USB – Unwanted Sexual Behavior Ch. 03

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Chapter Three – What Happens to the Girls?

“This isn’t a pity fuck Taylor. I’m nearly twice your age and I’ve reconciled what happened to me in the past; I’ve moved on. I’m a successful businesswoman,” Veronique looked into Taylor’s green eyes.

“I get it. You’re a lot more experienced than I am in life and in business. Also I’ve never done this with a woman so you take the lead,” Taylor began to shimmy out of her dress.

Veronique stopped her and rose off the couch, pulling Taylor up with her. She kissed Taylor softly, enveloping her in her arms and Taylor melted. This was so much different than being with Bradley, more sensual, more downright feminine. Veronique stroked Taylor’s hair while she kissed her and slowly increased the intensity of the kiss, her tongue slipped into Taylor’s mouth; just the tip.

Veronique finished what Taylor had started, slipping the cocktail dress over her shoulders, leaving her dressed only in bra, panties and the almost transparent Jonathan Aston 12 denier seamed holdup stockings. She caressed Taylor’s breasts through the satin-and-lace bra, causing her nipples to engorge and then she freed the milky orbs from their cups and used her mouth. Veronique was slow and tactile, she suckled a nipple with her lips while her fingers stroked Taylor’s other breast and then she swapped her mouth to the other teat.

Taylor gasped; she felt the tingling in her breasts spread through her body. Her lips felt like they were on fire and Veronique fanned the flames when she kissed her, this time using her tongue aggressively whilst tweaking Taylor’s nipples and squeezing her breasts. Taylor tried to reciprocate and ease Veronique out of her Claudie Pierlot stretch-ponté mini dress but Veronique stopped her.

“Not yet. Let me show you how first,” she whispered and Taylor understood.

She gave herself over to Veronique. The passion and desire radiating from Taylor’s lips and her breasts spread down to her vagina and she felt her juices flow. She wanted Veronique to put her hand there but whenever she tried to prise Veronique’s fingers from her breasts she wouldn’t let go.

“Not yet. I know what you want but you can’t have it,” Veronique teased her.

Taylor’s knees were beginning to shake and if Veronique didn’t have her in a passionate embrace she would have slumped to the floor. The whole of Taylor’s body was trembling with desire, every nerve seemed hypersensitive and raw, every sinew relaxed, her nipples were swollen as were her coral-pink labia and her clitoris.

Veronique suckled Taylor’s nipples until Taylor thought the intensity of the pleasure would make her come and then Veronique abruptly stopped and fell to her knees. She slid her hands down the curves of Taylor’s body whilst her tongue and lips slowly descended from Taylor’s engorged nipples, down her belly, to the place where her pubis curved under her body.

Then Veronique put her tongue on Taylor’s sex and Taylor moaned and her legs gave way. She fell onto the couch with her legs wide apart and Veronique seized the opportunity to bury her head between Taylor’s thighs. She opened her up like a flower and the tip of tongue lapped at Taylor’s clitoris.

Taylor screeched some vague obscenity and pressed Veronique’s face to her quim. Veronique lapped at Taylor’s cunt, letting the tip of her tongue lap across Taylor’s clitoris only fleetingly. This drove Taylor wild with desire and frustration. Her nipples ached, her belly tingled and her cunt quivered, she wanted release so badly but still Veronique refused to use her mouth on Taylor’s sensitive bud.

Taylor tangled her fingers in Veronique’s hair and pushed as hard as she could, grinding her quim into Veronique’s face. Veronique smiled and finally relented. She slipped two fingers inside Taylor’s sodden vagina put her lips around her clitoral hood and used her tongue on Taylor’s most sensitive part.

Ripples of delight radiated from Taylor’s sex, amplifying the sensations Veronique had already ignited during her journey around Taylor’s body. The ripples intensified and coalesced into a tumultuous orgasm that ripped through her very being.

“Oh god! Oh god!” Taylor screamed, driving her sex onto Veronique’s lips and tongue.

Veronique used the pads of her fingers to massage Taylor’s g-spot as her tongue lapped frenziedly on her clitoris. She rode Taylor’s squirming body as her orgasm reached crescendo and slowly began to subside. Veronique removed her tongue from Taylor’s tender clitoris knowing that it would be too intense; she lapped at her delicate cuntal lips instead and sipped the nectar trickling from Taylor’s vagina.

Taylor rode her orgasm like a wave and as the intense sensations began to subside she slowly ceased quivering and shaking and lay sated with her legs spread wide, letting Veronique softly lap at her labia. Eventually Taylor eased Veronique’s face away from her sex and Veronique smiled at up Taylor and leaned over her and kissed her. Taylor tasted her levent escort own secretions on Veronique’s mouth.

Veronique broke the kiss and stood up. She stepped out of her dress, smiling down at Taylor as she did.

“Ok darling, my turn,” she grinned down at her young lover lecherously.


At nine in the following morning Taylor met with the law firm of Mulholland and Stamp. They were the small firm that specialised in commercial law that Veronique had recommended to her.

“I spent most of the night looking over the documents that Veronique sent over on your behalf. As it was explained to you at the meeting you had with FreeCom’s legal counsel most of it is boilerplate and the gist of it is fair and equitable. You get to keep ownership of PostPay but it becomes a subsidiary of FreeCom and you split the profits equally,” Terence Mulholland, a handsome young lawyer in a natty suit explained.

“I did find something in there that concerns me and should definitely be of concern to you. Buried in amongst some legalese is a clause that passes control of PostPay to Bradley Freeman in event that anything happens to you that prevents you from being able to adequately and competently operate the company,” Terence pointed to a paragraph in one of the documents which Taylor tried to read but didn’t really understand.

“Well here’s what I want added to the contract. If for any reason I am unable to adequately operate PostPay or in my extended absence all of my propriety delegations and pecuniary interests in PostPay are to pass onto my paternal cousin Taylor Averille.”

“Yes we have the same name but he is male, a coincidence that the whole family liked to tease us with when we were younger. He worked with me for a while when I was trying to get PostPay off the ground so I think it’s only fair that he inherit if anything were to happen to me,” Taylor explained.

“The easiest way to achieve that would be to make him a silent partner with the caveat that he takes control of the company in your absence or if for any reason you are incapacitated,” Terence explained.

“Thank you,” Taylor smiled.

“I can charge you piecemeal for reviewing and making changes to the contract or in the absence of you having your own legal counsel, you can engage us to be PostPay’s law firm of record. Our costs are competitive and we are experts in the field,” Terence smiled at Taylor.

“You come highly recommended by Veronique Pascal and although I haven’t known her for very long I trust her. Let’s say I engage you on a limited contract for one year and then we review proceedings and see how we stand,” Taylor proposed.

“A fair and honest arrangement. I can have the changes you have proposed completed by this afternoon and also draw up a separate contract that engages your cousin Taylor Averille as a silent partner, which both you will need to sign.”

“May I propose that I arrange a meeting with Bradley Freeman and Hugh Fleetwood this afternoon? You can swing by here on the way to the meeting and sign the contract engaging Mulholland and Stamp on as your legal counsel for a period of one year and I can accompany you to the meeting in that capacity,” Terence said.

“Done,” Taylor stood and offered her hand.

Terence Mulholland took her hand and shook it.

“See you at three o’clock?” Terence offered.

“Also done,” Taylor said and smiled at Terence, aware that he seemed to be taken with her.

Taylor wore one of her newly purchased designer business suits to the meeting. She stopped at the offices of Mulholland and Stamp and was met by Terence Mulholland who escorted her to his office; she could feel his eyes on her ass but said nothing. It amused her how easily men could be distracted. She knew that her alter-ego would have been similarly taken with her ass and legs. She wondered when she transformed back into her male self if he would remember how women felt about being continually ogled.

They didn’t stay long. Taylor scanned the changes that Terence had made to the contract with FreeCom and approved them. Next she signed a contract appointing Mulholland and Stamp as PostPay’s attorneys of record. Finally she inspected the document appointing Taylor Averille, her male cousin Taylor, who no one but she knew was one and the same, as a silent partner in PostPay who would legally take control of the company in her absence or demise.

Terence Mulholland had solved Taylor’s biggest problem without knowing it: how to get the company back into the hands of her male doppelganger. She put the document in her briefcase.

“All good work thank you. I’ll have my cousin sign the partnership agreement and send it back to you to be notarised and filed,” Taylor hoped she sounded sufficiently business-like.

“Good. I’ve sent the revised contract back to FreeCom and they have agreed to take the meeting this afternoon to finalise and sign the contract. I have a car waiting,” Terence beyoğlu escort waved a hand at the door indicating that they were ready to go.

In the car on the way to the FreeCom offices Taylor was acutely aware that her skirt was sitting high on her thighs. She had crossed her ankles demurely but her long legs clad in seven-denier holdup stockings were a distraction for Terence and she took mild amusement in his efforts to not stare at them. She managed to extract herself from the car without showing her underwear; she was becoming quite adept at getting around in short skirts and high heels without surrendering her propriety or breaching etiquette.

It was obvious that Bradley was not happy when they entered the conference room at FreeCom. He seemed to be quietly seething and was flanked by Hugh Fleetwood on one side who appeared to be equally peeved and Veronique Pascal on the other. Veronique seemed to be smugly amused.

Terence assisted Taylor into her seat opposite Bradley and he took a seat beside her opposite Hugh Fleetwood. A printed copy of the contract lay in the centre of the table between them.

“Why the changes Taylor?” Bradley opened proceedings.

“Because if anything happens to me I want my company to pass onto a family member who was there when I first came up with the concept for PostPay,” Taylor answered.

Bradley was a little taken aback. This was no longer the naïve young woman who had come into his office not that long ago in her cheap suit practically begging him to finance her project.

“But you said that he fell flat and lost interest in PostPay so you fired him and said that he has no ties or pecuniary interest in PostPay,” Bradley countered.

“That’s changed,” Taylor said bluntly.

“If I may,” Terence Mulholland interrupted.

“My client is well within her rights to determine who takes the controlling interest in her company in event of her absence. Nothing in the revised contract affects the business and profit sharing arrangements between PostPay and FreeCom. It’s a win-win for you both,” he patted the document on the table.

Bradley took a deep breath and then his demeanour changed.

“Veronica, you have clients and vendors ready to proceed and the app is available to be downloaded on all platforms?” Bradley asked.

“We have everything in place. The whole world is waiting for PostPay to go live. I’ve saturated the social media and conventional advertising markets, the interest in PostPay is phenomenal,” she replied.

“All in such a short space of time,” Bradley seemed surprised.

“You shouldn’t be surprised Bradley; it’s the world we live in and it’s what I do for a living,” Veronique countered.

“Fuck it! Let’s get it signed and start making money,” Bradley sighed.

He signed the document on the last page above his signature block and Taylor signed above hers. Bradley awkwardly tried to kiss Taylor on the cheek across the table so she stood up and walked around to his side of the table and hugged him and allowed him to kiss the side of her mouth. She hugged and air-kissed Veronique and shook hands with Hugh Fleetwood and Terence Mulholland. She could tell that Terence was hoping for a hug and a kiss too but Taylor was going to make him wait for that privilege.

Champagne was bought into the room and they all had a glass but Taylor was keen to get to back to work and Veronique could sense it. She too was keen to launch PostPay so they left the lawyers and Bradley to their man-talk and she and Taylor went around to the open plan office where the programmers and tech gurus were waiting anxiously.

“Let’s make PostPay go live,” Veronique announced and the office erupted in a cheer.

Then the staff began to pound keyboards and make and take calls.

PostPay was live. It was now almost a living breathing entity, selling products, arranging delivery, making transactions, transferring funds, extending credit to customers and making profits for the vendors, FreeCom and PostPay. Everyone was happy.

Taylor and Veronique went down to Taylor’s new office which was next door to Veronique’s. Taylor bought up a screen so they could watch the transactions in real-time. PostPay was having a phenomenal run. Taylor could already see where improvements could be made to the code to boost efficiency and she started tapping keys. Veronique paused at the door and looked back at Taylor locked in total concentration as she worked. She smiled to herself and left Taylor alone with her code, closing the door behind her.

Taylor declined an invitation to a celebratory dinner with Bradley, Veronique and some other key executives; she was busy writing and rewriting code. She wanted to be able to have version two of the software available for download to the app as soon as possible. The FreeCom offices became quiet as the employees left. She barely noticed that the lighting outside her office had become subdued and that she kağıthane escort was the only one on the floor still working, she had no idea of the time.

When Bradley Freeman came into her office it was after midnight.

“Still beavering away,” Bradley smiled at her from the doorway.

“Yeah, I lost track of time. I’m working on an update to improve PostPay’s efficiency,” Taylor stretched.

She had taken off her jacket to work and when she stretched her breasts pushed against her blouse. It was white silk and transparent, Bradley could see the lacy black brasserie she wore underneath it cupping her firm globes.

“That was quite a subterfuge you pulled, appointing your cousin as a partner in PostPay,” Bradley took a step into the room and closed the door.

Taylor could see that he had been drinking.

“PostPay is my company Bradley. It is a subsidiary of FreeCom but a separate entity and I have to say I was a little miffed that you intended to take control of it in event of my absence,” Taylor advocated.

“But I took all the risk. I provided the startup capital and advanced you a chunk of the projected profits,” Bradley took a step closer and put his hand on the back of her chair.

“Come on Bradley, look at this,” Taylor pointed to one of the screens which displayed PostPay’s activity in real time.

“We are already well ahead of the projected profit margins. At this rate we will have recovered all of the startup capital by the end of the month and all of the income will be revenue, the operating costs are minimal,” Taylor continued.

“You’ve become quite the little entrepreneurial financier haven’t you? You’re not just the pretty girl with the big intellect,” Bradley put a hand on Taylor’s shoulder.

“You’ve been drinking Bradley. Why don’t we talk about this tomorrow?” Taylor made to remove his hand but he held on.

“You lured me into your bed and bewitched me,” Bradley squeezed her shoulder tighter.

“I hardly think so Bradley. I would counter that you seduced me and that you already knew how much money PostPay would bring in,” she tried harder to remove his hand from her shoulder.

“I think there is some truth in both our statements but now you keep declining to see me socially. Why is that?” Bradley would not remove his hand.

Taylor pushed herself out of the chair. It was on wheels so Bradley had to release her and step away to let her stand. She turned to face him, her back to the desk.

“Do you think that because you financed my startup and because I let you into my bed that one time that you now have use of my body whenever it suits you?” Taylor said angrily.

Even drunk and resentful Bradley was still a handsome man with his sun-bleached hair, dark eyes and full sensuous lips. She could smell his cologne over the booze.

“I was hoping it would be a mutual arrangement. In other words when it suits us both,” Bradley stepped in close to her.

“I didn’t see that in the contract,” Taylor said sarcastically.

“I didn’t think it needed to be,” Bradley smiled and she could feel her heartbeat quicken.

“I think that’s also something we can discuss tomorrow when you are sober. Please be a gentleman and hand me my jacket,” Taylor said attempting to step aside.

Bradley closed into her and pressed his body against hers, pinning her to the desk. His lips chased hers as she tried to shy away but he held her still and closed his mouth on hers. She struggled but she was no match for him and his free hand slipped under her skirt. He found her sex. Because she was wearing stockings his fingers found the lacy satin panties clinging to her mound he was able to press his fingers into her cleft.

“Don’t,” Taylor gasped, struggling, his lips still crushing hers.

Bradley ignored her and began to work his fingers on her. He eased the gusset of her panties aside and circled a finger on her clitoris while another slipped into her vagina which he noticed she was becoming damp. He smiled and kissed her harder and slid his tongue into her mouth.

Taylor felt her body betraying her. She didn’t want this man dominating her but she had to admit that his fingers expertly working her sex, his tongue insistently exploring her mouth, his tight muscled body pressed against her and his hard cock rubbing on her thigh were exciting her. She still fought him, even when he took her hand guided it to his erect penis straining at the fabric of his pants.

She instinctively clenched her fingers around it and squeezed. It would have been just as easy for her to squeeze his scrotum and make him squeal in pain and release her. Taylor didn’t want Bradley to fuck her but she didn’t want him not to fuck her either. Her mind wanted him to let her go and come back tomorrow and apologise to her for being so boorish but her body wanted him to put that steely hard cock of his inside her and fuck her until she screamed.

Taylor mustered all of her strength and put her palms on Bradley’s shoulders and using the desk for leverage she was able to push him off her. If he was sober she would never had stood a chance.

“OK Bradley if this is what you want then get it over with. I’ve got things to do and places to be,” Taylor gasped.

She spun on her heels and bent over the desk.

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