Veronica’s First Day

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It was Veronica’s first day going to her new job. She was so excited to be starting a new life in a new city. She had been told that traffic was really bad due to construction, so she was taking the bus to work today. She had looked up the bus route but was a little unsure about where to get off. She asked the bus driver but he just mumbled something that she couldn’t hear. Sitting down, she heard a man’s voice say “Don’t mind Sam. He never talks to anybody but he is always on time. Where do you get off, maybe I can help?” With that, Veronica turned to her seat mate and, for the first time, noticed this handsome black man. He was perhaps 40 with a strong face moderated by a twinkle in his eyes. “Thank you. I looked it all up but now I am not so sure.”

“I understand, it was that way for me my first time on the bus. Where are you going?”

“22nd and Aims. I work at the Plaza Building.”

“Oh, I work near there. Just get off when I do.”

With that, they exchange names (his was Charles) and chat about the area where they both will be working.

“Well, here you are. I guess you don’t know what time you are leaving. But if you get off about 5 there is a 5:15 bus. That’s the one I usually take.”

“Thanks. I hope to see you then.”

With a nice start to her new adventure, Veronica strode confidently into her new place of employment. She asked the receptionist where to find Mr. Brandon, her new boss and was directed to the 15th floor. As she got off the elevator, he was there to greet her. “Veronica. Welcome! I can’t tell you how anxious we’ve all been for you to start. We’ve been swamped recently and really need someone with your talents. But first, let me turn you over to HR for orientation.” That began a whirlwind morning of filling out forms, listening to presentations on benefits and what the company did. There were 5 other people in her orientation session and all of them were really nice. After a nice lunch provided by the company, she was sent back to see Mr. Brandon.

“Mr. Brandon, here I am ready to get started.”

“First, it is not Mr. Brandon. I am Fred. We don’t use last names much around here. We’re pretty informal, people are valued for their skills, not their titles. With that, I am going to turn you over to Charley. She has been doing your job in addition to her own for two months now and, boy, is she excited you are here.”

It was almost 5:30 before Veronica got out of the office that day. It had been one of the most exhilarating days of her life but now she just needed to sit. Leaving the building, she realized she had missed her bus and the next one wasn’t for an hour. Noticing a restaurant across the street, she made her way over Kadıköy Escort there but was dismayed when she realized how crowded it was. Figuring it would be impossible to get a table, she walked over to the bar to get a glass of wine to sip while considering her options. As she approached the bar, she heard her name being called.

“Veronica, isn’t it? Did you miss the bus too? One problem with Sam being on time, he leaves exactly when he is supposed to and won’t wait a second longer. Are you here for dinner? It will be impossible to get a table now, but I have some pull with the maitre de and he is setting a table up for me in the back. Would you do me the honor of joining me?” It was Charles from this morning. Veronica was flustered by his manners and by how excited she felt seeing him again. She couldn’t believe it, but his voice made her wet! Taking her silence as agreement, he took her elbow and guided her toward the back of the restaurant where his table was. “It’s a good thing I got up to wash my hands or I never would have seen you.” When they reached his table, she understood what he meant. The table was in a dark out of the way nook that looked like it was used for storage at times. But it was quiet and very private. Better yet, it had a curtain that Charles pulled across to shut the world out before drawing her chair out for her to sit.

Very quickly, the waiter arrived with a bottle of white wine. “Terry, as you can see I have been joined by this lovely lady. Can you bring another place setting? Oh, and bring her the special too. I hope you don’t mind my ordering for you?” He said as he turned back to her.

“No, I am sure whatever you ordered will be fine. The smells in this place are heavenly.”

Within minutes, the waiter had returned with a place setting. He quickly set the table and poured the wine.

“How do you have so much influence here, Charles?”

“Well, if you won’t tell. I own 25% of this place. My brother is the owner and chef. I was the one that told him about this location and, as you can see, it worked out very well for both of us. I work just down the street and often stop in for lunch.”

As she sipped her wine, she noticed his eyes on her. It made her tremble, she wanted him so much! The table was very small and his let was touching hers. She made no attempt to draw away, in fact, she moved a little closer. This was her whole new life and she was going to take advantage of it!

He put his hand on her knee when he leaned forward to pour more wine. She didn’t react, so he just left it there. Soon his fingers were wandering a little, mostly just rubbing her skin. It was so soft. She was incredibly Kadıköy Escort Bayan turned on by his touch.

Then the waiter arrived with their food, but he didn’t remove his hand right away. When the waiter left, Veronica sensed that he was reluctant to remove it, but needed it to eat with. So she reached under the table to squeeze his hand, sending a signal that showed his hand was welcome there again later. They proceeded to eat and talk. The sexual chemistry in the air was intense. Even the waiter seemed to notice it as he quickly left each time he poked his head in to check on them.

After dinner, he ordered some dessert wine with a plate of cheese. As soon as the waiter poured the wine and left, Charles’ hand was back on her leg. It was obvious that he was aroused. His hand moved steadily up her leg and under her skirt. Then he started rubbing the skin on the inside of her thighs. Looking into her eyes, he could tell she both wanted him to continue and was afraid at how fast things were moving. Their conversation faltered, neither could think very well. But then Veronica moved her legs apart to allow him better access to her warm, secret spot. He took her hand in his and kissed it. She blushed and took a sip of her wine, a rather large sip.

His hand moved further up and began to brush her crotch. She knew he could feel how wet it was and knew she wanted him. He bent over the table and kissed her. Her response was immediate! Her mouth opened and she shoved her tongue was into his mouth. The kiss seemed to last forever. His hand gave up all pretense of just rubbing her leg; it was now rubbing her pussy. Her legs parted even further and he slid a finger under her panties to find her clit. He started rubbing and flicking it. She put her head back and moaned softly. He told her to lift her hips. She asked why but lifted them anyway. He took both hands and slid her panties down. She looked a little embarrassed when they fell to the floor but when he shoved two fingers in her pussy and started pumping, she went wild with excitement. Her hand reached out to grasp his cock. It was so big! She rubbed the shaft up and down. His moans quickly joined hers.

At that moment the waiter poked his head in. Somewhat hoarsely, Charles said “Thanks Terry. We don’t need anything. In fact, could you give us some privacy for a while? I’ll let you know when we need anything.”

During this conversation, his fingers never left her pussy and hers never left his cock. It was almost like they were glued there not to be withdrawn until they had each climaxed. But then Charles moved the plates and glasses off the table onto the sideboard. Then he stood Escort Kadıköy up and pulled her up by her hands.

Taking her face between his hands, he kissed her deeply. She could smell her juices on his fingers and it just made her more excited, it that was at all possible. Dropping to her knees, she unzipped his pants and freed his aching cock. There was a drop of precum on the tip and her tongue, almost by it’s own volition, flicked out to lick it up. It was salty, contrasting to the sweetness of the wine. Wanting more, she took the head into her mouth, sucking it deep into her throat. She had never done anything like this before but it was as though all her inhibitions had left her. She had to have this magnificent man and NOW!

But then he reached down to draw her up again. He kissed her again as he raised her skirt above her waist. He backed her up against the table and reached around to gently lift her on to the table. Still kissing her, he drove his cock into her hot, wet pussy. It slid in as though it belonged there. Her pussy clenched it and wouldn’t let it go. They stood like that for a while, kissing, his hands wandering over her breasts. He reached around and unzipped her top, then unfastened her bra. Her magnificent breasts tumbled out into his waiting hands. As he fondled her nipples, she unclenched her pussy enough for him to start pumping in and out of her. Then he bent over and sucked a nipple into his mouth. He timed his sucking to match the strokes of his cock in and out of her pussy. She was driven wild with the sensations. Luckily she still had enough sense of mind to stifle her moans. The last thing she wanted was for this incredible experience to be interrupted. He lifted his mouth from her nipples and began to make love to her mouth again. Their tongues intertwining again and again. “Later I will show you what else I can do with my tongue.” he whispered into her ear as he came up for breath.

His strokes, which had been slow and deep, began to get faster. She knew he was going to cum. So was she. As they came together, the world seemed to disappear amid the sensations washing over them. Finally, the world began to penetrate their little world again. They could hear the clatter of plates and the murmuring of voices of the other patrons. But they stayed together until his cock slipped from her incredibly wet pussy, too soft to hold itself in.

He gently lifted her off the table and helped her smooth down her skirt before turning her around to fasten her clothes back up. They both knew that this was just the beginning of the evening. But they needed more privacy for the fun that was yet to be. She tucked his cock away and zipped him up again.

He pocked his head out the curtain and yelled “Terry, we’re done. Just put it on my tab. We have to get going.” With that, he took her hand and led her out of the restaurant to hail a cab.

So her first day in her new life began. With a start like this, she knew her life was going to be wonderful!

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