Virgin Territory

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Is it weird to be a virgin at twenty two? Feels like it since I’m the only one of my friends who is. It’s not that I’m shy or haven’t had the opportunity, it’s just never felt right. I wasted yet another chance just this weekend.

I’d had a bad week at work so I planned to stay home alone Saturday night with a bottle of wine and a weepy movie. I couldn’t wait for five o’ clock so I opened the wine early and finished it before I put the movie on.

It only took me until the opening credits to realise that I didn’t want to stay home so I turned off the DVD and got ready to hit the town. I was a little woozy from the wine so I just pulled on the first things I touched, a pair of red, high cut satin panties and a short, tight black dress with a plunging neckline, almost down to my navel. Since my small breasts are pert and firm I still look pretty good without a bra.

I might have had the effects of a bottle of wine coursing through my system but I still remembered to do a quick shake in front of my mirror to check the material stayed in place. My long black hair swung from side to side and my soft thighs wobbled slightly but no nipple slip. I smiled to myself then called a taxi.

I don’t go out a lot so I asked the taxi driver to take me to wherever would be busy. He dropped me off outside a bar I had been to before but not in years. It doesn’t look it from the street but it’s largely underground and cheap so a lot of students hang out there.

I look young enough to blend in and like I said, I’m not shy so I gave the doorman a flirty smile and headed inside. I went straight to the bar and ordered myself a double measure of vodka since more wine was likely to make me sick.

I stood by the bar for most of the evening; throwing down vodkas, dancing a little on the spot when I heard a song I liked and eyeing up the men on offer. I didn’t realise how late it was or how much I had drunk until I staggered to the toilets.

It would have been easy to blame my black stilettos but it was more the vodka that made it difficult for me to get in and out of the cubicle. I washed my hands but forgot to look in the mirror to see if my make-up needed adjustment before I went back into the bar.

I did intend to retake my place at the bar but as I was crossing the room a man blocked my way. He stood directly in front of me and since there was only enough room for one person to pass at a time I had to stop. He was looking around like he was lost so when he turned in my direction I smiled kindly at him.

He smiled back as he looked at my face, then dropped his gaze to look at my outfit. I did the same to him. He was wearing a red shirt with dark blue jeans, his short dark brown hair looked gelled and he had just a bit of stubble.

He lurched forward and my natural reaction was to move toward him to try and steady him. He put one arm around my waist and pulled me against his side.

“Hey, you alright? Having a good night?” he said over the music, against beşiktaş escort my ear.

“Yeah, not too bad, you?” I shouted. He smiled and nodded.

“Who are you out with?” he asked. I was drunk but not stupid, the guy was a stranger and I wasn’t about to become an easy target.

“Two of my friends, they’re at the bar,” I pointed to two random women stood together as I spoke.

“Me too, I can’t find my three friends though,” his bottom lip caught my ear as he spoke and it made me shiver. I don’t know if he interpreted that as me potentially being unstable on my feet or he knew the real reason but he moved his other hand and placed it flat on my stomach.

Although it’s not particularly intimate, it’s more than I expected and it got me a bit excited. I smiled at him and he squeezed me around my waist a bit tighter. His eyes were swimming but it made him look even cuter.

“Do you mind if I wait with you until I find them?” he asked me. I turned my head to answer him and he tried to bring his ear closer to my lips but the alcohol made him uncoordinated and my mouth ended up on his cheek instead. I placed my hand on his face to tilt his ear toward me.

“Sure, where are they?” I said, I blame the alcohol for that dumb question, he had already told me he had lost them. He laughed and moved his hand from my stomach to flick the bottom of my dress.

“Lost!” he announced and laughed again. Before I could ask him anything else he moved his hand from around my waist and took hold of my hand. “I love this song,” he yelled then pulled me toward the dance floor.

Even the feel of his fingers laced between mine felt overly intimate but I liked it. I wasn’t sure how much I could dance with hormones and vodka running through my system so I was glad when he stopped in the corner of the dance floor, it meant I could lean back on the wall.

The song had a fast tempo but the dancing didn’t, he put both of his hands on my hips and swayed in a completely different rhythm to the speed and beat of the track. I let him pull me around since I was focussing on standing upright, I rested my ass against the wall and looked into his dizzy brown eyes.

We both moved at once, I pushed forward from the wall but he lunged closer toward me to kiss me. Our lips almost missed, we just managed to catch the corner of each other’s mouths but I adjusted my head and he wasted no time. His kiss was urgent and he quickly prised my mouth open.

He pushed his warm tongue into my mouth it was just as frantic as his lips. It spurred me on and I matched the intensity, putting my hands on either side of his face. He pushed his groin against me and it made me moan as we kissed.

One of his hands left my hip to slip into the flimsy material covering my right breast. I let him get his fingers underneath then pushed my chest forward. His entire hand covered my breast and he squeezed it softly.

My stomach clenched with nerves şişli escort and excitement and I felt my nipple stiffen against his hot palm. I worked my hips against his because I wanted to feel if he was as turned on as me. There was definitely something there and it made my pussy tingle just thinking about it.

Even through the drunken haze he understood what my grinding meant, his fingers focussed on my small, hard nipple, tugging it gently and rubbing just a fingertip on the end. I could feel how wet he was making me and I thought about letting him take me home.

I moved one hand to the front of his jeans and rubbed him with my open palm, our bodies were pressed so close that it was unlikely anyone saw me. He groaned into my mouth and it made my tight hole squeeze.

His other hand left my hip and his clumsy, drunken fingers found their way under the hem of my dress. Even though I wanted him to touch me I was nervous when he ran his fingers over the shiny, damp material.

My breath caught in my chest and I pulled my head away from his to pant. His eyes were spinning even more but I could see the lust in his face. I smiled and rubbed my eager pussy against his probing fingers through the satin.

I’m not sure if it was from desire or alcohol or nerves but his hand was struggling with task of getting into my panties. Maybe it was because he was working blind but instead of reaching under the fabric his awkward, fumbling fingers were pushing the material further between my swollen lips. It was uncomfortable but erotic, the feel of my panties lodged between my lips, tight against my clit.

One of his fingertips just skimmed the very edge of one of my smooth pussy lips when the song finished and the main lights came on. The people on the dance floor groaned collectively and the DJ started to announce that it was closing time.

I blinked in the sudden stark light and moved my hands to his chest to push him away. I realised that we had probably done too much in the dark, in the light it was more than obvious what we were up to.

He moved his hands out of my clothing but didn’t step away from me. He looked disappointed and my pussy echoed the feeling, even though my bunched up panties were still sending a small shiver down my spine.

“Go tell your friends you’re leaving with me,” he said at a normal volume, my ears were ringing from the loud music it’s sudden departure. I nodded stiffly, I wanted to let him fuck me but in the bright light my nerves took over. “Meet me back here in five minutes,” he said then wandered off toward the toilets.

I took my chance and ran. As soon as the toilet door swung shut behind him I ran for the exit, my legs were like jelly and my heart was racing as I took the stairs two at a time. Taxis lined the dark street so I wrenched open the door on the closest one and jumped into the back seat.

I breathlessly panted my address to the female driver then watched out of bahçeşehir escort bayan the window as the bar disappeared behind me. It was only a ten minute drive back to my house but I couldn’t relax at all. I was worried he would have seen me and was following, also every bump in the road made my gathered up panties rub against my clit.

I was relieved when no other cars followed my taxi down my street. I paid the driver then rushed into my house as if the man from the bar was right behind me. Once I was inside, my nerves and fear were instantly replaced with disappointment and shame.

Another perfect opportunity wasted and it was all my fault. My brain conjured up the feel of his hand over my breast and my pussy clamped down on my panties. I yanked them down and shoved two fingers into my dripping hole.

I moaned in relief at finally having something inside me but it wasn’t enough. Eager for my orgasm, I left my damp, creased panties on the floor next to my black high heels and hurried up the stairs.

In my bedroom I went straight to my drawer and pulled out my purple seven inch dildo. I looked at my bed but the memory of the bar was still running through my head. I stepped back toward the door and pressed my back against my bedroom wall.

I hitched my dress up then ran one finger over my shaved pussy. My body shuddered and I wished I had waited for him to come back rather than leave the bar alone. I closed my eyes and slid one had into my dress to tease my hard nipple, imagining it was his hand playing with me.

I thought about the smell of his aftershave, the feel of his stubble against my face and the taste of his beery breath in my mouth. But his clumsy fingers were no match for my very best friend.

I braced myself against the wall and rammed my dildo into my soaking hole. I squealed as my pussy tried to grip hold of it then bit my lip. I imagined the lights had never come on, that he had took his firm, thick cock out of his jeans and fucked me on the dance floor.

I knew if that had happened it would have been quick and frantic, just like his tongue had been in my mouth. So that’s how I fucked myself. I moved my smooth, slick dildo in and out of my tight pussy fast and hard.

I pinched my nipple as I violated myself, my hips bucking wildly as I tried to stay pressed against the wall. I released my lip so I could moan and pant as I pounded my own pussy, thinking of the stranger that had been so close to filling me for the very first time.

My hand left my small breast to imitate his fingers on me. As one hand slammed my replica cock into my dripping cunt I licked my forefinger and used it rub my clit. I was squealing the second I touched myself but I was desperate to cum so I increased the pressure of my rubbing, flicking my clit as my body arched.

My arms weakened as my climax hit, I managed to keep up the friction on my clit but my other hand relaxed. My fingers let go of the dildo and it slid out of me as I groaned and came, my hot juices gushing over my thighs.

Panting and shaking, I let my body slide down the wall until I was sat on my bedroom carpet, my prone fake fuck buddy resting between my butt cheeks. As my breathing returned to normal I opened my eyes and vowed that next weekend would be the time I swapped plastic for flesh.

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