Vacation Hi-Jinx

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For the first time in several years, my wife Carrie and I went on vacation. It was great getting away from the grind, but the best part was leaving the muggy and cloudy east coast metropolis for the sunny open beach here in San Diego.

Carrie and I had gotten into a bit of a rut in the bedroom lately, so we thought this may be an opportunity to explore our horizons and stir things up a little bit. I wasn’t really sure how to approach this, but there were a few things floating around in my mind… Bad, bad, bad ideas… I told her that I wanted us to push boundaries, to explore different thoughts. To be naughty. To ignore some things that would normally bother us (or piss us off).

Initially, she didn’t seem to be up for anything exciting. After she explained that it was because she was uncomfortable about her body, then I got all self-conscious too. Fuck it, no one knows us, and no one will remember us. Hell, if they don’t like what we’re doing, they can go away. They can talk shit, but we can’t hear it when we are in different states.

So last night was my first attempt. She refused to go to a strip club with me, saying she could not stand the thought of me getting a lap dance, or another woman’s barely clothed ass rubbing all over on my dick. I guess I could see her point, but this was a special occasion – one to where we could let things like that slide. She also stopped me from calling the male escort service when I tried to get her some hunk for a private show. Neither of us have perfect bodies, but this was her chance to get one to herself. Oh well, her loss. Gotta try again.

Later that evening, I got something together that I had been scheming over for a bit. We were out clubbing, and for once, it was me on the prowl for “the perfect guy.” Well, that’s a bit too far – not Mr. Right, but just Mr. Right Now would work. Decent enough in the looks department, and a good enough body for me to assume that he had plenty of experience in the woman-pleasing department.

Finally finding the right one, I cornered him by the wall just beyond one of the bars at the club. I asked “Hey, can I talk to you for a sec?”

He kind of looked at me funny, but said “Sure dude, what’s up?”

“Man, this is awkward… Ummm… OK, look, this is really weird for me, but I have a very personal question for you. No, I am NOT gay, and I am NOT hitting on you. My wife is over by the bar, and I am looking to kind of surprise her. I was wondering if you could help me out with something really private.”

He looked really uncomfortable, was shifting on his feet, and had a worried look on his face.

“Hey, calm down a bit. I’m really nervous talking to you, please give me the benefit of the doubt. I have never done this before, and it’s a huge deal. Please bear with me.”

“Umm, OK.” he responded

“Here’s the deal” I said, “I am trying to get my wife a surprise. My plan is to really shock her, and I want you to help me. Are you up for a little fun?”

With a little grin, he nodded. “So how do I fit into your devious little plan?”

Relieved, my initial anxiety vanished, but then my nervousness about this plan went through the roof.

“I’m mainly trying to surprise her, plus the ‘danger’ factor.”

As Anadolu Yakası Escort he nodded in agreement, I outlined my plan. He listened intently, with a grin that grew as I talked. He had a few suggestions to my idea, and within a few minutes we had a plan put together. The timing and general actions agreed upon, but many specifics were not known because the situation would dictate what would work.

I re-joined Carrie at the table where she was sipping a drink waiting for me. She seemed upset that I was gone so long, but ignoring her was easy since my mind was going over “the plan” for later. Following the plan, over the course of the next hour we got a few beers for me and several ‘loaded’ drinks to loosen her up.

Whispering to her about a plan of mine for later that night in our room, I was able to get her to promise to remove her panties on her next restroom trip. She said she was about ready to head up to the room anyway, so it wasn’t that big of a deal for her. From the way she was walking and talking, it was clear that now would be a good time to start working the plan.

When she left to use the restroom (and remove clothing), my new buddy stopped by for a quick status check, then went to get himself into position. I met my wife on her way out, and I could tell that she was now naked under her skirt. Her facial expression told me how it was affecting her. Perfect!

We settled our tab, and she was upset to see that I had got us each another drink while she was gone. I sure needed one, and we both got a strong one. Even though she was already getting drunk, I made her pound it. She made a face saying that it was the last one. I giggled a bit in my head – but that made me feel better, thinking I was drunk enough to easily do what was coming up.

A quick panic attack, I realized that I never did get this guy’s name, but it wasn’t like it mattered, he was just a random participant that we were using. Whoever he was, I saw him over in the back corner, sitting at a table in the dark. He made a point of ignoring me, which was fine. Every other table in the area was filled, and I steered us over there, looking for some place to finish off my drink before we left.

He indicated it was not a problem, so we sat and made small talk. Acting smashed, my words were slurred, and I seemed to focus more on looking at my drink than at her. Since I was nursing my drink, he had a full drink, and Carrie was drink-less, he called the waitress over, and said “another drink for the lovely lady here.”

Carrie blushed, but didn’t turn it down. They were spending more time talking to each other than to me. She can be a bit of a flirt, and has always been a people person, and I’m usually withdrawn, so there was no problem with her talking him up. The table was small, so our hands were always close together, I saw that he frequent brushed her hand while reaching for his drink. Before long, she stopped moving her hand away from his. I wasn’t trying to get him to take her home, just to relax her a bit.

OK, now was the time, she was feeling less reserved and comfortable. I made a signal to him, and he made some comment about being “back in a bit” and left. I seemingly made a recovery Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan and could function properly again, and started talking to Carrie again. We talked about a few random things, and I kept moving closer to her. There were no chairs at our table, so this didn’t much effort.

She made no move to stop me when I put my hand on her ass to massage it, but she was a bit upset about me moving my hand under her skirt for a better feel. She stopped me the first two times, but finally relented. “Hey” I said, “it’s not like anyone can see, it’s really dark this far back in the corner, we are out of sight.”

Once I had a good feel of her ass, I moved my hand further in. Still talking like nothing was happening, I got my fingers up to feel her pussy. She was already wet! I think it was the danger quotient that was working in my favor. As my fingers moved up to start teasing her clit, both her arms went down to the table and she stopped protesting.

Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I kept at her. Easing my thumb into her pussy, I started pumping it in and out of her wet love tunnel. Two fingers were rubbing her clit intently, trying to make sure she was as turned on as soon as possible.

I saw our new friend coming up, so I turned her face to me, kissing her quickly. I stopped teasing her clit, and moved my hand back, quickly putting two fingers inside of her pussy. She gasped, and her tongue stopped playing with mine for a moment. My free hand reached over to cover one of her breasts, which were both lightly resting on the table.

Tweaking a nipple gently, I quickly put one hand down her low-cut shirt, cupping one breast. She started to protest, but she didn’t really put up a good fight. She was not in the mood to stop me. That look on her face said I could do anything right now.

Pulling my fingers out of her with one last deep thrust, our lips pulled apart. Making a show of it, my tongue licked all her scent from my fingers, my eyes closed, savoring the taste of her pussy. She watched me the whole time, biting her lip in anticipation of what was to come. My hand went back under the table, pulling her skirt back up, and I got a lingering glance of her ass being showed off.

Our new friend was just behind her, just out of her eyesight. I caressed her ass one last time, and held up the edge of her skirt. He took the hem of her skirt from me as she leaned towards me to kiss me deeply again. My hand went behind my back, and I watched as he put a hand on her ass, rubbing it just like he saw me doing.

Anger flashed behind my eyes, but I quickly shut that down, knowing that this is what I had planned for her. Going through that plan in my mind, I once again closed my eyes and focused on her mouth that was glued to mine. My hand down her shirt did not once let up on the havoc it was causing with her pointed nipples.

She was squirming against my hand and my mouth, and I could only imagine what was happening down below. I blocked that from my mind, thinking only that this was what I had asked for. She would soon find out, and I could only hope for the best. Hopefully my friend was honoring the limits we had set up…

Thinking it Escort Anadolu Yakası was time for the next step, my hand came out from behind my back, and rested on the back of her head, pressing her face deeper into mine. Shortly after, she realized that the number of hands on and in her body counted more than I owned. She pulled back from our kiss, her eyes going wide in surprise.

I held her chin to keep her head from moving. “No, don’t move, just kiss me. Enjoy this like you were a moment ago. Just go with it, trust me! I will explain later.”

Putting my lips on hers, it was clear she was not comfortable. Yet. In a moment though, I felt her sigh and moan at the same time. The nipple in my hand suddenly got stiffer, and I knew that she had resigned herself to my plan.

Confident that she wouldn’t turn around, I moved my hand from her head down to feel her other breast, but there was already a hand in the way. Ignoring the anger that instantly arose, I moved it back. She was now OK with this, and I was determined to let it go.

Within just moments, I could feel her body rocking and speeding up. I was intimately aware of what it meant when her breathing pattern changed like this. She was obviously focusing her attention on other body parts as I noticed she stopped kissing me back.

Our mouths still locked, my eyes opened to see her face frozen in pleasure. Her eyes had rolled all the way back, and her face was all red. Without touching her pussy, I could tell she was cumming hard. I pulled my face away from hers so I could watch. As she started to breathe normally again, I felt someone walk near me. As I turned to look, a hand rested on my shoulder, and I heard our new friend say “Thanks, that was better than I expected it to be.”

Then he was gone, and I was alone with her again. Once she returned to a semi-normal state, she just glared at me.

“I can’t believe what you just did to me! I hate you for this!”

She lowered her head, eyes closed, as she regained her breath.

I was worried as hell, thinking I had done something unforgivable, and if she really hated me for this. All of this was just an attempt to liven things up. I didn’t have to stress out too long though. She stood up straight again and looked at me.

“I can’t believe you just got someone to do this to me. This was all your idea, wasn’t it…” She wasn’t asking. She knew.

She stared in thought for a minute. “Well, if you actually did this just for me, maybe I can take another look at what you were saying. Maybe we can branch out a little and explore different areas. I’m not saying I’ll let another woman do anything to you, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

I just shook my head.

“No Carrie, that’s not it. I’m not trying to fuck anyone else. I’m just trying to get you to open up some. I want you to be a little more adventurous. You are beautiful, and you are sexy. Other men DO look at you with lust in their eyes, I’m not the only one. Please think better of yourself. You deserve it.”

Well, our drinks were gone, and people had been looking at us funny for a while, so we figured it was probably time to head out. We left the bar, heading back to our hotel room, where there was sure to be some further consequences for my actions at the bar that night.

As that was finished last night, let me tell you I was not in trouble in any way – quite the opposite. However, that’s not really any of your business. Yet. Maybe once this trip is over, the rest of the story can be told, I just have to wait for the trip to finish. It’s looking good so far!

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