Verity’s House

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Verity’s House

August 2005

The first time it happened Jay’s sleepy senses told him that his girlfriend, Lauren, had just got in from her night shift and had slipped into bed feeling horny as she frequently did. He gradually became aware of a sensation in his penis. She had got into bed behind him and pressed her naked flesh against his, her nipples were two hard buttons in his back and her right arm reached around his hips to take his flaccid cock in her hand. As he became aroused and his shaft started to harden, she turned him onto his back and straddled him. Within seconds he was fully erect and she lowered herself down onto him, he felt the erotic sensation of her cunt walls stretching around his cock.

It was a glorious feeling, her warm clenching cunt caressed his cock in rhythmic gyrations. But something was amiss, it was much darker than it should be for a mid August morning at six fifteen, the bedroom was pitch black and he felt as though he’d been awoken from a deep sleep. When she kissed him, her long hair fell across his face, Lauren didn’t have long hair, and then it dawned on him, this wasn’t his girlfriend.


January 2005

When Jay had got the job as an assistant manager at the local co-operative society store, he’d moved into a rented flat in the town. It was the first time he had lived on his own after leaving his parent’s house over two hundred miles away. He’d made friends quickly at work and, two months after moving to the area, met Lauren at a night club. He was with a couple of male colleagues and she was with a group of nurses celebrating her promotion to the rank of staff nurse. She stood out with her short blonde bobbed hair and attractive face.

Jay couldn’t take his eyes off her as she danced happily with her colleagues. She moved sensuously to the music in her tight blue short dress and towering silver stilettos. Her breasts were a little larger than average and formed two perfect mounds in the tight material. Jay’s cock twitched as he watched her pelvis gyrate while she dry humped one of her friends to the music. He was captivated and aroused, he had to have her.

He watched her having fun and turning down several male suitors. It seemed that she wouldn’t be looking to hook up with anyone tonight. How could he get her to notice him? The opportunity arose when the venue closed and groups of clubbers were queuing for taxis. He offered politely to share the cost of a cab with Lauren and one of her friends. He was lucky, the friend got out first and, in the three minutes that he had alone with Lauren in the taxi, he charmed her and managed to persuade her to swap phone numbers.

Lauren had clearly taken to him, he was six feet four inches in height, well built with brown hair and eyes and he was good looking. At twenty seven years of age, he’d had a variety of women in the town where he used to live.


December 2004

The woman Jay learned most from in bed was his aunt Carolyn. She was his uncle’s wife on his mother’s side and she had seduced him when he had walked her home after a family Christmas get together.

At forty five years of age, Carolyn was in her sexual prime and her nephew Jay had been the mainstay of her sexual fantasies for a while. She had masturbated frequently at the thought of seducing him and getting her hands on his cock. She got the opportunity when her husband and Jay’s father had gone to a Boxing Day football match and then to the pub afterwards. The extended family had been together for lunch at Jay’s parent’s house and by seven o’clock, Carolyn was ready for home. Although she only lived a five minute walk away, it was dark and Jay’s mother asked him if he would mind walking her sister in law home.

Jay said he didn’t mind at all and he would go on afterwards to meet some of his mates in a nearby pub. Carolyn had been flirting with him all day long as she often did and he had felt a stirring in his cock when she circled her long finger nails lightly on the back of his neck as they posed for a family group photo. He’d been semi erect most of the day from that moment. Carolyn looked very desirable in her close fitting Christmas jumper, her ample breasts thrust the reindeer antlers forward and contrasted with her flat stomach and small waist. Jay couldn’t help noticing the tell tale feel of suspender clips through her tight pencil skirt when she ‘playfully’ sat on his lap for a photo of just the two of them. She very slightly, but deliberately pressed her arse into his swollen cock as the photo was being taken.

They laughed and chatted on the way to Carolyn’s house, it was chilly so she linked her left arm through his right arm and rested her right hand on his large bicep. They arrived at her front door.

“Will you come inside with me and stay a few minutes? I hate going into a dark house on my own, just for a few minutes until I feel safe?” she said as she put her key into the lock.

“Not at all, I’ll pinbahis yeni giriş stay as long as you want,” he replied as the front door opened.

“Would you like a drink? I know you’re fond of single malt, Mick’s got a couple of bottles on the sideboard, help yourself.”

“Thanks, I think I will, can I pour one for you?”

“Yes, I’ll have a sherry.”

By now they had taken their coats off and were in the lounge. Carolyn switched on the Christmas tree lights and the gas fire, then she draped herself sexily on a sofa with her right leg crossed over her left. She deliberately showed a glimpse of shapely thigh. Jay passed her the drink and went to sit on a chair opposite the sofa.

“Don’t be shy Jay, come and sit by me,” she said as she patted the seat next to her.


“That’s better.”

There was a sexual tension between them but Jay was afraid to make the first move, Carolyn was definitely in control. She uncrossed and recrossed her legs letting her skirt ride up to reveal the tops of her stockings. The flashing lights from the Christmas tree danced in reflection off her Swarovski novelty Christmas tree earrings.

“Why haven’t you gone to the game with Mick and your father? Was it because you wanted to walk me home?”

“I er…”

“Well I was hoping that you’d walk me home,” she said in a sultry voice as she took his drink from him and put it down with hers on the coffee table.

Sitting back on the sofa, she uncrossed and recrossed her legs again so that her right leg was over her left leg and Jay could clearly see a suspender strap tugging at stretched stocking welt underneath her right thigh. Then she dangled her right stiletto on the toes of her right foot. Jay felt a deep erotic yearning in the pit of his stomach, his cock was rock hard by now, it made an obvious bulge in his jeans.

“Do you like me Jay?”

“Yes, I er… I’ve always…”

“Do you fancy me? It looks like you do,” she said as she eyed his groin.

She leaned into him and caressed his right cheek in her left hand.

“Would you like to fuck me Jay?”

Jay had reached the point where his cock made all of his decisions for him.


With her hand still on his cheek, she looked alluringly into his eyes and paused for a moment to allow the erotic anticipation of forbidden sex fill their thoughts. Then she curled her stocking clad legs up onto the sofa. She was leaning into him, her half open eyes now fixed on his lips. He drank her in, her beautiful breasts pressed into his left arm and his cock twitched at the sight of her shapely legs and stilettos as she pushed her left knee up in between the top of his thighs.

She ran the knuckles of her right hand slowly up and down the bulge of his cock. It spasmed at the highly arousing sensations that followed the course of her touch. From the glans to the base of his cock and down into his balls, an overwhelming surge of warm lust possessed him. Her lips closed in on his and they kissed voluptuously with tongues probing each other’s mouths. She continued to run the backs of her fingers against the length of his erect swathed penis. He reached with his right hand for her left stocking top intending to slip his hand under the risen hem of her skirt but she broke their kiss and whispered, “breasts first,” into his left ear.

He took her left breast in his large right hand and immediately felt her hard nipple through her Christmas jumper. They kissed again as he squeezed her breast and pinched her nipple, she moaned her approval into his mouth. Then he switched his attention to her right breast, her pussy started to seep fluid into her panties; she badly wanted to see his cock.

“Let me see it, it feels huge,” she breathed into his mouth.

She placed the flat of her left hand against his chest and pushed him onto his back while using her right hand to undo the top button on his jeans. She quickly undid three more buttons and admired the thick hard shaft straining against his grey briefs before tugging his jeans down slightly to give herself better access. She pulled the waistband of his briefs down to the tops of his thighs and his cock sprung up to greet her in all its glory, and it was glorious. Seven inches of beautiful hard flesh swayed before her eyes. She pushed his jumper up to his chest to reveal his flat muscular abdomen, her pussy leaked again. Then she took hold of his cock and lowered her mouth onto the glans.

Jay gasped as she slid half the length of his cock between her warm lips. His balls were giving off signals that he wouldn’t last long but she was an experienced woman when it came to managing a man’s orgasm. She’d had a string of affairs and more cocks in her mouth than she cared to remember. She took in almost the full length and caressed the base of his cock and his balls with her hands. He started to breath rapidly and she knew that he would come too quickly if she wasn’t careful.

“Easy tiger, I want that fully pinbahis giriş loaded and inside me but first I’m going to teach you how to please a woman.”

He wondered whether he should feel offended then realised that she was right, he’d never had a real grown up experienced woman like her before.

Carolyn peeled off her reindeer jumper and wriggled out of her tight skirt and panties. He feasted his eyes on her firm shapely body adorned with a red basque with suspender straps, barely black stockings and stilettos. She sat on the sofa and told him to kneel between her open legs. He did so willingly.

“Eat me lover boy,” she commanded.

Jay lowered his mouth onto her pussy, parted her labia and began licking and kissing her. He ventured several times to her clitoris and she voiced her approval of his efforts.

“Mmm, not bad Jay, very nice in fact but I want you to do some things that will really take me to the edge. Use your tongue to circle my clit,…that’s it, yes. Oh yes, now kiss me all the way down to my hole then push your tongue inside me,…oh yes, yes, oh lovely. Oh God, I could let you do this all night but there’s more to learn. lick and kiss me between my two holes,…oh God, that’s it, oh my legs feel like jelly, oh yes Jay, God. Now keep repeating that pattern.”

Carolyn wasn’t close to coming yet, she knew how to pace herself and she wanted him to come inside her. After his mouth had travelled around her pussy several times, she gave him more instructions.

“Oh wonderful Jay, now kiss and suck my clit and put your long middle finger inside me,…yes, that’s it. Curl it up to the top of my hole and press upwards, you’re looking for my… Oh God! You’ve found it, clever boy, ohh Godd, ohh… Oh stop, stop, stop, I’m almost there but I want your cock inside me.”

She lay on her back on the long sofa, Jay hurriedly removed all of his clothes and lay between her legs.

“Now do what you’ve always dreamed of and fuck your aunt.”

“How did you know?”

“I guessed, but thanks for the confession… and don’t worry, I’ve had you many times in my fantasies.”

Carolyn guided his large erection to the entrance of her hole, she was as wet as she had ever been and despite his size, he slipped easily inside her clenching cunt. He thrust into her and as she rightly assumed, it didn’t look like he would last long so she pushed her right hand in between them and fingered herself. He came first with a deep guttural roar and she followed him soon afterwards with sexy gasps and moans. They lay together for a moment enjoying the afterglow of their orgasms in the knowledge that they had just committed incest; his cock was still hard inside her.

“I’m impressed, let’s not waste it, sit up.”

He sat up on the sofa and she lowered herself onto him so that they both faced the same way.

“Touch me, make me come again.”

He was amazed that she was ready for another orgasm. He pulled the top of her basque down and played with her breasts for a while as he kissed her neck and her ears.

“Oh, you learn fast,” she said in sultry tones, “stop teasing me and make me come you bastard.”

He let his right hand fall to her lap and began stroking her pussy. First he touched her clit then he squeezed his middle finger inside her already cock filled cunt and probed for her g-spot. He found it at the same time that she started to touch herself. She writhed up and down on his cock, his finger inside her and her fingers working furiously on her clit. She came again with abandon and, to his own amazement, he had a second orgasm. The lovers kissed and fondled for a while then he had to go before her husband, his uncle, came home.

Two days later, Uncle Mick went back out to his job on a North Sea oil rig. For the next two weeks, Jay and Carolyn fucked at every available opportunity. Their joint passion was all the more intense because Jay was leaving town to take up his new job. Carolyn made him promise to fuck her again when the family got together the following Christmas.


May 2005

Jay liked his new job and the town he was now living in but he’d had problems with his flat. He needed to find somewhere else to live. He’d been dating Lauren for three months and she lived with her Aunt Verity and cousin Sophie in a large four bedroomed Victorian house in a well to do suburb. Verity was a barrister with a very flexible outlook on life. She readily agreed to Jay living with Lauren and sharing her bed. It was a long while since there had been a man about the house and, when she set eyes on him, she was even more pleased at the prospect of Jay moving in.

Verity was forty one years old and her daughter Sophie was a very promiscuous eighteen year old. She was studying at a local college and still living at home. When Lauren was thirteen, her mother, Verity’s sister, was killed in a car accident, she had never known her father so Verity became her legal guardian. That was ten pinbahis güvenilirmi years ago and Lauren had settled down well and qualified as a nurse.

She loved her aunt and got on well with her but she’d sometimes thought her to be a little lax with Sophie. Sophie was a risk taker, her motto was that she would, “try anything once.” She’d regularly been in trouble at school and the fact that she had now enrolled for a fashion design course made Verity grateful for small mercies.

Sophie had had boyfriends but, since starting college, she’d started a relationship with Stephanie, a young woman on her course. She’d told her mother that she was bi-sexual now. Verity thought that she was a lot like her father who had left them when Sophie was two years old, but she loved her very attractive daughter deeply and was pleased to see her calming down a little.

Sophie might have inherited her father’s temperament but she’d definitely got her looks from her mother. Verity was a good looking woman with a shapely body, long red hair and bright, intelligent blue eyes. She worked hard and came home most days in her pin striped pencil cut skirt suit and high heels, carrying files related to the case on which she was currently working. Sophie’s long hair was dyed black, she had long shapely legs and large breasts that invariably seemed to burst out of every low cut top that she wore. Verity was grateful that her daughter’s body wasn’t covered in piercings and tattoos like many of her friends.

Sophie secretly had a crush on her mother. It wouldn’t have been apparent from all of their past fights and arguments but she was attracted to her and would often embrace her warmly. Verity loved the attention, she’d had few relationships since her husband left her and her only regular physical contact was with Sophie and Lauren. She sometimes felt a little strange though because her nipples often became hard after hugging Sophie in particular. Sophie’s hugs were long and intimate and she always pushed her pelvis into her mother so that her mound made contact with her thigh. Verity found this disconcerting but not unpleasant.

Sophie’s feelings for her mother came to a head when she brought Stephanie home after college. They were finishing their pizza and chatting in the kitchen when Verity came in with her briefcase in one hand and several files in the other.

“Mum, this is Stephanie, we’re just having a bite to eat then we’re going to see a film.”

“Oh hi Stephanie, I’m Verity, welcome. I hope Sophie is looking after you.”

“Yes, she is thanks, you look like you’ve had a busy day.”

“Yes and it’s not finished yet I’m afraid. I’d love to stay and chat but I’ve got lots to do so please excuse me.”

“Of course.”

“Mum, can Stephanie stay the night? I mean with me, in my bed?”

“Oh, oh well, er… well yes, I suppose so, you’re eighteen and an adult now. ‘I’d sooner you were somewhere safe when you… well when you…”

“Thanks mum, we get the message.”

“Okay, well I must get on, nice to meet you Stephanie.”

Verity took herself off to her study to do some work.

“God your mum’s so hot Soph, I’d love to get her into bed.”

“What! Don’t be so gross.”

“Hey, it was you who wanted to be in an open relationship.”

“Not that open.”

Sophie felt unsettled, she realised that she was deeply jealous that her girlfriend fancied her mother. She realised in that moment just how much she desired her mother herself. Later that night in bed with Stephanie, she couldn’t stop herself imagining being kissed and fingered by her mother as she came.


June 2005

Jay was made to feel welcome when he moved in. He settled in quickly and it helped that Lauren’s aunt and cousin were so easy on the eye. Sophie quickly established a teasing relationship with him. She flirted with him and they laughed a lot together. Verity was attracted to him, she couldn’t deny it, but she tried to erase such thoughts from her mind.

Lauren was pleased that it was all going so well. She had irregular shift patterns at work and sometimes had to do night duty. This meant that in order to maintain a regular sex life with Jay, she would wake him up and fuck him at six fifteen in the morning when she returned from her night shift. Jay didn’t mind this at all, he needed to be up by seven o’clock anyway during the week.

Shortly before Jay had moved in, Verity had joined a dating site and had met several men, none of whom interested her very much. One man in particular seemed slightly odd and she had been wary of him. She’d only seen him once and had ended the date early but he had found out where she lived and had begun to stalk her. He turned up on the doorstep unannounced several times, at first with flowers and pleas that she go out with him again but lately Verity had felt and underlying menace. She’d always politely refused his requests for another date because she was afraid to anger him but the last time he’d called, a few days before Jay moved in, she felt frightened and intimidated and had shut the door on him.

Jay had been in the house only a week when the doorbell rang one evening, he heard the clip clop of Verity’s high heels on the tiled hallway floor.

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