Virtual Horde 2083

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Catalina slowly came round as the haze was lifted from her head. She became aware that she was laying back on a padded slab, yet was still mostly upright, her weight being taken up by the supports under her armpits and her feet. She blinked her eyes open and a brightly-lit, sterile room came into focus.

Then she became aware of the white walls closed in around her. Her arms instinctively shot forward, but were quickly yanked to a stop by the shackles around her wrists. The woman gasped as a spike of fear struck her. She realized she was restrained in strange room, being held in a pod.

Her dark brown eyes darted frantically around her, scanning the claustrophobic pod and the room beyond. There was little to see beyond the bright lights that hurt her eyes. Then Catalina tried to remember how she came to be here. There was a fight, a large man had ambushed her in her apartment building. He disarmed her, but she fought like hell and thought she got the upper hand. She remembered knocking him down and standing over him on the floor. Then she felt several stings on her neck and blacked out.

Her heart raced as the feeling of dread came over her. She had been abducted.

“Me cago en la hostia!” she cursed as she struggled against her bonds.

Someone stepped around the front of the pod, a woman. Catalina stopped struggling and cursing as she met the striking Asian woman’s cold eyes. She had long blonde hair tied back behind her shoulders and wore a form-fitting black suit. A necklace hung around her neck with what appeared to be and ornate octopus pendant. Catalina exhaled forcefully as the woman coldly stared at her.

“We haven’t yet met, Detective Vargas. But we both know of each other, don’t we.”

Catalina continued to look into her intense eyes, she knew who this was, someone very powerful and dangerous. The sister of her lover, “Charlotte.”

Charlotte gave a slight nod, “The last person to try to take my sister from me was a man. I had him killed. I see her tastes have changed. But I won’t let you get in our way. Jenna is meant to be with me. Family is the most important thing. I just need to remind her of that.”

“You’re the one that drove her away!” spat Catalina. “A murderer and a slaver, you’re everything she has fought against!”

“Yes she’s always been a foolish idealist. But I’ll show her how you really change the world. She made me a promise. And you know how Jenna is with promises.”

“She will kill you if you harm me, Bitch.”

“Yes, I know how she feels about you, her little fiery latino dyke cop. I will keep you as leverage. And while I have you…” Catalina watched as another figure stepped around from behind her. She recognised him immediately, her attacker. He was a young heavy-set Asian man with a trim black beard and long fringe swept to the left of his head. He had several cyber augmentations on his head and arms and was wearing a black leather jacket and thin clear visor. He gave her a cocky smirk, but walked with a slight limp.

“I promised Mr Voxel he could play with you in VR.” She gave a sadistic smile and ran her hand sensually down the side of the pod. “Have fun, Detective,” she said before turning and walking away.

“Zorra! Let me out of here!” Catalina called after her.

The thug chuckled as he approached the pod, “Tough Cunt, you broke a fucking rib. But didn’t account for my micro-drones armed with tranks, eh? A gift from Ms Charlotte.”

Catalina sneered at him. So that was how he captured her after she kicked his ass. He began tapping at a display on the pod. “You like VR? We have a top-of-the-line system here, and I have a special program for you. This is gonna be good.”

The detective growled as she struggled against her bonds. She noticed the small probes attached to her forehead which began to light up. VR had many uses, it was a known method of torture and interrogation. “Let me out now, Asshole! You’ve assaulted a cop, the NFPD is gonna hunt you down!”

“Heh, I trust Ms Charlotte to take care of that. Don’t you know she has your Chief in her pocket?”

“No,” said Cat, shaking her head.

“Oh yes, he even knows we have you. And he’s not going to do anything about it. And don’t count on your lezzo lover to come save you either, her sister will deal with her.”

“Fuck you!” Catalina spat angrily.

Voxel laughed as he prodded the display. “Soon, Sweet-meat. I’ll see you in Virtual.”

Catalina suddenly felt an intense pressure in her head and blacked out.

There was a short period of nothingness and then Catalina suddenly gasped for breath. Her senses were assaulted with intense colours, sounds, and smells. There was a strong tingling throughout her body as she felt thousands of grains of sand press into her skin. Her head spun with the onslaught of sensations, her stomach heaved and she was disoriented, not knowing which way was up, having no idea where she was.

Slowly she began to get her bearings as a wall of noise hit her like waves crashing over a ship. She dared to raise her head and her blurred vision began to clear. It was daytime with open blue sky above her and the sun shining down. Stone walls encircled her with a mass of large bodies standing and moving their arms. This was where the loud roar of noise was coming from. She turned her head, they were all around her. And she was lying in an open area of sand in the middle of this roaring excited crowd.

Slowly she pushed herself up from the ground to rest on her hip, noticing that her hand was long and slender with a strange blueish hue. She looked down at her body to see that she was stark naked. Large curvy blue breasts with dark purple nipples protruded from her chest, bobbing up and down as she breathed heavily. She had long slender legs with…cloven hooves for feet?! What the hell was she?

She looked up and saw that she was in the middle of some kind of ancient colosseum, though a relatively small one with the stands close by on all sides. The creatures occupying the stands were not human. They were all large muscle-bound brutes with skin colours ranging from green, grey, brown and red. Each had large jaws with protruding white tusks and pointed ears. All of them seemed to be as naked as her and clearly male, with thick appendages hanging between their strong thighs.

‘Orcs’ she thought, putting a name to them, though she had no idea what she was supposed to be. As she shook off her disorientation she realised she was in some sort of fantasy scene, like some of the video games her nephew plays. Though the nakedness had her frightened for what that tweeker bastard had in mind. “Un putero!” she cursed.

Catalina pushed herself off the ground and wobbled unsteadily as she tried to stand on her new cloven legs. The crowd of rowdy naked orcs stayed in the stands as she turned around scanning for a way out. The level of detail in the simulation was like nothing she had seen before. Everything seemed incredibly vivid, as though all her senses had been heightened. This was beyond any VR she had experienced before, it was almost hyper-real. It was overwhelming and she was getting a nagging headache.

“Exit program,” she said loudly, but nothing happened. “Display options menu.” They were standard VR commands, but Catalina wasn’t terribly surprised she had been locked out of the system. “Emergency system exit.” Still nothing. It was worth a try.

She tried to ignore the excited crowd and turned her attention back to her virtual body. They were larger than her real breasts, though also quite perky. Her body seemed slender but shapely with a small waist and wide hips. The cleft between her thighs was smooth and hairless. It only made Catalina feel even more naked and she moved her slender blue hands to cover her exposed groin.

As she moved she noticed something swaying behind her round ass. She looked closer and was surprised to find she had a short fat tail that hung down to her knees. ‘Am I some kind of animal woman?’ Her hands moved up to her head and to her surprise she felt a pair of curved horns sticking out of each side of her forehead. Her fingers ran along her ears and found them to be pointed. She then brushed her fingers down her silky hair, it was longer than her real shoulder-length hair and as she brought it in front of her face she saw that it was white, very different from her regular dark brown colour.

“Getting acquainted with your body, girl?” Came a deep masculine voice behind her. “As will we all.”

Catalina turned to see a large orc approaching her. He looked much like the others, but with long black hair, prominent body tattoos and several large black spikes protruding from his shoulders and upper arms. A thick meaty cock hung from his hairy groin, Cat glanced at it with a scowl and then looked back up at his brutish face. His cocky smirk looked familiar.

“Vox, that’s you isn’t it, Asshole?”

He grunted as he stepped close until he was towering over her. “Here it is Warchief Varroch of the Iron Horde. And you are a Draenei, Yrielle of the Council of Exarchs, currently our prisoner of war.”

“Fucking nerd!” Cat muttered under her breath.

The Warchief smiled down at her, “You are going to find out what happens to women prisoners of the horde.”

“Fuck off,” said Catalina defiantly. “I am not going to play your perverted video game with you. You hear me? Let me out of here!”

Vox let out a deep laugh. “Did you hear that, Iron Horde?” he called out in a booming voice. “She said she is not going to play. She thinks she has a choice.” The crowd of orcs in the stands laughed and jeered, calling out crude insults.

“Do your ‘Iron Horde’ know I kicked your ass?” said Catalina over the ruckus.

“Yet here you are…our captive.”

Catalina crossed her arms over her bare breasts, “Only because of Charlotte’s tech. Are you trying to overcompensate for something with this macho display? Grow up, you freak!”

The orc looked down over the naked Draenei with a lustful smile. He then reached forward with his huge meaty hand. Catalina quickly backed away from him but tripped over on hooved legs she was not yet accustomed to, she stumbled into the sand. She tried to scramble away, but Varroch was quick to squat down and grab hold of a leg and drag her back.

“No, let go!” the Draenei woman cried out as she struggled against him. He was huge and very strong, but Catalina still knew how to fight. She raised her leg and delivered a swift kick to his large hairy balls with a hard cloven hoof. Varroch let out a yelp of pain and let go as she scrambled away from him. Catalina gasped for breath as she picked herself up and stumbled toward the edge of the coliseum. A couple of big orcs reached out and almost grabbed her, but she dodged their grasp, almost falling over again.

“Where are you going to go, Puta?” Varroch called out behind her.

Cat looked around frantically. There wasn’t anywhere to go, she was completely surrounded by the hulking beasts. She looked back at Varroch, he wasn’t coming after her. Instead, he pulled up a VR command menu in front of him and tapped at it with his fat finger.

All of a sudden she found herself back in the centre of the arena bent over a large smooth stone table that wasn’t there before. She squealed in surprise and tried to get up, but found her hands shackled in front of her. Her ankles were also shacked to the base of the table. She growled and struggled as Varroch approached her from behind.

The big green orc hand slapped her round ass and gave it a squeeze, making Catalina yelp. “You are not going anywhere, Yrielle. You are mine.”

“Get your hands off me, Bastard!” screamed Catalina. Varroch just chuckled as he got hold of her tail and gave it a tug. Then he reached forward and cupped a large hand under her chest groping her right tit. Catalina growled angrily. His lewd groping felt intense, as though the tactile senses were imprinting her mind in high definition. The contact sent tingling sensations through her body.

“Ugh, stop it!” She felt his hand slip down to her ass again and crudely pull up her tail. Cat could feel his fat fingers cup her sex and then give it a light slap. The bound Draenei yelped at the contact to her sensitive genitals.

Varroch chuckled as he rubbed along her soft folds. “Pretty cunt. Do you want to see?”

Catalina didn’t know what he was talking about, but was relieved when he stopped touching her pussy. She didn’t want to look back at him, and instead looked ahead into the crowd of rowdy orcs. Then her view suddenly changed, she was looking down at the back and butt of a naked blue woman, shackled to a stone slab. She could still feel the hard stone beneath her, and the shackles around her wrists and ankles.

It was very strange and disorienting. Catalina turned her head and closed her eyes but her viewpoint didn’t change. She could only see the white-haired woman in front of her turning her head. She saw the large white curved horns for the first time, they were very light, and she almost forgot they were there. A big red hand moved up in front of her, she realized she was seeing exactly what Varroch was seeing.

She watched him lift up her tail in front of her eyes, and could feel it behind her. Her butt did look round and shapely, under her broad tail she could see a puckered butthole and below that a smooth mound split with thin purple lips of her labia. The orc crouched down behind her, getting a close-up view of her exposed sex. Close enough for her to feel his hot breath on her skin.

“Nice, isn’t it?” said Varroch. “You like pussy, don’t you, Dyke?” It was an attractive, shapely body, though the blue skin, tail and goat legs were a little bizarre for her tastes. The big orc spat on his hand and moved it forward to rub her slit again. Cat groaned at the slippery wet rubbing over her sensitive folds. She saw and felt a fat finger slip inside her and she let out a yelp. The penetrating digit’s movements were not deep or forceful but it was large enough for her sensitive flesh to squeeze around it send tingling sensations through her sex.

“Good and tight!” The warchief growled. He soon slipped the finger back out and spat a large glob of saliva onto her slightly-parted lips. His fingers rubbed the wetness around the opening before he stood up again and let the blue tail flop down. He looked down and Catalina gasped as she saw his big fat erection aggressively protruding from his groin. It was much like his body shape would suggest—broad, strong and long. A few thick veins ran along the reddish-brown shaft and ended with a round purplish head. He got hold of it and leant forward to slap the thick organ against the blue ass.

“Oh God!” exclaimed Cat as she viewed the fat member in comparison with her naked body. “You can’t be serious. It’s too big!”

Varroch let out a cruel laugh as he lifted her tail again. “Not too big. You’ll take it all, Draenei whore!” He rubbed some more spit over the swollen head and took hold of it again. Catalina could see him moving into position behind her and lining himself up with the little purple slit. Then she could feel the fleshy tip slowly but forcefully rubbing along her vulnerable opening.

The cock began to push forward, splitting her lips apart, penetrating her. Catalina grit her teeth and closed her eyes, but she could still see the huge member forcing its way into her body from Varroch’s point of view. She cried out as her cunt was painfully stretched open and flesh ground against flesh as the invader pushed in, inch by inch. Varroch grunted as he gripped her hip and gave a quick thrust, sinking his rod in the last few inches so that he was wedged deep inside her.

Catalina let out an anguished cry as her pussy was obscenely stretched and filled with the fleshy organ. Tears streamed from her eyes, but she still shared Varroch’s vision as he looked up to the crowd of cheering orcs. He raised his muscular red arm in the air and bellowed, “For the Horde!”

The thunderous roar of the crowd got even louder in response. Many of the orcs were shouting Varroch’s name, and many were shouting encouragement for him to fuck the Draenei prisoner. The brutish warchief chuckled and looked back down at the naked blue female beneath him. He still held up her tail so they could both see him slowly pull his fat cock back several inches before forcing it in deep again.

“Gaaaah,” Catalina cried out as the rigid pole pushed up inside her. The huge orc continued to move his cock in a steady rhythm of long slow strokes. The bound woman gasped and groaned at the intense rubbing and stretching of her sensitive sex. She could feel every inch of the rigid shaft as it forcefully prodded into her.

He stopped moving for a moment and seemed to be making a strange gesture in the air. “Have your own sight back.” Her viewpoint suddenly changed again and she was looking at bound blue arms through tear-blurred eyes. She felt big rough hands wrap around her waist and a merciless cock ravage her aching cunt. Catalina couldn’t help gasping and yelping. With her vision becoming her own again, she lost the strange disconnect from what was happening. She was chained to a stone slab, being raped by brutish monster.

‘No,’ she told herself. ‘This is not my body. I am actually in a pod somewhere, sleeping. This is just a computer loading sensory information into my brain. It’s not real.’ But the huge cock continually driving deep into her cunt certainly felt real.

Varroch let out loud grunts as he fucked his bound captive. The lubrication from his spit was minimal, and Cat could feel the harsh friction of the large organ grinding inside of her. Oh fuck it felt massive. The stinging pain from being stretched open was constant, and she just wanted it out. The brutish orc kept thrusting in a steady rhythm and her lower body was assaulted with a barrage of intense sensations.

Catalina gripped the edge of the stone table and grit her teeth as the ordeal continued. The big orc gripped her waist tightly and was beginning to fuck at a faster pace. Each deep thrust bucked her body forward. “Naaaagh…not…not so rough!….Ooohh!” she pleaded.

Varroch let out a cruel laugh as he continued to plough his fat member into the squeezing hole. His hand loosened its grip and rubbed over her skin as it moved down to her tail. He gave her blue ass a hard slap, making Cat yelp. He spat on his hand and then got hold of her tail, moving his wet thumb underneath. Catalina could feel the appendage rubbing forcefully around her puckered sphincter. “Ahhh…No!”

Varroch thrust his cock in deep and held it there, before pushing his thumb through the tight ring and penetrating her ass. Catalina gave another yelp as her asshole involuntarily clenched around the invading digit. The orc’s thumb felt big, now a second orifice was being penetrated.

“Gah…take it out!” she pleaded.

Varroch left his thumb inside her and gripped her tail tightly as he pulled back and started thrusting into her pussy again. Catalina gasped and moaned as new intense sensations rocked her body. She wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take. She had to remind herself this was not real. It was not her body being violated, it was just a computer program. But as the assault continued, she couldn’t deny the big blunt object mashing her aching cunt or the fat appendage wedged up her asshole.

After some time, Varroch released his grip on her tail and slipped his thumb out from her ass. He slowed his thrusts before wedging his cock in deep with a loud grunt. He gave a chuckle as he slapped and rubbed his captive’s butt. “You haven’t even noticed your shackles are gone.”

Catalina had her head slumped between her arms, looking blankly at the crowd. She raised her head and saw that her arms were not chained any more. She moved her cloven legs back and found they weren’t bound either. She brought her hands back and wiped her face, which was hot and wet with tears. It didn’t matter, the big brute had her pinned to the table.

Slowly, Verroch drew back, until round cock-head slipped out from the clutching hole. Catalina gasped in relief as the painful stretch was replaced with a dull ache. The orc roughly grabbed her arm and pulled her up on to shaky legs. She stumbled and grabbed the stone slab for support. Verroch grabbed her shoulder and turned her around, his hard wet cock jutting out between them. Catalina looked at the horrible cock and then up at his brutish red face.

“Ready to play my game now, Detective?” he asked. “All you need to do is submit. Get on your knees and suck on it.”

Catalina felt a flash of anger and spat on him, “Fuck you, Scum! If you want a submissive slave then use an AI. Leave me alone!”

Verroch gave a cruel smile, like he was hoping she would resist. He stepped closer making Cat lean back against the table. His hard member rubbed up along the skin of her taut abdomen, making her shudder. “Have it your way. I’ll just go back to slamming that tight Draenei pussy.”

Catalina growled angrily, “I bet you have a tiny pencil-dick in the real.”

The orc snatched the right horn on her head and Cat flinched as he brought his tusked face close to hers. “Perhaps you will find out. Maybe I will fuck you in the real, also.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” she said, glaring into his dark eyes.

He then stuck his tongue out and licked along her face, catching her off guard. Catalina turned her head away, recoiling in disgust. A big meaty hand then pushed hard against her breasts and she cried out as she fell backwards on to the table, smacking her head on the hard slab. Varroch seized her legs and lifted them, pushing her further back.

Catalina groaned as her sore head slowly cleared. She felt the large body between her spread legs, Varroch was slapping his meaty cock against her tender labia. She felt a wave of panic and tried to lift herself up, but a big strong hand grabbed her throat and slammed her down again. Cat cried out, struggling and clawing at the broad arm, but it was immensely strong. Then a blunt head prodded into her opening and painfully split her open as the hefty mass forced its way deep into her body.

The brawny warchief had a tight grip around her throat, stopping her from crying out as he immediately began thrusting deep and hard. Tears streamed down Catalina’s face as she fought for a breath and endured gaziantep escort tanıtımları the huge cock raping her body again. Varroch was making loud bestial grunts as he rammed his fat rod between her spread thighs.

Catalina was panicking, she couldn’t breathe. She desperately punched and scratched at the big rough hand that was choking her. Did the Asshole want to kill her? Varroch finally loosened his grip and gasped for breath, coughing and sputtering. The hand soon tightened again though, and she was fighting him again. All the while, the big orc cock continued to pummel her aching cunt.

Varroch continued to hold her throat tightly and she was panicking, desperately needing to take in a breath. As the minutes passed by she was expecting to black out, but she stayed lucid, not breathing. She stopped struggling and lay the limply as her fucked her. She realised that she didn’t need to breath in virtual. Her body lying in the pod in the real was still breathing. Yet it was a hard instinct to fight.

Varroch could see that she had given up her struggle and grinned down at her. She had realised she was not going to die. He released her throat, giving her wet gasping face a hard slap. She still gasped for air and coughed, rubbing her sore neck. He squeezed her breasts and continued to pummel her tight cunt.

“Ack…You…fucking animal!” she growled between breaths.

Varroch slowed down his thrusts and looked into her teary face. “That’s what defiant bitches get. You want me to go easy on you? Fuck you nice and slow?” Catalina just stared at him with intense hatred as she breathed heavily and rubbed her sore neck. “Just say the words—‘Yes Master,’ else I’ll show you what rough fucking really is.”

He pulled back and his cock slipped out from her tight pussy. He then got hold of both her legs and held them apart as he rested his hefty member over her groin. Cat could feel her violated pussy still throbbing and aching as his leathery balls pressed against her entrance.

“Think about your next words carefully, Slave…Do you love my big orc cock?”

Catalina had never hated anyone more than he hated this depraved scumbag right then. She knew why he was doing this to her—she beat him in a fight, or would have if it was a fair fight. She hurt his fragile male ego, and now he wants to show his dominance. She did not want to give him any satisfaction. But there was no avoiding that now, he was enjoying this whether she submitted or not. She just needed to endure his perverted torture until she could get out and take him down in the real. She would have to swallow her pride to make this more bearable.

“Answer me. Do you love my cock?”

“…Yes…Master,” she said bitterly.

Varroch cracked a smile, “I know you do, Slave.” He took hold of his fat cock and guided it to her purple slit. He wasted no time splitting her lips apart and penetrating her deep. Catalina groaned in protest as she was stretched open and filled again.

“Nggh…You said you would go easy.”

Varroch grunted an agreement and gripped both her legs, pulling her up to him. He started fucking her again, pushing it in deep but at a slower pace. Catalina lay back on the slab with hear ass raised, groaning and gasping as the fat cock steadily pumped her. Her big tits bobbed up and down with the persistent thrusts.

It felt like her cunt was becoming numb to the stretching, the stinging pain was gradually dying down. The hefty shaft seemed to be sliding back and forth with less resistance, it felt more like fervent rubbing at her insides than dragging. A deep tingling sensation was building along the inner walls. The cock still felt huge as it moved inside her, but at least now it was less torturous.

“Hmm, your body responds. I feel you getting wetter. You’re a dirty little slut, aren’t you?”

Catalina hesitated for a moment, but she could see him looking for an excuse to get rough with her again. “Yes, Master,” she said, feeling the biting humiliation.

“Good Slut. Looks like you aint such a stubborn cop bitch.” He gestured in the air and bought up a control panel again. Catalina shuddered, what was he going to do this time? Her bare back suddenly sunk into the table, the hard stone surface had become soft and springy, like a foam mattress.

Varroch pulled out of her again and let her legs drop. He leant forward, grabbed her under the arms and threw her back onto the table-turned-bed. Catalina squealed as she bounced for a moment on the soft surface. Why couldn’t it have been soft like this when she hit her head? Next thing she knew, the big red orc was climbing onto the bed and on top of her.

He roughly pulled her legs apart and was lining his erection up with her little pussy again. Catalina groaned, now he was going to fuck her missionary style. She didn’t want his big heavy body on top of her, but she had no choice as the fat cock forced its way into her again. The weight of his body squashed her down into the mattress and she squealed as it prodded her so deep. He raised his ass before letting his weight drive his cock down into her again.

Catalina moaned and yelped, looking up and seeing the brutish orc face in front of her, his hulking body slamming down into her over and over. She could hear the rhythmic wet slapping along with her own pathetic cries. “Ah…oooh…you…you said you’d…nngh…go slow…aaah.”

The warchief only responded with animalistic grunting as he continued to pound the smaller blue woman beneath him. Catalina gripped the mattress tightly in her fingers. Her tits bounced up and down on her chest. She was feeling hot, with wild tingling sensations rocking her lower body. Her cunt was awash with sensation as her insides were fervently rubbed, prodded and stretched by the pounding organ. She could feel it, a tightening down, pressure building. If he kept fucking her like this she was going to cum.

Oh God, another humiliation. She never got off on hard pounding or large penetrations before. But this was not her real body. Her virtual Draenei body was responding to the hulking male body slamming down on top of her, bludgeoning her with his fat pole. She threw her head back and made loud involuntary moans as she was fucked into the mattress.

That pressure was steadily rising. Catalina was bracing herself for an impending strong orgasm. The meaty invader continued to slap deep inside her wet gripping cunt. She reached her peak and let out a loud groan. But there was no release. The huge male continued to fuck her hard and she clenched around his thrusting cock. She groaned in frustration. The potent pressure was almost unbearable, she needed to get off, but found that she couldn’t.

The orc warchief looked down at her with a tusky grin and let out a cruel laugh. “Oh, you want to cum, you filthy little slut? Well you can’t cum until your master lets you.”

“Ungh…oooh…Oh God!…You…you Bastard!…Ugh!” Catalina cried out as the fat cock continued to pump her hard and deep. Her pussy twitched and clenched, making him feel even bigger. It also got soaking wet, her juices splatted out as he drove his blunt weapon into her.

He soon slowed down and cupped her gasping hot face in his large hand. He gave a long lick along her cheek and she shuddered in disgust. He lowered his brutish red face in front of her, “Give me a kiss.”

“Ughh…No!” she cried, turning her head away. She looked out to the crowd of horny orcs, still watching and cheering.

He got hold of her horn and forced her head back. His tongue rubbed around her lips, but she kept them shut tight and her teeth clenched. “What…do you only kiss girls? Why don’t you just pretend I’m your little fixer girlfriend, and give me some tongue?” Catalina just growled angrily and struggled against him. “If you kiss me back, I might let you get off.”

“Fuck you, you disgusting Pig!” she spat angrily.

“Hehehe, I’m already fucking you. I want some hot kisses. And you know that in here, I always get what I want.” He wedged his cock in deep so that his heavy balls were resting against her wet skin. Her pulsing cunt still twitched around him. He then gestured in the air, bringing up the control screen. Catalina shuddered, it was never good when he did that. He pressed at a few of the controls before the screen dissipated again.

“Let’s try that again,” he said as he brought his face in front of hers. He pressed his lips against hers. This time she moved her head forward and opened her mouth to him. Catalina was disgusted when his tongue poked out into her mouth and she involuntarily poked her own tongue forward, fervently rubbing against his. She wanted to pull away, or bite down on him, but she had no control of her actions. She couldn’t stop herself from passionately kissing him back, rubbing lips and tongue against his, tasting his saliva. It was a horrible violation.

He pulled back and she caught her breath. Then she found herself able to control her mouth again. “Oh, you fucking disgusti—mmph!” He pressed his lips into hers again and they continued to passionately kiss. Once again she couldn’t stop herself from kissing him back. Just as her pussy was starting to relax around his swollen member, he pulled back and started to slowly thrust into her again. That deep-rooted pressure quickly hit its peak again, and stayed there. She moaned around his tongue as they kissed and fucked.

Now Catalina hated him more than ever. This was the most abhorrent intimate violation she could imagine. It was incredibly degrading and terrifying that he was able to take control of her actions this way. He pulled away from her mouth and licked her sweaty hot face as she gasped.

“Hijo de puta!” she growled angrily.

He laughed and lifted himself up on his strong arms. He began to ram his fat cock down into her hard and deep. Catalina moaned loudly, her large blue breasts bounced as his hard thrusts made a constant wet slapping sound. It was almost drowned out by the cheering of the horde around them. She needed to cum, this perpetual state of lingering on the edge, unable to get release was unbearable.

Varroch grinned down at her anguished face. He moved his hand up and stroked her cheek. Then he put his finger to her mouth. Catalina found herself involuntarily licking his finger, and then sealing her lips around it and sucking as he pushed it into her mouth. He pulled back and pushed in a second finger. She sucked the fat digits as he continued to slam his hard cock between her open thighs.

He pulled his fingers out of her mouth with a loud slurp and she grimaced up at his ugly face. He grinned as he slowed his thrusts, before pulling all the way out. Her wet violated cunt released its tight grip on the invader and continued to pulse and twitch. Her warm juices flowed out from the puffy slit. She let out another frustrated growl that she couldn’t get off. Then the big hulking orc was climbing over her, his large wet erection poking out in front of him. He straddled her chest and his big meaty began rubbing over her face.

“Ungh…No!” she said angrily, closing her eye as the cock slipped over it.

“Ah, yes! You’re going to be a good little suckslut.”

The cock prodded at her lips and once again she had no control as she rubbed her tongue fervently around the tip. She moved her head up and kissed around the bulbous head. Varrock chuckled and pushed it into her mouth. The helpless Draenei sealed her lips around the shaft and rubbed her tongue along the underside of his swollen glans. She could taste her pussy juices on it. Just like all her other senses, her sense of taste was heightened.

The orc warchief got hold of her horns and pushed even deeper into her mouth, prodding into the back of her throat. Catalina felt her throat spasm as she gagged and tears welled in her eyes. Her arms moved up and hit him on his thick belly, but he just shrugged it off. Varroch pulled back and then began thrusting into her sucking mouth.

Catalina closed her teary eyes as he roughly fucked her face. She could feel the fat member sliding over her tongue and through her lips as she sucked as hard as she could. The round tip poked into the back of her throat several times, making her gag and her stomach heave. She breathed through her nose, assaulted with his sweaty, musky male scent. At least now the pressure in abdomen was slowly receding,

“Yes, that’s a good little slave. Suck on my big orc dick!” Varroch taunted. He poked it into her throat again and kept pushing forward. Catalina’s eyes bulged as the round head pushed down into her throat, making her neck expand. His soft hairy balls rested on her chin. He held it there for a few moments. Catalina couldn’t stand it, it was another awful violation and she couldn’t breathe.

He slowly pulled back out from her throat and her nostrils flared as she took in a deep breath. He gave several more thrusts into her sucking mouth before forcing it into her throat again. “Aaaah, that feels good!” sighed Varroch. “You are getting me off, my little fucktoy.” Catalina was angry that he was being pleasured by her assault and debasement. She was angry at how helpless she was. She wanted to bite down on his vulgar cock, but could do nothing but suck and pleasure him.

He growled as he roughly fucked her throat. She couldn’t breathe and struck his legs with her fists. Once again she had to fight the surge of panic, she didn’t need air, she wasn’t going to die. Varroch groaned again, “Ah, yes! You’re going to get my cum, you filthy Slut!” Catalina was already disgusted by the thought, but she could do nothing but await the inevitable as her pumped it down her throat. She could feel it throbbing as the large balls twitched on her chin. “Ohhh…Fuck! I’m cumming!” Varroch announced loudly and the orcish crowd cheered. Catalina was repulsed as she felt the copious fluid run down her throat. He pulled back and more cum spurted into her mouth. She could taste it and feel it pooling over her tongue.

His cock slipped out from her lips with a wet slurp, and she coughed and gasped, with cum spattering out of her mouth. He rubbed the slimy wet member over her face. Catalina couldn’t spit the cum out like she wanted to, she still had no control as she rolled the thick fluid around in her mouth and then swallowed it down. She had never tasted cum before, she found it repulsive. Varroch chuckled as he ran his wet slimy cock over her lips and she couldn’t help but lick it clean.

“Oh that feels so good to get release, huh? Nothing like a pleasurable orgasm,” he teased. Catalina just glared up at him through teary eyes. “I’m gonna get off as much as I like. If you want to get off, you’re going to have to beg.”

“Fuck you!” Catalina spat. A trickle of pearly white fluid ran from the corner of her mouth.

“Oh yes, don’t worry, there will be plenty more fucking.” He got hold of his erection and slapped it hard against her face, making her yelp. “See? I’m still hard and ready for some more.”

He stood up, looming over her. His large thick member still jutted out from his groin. He looked out to the crowd and called, “What do you say, Iron horde? Should I fuck her again?”

The audience all around them cheered and excited affirmative. “Rape the goat Slut!”

“Stick it in her ass!”

“Buttfuck the Bitch!”

Varroch smiled down at her cruelly, “Let’s give the people what they want.”

“No, you Bastard!” Catalina cried out as he bent down and got hold of her. She struggled against him, punching and kicking, but she was no match for his strength. He roughly flipped her over and then pinned her down with a knee on her back. Catalina struggled to breath under his weight. She felt his hands grab hold of her tail and pull it. The he gave a few hard slaps to her butt, to the delight of the excited crowd. He groped at her ass and then a finger prodded at her little pucker.

He still held the struggling Draenei down with one muscular arm as he positioned himself behind her, sitting on top of her thighs. He cupped her smooth mound and then she yelped as he sunk two fingers into her wet pussy. Catalina struggled and groaned as the fat digits thrashed around inside her. He then pulled them out and smeared her warm juices over her little netherhole. He poked his fat cockhead at the entrance and then leaned forward, over her bare blue back.

“Have you been fucked in the ass before?…Probably not, Dyke Bitch.”

“Come mierda, Cabrón!” she cursed.

“Heh, it turns me on when you curse in Spanish.” Catalina could feel the big cockhead pushing up against her asshole. She squirmed beneath him, but was pinned down against the soft mattress. She was bracing herself for the inevitable penetration, but he wasn’t forcing it in right away. He was being very slow, holding his cock there against between her buttcheeks.

Catalina could feel his warm breath on her neck, could still taste his cum in her mouth. “Open up your back door to me, Puta. Don’t worry, I’ll make it fit. I just need to stretch you wide.” Very slowly, he forced his cock in. Catalina grit her teeth as she felt her ring being painfully stretched open.

“Nnnagh!” She groaned as it felt like her ass was being split open. Then the bulbous head pushed through and sunk into her. She cried out as he pushed it in deeper, inch by inch. He gave a hard thrust and buried the full length of his huge cock into her ass and his heavy balls came to rest on her wet pussy.

“Gaah, Fuck!” she gasped as she felt the big meaty log wedged into her anus.

“You are tight!” Varroch hissed. He pulled back and it felt like her bowels were being dragged with it, then he pushed it back in deep. Catalina groaned as he slowly pushed and pulled the broad shaft through her stretched ring. He soon raised himself up and began thrusting into her with more force, as the rowdy horde cheered him on. Catalina could do nothing but endure the painful violation. This was the first time she had been sodomised and it was horrible. Her clenching sphincter stung as the hefty rod ploughed through it.

The big orc grunted as he rammed his big member into her ass. She was being bucked forward with each thrust. Soon his head came down above her again, “Do you want it out?”


“Yes, what?”


He chuckled and gave her another hard deep thrust. He then moved back and his fat member popped out of her gripping hole. He gripped her tail and pulled it up, watching her violated asshole slowly close up again. Catalina was relieved to have it out. Varroch then slapped his cock against her butt a few times and pushed it back in. He drove it in deep, making Catalina yelp. He then pulled all the way out, before grabbing his cock and penetrating her deeply again. Catalina pushed her head down into the mattress and moaned.

Varroch continued to penetrate her asshole over and over. Her hole was no longer closing up and started to gape. He spat on her gaping black hole and then sunk his member in deep again. He then moved his weight on top of her and started slapping his cock into her. Catalina yelped as she was being bucked with deep hard thrusts. The big brute grabbed a handful of her white hair and yanked her head back. She moaned loudly as he continued to plough her ass.

Varroch was making animalistic grunts as he fucked her. The horde around them continued to cheer and make lewd comments. “Graah, your tight hole is gonna make me cum!” growled the big orc. He let go of her hair and her head slumped back down onto the mattress. He then grabbed her butt and started slapping his cock in faster, with more urgency. Catalina let out anguished moans as he slammed her ass fast and deep.

The big warchief then wedged his cock in deep and growled. Catalina could feel the cock throbbing and warm fluids spurting out and filling her ass. He gave a few more slow thrusts into her squishy rectum, and then pulled out. He spread her cheeks apart and chuckled at her gaping hole as pearly white cum spilled out. Catalina was glad it was finally over, her abused ass ached terribly.

Varroch climbed off of the bed table. He then grabbed her cloven leg. Catalina yelped as she was roughly dragged off and fell to the dirt floor. The big orc got hold of her hair and pulled her up on to her knees. He waved his slimy cock in front of her teary hot face. “Now clean me, Slut!” She tried to move her face away, but he got hold of one of her horns and put his cock to her lips. Catalina automatically poked her tongue out to lick it and opened her mouth for him. She got the taste of his cum and her ass as she licked and sucked him.

Varroch laughed as he pulled out and slapped his hefty cock hard against her face. He then pushed her down on to the ground. Catalina seethed as she lay gasping on the ground. He had raped her pussy, mouth and ass, taking great pleasure in doing so. She felt utterly defiled and abused.

“Hehehe, that was fun,” said Varroch, grinning down at her.

She glared up at him, “Enjoy it while you can, Voxel. Jenna will come for me, and then we will make you suffer.”

“Ha, that’s cute. Still think you can be saved by your white knight. No, Charlotte will handle her. And she may even let me keep you as my plaything. Get used to calling me Master.”

“Never!” she spat. “You are just a pathetic little man playing perverted VR games.”

He moved forward and stood over her, “I’m pathetic? Says the raped bitch with my cum up her ass. The bitch about to be passed around by the horde as their cock-sleave.”

“Go to Hell, Cabrón!”

Varroch smiled and turned to the horde. “She still has some fire in her. Good. Now you can all have your turn.” The crowd all raised their arms and let out a loud cheer. “Come forward, my warriors. Claim her!”

A wall of noise came over the small arena as the excited orcs began moving toward the centre area. Dozens were climbing over the short stone wall around the perimeter. Catalina got up on her knees, she was breathing quickly as fear and dread took her. “No, you Bastard! Haven’t you humiliated me enough?!”

Varroch just smiled at her and then he was obscured from her view as large naked orc bodies surrounded her. They had a variety of skin tones, but all were broad and muscular, and all of them had large erect cocks and heavy hanging balls. Catrina looked up and could only see several brutish gaziantep escort telefonları faces giving her lascivious tusky grins. They were only AI characters, acting as they were programmed. She knew that Voxel had programmed them to be horny savage brutes. At least it wouldn’t be him taking pleasure from her body, but he would enjoy watching.

They closed in and Catalina could only see several huge aggressive cocks in front of her face. She cursed her heightened senses as their sweaty masculine odour engulfed her. One of them laughed as he slapped his hefty organ hard against her face. “Filthy Dranei whore, you want my big cock!” Another let out a cruel laugh as he whacked her with his dick. Another thrust forward and poked her in the eye, making her yelp.

A fat cock brushed past her lips and she couldn’t stop herself from poking her tongue out and licking along the thick shaft. “Suck on it, Slut!” The round tip pressed into her lips and she opened wide, taking it in. She could taste his pre-cum as her tongue rolled around the bulbous head. He started moving his cock back and forth in her mouth as she sucked him off. She hated these automatic mouth movements that Varroch had imposed on her.

Another cock rubbed over her face as she sucked on the meaty rod. Her right wrist was grabbed and raised up so that her hand rested on another big erection. She didn’t try to resist and took hold of it, stroking the thick shaft. One of the orcs squatted behind her and she felt his large rough hands reach around and grab her boobs. He roughly groped at them while she bobbed her head on the big dick. She groaned around the cock as he squeezed her tits, painfully digging his fingers into the soft flesh.

A hand grabbed at her horns and pulled her face off of the dick with a loud slurp. She was pulled over to another waiting cock and opened her mouth to take him in. A wet cock slapped against her face while she sucked off another orc brute. “Hehehe, that is what your mouth is good for, you blue bitch!”

The rough hand gave her tit a hard slap and then moved down, rubbing over her skin on its way to her groin. Fat digits slid over her slippery lips as they rubbed at her sensitive sex. Then the big fingers split her lips apart and forced their way inside her. They began pushing and rubbing at her tender insides. Catalina moaned around the cock fucking her face.

The orc in front of her grabbed her horns and thrust his cock into her mouth. His round head prodded into the back of her throat, making her stomach heave as she gagged. He pushed through and slid down her throat. “Ngh yeah!” he grunted in pleasure. He gave a few more deep thrusts into her throat, making his hairy balls slap against her chin. He pulled back and she took in a deep breath, inhaling his masculine odour.

The fat fingers were still thrashing around in her cunt. The orc let go of her horns and slid out from her mouth. Catalina gasped as tears rolled down her hot face. Another brute quickly grabbed her horns and prodded his member at her lips. She started sucking off his cock as he thrust into her face.

“I’m going to take her pussy,” said a deep gravelly voice behind her.

“We’re all going to take her pussy,” laughed another. She let out a wet slurp as the cock pulled out from her parted lips. The fingers also slipped out of her cunt. Someone grabbed her hair and she yelped as she was roughly pulled up. She scrambled to get up on unsteady legs and looked through teary eyes at the crowd of ugly leering faces surrounding her.

He legs were quickly yanked up from under her and she cried out as she was lifted into the air. They spread her legs wide apart and her bare groin was exposed to the bevy of large orc cocks before her. She squirmed as one of them stepped forward, holding his hefty tool. She put her hands over her groin in a futile effort to protect herself. Those hands were quickly grabbed and pulled away. The greenish-grey orc chuckled as he patted his bulky erection over her crotch. He then lined the round tip up with her puffy purple slit and shoved it in with one hard thrust.

Catalina threw her head back and cried out as her cunt was stretched wide and filled. The orc grabbed her hips and pulled back before giving her a series of slow deep thrusts. “Heh, that is good cunt. Nice and tight!” The others laughed and encouraged him to fuck her. Catalina could do nothing as she was forced to endure another brutal rape.

Someone was painfully yanking on her hair, forcing her backwards. She leant back in their strong arms until she was horizontal, her arms and legs held spread-eagled. Her head was hanging upside-down. Then she found another large cock rubbing over her face. “Urgh…no!…”

The cock found her lips and pushed into her mouth. She sealed her mouth around the shaft and sucked while it rubbed over her tongue. All she could see was a pair of fuzzy balls moving back an forth in front of her, she closed her eyes. She could feel that big cock ramming deep in her pussy as the other fucked her face. She could taste and smell the orc cock. She could hear the excited orcs all around her, laughing, jeering and taunting.

Big hands grabbed at her tits and roughly groped them. A finger and thumb pinched her nipple, making her squirm and moan around the cock as the stinging pain shot through her. She could feel her stomach bulging every time the big member pushed in deep. As the steady thrusts continued, she could feel that pressure starting to rise up inside her again. Oh no, not that! Maybe I’ll get to cum this time.

The big orc between her spread legs was starting to fuck her faster. The potent sensations from her stretched tender insides were overwhelming her. She moaned helplessly around the dick in her mouth. Then the cock in her mouth pushed deeper, going into her throat. The big hairy balls pressed against her closed eyes. She fought her gag reflex and struggled to breathe as he pushed it in and out of her constricting throat. The rough hands continued to grope, squeeze and slap at her naked body.

The other orc’s fingers dug into her hips as he pumped his big cock into her. The pressure inside her was tightening down, she was close to reaching her peak. She could hear him grunting as he started slamming his cock in even faster. She soon hit her peak, and once again she stayed there, held back from going over the edge and finding that pleasurable release.

No, no. I can’t take this!

The big orc was able to get his release, though. He growled loudly as his cock throbbed and his cum spread out inside her. He gave a few more slow thrusts, letting the tight twitching cunt milk him off before he pulled out. Pearly white cum spilled out from her open slit. The other cock was still thrusting into her face, forcing its way down her throat now and then.

“Put her on the ground, I’ll mount her from behind,” came another deep male voice. Catalina felt her legs being dropped to the ground and the fat cock slid out from her mouth. She coughed and gasped as she sat up. She looked down at her sodden cunt, creamy cum still leaked out from it and it was tight and twitching from the denied orgasm.

The big green orc grinned down at her and bent down to grab her. He flipped her over and positioned her on her hands and knees. He got hold of her tail as he positioned himself behind. The other orc got down in front of her. She tried to turn away but he got hold of her head and guided his cock back into her mouth. She was sucking him off as she felt another cock rub over her wet slit, before it was shoved in.

Just a few hard thrusts and she was hitting her peak again. She moaned around the cock as her pussy clamped down, making the invading mass feel huge. He grabbed her ass and was ramming it in deep and hard. Catalina couldn’t stand it, she needed to get off. She thought if she could try and relax her cunt she could will herself to climax. But he just kept on thrusting and her mind was being overwhelmed with intense sensations.

The large male in front of her then started groaning. He pulled out from her sucking mouth and began furiously stroking his cock. He let out a grunt as warm cum spurted out onto her face. Catalina moaned from the intense fucking as more of the fluids splashed over her cheek and open mouth. She automatically swirled it with her tongue and swallowed it down. Warm thick cum was running down her face and dripping off her chin as another orc knelt in front of her and directed his hard cock into her mouth. She wiped the cum away from her eyes as she sucked him off.

She knew that she couldn’t make herself get off. Voxel had blocked her virtual body from being able to orgasm. Yet she experienced all the build-up and stayed lingering on the edge. It was horrible torture, being denied any relief, and the sadistic bastard knew it. She groaned in frustration as the fat cock continued to pump her aching, languishing pussy.

Soon the thrusting slowed down and then the cock stayed seated in her twitching sex. “That’s good cunt,” growled the orc behind her. He pulled his fat member out and then slapped it against her slit, make her juices squirt. “Now I claim her ass.” The others cheered and encouraged him. Catalina felt a pang of dread, her ass was still sore from being raped by Varroch. But there was nothing she could do to stop him.

She felt the blunt tip prodding at her pucker, and then it was stretched open as he forced his way in. Her asshole was painfully impaled as he sunk his meaty rod into her. He soon resumed his deep hard thrusting. It still hurt like Hell, but at least the pumping cock was lubricated by cum. Her wet, cum-filled pussy was still twitching. Slowly she would come down from her peak, but not in the way she was pining for.

The other cock was bobbing in her mouth, and she sucked on it hard. At least this one wasn’t pushing it down her throat. She felt a hard stinging slap on her butt, making her asshole clench around the fat shaft. The brutish green orc grunted with pleasure as he slammed his cock in, continually poking it deep into her bowels. More cum leaked out from her abused pussy.

The orc in her face was soon groaning with pleasure. He thrust faster into her sucking mouth and then grunted as he came, filling her mouth with his seed. There was too much of it and it spilled out through her nostrils and escaped her lips, running down her chin. He pulled out and Catalina coughed and sputtered, but she unwillingly swirled the cum around her mouth and swallowed it down. It still disgusted her.

The other orc still ploughed into her ass. He reached forward and pushed her head down into the sand as her fucked her. She could hear the repeated slapping sound of flesh on flesh. She could also hear the other orc’s lewd taunts. “Yeah, fuck that Draenei slut!”

“Destroy her ass!”

“I’m ass-fucking her next!”

Catalina groaned as her sore ass was being bucked with each deep thrust. But he couldn’t keep up that pace forever. Eventually he was growling and breathing heavily as he fucked her. He pulled out of her hole with a plop and stroked his cock vigorously before blowing his load over her gaping hole.

Catalina collapsed on to the dirt floor. She looked up wearily at the crowd of bulky male bodies and big hard cocks all around her. Another red orc came forward, holding his erection. At first she thought it was Varroch, but no, it was another AI character. “I will take her ass now.”

“Wait,” said another. “Why take her in two holes, when she has three?” The others all cheered their agreement. Catalina shuddered. How long will this abuse go on? She was pulled up from the dirt by her arms and then pulled over and roughly thrown on to the soft platform in the centre of the arena. A few of the orcs climbed on there with her.

One of the orcs lay on his back, his rigid pole standing up from his groin. Catalina was grabbed by the red orc and pulled over to him as he positioned her. The greenish brown orc underneath her guided his cock into her smooth mound as she was lowered down and impaled. He held her down on his muscular chest with his fat rod was wedged deep inside her. The red orc then got behind her, lifting her tail. She felt him prodding at her slimy, aching back door. “Ungh…No!” she cried out, but she felt her hole being stretched open again as the big red cock forced its way in.

Now she had big hard cocks stuffed in her ass and pussy at the same time. She let out an anguished moan as she felt the intense pressure inside her. The cock in her ass pulled back and then started giving her steady deep pumps. The orc beneath her also bucked his hips and pushed his cock back and forth in her pussy. Catalina yelped and moaned as the two cocks fucked her.

The double fucking was intense enough, but now that her pussy was filled and getting pumped again, she could feel herself steadily climbing to her peak. Ah, no! I can’t take that! She tried to will herself to down, to stop the pressure from building, but the two pumping cocks were overpowering her. The horde all encircled the platform, jeering and taunting.

The orc beneath her grunted and pushed her up, making her prop herself on her hands. He then started roughly groping her tits as she moaned and yelped. She was reaching her peak again and groaned with frustration, knowing that she would not be able to get any relief. The two cocks continued to ram her in a disjointed rhythm.

Then she looked over and saw Varroch standing by the platform among the crowd of orcs. He gave her a cruel smile. “Unngh…Stop this! I can’t take it,” she cried.

“Oh, you will take it all, dirty little slut!” he laughed.

“Oooh…at least…let me cum.”

“I told you…you got to beg for it.”

“I…I beg you…ungh…m…Master.”

He gave her a tusky grin and then slowly shook his head. “No. You are here for their pleasure. Get all of the horde off first. Then I may allow you to cum.”

She looked around despairingly at the crowd of orcs. There were dozens of them. “No! There’s too many!”

“I’ll give you plenty of time. I will come back and see how you are doing in a couple of hours.”

“NO! You sick Bastard. You can’t leave me here like this!” she yelled.

“Sure I can. See you later, Slut…Exit Program.”

“Fuck you!” she yelled as he vanished from sight. She was left there, sandwiched between two bulky orcs as they pushed their big cocks into her. Her pussy twitched and clenched, begging for release that would not come. Another big orc got in front of her and shoved his hard cock into her face. She opened her mouth and he pushed it through her lips. Now she was taking three big cocks at once.


Voxel’s eyes flickered open as he regained consciousness in his pod. He moved his hand up and rubbed his eyes. It’s too fucking bright in here. His vision was slightly blurred and he felt nauseous, standard VR sickness, he knew he would shake it off fairly soon. He lifted himself up and stepped out of the pod. He winced at the pain in his chest. ‘Fucking Bitch, breaking my rib. She’s getting what she deserves.’

Straight away he went over to the steel table and grabbed his packet of cigarettes. He took one of the white sticks in his mouth and raised his middle finger. A small flame rose from the tip of his cyber-augmented digit. He lit the cigarette and took in a deep lungful of smoke.

He looked over at Catalina, unconcious in her pod with her arms and legs restrained. The dark haired latino woman looked so peaceful lying there, you wouldn’t be able to guess what was happening to her mind. He went over to the computer on the desk and activated the holographic screen. He brought up the feed from virtual. A rectangular video popped up framing the naked blued Dranei woman in the centre. She was sandwiched between two large orcs and had another standing over her with his groin in her face. All three were pumping their big cocks into her. A large gang of orcs were standing around watching and stroking.

Oh, I am definitely recording this. The Dyke bitch thinks she’s tough. Lets see how tough she is after thirty-three big orcs have ploughed her.

He took another puff on his smoke as he shut down the monitor. Then he turned and approached the pod where Catalina’s body was resting. Her head was slumped back and her expression was placid. Her chest was rising and falling with deep breaths. Voxel put his hand up and pressed his finger over her lips. “Having a good time in there, Puta? I certainly did. And I have a big finale for you when I get back.”

He blew smoke into her face and then moved his hands down until he was cupping her breasts through her navy blue blouse. They were not bad. He groped her and his thumbs rubbed over her nipples. They felt like they were hard. He felt his cock starting to swell in his leather pants. His hand then rubbed over her belly as it moved down to her pants. He undid the button at the front and then his hand snaked down into her panties. “Ooh, you are very wet. Looks like your body is responding to what’s happening to you in virtual.”

He now had an erection straining against his own pants. He undid his pants and pulled it out, giving it a few hard strokes. Virtual sex was better than the real thing, but it was only in the mind, it didn’t take care of the body’s urges. “I could fuck you right here. But I want you to be present. Yes, tonight you can experience being raped in the real.”

He tucked his cock back into his pants and gave her tit one last squeeze before turning away. He would go and report to Charlotte. Then he would see a street Doc to get his broken rib fixed, and fix up some of his glitching augments. But her would be back.


Two hours and fourteen minutes later, Voxel returned to his coliseum in the hulking form of Varroch the warchief. His dozens of orc warriors were scattered around the area, many of them were resting, some were eating and drinking, some were even sparring with each other. They were all sophisticated AI, acting independently as true orc would. He heard the exhausted moans and wet slapping from the platform in the centre.

His little Draenei slave was soaked in cum. The pearly white gunk was splattered all over her face and her body and she lay in a puddle of it. Her legs were raised up and a large green orc was on top of her, pumping his cock into her in a breeding press. Cum spattered out of her pussy as he fucked it. She had her head back and her eyes closed, moaning as the fat tool drove into her. He could see that her belly was round and bloated, she must have swallowed a lot of cum.

Varroch climbed up onto the platform and shuffled toward her. She wasn’t even aware that he was back yet. He moved over her and wiped some of the cum off her cheek then moved his fingers to her mouth, she sucked on them with her eyes still closed. He then gave her face a hard slap. Her eyes fluttered open and then she looked up at him. She grimaced as she recognised him, “You!” she growled angrily.

“Yes me. I’m back. And look at you, don’t you look like a real cum-dump.”

“Come mierda, Cabrón!” she spat angrily.

“Hehehe. You have been busy. Have you been keeping count?”

She just glared at him and then a moan escaped her lips as the fat cock continued to slap down into her squishy cunt.

“Well, it appears you’ve taken them all. A number of them have come back for sloppy seconds, eh?”

“Fuck you!”

“Again? Yes, I think you will. Hehehe. You have given so many of my warriors pleasurable release. Do you still want me to let you cum?”

She looked at him pleadingly. It was what she had been yearning for for the last two and a half hours, but she feared that he was just teasing her again. “Yes,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Then you need to ask me nicely to fuck you again. Convince me you want it.”

She let out an annoyed growl. She was sick of this bastard’s sadistic games. But she had no choice but to play along, he had effectively demonstrated that she had no control here. “Please fuck me, Master. I want to cum on your cock.”

The orc on top of her was grunting as he slammed his cock into her. He started to fuck her even faster and she moaned. He pushed his cock deep into her and grunted as he dumped yet another load of cum into her sodden cunt. He pulled out and cum spilled out of her abused pussy. Varroch grinned at her, “How frustrating it must be, getting all these studs off with your body, and not getting any satisfaction yourself. You need to be more convincing.”

“Just let me out of here.”

“Or maybe I’ll make you stay until everyone has had their second turn. You might be done in another hour.”

“No!” she growled. “Okay…Please Master, I want to take your wonderful big cock. I’m just your little fuck-toy, use me however you want…Only you can satisfy me, I beg you.”

Varroch grinned, he was glad this was being recorded. He could humiliate her with it later. “The problem is—you’ve taken so many big cocks, your cunt and asshole must be as loose as a wet leather boot.”

She scowled at him, and refrained from cursing. “I’m sure you can reset this body.”

“I can, but I have a more fun idea.”

He moved off the platform and then smiled back at her as he gestured in the air and brought up his control screen. Catalina had a horrible sinking feeling as she watched him. Every time he did that it was to inflict something horrible upon her. She already felt so wretched and defiled. Completely covered in orc cum, it was inside her aching pussy and ass, it was all she could taste and smell. Her stomach was uncomfortably bloated from all the cum she was forced to swallow. And her pussy still throbbed and ached for relief.

Then she watched as Varroch suddenly started to grow and morph into another form. His height doubled, standing at over four meters tall. His arms were huge and bulging with muscle, covered in dark red fur, with huge clawed hands. Great curved horns came out each side of his wide head. Catalina could see the evil glowing yellow eyes and broad sharp-toothed snout fixed in a devilish snarl. Rows of sharp spikes protruded from his head and along his bulging shoulders. Catalina gasped as she saw the thick reddish phallus hanging from the monster’s groin, it was the size of an orc’s arm.

The orcs around the coliseum were all looking at him gaziantep escort videoları with their full attention. “The great Demon Lord, Mannoroth stands among us!” They all knelt before him.

“You can’t be serious!” said Catalina.

The hulking beast turned its head and scanned her with its piercing yellow eyes. He came toward her with heavy lumbering footsteps. Catalina quickly tried to scramble away, slipping in the slimy pool of cum. The monsters huge arm quickly shot forward and grabbed her leg. She yelped and tried to hold on to the platform, but was forcefully pulled back. Then she was lifted into the air.

Catalina cried out as she was hanging upside-down, kicking her free leg. The monster grabbed the other leg and raised her up higher. Her head came up before his mouth and she could feel his hot breath on her wet skin. Mannoroth made a laugh-grunt and stuck out his long red tongue. The rough wet organ licked her face and up to her breasts with one stroke. Catalina groaned as he continued to lick her face and body, circling his tongue around her breasts. She looked down and saw his monster cock was hard and jutting out in front of him. It looked like a horse cock, with a slight bulge in the middle and a broad mushroom head.

She shuddered with disgust as the rough tongue roller over her face again. She was lowered down and he lashed at her ravaged groin several times. Her face was now hanging near his enormous protruding cock. He lowered her down some more and the pressed the broad head into her face. It slipped over her wet skin. He then twisted his hips and swung his big member. Catalina yelped as it whacked her on the side of the head. The hulking beast laughed and grunted as he continued to swing his cock like a club, whacking her in the head.

Catalina was becoming dazed, they were hard blows. He pulled his hips back and then thrust his cock forward, the blow knocked her head back. “Gaah, Stop it!” she cried out. She flinched as the cock moved toward her again, but this time it just slid over the wet skin of her hot face.

He let go of one of her legs and grabbed an arm, Catalina was flipped over and yelped as her arm was yanked hard, taking her weight. She was still hanging in the air, but was no longer upside-down. He grabbed her leg again and then let go of her arm, catching her around the waist as she dropped.

He brought her closer to him, to his groin. Catalina’s cloved feet pressed into his hard abdomen and then her spread legs were bent back. The huge demon cock rubbed up over her wet body. Her groin was pressed up between his cock and balls and the phallus was long enough to rub up between her breasts. The huge clawed hand was wrapped around her upper body, holding her like a doll. He bucked his hips and she felt the weight of the hefty member as it rubbed along her body.

“Urgh…No, you ugly bastard!” Catalina called out. “It’s too fucking big!”

Mannoroth just gave a deep throaty laugh. He moved her forward and rubbed the wide tip around her groin. She moved her hand to it and saw that she would have to open her hand as wide as it could go to even try to grasp it. She looked up at his demonic face pleadingly. It wouldn’t be possible, surely he was just trying to scare her.

He then pulled her back and held her in front of his cock. One huge hand grabbed her left leg. “No!” Catalina cried out in fear as she was brought forward. The broad head pushed into her groin and then slipped up over her. He pulled back and lined it up again. Catalina cried out as it pressed hard into her pussy before grinding over her crotch again. Mannoroth let out an annoyed grunt.

He let go of her leg and took hold of his cock. He moved her forward again and pressed the tip into her swollen lips. He grunted as he thrust forward with force. Catalina cried out as her cunt was stretched impossibly wide and the immense phallus pushed into her. He got hold of her leg again and pulled her down, forcing the massive invader in even deeper. He stopped when her distended opening reached the bulge in the middle of his cock.

“Yeaagh…oooh!” cried out Catalina, throwing her head back. It felt like she was being split open. Mannoroth opened his mouth with a loud growl. He pulled her back and the huge mass dragged through her stretched insides until the broad head pulled at her opening. He then pushed it back in again. Catalina groaned as the hefty club slowly thrust into her squeezing body. Her abdomen bulged each time it pushed in.

Her fingers dug into the big furry hand holding her. Her teeth were clenched with the constant stinging pain of being stretched to her limits. It felt like her insides were being pushed around and squashed with the slow pumping. Tears rolled down her face. “Ahagh…Stop it!” she pleaded, but the massive fleshy log continued to move inside her.

She couldn’t believe Voxel was fucking her with this thing. How could he be so sadistic. He started to move her back and forth faster on his cock, making a series of grunts. It also made a horrible squishing sound every time he thrust in. Anguished cries and groans escaped her lips. He had called her a fuck-toy and cock-sleave, that was exactly what she felt like being held in his hand and stroked over his monster cock.

The orcs in the arena were standing with their arms raised, cheering the mighty Demon-Lord as he had his way with their Draenei prisoner. Catalina moaned and cried as the brutal assault went on. The stinging pain from her stretched cunt was gradually dying down as he fucked her. The huge hand loosened and then slid out from under her. She yelped as she her upper body dropped, but he caught her other leg. Now she hung upside-down, her hair and arms hanging limply and resting on the ground. The beast held her legs apart and pulled her up on to his cock.

Catalina moaned as she was bobbed up and down, her legs spread wide as the enormous phallus continually pushed down between them. The hulking Demon grunted and growled as he fucked her. Despite the obscene stretch, she could feel that orgasmic pressure building inside her again. Her body was still yearning to get off. He said he would let her cum, but was it a lie? Was he just playing his cruel games?

Soon she was riding the edge, once again, unable to succumb to the orgasmic release. She moaned and groaned as she was lifted and dropped on the monster cock. The intensity was almost too much to bear. The cock continued to make a loud squishing noise as it drove into her. Her juices and orc cum spilled out from her cunt and ran down her jerking body.

The colossal Demon-Lord bent down and scooped his hand under her back. Catalina was raised back up with the broad member still buried in her twitching cunt. He walked over and then sat on the ground, bending his hairy muscular legs and leaning back against the platform. He moved his hands over the Draenei, raising her legs up and holding them against her body.

He proceeded to turn her around. Catalina groaned as her stretched cunt was twisted on the hefty shaft. She was then facing the wide muscular chest and looked up at the beasty horned face fixed in a toothy snarl. Her knees were tucked up under her arms which hung limply out to the side. Both of the beast’s huge hands were wrapped around her like he was holding a football.

He pushed her down on his cock with more force. Catalina cried out as the bulge in the middle of the shaft started the stretch her cunt wider, like the wide head. He growled loudly as he forced her down harder. The bulge pushed through and many more inches of cock drove inside her. Catalina screamed out in pain and fear. This wasn’t possible, he couldn’t fit any more of that thing inside her.

The bulge of her belly moved up higher, up to her chest. He raised her up until the middle knot slipped out and then forcefully dropped her down, pushing the huge cock in deep again. Catalina cried out as he fucked her with long brutal strokes. She thought that he must have been killing her, crushing her internal organs with his bludgeoning pole. But she remembered this was her Virtual body, she didn’t need internal organs. This body must be quite elastic to take such a huge cock. She was still riding the edge, moaning as so many inches pushed and pulled through her stretched pulsing cunt.

The huge demon still grunted and growled as he slammed the helpless female up and down on his lap. He was enjoying the feeling of the tight little hole stroking almost the full length of his long cock. He pushed her down and stopped, leaving his monster dick wedged up inside her. Catalina was gasping and twitching. He let go of her legs and they flopped down on top of him. She leant forward and pushed out her arm on his hard abdomen to keep herself propped up. Her other hand slowly rubbed over the bulge in her body, feeling the tight skin.

Mannoroth grunted and pointed to a nearby red orc, who was watching and stroking his fat erection. He tapped Catalina’s butt with a large finger and then flicked up her tail. The orc grinned as he took the invitation, stepping up between the Demon-Lords legs. The huge hand moved to Catalina’s back and pulled her down against his large body. The orc then grabbed her tail and lifted it. She could feel his round tip prodding into her puckered ass.

She groaned as he pushed forward and rammed his big dick all the way inside. Her ring clenched around his fat shaft and her rectum squeezed him tightly as her insides were expanded around the massive demon phallus. He grunted behind her as he gave her fast hard thrusts. Mannoroth also slowly moved his hips, pushing his huge mass back and forth several inches inside her. Catalina moaned with the intense rubbing, she was still on that frustrating edge of a strong orgasm, unable to find any relief.

The big orc was slamming her ass furiously. His cock slipped out and rubbed between her cheeks, but he quickly grabbed it and forced it back in. She endured his had thrusting for a while longer, before Mannoroth pushed him away. The orc cock popped out as he fell back on to the dirt. The Demon-Lord then pushed Catalina up and grabbed her legs once again. He lifted her up and began stroking her deep and hard on his monster cock. She moaned loudly as she was roughly bobbed up and down on top of him. Her stretched pussy making squelching noises as the broad log drove through it.

Her breasts were bouncing as he fucked her. Her head thrashed around as she cried and gasped and moaned. Then, without warning, her insides began fluttering and pulsing wildly. Waves of intense painful pleasure pulsed through her body. She threw her head back, “UHH…FUUUCK!!” After hours of languishing on the edge of her climax, she was finally cumming. The huge beast just continued to fuck her hard and deep. The sensation was too much, it was overwhelming her. She thought she was going to pass out, but she stayed lucid as her body jerked uncontrollably.

Mannoroth started to slow his strokes. Catalina still cried out as the pulses ran through her twitching body. The intensity was slowly starting to die down as she gasped and moaned. The Demon-Lord gave a throaty laugh as he stroked her over his cock. Catalina just hung limply in his grasp, gasping for breath. Her body was hot and squeezed down tightly on the massive member. Warm juices spilled out from her stretched orifice.

The monster held her down for a moment with his tool wedge up deep inside her. He then slowly pulled her up. Inch by inch the broad shaft slid through her abused slit until the wide head stretched her lips open wider before popping out. He held her up and her juices spilled out from her dark gaping cunt. He lifted her to his toothy snout and stuck out his long tongue, rubbing it over her wet aching sex.

He lapped at her warm juices as Catalina sat limply in his grasp. He then tossed her over his shoulder, and she landed on the soiled bed platform. Mannoroth got up on his clawed feet again and turned to her. Catalina groaned as he got hold of her leg and dragged her toward him. His long wet phallus was waving over her. He roughly flipped her over and bent her over the edge. His large finger was pushing up her tail and he was positioning his cock behind her.

“Urgh…No!” Catalina cried out as she felt the wide tip pushing up under her tail. Mannoroth grunted and thrust his hips forward. The massive club speared her sore asshole and stretched it wide. He growled and gave a few more hard thrusts as he forced it in deeper. Tears streamed down Catalina’s hot face as he impaled her clenching ass. She threw her head back and screamed as the bulge in the middle pushed through her tight ring.

The Demon-Lord reached forward and pushed her head down into the sticky puddle of orc cum. She gasped for breath as he started slamming his cock hard and deep. She could just lay there limply, getting bucked forward as the enormous beast roughly ploughed her ass. He was grunting loudly as he fucked her, ramming her tight hole with urgency. He wanted to get off.

After a while, he was grunting and growling even louder. He slammed his hefty member into her violently. Then he pulled all the way back. Catalina cried out as her tight gripping asshole released his thick member. Her abused hole gaped and twitched as he stroked himself over it. He growled loudly as a big load of cum shot out from the head and splattered all over her butt and chasmal hole. He quicky grabbed her leg and flipped her over. More cum spurted out over her groin, belly and breasts. He moved forward, continuing to jerk his huge pulsing cock. She cringed as more cum spilled out over her face. The orcs around the arena cheered for their Demon-Lord.

Mannoroth looked down at Catalina lying there limply, covered in his pearly white cum. He let out a grunt laugh and slapped his hefty cock against her head. He pulled her off the platform and she yelped as she hit the dirt. She groaned as she moved her hand up and wiped the warm sticky demon cum from her face. It smelled potent. She ached all over, her tender insides felt battered and bruised.

The red orc who was fucking her ass stepped forward. He was stroking his hard cock fervently. He groaned as his cum spurted out over her breast and face. Catalina screwed her face up as she wiped more cum from her cheek. She could feel it running all down her body. She hoped that the ordeal was finally over, that Vox had had enough of abusing and humiliating her. Maybe if she didn’t show any more defiance, let him think he had broken her, he would get bored with her.

She looked down to the ground as the Demon-Lord walked around in front of her with heavy steps. She glanced up and saw that his phallus was now hanging between his legs and not jutting out in front of him. It still looked huge. She looked down again and heard him give a throaty chuckle. She then heard a loud splashing, before feeling a warm stream of liquid splashing on her skin. It moved over to her face and she moved her hands up to cover herself. The warm stream moved down along her chest and abdomen.

Catalina looked up in horror at the big monster holding his dick and pissing on her. She shuddered in disgust. She took in the strong odorous urine smell. The splashing stream moved up to her face again and she groaned and turned her head away. She could feel it hitting the back of her head, soaking her long hair. He moved it along her body, waving his cock as lines of the vile liquid spattered over her, washing away the cum.

She curled herself up and covered her face as the piss kept coming. It seemed to go on and on. There was a pause and then she felt a few short bursts on her head and shoulders before the pissing came to a stop. She shuddered in repulsion, laying there in a puddle, absolutely saturated in stinky warm fluid. Damn that repugnant Bastard. The orcs around them were laughing at her.

She wiped the wet hair away from her face and finally looked up again. The Demon-Lord Mannoroth was no longer standing over her, Voxel had taken the form of Varroch again. Damn it, at least he didn’t talk when he was Mannoroth, he only made animalistic grunts.

“Look at you now, Pathetic bitch,” Varroch grinned. “A gaping, used-up, piss-soaked piece of trash. Even the horde doesn’t want to fuck you any more.”

Catalina kept her head down as she seethed. That was good.

“Charlotte has agreed to let me keep you as a slave. I’ll have plenty more filthy scenarios to put you through.” He leant down and grabbed her wet horn, yanking her head up and looking in her eyes. “Do you love huge cocks now? I made you cum hard, didn’t I?”

Catalina just glared at him and clenched her teeth. Varroch looked over and she followed his gaze to a glowing doorway near the edge of the coliseum. “You want to get out? Back to your own body? There’s the exit.” He let go of her and she slumped down again. He stepped back. “If you want to stay and get fucked some more, that’s fine.”

Catalina groaned as she slowly lifted herself up. She really did want to get out of there. She was hopeful that this horrible degrading abuse was finally over. She leaned against the edge of the platform as she stood, warm piss still ran down her sore aching body. She stood unsteadily on her cloven legs. The orcs stood around leering and taunting her as she hobbled toward the glowing doorway. She finally reached it and it disappeared in front of her.

“Oh, I guess that’s not it,” taunted Varroch. “That must be the exit over there.” She looked over at another glowing doorway on the other side of the coliseum. She growled in frustration, the Bastard was still playing games with her. She stood there glaring at him. “Go on, you want to leave, don’t you? Or should I reset the program and start the gangbang over again?”

She started walking toward the doorway. “Hehehe, dumb Draenei slut!” Varroch chuckled. Suddenly the world around her began to warp. Catalina felt intense disorientation and started to fall into pit of blackness.

She blinked rapidly as red flashing lights assaulted her eyes. A wave of nausea washed over her and her head was spinning. She looked around in confusion and then a hand moved up to her face. “Hey, hey, it’s okay.” She looked up at a familiar face in front of her, a face that warmed and comforted her. A young woman with Asian features, a half-shaved black and purple skrillex hairstyle, dark eye shadow and a thin chrome cyber augmentation running across her face under her eye.

“Jenna!” She moved her arms up around her neck and was glad they were no longer restrained. She raised herself, embracing her lover in a tight hug.

Jenna hugged her back, “It’s okay, I’m here,” she said softly.

Catalina looked over her shoulder. Red emergency lights were flashing. There were a couple of armoured security guards lying still and bleeding out near the doorway. Catalina could feel her underwear was soaking wet, her body was no longer sore and aching, though she still had some lingering phantom soreness in her pussy and ass. “Your sister…”

“She’s gone. I’m sorry, I didn’t think she would come for you. I’ll find her and make her pay for this.”

“We both will.”

“Gah, What the fuck?!” Came a male voice in the room. Catalina turned her head and saw Voxel in his pod, pulling against restraints on his wrists and legs. Jenna had taken precautions before she took them out of virtual. Catalina felt a surge of anger as she looked at the bearded man. She broke away from Jenna and strode toward him.

“Puta…” he said as she approached. Her fist slammed into his face. He cried out as she punched his head again and again, growling aggressively. She gave a strong kick to his groin and he squealed in pain, pulling against his restraints.

Catalina spat on his bloodied face, “Fucking sick, sadistic Putamadre!”

Jenna strolled up next to her, her expression neutral. She held out her pistol, offering it to Catalina. “Do what you will.”

Catalina took the gun and pushed it into Voxel’s temple. “Fucking idiota! I told you this would happen. Well, my white knight is here now. You’re fucked!”

He spat out a bloodied tooth. He glared at her as he winced in pain, “You two are fucked. Charlotte will see to that.”

She grimaced and then pointed the gun down at his groin, “Maybe I’ll shoot your dick off!”

He had a look of fear in his dark eyes. “Calm down, Bitch. It’s like you said—just my perverted video game. No harm done, right? I wasn’t going to rape in the real. I just said that to scare you.”

She punched him in the face again. She was brimming with rage, but she wasn’t going to kill him. She looked to Jenna, “I’m going to take him in.”

“Heh, you do that,” said Voxel, smirking as blood ran down from his mouth.

Jenna looked at him coldly. “You think my sister will see you walk free? She could do that, but she won’t. You’re just a tool to her. When you’re no longer useful, she will discard you.”

“Who says I’m no longer useful?”

“I’ll make sure you aren’t.”

Catalina handed the gun back to Jenna, “He said my boss, Charlton, is in your sister’s pocket.”

Jenna nodded, “I’ll find out if that’s true. If it is, I’ll figure out how we can use it.”

“You better let me go, Cunt,” said Voxel. “This isn’t going to end well for you.”

“This isn’t going to end well for someone,” she replied coldly. She went over to the computer console and tapped away on the pad. Soon the flashing red emergency lights stopped and the room regained its regular bright sterile lighting.

“Are we safe here for now?” Catalina asked.

“Yeah, the guards are neutralised. I have control of the security system. My sister has fled. We should be fine for a few hours.”

She nodded at Voxel. “Then put him back in virtual. Lock him out of the system. Give him the avatar, Yrielle.”

“What?!” spat Voxel.

“You’re going to get a taste of your own medicine,” she said, glaring at him.

She enjoyed the look of panic on his face. “No! Fuck you! You can’t do that!”

“Shut the fuck up, you filthy Slut!”

“No!—wait! Let’s just…“ his head slumped as he lost consciousness and entered virtual.

“Are you going back in?” asked Jenna.

“No, I don’t want to go in there again. I can run the show from here. Everything he did to me, he’s going to have done to him…and then some.”

Jenna stood up from the console and looked at her sadly. “I’m sorry this happened, Cat. Are you okay?”

Catalina moved forward and put her arms around her again. “I’m better now that you’re here. I knew you’d come for me. I knew they couldn’t stop you.”

“Hmm, and nothing’s going to stop us taking down Charlotte. But first…revenge!”

“Revenge,” said Catalina, nodding.


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