of your suit, making the whole thing now kinda dangling down at your hips, acting like some make-shift skirt. Still, your whole torso was now completely nude and I could discern your wonderful breasts calling me from the darkness. You made me lean in and said in my ear:

‘I’m so hot, I’m about to pass out! I need a break and a drink. What do you say we head to the balcony upstairs dressed like this and see how many eyes are going to pop out of their heads?’

‘I’m hard as steel, honey. I want to do crazy things to you.’ I thought to myself, this isn’t exactly a valid answer to your question

‘Hold it a little more, my love. We can make the tease last a little longer, we’re having so much fun. We could get another good kick out of showing ourselves off to everyone. Look at my boobs. Your big cock seems to love every bit out of it.’

‘Ohhh I couldn’t agree more. All right, then, let’s go!’

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