Valentine’s Day Mascara

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Author’s Preface: Yes, yes, I know. Literotica is all about the sex and I wrote a romance. Please forgive my maudlin sentiments and I promise there is plenty of steam. I just feel that Valentine’s Day is about connecting in more than just a physical sense. Enjoy!

Liz absolutely hated Valentine’s Day! For one reason or another, she had never been in a relationship on that “magical” day and the sight of everyone else giving roses and candy just made her want to puke! Besides, it seemed like such a “hetero” holiday…at least that was her excuse for never going out on V-Day.

Sitting alone at a bar on February 14th didn’t help matters much. Liz watched all the people coupling up – gay or straight – and knew that it must be something with her. She was all dressed up with no where to go and no one to go with her. As the alcohol kicked in, the elfin redhead became more and more depressed until she could no longer stand it. Bursting into tears, Liz flung herself into the ladies room and broke down.


Samantha, a gorgeous newcomer from the UK, had just finished peeing when she heard the slam of the ladies room door and the sound of someone crying. Standing up and peeking through the crack in the stall, Sam saw a lovely, pale redhead crying her eyes out. Even with red eyes, blotchy skin and mascara running down her face, Samantha escort bayan sensed a sensuality about this woman.

“Pardon me,” said Samantha, her lilting accent breaking into Liz’s sobbing. “Is there some way I can help? Are you in some sort of trouble?”

“Snifff….no I’m fine,” Liz replied, hurriedly wiping her face, ashamed for crying at such a little thing. “Just going through some personal stuff.”

“Hmmmm…” said Samantha suspiciously. “Well, I’ll tell you what – why don’t I buy you a drink and be your personal shoulder for the evening? My name is Samantha by the way.”

Liz couldn’t help but be charmed by this Brit’s caring attitude and beautiful smile. Feeling embarrassed at her frazzled outward appearance, Liz ran a hand through her hair and graciously accepted Samantha’s offer.

Happenstance? Fate? A Higher Power? A man in diapers with a bow and arrow? Whatever happened in that ladies room seemed meant to be as Liz and Sam gabbed the night away confiding in each other things that they had rarely told to even their closest friends. The bar began to empty out and Samantha took a bold step in inviting Liz up to her hotel room. As it turns out, she was a visiting lecturer for the semester at the same college that Liz had received her BA.

Flirtations abounded as the two tipsy women made their way up the bayan escort street and into the hotel lobby. A hand on a shoulder here, a squeeze of a rear there. But when they got to the hotel room, they were both suddenly shy. They had talked so much and felt the chemistry, yet neither could believe that this night was real.

Samantha offered to take Liz’s coat and as she leaned in to take the coat from her, Liz impulsively kissed her on the lips. That did it! The floodgates had broken (almost literally!) and the two were in each other’s arms kissing as if in a sexual frenzy.

A trail of blouses, skirts, hose, and panties could be followed to the bedroom where each gazed on the other’s nude body. Liz and Samantha lay side by side, lovingly caressing each and every square inch of each other. Self-consciousness was blown to the wind as they explored each other – the curve of a hip, the dewy wetness of a furry pussy, the smell of the nape of the neck. Imperfections were beauty marks as each admired the other’s body.

Liz could think of nothing else but to be close to this radiant woman – her new lover. Liz and Samantha held each other tight as their kisses moved from light and tender to passionate and strong – their pussy lips mimicking their kisses by attempting to meet. Hips moving back and forth, each rubbed their wet crotch against escort the others thigh as they kissed with an intensity neither had felt before.

Liz felt her smaller breasts pressed up close against Samantha’s bountiful bosom and felt herself melting in this woman’s arms. They caressed each others rear, until Samantha accidentally (or maybe not so accidentally) grazed Liz’s tender rear hole with a finger. Liz moaned and soon they were both using a finger to tease and massage each other’s assholes.

A climax was coming; they could both feel it building. The rhythym was established between them as thigh sparked clit, nipples brushed nipples, and tongues vied and sparred in a fencing match of their own. So close…all they needed was a push…and a push was what they got.

Samantha pushed her finger slowly into Liz’s anus and Liz followed suit soon after. And that was it – the trigger that caused each other to flood the room with the sweet smell of orgasm. Dampness flowed from pussies as Liz and Samantha orgasmed – one right after the other. Time stood still as they held tight to each other, spines straining and arching. Out of breath, out of energy, neither could talk or even whisper. Instead they fell asleep in each other’s arms in that same position, facial lips and pussy lips almost touching and fingers still enclosed in pink rear holes.

There was no morning after…but a bright (and sexy!) tomorrow!

Please vote, send comments, etc. and thanks for all of the support over the past few months. Thanks especially to the chatroom friends – especially the real samantha *smiles*

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