Varn Gets a Gift from His Mom Pt .01

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Varn Gets A Gift From His Mother Pt. 01

~ It was her duty to give it, but giving it worried her.

his forest-green shorts, a scrumptious delight on his lithe hips and pumping big erection — Varn was coming for lunch.

Varn always came in a bit before midday — It was so sweet of him!

She had been watching out for him… waiting for him. Lunch was all prepared. With her eyes mesmerised on Varn’s youthful form as he approached in organic-self-sufficiency, earthly sensualness, Ellaretta carefully lowered her herbal coffee, listening for the soft clunk when the wooden mug would contact the wooden bench — Her legs were weak and she had an incredible flushing between her legs.

Ellaretta’s fingers lingered around the warm coffee mug; it was smooth and beautiful, made by Varn from dark heartwood.

When the mug was settled on the lovely, hewn, solid bench, again made by Varn, Ellaretta placed her hands steadingly on the benches’ solid surface and gazed in sweet hunger at Varn. She felt her nipples romantically reaching out to him and smiled in delight.

Ellaretta loved the solidness of the adobe home Varn had built, she loved the solidness of the tables and benches he made, and she loved the solidness of his erection in his shorts.

Once Varn reached the halfway point, Ellaretta excitedly scurried out of the kitchen and headed for her bedroom, softly giggling that she wore her hottest sheer panties and that she was freshly shaved!

Laying in the middle of her bed, she waited with anticipation rippling through her in flouncing delight. Her ankle-length, pastel-blue, floral embroidered frock, with its one-foot wide, ruffled, white-lace hem, covered her from ankle-to-neck. Ellaretta was–as she always was–dressed modestly for her Son and she knew he appreciated it greatly!

As was the way at Varn’s beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency paradise, Ellaretta handcrafted all her garments and she loved everything she made, including her little sheer panties. Ellaretta’s smile rushed into full beam as she thought what a joy it was to dress beautifully for her hot Son.

Her heart was racing and with its every beat, her pussy streamed juices. Ellaretta hadn’t heard Varn on the porch yet, so she reached to the bedside table for the lilac perfume she had made.

With her hands a little shaky, Ellaretta dabbed her wrists and neck with the sweet floral scent, then replaced the bottle and resumed her excited waiting. It would be any moment now!

There it was… She heard a faint thud–He was on the first step. Silence followed… He would be taking his wooden-soled gardening sandals off, washing his hands, face, and feet, then finishing with a wash under his arms. After which, there would be the towel drying.

Ellaretta easily imagined it! She listened again, yes, there it was; another soft step, softer this time without the sandals he handcrafted. Another soft footfall announced the third step, then Varn was confidently strolling across the deck. The muted sounds had her face melting into a curving lip smile–His huge erection would be pumping in his shorts, his balls would be drawn up tight!

The soft rasp of the front door latch floated its way into her room. A few moments later, Ellaretta heard the door close — He was inside. Ellaretta’s cunt was beautifully aroused, her lips hotly puffed–Her juice dripping out.

Ellaretta thought about her gift for her Son. She felt a tiny conflict about it, as she had done numerous times earlier, but the gift would be beautiful for him. And he would love her for it — Love her with his huge, sexy cock!

This was an important gift for Varn. But the gift might change things.

Again, Ellaretta felt the tiny conflict, then she smiled; the fucking would be hotter, not that it wasn’t already unbelievably hot, but yes, almost impossibly so, the fucking would be hotter!

Varn liked to thank her for things she did for him, by fucking her, and Ellaretta loved being thanked by her Son. It was a beautiful relationship; She was a devoted mother to him and he thanked her up her pussy.

Every day with Varn at his beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency paradise was a joyful fun day, and her cunt permanently sizzled for him. And even with his new gift, she would still sizzle for him, perhaps even more, but she did worry about that though…

Ellaretta was excited to be giving Varn his gift today, but first things first. “Varn-n-n Darling — I’m in the bedroom,” she softly called in welcome. The heat almost unbearable in her sizzling pussy.

Ellaretta’s kaçak iddaa eyes were wide in wonder as she watched her Son vibrantly stroll into her room — His cock-confidence, amazing! His supple-muscled body, singing boldly in graceful power, his smile as big and as hot as the huge, sexy erection pumping in his shorts, and his presence; mesmerising.

Varn was a stunning aphrodisiac to her cunt and Ellaretta nearly orgasmed at the sight of him.

“Hi, Mother!” Varn said in gleeing joyfulness.

Ellaretta felt his joyful greeting fill the room; There was no doubt; he was happy to see her. His words beautifully radiant that he loved her, as well as being a sweet and romantic vocal kiss to her pussy in amorous greeting.

And after his words had smooched her pussy entrance, then in shining boldness, they hotly shined their way into her cunt in nurturing hotness!

Her Son was sunshine to her and to her cunt!

“Hi, Darling,” Ellaretta merrily returned, her smile full and welcoming.

Their eyes meet… Varn’s cock flexed… Ellaretta’s pussy quivered. They gazed in soft loving silence to the love-song of flexing cock and quivering pussy. Varn’s cock stretching and Ellaretta’s pussy helplessly dripping…

Their love-song crescendoed and crescendoed in sweet, hot melody, and their faces locked in lovers’ smiles.

Oh, it was so good to see her Son! “Darling, have you got a special greeting for your mother?” Ellaretta whispered, her excitement, romantically telling of the needingness of her cunt.

“Always, Mother, always,” Varn charismatically replied.

Ellaretta had to restrain her legs from flying apart — it wasn’t time yet.

Varn sat at the base of the bed next to his mother’s feet and caressed his gaze upwards over her body. He merrily noted the sensual thighs under the soft draping of her lightweight, summer, floral frock; the sexy sway of her hips; and the alluring dipping curvature between where her thighs met her hips.

His gaze traversed upwards to twin luscious mounds in pinnacled readiness, then to a slender neck and finally to a sweet face smiling in warm welcome.

Ellaretta loved her Son voyeuring her. Having Varn love her femininity was amazing, and he did it with such hot appreciative thoroughness.

“You look beautiful, Mother.”

“Ohhh, Darling Son, being here with you at your beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency paradise is beautiful.”

Varn smiled at her, then gently slid her lace hem up a few inches and placing his hand softly on her revealedness, he lustingly caressed her delicate creamy ankles. “Are you wearing lace or sheer, Mother?”

Ellaretta’s felt her face flush at her Son’s bold query. His question was counter to her modesty which her Son so liked, but then, he did play hotly with her modesty…right up to her panties!

“Sheer, Son,” she sweetly murmured, joyfully embarrassed.

Ellaretta was giddily happy and her smile felt permanent. Being with her Son at his beautiful organic-self-sufficiency paradise was epically surreal and wondrous in every way, including his oh, so special greetings.

Varn had a spectacularly joyful focus with his organic-self-sufficiency life, and Ellaretta found her Son sweetly alluring and profoundly inspiring.

Ellaretta was often moved to tears at the effort Varn made to make sure everyone, herself included, at his beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency paradise was provided for, and it was a joy to do things for him.

Then, on top of all his wondrous ways, Varn would vaginally thank her, for the things she did for him.

And the truth was that Ellaretta lived for her Son’s vaginal thanking. Varn’s incredible focus with his beautifully thick shaft was breathtaking and pussy overwhelming.

The aliveness Ellaretta felt from her inspiring Son’s cock was on the verge of unbelievable. Varn’s cock had a magnificent glowing potency and as he opened up her pussy, he also opened her to the scintillating beauty of his beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency paradise-sex.

His big pumping entry was a solemn joyous vow that he loved her and with her legs spread wide for him, Ellaretta would often be in tears of joy as she received the powerful, hefting shaft of her Son.

Varn always felt an incredible rush at this moment. His modest mother wanting a special greeting — and she was so warmly greetable.

Varn caressed his mother’s calves through her summer frock. “Mother, you’re so beautiful in your hot modesty.”

Ellaretta’s pussy lips were tingling. Varn’s poetic communication was further puffing her freshly shaved pussy kaçak bahis lips so beautifully.

And her vagina was quivering in pre-climax euphoria.

Ellaretta loved that her Son would greet her so thoroughly between her legs.

“Oh, Son, I’m glad you find my modesty appealing.”

Varn began to slide his hand up her dress. “Your frock sings in a sexy whisper how creamy your legs are, Mother Darling.”

Varn’s hand lustingly enclasped her calves as he romantically traversed their length. “And your calves feel so creamy, you sexy thing.”

Ellaretta’s cunt ached to be kissed; her pussy lips so puffy and longing for her Son’s smooching. Her vagina needing his tongue. “Oh, Son, I’m glad you like the swishing of my skirts and the creaminess under them.”

Varn slid his arm out from his mother’s frock and using both hands took hold of the frock’s bottom, raised it up in a quick shake, then romantically shook it, billowing it up all the way to her sheer white panties.

Ellaretta giggled wildly with her inspiring Son’s naughty antics–She was so looking forward to cuming with his pussy kiss.

“Mother, it’s a lovely view up your skirt. Part your legs, Darling, and let me see your sheer crotch.”

Ellaretta raced to do her Son’s wishes and her legs parted in a lusting dream.

Varn did a final billow and as his mother’s skirt floated above her spread limbs, he amorously with appreciative lust, glided her skirt up to rest fully above her panties.

As Varn’s strong but sensitive hands lowered his mother’s skirt in a ruffled band upon her tummy, his eyes connected desirously to her wonderful nudeness and the sexiness of her pantied cunt.

Ellaretta was floating in breathless, eloquent delight with her Son having billowed and cascaded her modestly away…

Varn moved back between his mother’s spread legs and removed his fully sized organ from his shorts as his eyes feasted on her nudity.

“Mother,” he groaned with heat filling his cock. “You look utterly beautiful and your cunt looks so good in your panties.”

As always, Ellaretta gasped at seeing the powerful erection her Son had for her. With her eyes licking his full pumpedness, she again felt the slight conflict about the gift she had for him.

But she had to give him the gift, it was proper, and he would thank her with his huge shaft.

Varn travelling his eyes on her revealed legs and panties were burning caresses. And in twat delight, Ellaretta loved his every gazing moment. She desperately hoped he would still voyeur her like this after he’d received his gift.

For the briefest moment, Ellaretta thought about not giving Varn the gift, but no, she couldn’t do that, she was his mother and was duty-bound to give it to him.

With Varn’s gaze romancing his mother’s legs and panties, he softly intoned, “Mother… you asked for a greeting, but I would give you a ravishing!” His eyes drooled over his mother’s crotch and his breath rasped, “You sexy, sexy thing.”

“Oh, wondrous, Son,” Ellaretta gushed, her pussy and hips doing excited jutting-jumps, “As your mother, I can ask for a greeting” — she moved her fingers to her crotch and began sliding it sideways as she continued her response — “but if my Son offers a ravishing, then I would welcome that.”

Ellaretta’s pantie-crotch was fully aside and she was fully ready for her special greeting… for her ravishment!

Varn delicately placed a hand on each of the insides of his mother’s ankles. “So pretty,” he whispered. His caressing hands journeyed up the inside of her calves. “So beautiful.”

As his hands lusted up her creamy inner thighs, he complimented, “And so very sexy.”

Then his mouth was on her smooth pussy mound and he was blowing warm breath over her nude, wet pussy. Ellaretta was filled with desire for her Son — Contentedly, filled with desire for him.

Varn moved his body upwards, his hand grasping her bosom, then his strong slender fingers were curling around her blouse and as he gently pulled it down, Ellaretta felt his cock-head at her entrance.

It wasn’t the way Ellaretta had imagined things would go, she had to give her Son his gift first, but as her braless tit popped romantically out for her Son, all she could do was go with whatever was happening.

Varn looked at his mother’s creamy, pink nippled tit. “And so sweet,” he groaned as he opened his mother’s cunt with his cock-head and lowered his mouth onto her mother-bosom with a sweet nurturing kiss. Ellaretta’s arms flayed out to her sides in utter joy and she wept in the same joy.

And silently, Ellaretta wished, illegal bahis “Oh, Varn Love, I hope you still love me like this after you’ve received your gift…”

Varn’s cock-head in her cunt was so exciting and his bosom kissing so alluring. Ellaretta writhed under her Son in indescribable bubbling glee — her cunt flooding in juice.

And then he was out of her cunt and off her tit, and Ellaretta felt adrift… She didn’t like it. “Varn,” she cried in urgency, her hands racing in to find him.

Ellaretta’s hands slid up along Varn’s back as he moved downwards. She breathed a huge sigh of relief as her hands rested on his head while his mouth found her wet sex-hole. Her Son had reestablished pussy contact and oh, it was so good.

His lips were a singing wonder as he smooched her. Varn’s kisses to her cunt, straight after his cock-head had been in, were like sunshine… and helplessly her legs splayed to their fullest.

Varn reached a hand up and caressed her revealed bosom as he lusted her cunt. Softly Ellaretta placed her hand on her Son’s bosom caressing hand and floated in cunt lust as her inspiring Son romanced merrily at her pussy.

Ellaretta’s love blossomed for her Son as his tongue travelled in her pussy and his lips talked lustingly to her. His whispered tongue fucking up her sex-hole adding to her tender feelings of loving doing things for him… Including giving him his gift.

Ellaretta floated in ecstasy as her marvellous and amazing Son took her closer and closer to beautiful orgasm by kissing her cunt. She was often almost stupefied by her Son’s amazing ability to take her to unbelievable heights of arousal.

I could tell mother was close. Extending my tongue fully and moving my head back and forth, I rhythmically tongued my mother, bringing her pink love-hole into a dripping frenzy.

Mother’s hips gorgeously rocked to my rhythm; her soft, coy cunt, so alluring. Her moans, graciously fluttering out her mouth to the tune of my sliding tongue. I loved that I was able to make hot words romantically fly from her mouth.

Mother’s pussy looked superbly pretty, her pussy was daintily fragranced and she tasted deliciously sweet.

I loved our age difference. Mother was beautiful looking and she was hotly responsive to my every touch, and aside from separate beds for sleeping, she completely gave herself to me.

I put both my hands on her smooth, creamy inner thighs and like I was fanning her cunt, I slid my palms amorously up and down.

And my modest mother was juicing–Beautifully, beautifully juicing!

I would orgasm my mother twice orally, followed by once on my cock-head, and then I would receive the rest of her orgasms on my shaft. Then I would have lunch!

Ellaretta’s hips were rocking: She loved how her Son kissed her pussy… Her hips were rocking in sweet wondrous waves of cunt arousal. It was like Varn was playing beautiful music with her pussy.

With Varn between her legs, Ellaretta felt like her pussy was his sexual instrument and he loved her and played her pussy — Ellaretta floated in mesmerised joy as her Son played beautiful music with her cunt and took her higher and higher into arousement melodies.

Ohhhh`, Varn made it so hard to give him his gift, but she had to, she was his mother and it was her duty to him.

“Son-n-n-n, it’s my time,” she cried.

“Have a good time, Mother,” Varn said from her soaking sex-hole.

“Thank you, Love,” Ellaretta managed to get out before orgasming.

With her fingers intensely splayed, Ellaretta pushed her hands hard down onto the bed on either side of her, lifting her convulsing hips up.

“Varn`n`n… Love`e`e,” she orgasm cried.

It was so beautiful`, Varn was drinking from her orgasming cunt. As her juices poured into his mouth, Ellaretta felt, as she always did, how wondrous it was living with Varn at his beautiful organic-self-sufficiency paradise and to have this amazing relationship with him.

Ellaretta’s second orgasm came easily and then her Son was pushing his swollen cock-head into her pussy. “`O`o`o`o`h`” she moaned.

Varn’s cock-head was so solid and so exciting! Ellaretta knew Varn liked her orgasming on his cock-head. And she would, but then, as hard as it was going to be, she would have to stop him going in: She had to give him his gift first.

“DARLING VARN,” Ellaretta screamed as his cock-head blossomed her to orgasm.

Then going against the excruciating needs of her pussy, she pushed her hand down and gripped the big, sexy shaft of her Son, stopping him from entering.

It was hard to hold his cock while she orgasmed, knowing that she was going to have to stop him from entering her. Ellaretta’s pussy was screaming for her amazing Son’s hot cock; tears formed in her eyes. Oh, it was hard!

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