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You are listening to songs on your stereo.

Erica and I arrived to your house after calling an hour before. We knew you were going to have the weekend alone, and the house to yourself. We stalked you just a little bit online to ensure you’d be available for an evening, telling you we wanted to Skype with you — and instead we knock on your door.

Erica has long black wavy hair and a tanned complexion. It is the Hernandez of her last name … she loves the sun and warmth. Her mother’s maiden name of O’Brien gives her bright blue eyes and large, high breasts. She’s tall, standing 5-foot-8, but is still several inches shorter than I am. She is wearing a sundress, and nothing else. Her nipples are raised in the breeze of Kansas.

She and I smile and say very little. You stammer just for a moment as you feel butterflies swirl. We can tell you’re nervous, so we hold our hands together and take yours. We shut the door and as the lock clicks shut, I kiss you on your lips. Erica giggles and nuzzles against your neck, her hands wrapping around the small of your back and my high shoulders. We collide our tongues as music plays in the background; we slowly spin like a middle school couple at a first dance. Your hands are places around my waist and Erica’s waist.

My lips are momentarily occupied by Erica as she breaks our kiss, and then she turns to you and kisses you deeply. I bite against your neck and breathe against your ear. My right hand and Erica’s left fall from your back to your ass, gripping it tightly, Megan. Pulling you close to our bodies… your breasts feeling my chest and Erica’s breasts. Erica spies a couch and pushes us toward it. My avcılar elit escort energy is apparent through my shorts and I unzip them, and pull off my collared shirt. Erica grabs my boxer shorts and pulls them down, instantly wrapping her soft hand around my hard erection. We push you to the couch and you sit down as I pull her sundress off her shoulders and down to the floor of your home. Her body, beautiful, is already arching as I kiss her neck. Her breasts rise and fall as she breathes and rubs my cock. I slip a finger against her clit and run it inside her pussy for just a moment to give you a show.

She and I fall to our knees, and pull off your shirt. We attack you from both sides, breathing against your ear and kissing your neck. We both place our lips to yours, and let you suck our tongues for just a moment each. Erica pulls off your shorts and I pull off your panties, wet already. We sit up and look at you, and lean down to kiss your supple breasts. You have two hands on your breasts, and two hands spreading your legs….

It is my turn first. I kiss down your belly and bit up to your knees. Erica’s hand falls between your thighs and spreads your pussy wide, her fingers rubbing your clit. I kiss up your inner thigh and lick against her finger, rubbing my wet tongue against your hot clit. And then my tongue dives deep into your pussy. She leans back so you can look down at my actions against your sex. She takes your right hand and places it on her shaved pussy, letting you play as I play with you… I continue my ownership of your pussy as I lick deep and longingly, and then get more aggressive sucking avcılar escort hard against your clit.

She kisses you deep on the lips, her breasts falling against yours. My hands spread your legs apart as I lick into you, looking up to see the beauty together. Two of your fingers press into you — and I reciprocate by starting to fuck you with my two fingers. She arches and grinds down on you until she has a soft climax. She wants to taste you as well and she kisses down your breasts and belly until she kisses my tongue, sharing your wetness.

I get up and kiss your right nipple, and then your left, before I kiss you deeply, my tongue darting deep into your mouth. I hold back your arms and look down as Erica attacks your cunt, her tongue bulleting into you.

I rub your clit with my two fingers for a moment, and then lean up and present my cock to you … bringing your lips to it as it is needing your kiss. I massage your tits as she eats out your pussy and you suck on my cock. Three of Erica’s fingers start pounding you as she sucks your clit and you climax for the second time with a partner.

“She is ready to be fucked,” Erica says to me, kind of ignoring you.

I pull my cock from your mouth and kiss your neck and lips before I step down from the couch and replace Erica between your legs. She holds your pussy wide as I burn my cock into your body. She kisses your mouth and you share my taste with hers and yours — a kaleidoscope of humans in your kiss. I fuck you softly just until you are used to the size of my eight inches, and then start pounding you hard and fast, slapping your ass for a few moments, and avcılar eve gelen escort leaning down and kissing your breast and your neck again. My free hand slips into Erica’s pussy with two fingers as I fuck you… and I pull them out to run her wetness between your breasts so I can kiss her flavor on your skin. I recrash her insides as I crash into you, pull my fingers out again and slip my two fingers into your mouth …

She growls against you, her long hair tangled with yours. “Cum on his cock, Megan. Cum all over his cock,” she says as she rubs your clit in a fast circle. We are all starting to sweat and breath heavy and I fuck you fast and dominate your body with mine. “You are ours right now!” she tells you. “And right now, I want you to cum!”

Your body arches in crazy angles as your pussy walls vibrate down on my enraged cock. I hold my cock so deep inside you as your orgasm arrives and peaks … and slowly start fucking you again as you start to come down. My balls are swollen in pleasure and it is my turn. Erica looks at me and kisses me … then turns and looks at you.

“You don’t get his cum in you this time, Megan. This time, it’s on your breasts.”

I feel my rush and fuck you furiously for 30 more seconds, announcing aloud I’m going to cum. I pull my cock out of your pussy and Erica grabs your hand with hers, both of you stroking my erection for a few more seconds before cum bursts from the head, shooting over your breasts and belly. The white ooze is on your skin and your hands, and Erica begins licking it up off your breasts…

I lean down and kiss you … and Erica leans up to share my cum with your lips.

“Nice to meet you,” I say as we cuddle together for a moment. I move in back of you on the couch, my softening cock against your leg.

“Yes,” Erica says. “We are happy to be here, Megan. She gets up with us, and she and I sandwich you in a few moments of afterglow.

We are listening to songs on your stereo.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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