Valentine’s Day

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I lift my rosé high into the air. It sloshes just the tiniest bit.

“To us!” I proclaim.

Oliver raises his glass and we clink.

“To us!” he says.

We drink.

“Hear, hear.” I take another sip. “So what should we do next? Movie?”

“Nah, I don’t wanna see a movie. I want to do something.”

“We could go to Rolling Horse.”

“It’s Thursday, though. The shitty bartender is working. Town Center is having an ice skating special for couples.”

“Oooh, I like that. I think we might be too drunk for ice skating, though. Or maybe we’re just drunk enough.” I pause. “This guy at the bar is eye-fucking you like crazy. Like, I’m kind of offended at how brazen he’s being. Don’t look.”

Oliver twists his entire body around in his chair.


“What is wrong with you? I said don’t look. Goddamnit. Oliver! Stop looking!”

“What?” Oliver turns back to me. “You can’t say that to people. Of course I’m going to look. What did you expect me to do?”

I glance up briefly as I consider his question.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Uh huh. Never in the history of looking has someone not looked in that scenario.”

“Okay, fine, fine. Whatever. You looked. Did you see him?”

“The guy in the purple polo?”

“Yeah, the hot one. With the product in his hair. He was, like, boring a hole in the back of your head.”

“He’s hot, but not as hot as you.”

He leans across the table to give me a kiss.

“You are such a smooth-talker.” I glance over Oliver’s shoulder to check out polo guy. He shoots me a flirty smile. “Is that the kind of guy you go for when you’re single?”

“This feels like a trick question.”

“No, I ateşli gaziantep escort really want to know! You’ll talk about random celebrities you think are hot but I don’t know anything about your history with men. I want to talk about guys we know in real life that you think are hot.”

“Um, okay.” Oliver clears his throat. “Well. It’s more of a sexual thing than romantic. There was this one guy just after college I dated for about a year, but it’s mostly been hook-ups. A lot, if I’m being honest. It’s really easy to pick up men.”

“Do you think you could pick up him?”

“In my peak? Maybe. Now? Fuck no. My flirting muscles are atrophied.” Oliver finishes his beer. “Plus, gay guys are so mean. I once had someone tell me I was too flabby to buy him a drink. I think I’d cry if he even glanced at my relationship gut.”

“I love your gut. And it makes me sad that you can’t see how hot you are. I think you could pick him up, easy. You’re a stud.”

“It sounds like you want me to.”

“What if I did?”

“Um, I would be very intrigued,” Oliver says. “You want me to flirt with him?”

“I want you to charm him and bring him home. For us. For Valentine’s Day.”

“Really? Is that what you want?”

“It is. I don’t know if this is weird but I want to watch you go down on a guy.”

“I’m into it, too.” He laughs. “I am loving this side of you. What if he’s not interested?”

“He will be. Trust me.”

“So what now?”

“Now you go over to the bar and seduce that sexy man while I wait for you two at home.”

I gather my purse and give him a lingering kiss.

“Alright, killer,” I say. “Don’t ateşli gaziantep escort bayan keep me waiting.”

Oliver kisses my hand.

“I won’t let you down.”

I walk to our apartment with a not insignificant stumble in my step. I put on some music and switch to light beer.

I’m dancing around the living room by myself when they walk in.

“Amara!” Oliver yells over the music.

I wave and turn the stereo down a few notches.

“Hey!” I straighten my skirt. “Didn’t see you guys come in.”

“Amara, this is Gabriel,” Oliver says. “Gabriel, this is my amazing fiancé.”

“Lovely to meet you.” Gabriel looks even better out of the dim light of the bar. “Sweet dance moves.”

“Thanks, I made them myself.” I plop down on the couch. “There’s some IPA in the fridge if you’re thirsty.”

“I’m good,” Gabriel says.

They sit down on the couch with Gabriel in between us. Gabriel kisses me softly, then turns to Oliver and kisses him too. He goes back and forth between us and I can taste Oliver’s lip balm on him. I touch Gabriel’s smooth face and run my fingers down his strong chest. Oliver tentatively brushes his bulge and then takes a firm grasp.

Gabriel moves in to kiss me again and I redirect him to my fiancé. Gabriel climbs on top of him and they make out. I settle in and watch. It makes me hot to see how turned on Oliver is.

They grind against each other. Oliver moans. I love seeing him from this perspective and wonder if that’s what he looks like when he’s with me.

Gabriel takes off Oliver’s shirt first, then his own. Oliver seems nervous at first but then Gabriel ateşli escort gaziantep kisses his neck and chest and he relaxes.

Gabriel kisses his ear and licks every part. Oliver shudders and grabs his ass through his jeans. I’m so wet. I play with myself under my skirt. Oliver kisses him hard and gets on top. They make out passionately. Gabriel pulls Oliver’s head back by the hair and licks his throat.

Oliver climbs down to the carpet and aggressively takes off Gabriel’s pants. He takes Gabriel’s cock in his hands and strokes. His pubic hair is shaved and he looks even bigger.

I can’t see what Oliver’s doing but he is blowing Gabriel’s mind. His head moves fast and he slurps him down. He sucks his balls and puts pressure on his perineum.

I can’t control myself any longer. I pull back my hair and crawl over to Gabriel. I take him in my mouth and go hard on his cock while Oliver works his balls. Gabriel puts a hand on each of our heads.

“Jesus Christ,” he mutters.

His eyes are closed and his muscles twitch.

“Don’t stop. Oh my God, don’t stop, don’t stop.”

I pet Oliver’s head while we pleasure Gabriel. I rake my fingernails through his hair and touch his ears.

Gabriel stops us and kisses us both. He undresses me while Oliver takes off the rest of his clothes. All three of us lie together on the couch. They enter me at the same time.

Gabriel penetrates my front and Oliver’s in back. They kiss my breasts and our limbs are in knots. Oliver and I make out while Gabriel plays with my nipples. Sometimes they lean over me to kiss.

We fuck in total sync despite how drunk we are. Oliver and Gabriel put their arms around each other and hug me between them. The pressure and motion stimulate my clit and we cum almost exactly at the same time.

We’re a hot sweaty mess and too tired to move. I can’t keep my eyes open. Gabriel kisses my neck and puts his fingers in my mouth. I’m too tired. I move his hand off me and place it on Oliver’s cock. He’s still hard.


Originally published in “Stories To Bang By, Vol. 11: Threesomes”

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