Visiting My Soon-to-be Step-Brother

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“13B…” I muttered to myself as I found the right door. It’s alright, I told myself. We’re just hanging out. It’s not like you haven’t met him before.

I always struggled with anxiety leading up to social situations, though when I’m actually in them I’m almost always fine. I knocked.

“Hey, awesome!” I heard Zach say from beyond the door. As he opened the door he seemed to finish putting his shirt on, pulling it down from his chest. Don’t look at his abs, I thought.

“Hey dude, good to see you! Find the place alright?” He gave me a fist-bump.

“Yeah man, nice little complex you’re in. Cool part of town too. Thanks again for inviting me.”

“Course, I mean we’re about to be brothers, right? Well, sorta, haha. Figured we should get to know each other a bit more than just over the table at Thanksgiving, right?”

Zach’s dad and my mom just got engaged after dating for about 2 years. They seem really happy together, so of course I have mixed emotions, but overall I’m happy for them. We’re not blending our homes really, since I live on campus at college and Zach has his own place. We’ve met just a handful of times, mostly at the last few holidays where we didn’t have too much time to talk. When they announced their engagement, Zach invited me to hang out with him at his place – said we should actually get to know each other if we’re going to be brothers. And who am I to turn down a new friend? He seemed really excited to hang.

“You want something to drink?” he asked as I entered and took off my shoes.

“What d’you have?”

“Coke, iced tea, beer, or I can make you a mixed drink if you’d like.”

“Oh, I’m not 21 for another 2 years.” I said. I knew he turned 21 not too long ago.

“So?” he said. “I mean if you’d rather not, that’s fine. No pressure at all. But the law’s bullshit, really. All abstaining does for anyone is make them go wild the day they turn 21, ending the night either in handcuffs or the hospital. Much better to explore slowly and safely earlier on. If you ask me, anyway.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s true.” I said. “I mean, sure, then! I, uh, don’t really like beer though. At least not the few times I’ve tried it.” I was scared to admit that, honestly. Beer’s supposed to be the masculine drink and I didn’t want him thinking I was any less-than.

“No worries, no one likes normal beer, really. We’re all just stockholmed into liking it cause it’s so cheap and available.” I felt relieved when he said that.

“How about I make you a mojito, ever had one?”

“Nope,” I said, slightly excited to try something new.

“Alright, cool. Give me a second. Feel free to boot up the Xbox or Switch. Or hell, we could even do the N64 or PS2.”

“You have a PS2?” I asked. “God, I loved the shit out of my PS2 as a kid.”

“Yeah man, same! Go ahead and check out the games, they’re right under the TV.”

As he got the stuff out to make the mojito I checked out the games he had. As my mind had a minute to wander, I tried to keep it away from his abs I saw when he opened the door. He had a furry belly but you could still see his muscle. Trying not to think about it, ok.

“Dude, SSX Tricky? No fucking contest, this may be my all-time favorite game! I’m still upset my mom sold it a few years ago at a yard sale without asking me.” I looked over at him in the kitchen.

“Haha, there’s a reason it’s one of the top sports games ever! And I don’t typically like sports games.” he said. He put a lime and some leaves in a glass, grabbed what looked like a stick and started pushing hard down on the ingredients on the counter. It clearly was a physical task. Jesus Christ, I need help – his biceps are just – right, don’t think about it.

“Neither do I, but who the hell doesn’t love doing tricks on a snowboard. And, god, what was his name? Uh, Brody! Always played as Brody.” I said.

“Haha, Elise for me!” he said.

“You played as Elise?” I asked, surprised he played as a girl. “I mean, she is hot though.”

“Damn straight, just the right number of polygons.” he fucking winked at me. “Also I always thought her tricks were cooler. I’m more of a long-board guy myself.”

I laughed and he said “Go ahead and boot it up! Should already be connected.” He finished my drink and brought it over, along with what looked like a beer for himself.

We sat on the couch together and I tried the mojito. He even garnished it with a fresh slice of lime.

“Dude! What the hell, this is delicious!” I said.

“Haha, thanks! Glad you like it. Fresh lime and mint are the best.”

“Is that what you added to the glass? It’s really good. And I can’t even taste any booze.”

“Yeah, I added a little less just in case it was too strong for you. Also this is a sour beer if you wanted to try it.”

“Sour?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s totally different from your typical Bud or Yuengling or whatever. It’s more tart and much more fruity.”

“Sure, I’ll try it. Um, you ok with me drinking from your glass?”

“Yes man, haha! It’s cool.” He’s so up-beat.

“Huh. That’s, um. Yeah, that’s yalova escort definitely totally different from any beer I’ve tasted.” I said. “Doesn’t hold a candle to this mojito though.”

“Fair enough!” he laughed.

We started playing the game in race mode so I could get back into it – I was so rusty. He won comfortably, but I didn’t do too bad. We switched to show-off mode and he got comfortable while man-spreading with his feet up on the coffee table. I tried not to think about his scent, given how close we were to each other on the small sofa. I have such a thing for quiet, natural confidence. Zach was so comfortable in his own skin and it turned me on in a way that I didn’t care to admit.

I went to pick up my half-finished mojito after he barely won again.

“Aaagh!” I yelped in surprise, spilling the rest of my drink on myself. A cat had jumped up on the back of the couch right behind my head.

“Jesus.” Zach said. “Well now you’ve met Milo. Sorry I forgot to tell you I have a cat. Are you ok with cats?” he asked.

“Uh, yeah, definitely. We had a few growing up – he just scared me, is all.”

“Yeah, he’s… He’s odd, haha. Usually is too scared to meet new people at first, but he also has a lot of energy at times. Here, I’ll get you some paper towels.”

He handed me the paper towels and cleaned the bit of drink that ended up on the floor.

Watching me pat my shirt and pants dry he said “Yeah, that’s not going to do much. Let me throw those in the wash for you. Otherwise they’ll be all sticky from the sugar.”

“What? Oh, no I’ll be fine.” I said nervously. Was he asking me to take off my clothes?

“No seriously, they should be washed. It won’t take too long. Also,” he said, looking at my legs and arms, “you should probably rinse off so you don’t end up sticky. The bathrooms right over there.” he pointed past the kitchen.

“Alright, I guess I should.” I said.

“Here, give me your clothes, I’ll throw them on quick wash.”

I hesitated uncomfortably. He noticed and laughed. “Hey man, it’s ok haha. I know we don’t know each other so well yet, but trust me, my place is 100% a judgment-free zone. You definitely don’t have anything I haven’t seen plenty before. Besides, I’m basically a nudist at home or when I’m with my buddies.”

“What, seriously?” I asked. “What’s that like? You’re just… naked all the time? Even with friends?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” he said. “I usually hate wearing clothes, and most of my friends enjoy the freedom of it too. It’s why I have that bathrobe by the door” he pointed towards a hook I didn’t notice before. “and why you probably saw me pulling my shirt on when you arrived.”

“Shit.” I said, taking this in. “Alright,” I laughed and nervously pulled off my shirt and shorts. I was a little afraid since my body wasn’t anything like his. I wasn’t out of shape, per se, but I don’t exercise or take care of my physique like he did. I was about as tall as him or slightly shorter with more slender shoulders. Freshman fifteen is definitely real for me, as I’ve gotten a bit softer since high school, though I still look slim enough with a shirt on.

“Thanks,” I said as I handed him everything but the boxer-briefs I still had on. He smiled, and I noticed a familiar heat in my groin. Feeling exposed always gave me this weird sexual tension. He pointed again to the bathroom and I went in before my emerging semi could take hold.

I took the opportunity of showering to clear my mind. I definitely got excited about being around Zach. His comfort in his own body and the confident and jovial way he spoke – I was attracted to him. And I felt bad about it.

I was letting the warm water hit me when Zach knocked on the door. “Hey dude, sorry but the beer’s going through me. I need to use the toilet.”

“Oh. Um. Uh, okay.” I turned away from the clear shower door as he came in. There wouldn’t be a way to hide my whole body, but exposing my ass felt better than my dick. Plus I figured I should give him privacy? But he also said he was a nudist, so. I’m not sure.

The distinct sound of his piss hitting the water was unmistakable and made me blush from the taboo of it. Guys in school never showered in Gym, I was never on any team, and I was always taught that nudity is an inherently private thing. I can’t even remember seeing a guy my age naked.

“Thanks man,” he said as he was still pissing. “I just made you another mojito, I put some more booze in it this time.”

“Oh, thanks.” I said, somewhat uncomfortable to start a conversation over the sound of his urine.

“Dude, I told you, no judgment!” He laughed jovially. “You don’t have to hide or be ashamed. We all have the same stuff.”

“Oh, right. Uh, sorry,” I nervously chuckled as I turned around. As he finished peeing he shook his dick a bit, which I couldn’t help but to look at for a second. It was a lot bigger than I expected – I’m not sure why I expected it to be anything specific – but when I saw it I was surprised at the length. It was soft, floppy even, and as thick as mine is when erect. “So you’re yalova escort bayan really just naked with friends all the time?” I asked as he pulled his shorts up.

“Yeah, pretty much. I mean it’s not an expectation, it’s more just the norm around here. That’s not to say you have to at all! I definitely have a few textile friends, and I never want to make anyone uncomfortable. I hope I didn’t by coming in?” he asked.

“Textile?” I asked. “And no, of course not. It’s your place. I’m just – I’ve just never really encountered nudity like that, not casually. Everyone around me has always been really private.”

“Someone who prefers clothes,” he clarified. “And good!”

“Gotcha. Well yeah, no I guess it would be a bit of a shock, but I’m not upset or offended or anything. I’ve been actively trying to try new things since starting college.”

“So do you want to try casual nudity?” he asked me with a smile. I felt a slight swelling in my dick.

“Um, sure, I guess why not? Though you’ll have to show me what to do, I guess?”

He laughed harder than I’ve heard him before. “You don’t do anything man! ‘Cept what we’ve already been doing – just in the buff.”

“Ha, alright then.”

He somewhat excitedly disrobed right there, leaving his clothes on the sink. “Just don’t bother with your underwear when you’re done, and that’s it. I’ve got to beat you again at SSX! I still need to put your clothes in the dryer anyway.” and he left the bathroom.

As he said all of that I had turned to rinse my body, but I was really trying to hide my growing semi from him. I loved his energy – how carefree and casual he was.

After a minute or two to let the hard-on mostly die down, I got out of the shower to dry off. Milo came into the bathroom to say hello more normally this time. He was actually very sociable and let me pet him for a minute or so.

“See, he’s actually pretty friendly when he wants to be.” Zach saw me from the kitchen.

“Yeah, he’s a sweet boy.” I responded as I hung up my towel and joined him in the kitchen.

For a second I just stood there, intensely aware of how naked I was.

“This… This is weird.” I said with a nervous chuckle.

“You get used to it,” he said with a smile. “Does it feel liberating?”

“I guess a little? But right now I – well, I mostly just feel exposed. Like in a nervous way.”

“That’s ok! And pretty typical for the first time,” he said as he leaned against the counter. “I just put some pizza rolls in for us.” The way he crossed his legs made his dick look way more prominent against his balls, which were also comfortably large.

“Oh sweet!” I said as I drew my eyes away from his dick.

He must have noticed – fuck. He smirked as he told me “It’s fine to look. It’s just usually considered rude to stare.”

“What? I – I” I blushed. “I’m sorry. I’ve just never seen anyone naked like this before. Just… casually letting it all hang out.”

“No dude, I get it! It’s natural to look. Everyone looks. And it’s not something you’re used to. It’s like the taboo of it draws your eye.”

“Yes, exactly!” I said, not wanting to admit his dick alone would draw my eye as well. “But – What do you do about, um…” I could feel my dick growing. Fuck, I had thought I got it under control when I got out of the shower.

“Boners?” he said with a laugh, glancing down at my junk. “Nothing. Hard-ons happen, they’re a part of life. Often they don’t mean anything.”

“So, um” I stammered and shifted so I wasn’t facing him as directly. “You and your friends just live with the occasional hard-on and just ignore it?” I was now definitely at half-mast. I tried to flex my leg muscles to get rid of it.

“Yeah. Well, usually,” he said, then quickly shifted the conversation. “Why don’t we continue playing the game? It’ll be easier if you have something else to think about.”

The way he said ‘usually’ with a sideways look and a smile made it seem like there was more to the story. But he was a smiley dude, so who knows. I was thankful to take the attention off our dicks.

I drank my mojito perhaps a little too quickly as we played another round or two. I actually managed to win the last round – I knew I still had it in me.

He was sitting exactly the same as he had previously; legs apart, feet on the coffee table. I had instinctually sat cross-legged to hide my junk.

When a timer went off in the kitchen he bounced off the couch, dick and balls swinging. “Pizza rolls are done! Also I’ll make you another drink?” he asked.


“Another mojito? Or something different this time?”

“Whatever you like” I said and joined him in the kitchen.

“You’re getting a whiskey sour this time.” He bent over to get the pizza rolls out of the oven and I got a front-row view of his ass. It was obvious he had a nice ass, but jesus. It was plump with a good amount of muscle underneath. There was a decent amount of hair laying over his cheeks and in his crack. His dick and balls dangled in front of him, visible from behind. It was a miracle my dick didn’t escort yalova stand to attention immediately, instead only getting semi-hard like before. But he said it was ok, so I tried to ignore it.

He sat directly on the countertop, legs slightly spread, dick resting on the granite. He handed me a plate and I leaned against the counter opposite him. I felt even more exposed in the kitchen without the game to look at.

“You alright?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just still getting used to it, I guess.”

“Do you want us to put our clothes back on? You’re more than welcome to.”

“No!” I said a little too forcibly. He smirked again. “I mean, no, I’m fine with it. It does feel more liberating. It’s just so new.”

“Alright,” he said. “Just let me know if you feel too uncomfortable. Like I said though, my house is absolutely a judgment-free space. Please don’t feel like you have to censor yourself or feel any sort of shame.” He smiled at me.

I drank some of the whiskey sour and took a few breaths, centering myself.

“Thank you.” I said. “I guess I’m used to my highschool friends, and the guys I’ve been hanging out with at college. They’re all a bit uptight about stuff, ya know? Like they’ll give you shit for stupid little stuff. And most of their jokes or insults revolve around who’s got a big or small dick. It’s just… It’s just uncomfortable sometimes, y’know? Especially when, well. I haven’t got what, well – I haven’t got what other guys have.” I glanced up to his soft dick resting on his balls as I said it. I don’t know why I was letting this spill. It’s not like I even gave words to these thoughts until Zach spoke about being judgment-free and I realized how different he was to my friends. And maybe the booze had something to do with it too.

“No dude, I completely understand what you’re saying,” he said. “Which is exactly why I like to practice radical acceptance. Sounds like your friends are a little immature, and are likely hiding their own insecurities with bravado like that. I promise you the guys who brag about having a big dick do so cause they think they don’t.”

“Hmm,” I said, feeling a bit better. “I guess.”

“Plus,” he said, “I know you said you haven’t seen many other dicks before, but you have a very nice one! Trust me.”

I spluttered out a false laugh. “I – What?” My dick must have heard it being spoken about, as it started to thicken after it had just calmed down a moment ago. Not yet defying gravity, but it definitely got bigger at his words.

“You heard me. I mean, beauty in every body, right? But as far as attractive penises go, you’ve got a nice one bro.” He smiled. It twitched a few more times at his compliments.

“You’re one to talk! Just look at that thing you’ve got between your legs! When I’m hard I’m barely that big!”

“False advertising dude,” he said, glancing down at his own. “I’m a shower. You’d think I get bigger than this, but I don’t. When it’s hard it just stands up – same length, same girth.”

“Wait, really? I thought all dicks get bigger.”

“No, not all. There’s growers and showers. Growers get a lot bigger when hard. They’re the easy-pack dicks, haha. Mine is just harder to pack away in every-day life, but it doesn’t really get bigger. I even wanted to wrestle in high school but didn’t ’cause I was embarrassed about things like that back then.”

“So, um, I guess I’m a grower then?” I said. Now my dick was starting to point straight out..

“Looks like it to me,” he said with a wry smile and nod at my dick.

I looked down at my dick, now at full-mast. “Jesus, um. Fuck, I’m sorry.”

“Dude, I told you. No judgment at all. Boners happen, they’re nothing to be ashamed of. I just complimented your cock, and I guess your cock liked to hear it.” He said. I noticed his dick twitching a bit too.

“Yeah, I guess. Still though, fuck. I’m sorry.” My dick was pointing straight at him. I realized how bizarre this was; I was standing in my soon-to-be step-brother’s kitchen, stark naked, with a raging hard-on, eating pizza rolls. Definitely not what I thought the night would look like. “I bet your other friends don’t get hard-ons while talking and hanging out. Jesus.”

“Mm, you’d be surprised,” he said softly, almost to himself. “Anyway,” he said, putting his last pizza roll in his mouth and talking through it, “Gotta put your clothes in the dryer.”

He walked over to the washer and started putting my clothes in the dryer. I felt even more ridiculous standing alone in his kitchen with my stiff dick than I did when he was with me. I realized my mind was still on his dick. I was imagining it getting hard and bigger, even though he said it didn’t. I wanted to feel it going from soft to hard. As I took more sips of my drink, I imagined wrapping my mouth around his soft dick and feeling it grow slowly in my mouth.

“How do you like the whiskey sour?” he asked, still at the laundry.

My dick was more than hard now. It was throbbing. “Uh, good!” My mind turned from his dick in my mind to his actual dick. “Really good actually. Goes down nice.” Zach wasn’t fully at attention, but instead of pointing straight down, his dick was reaching away from his body a bit, about at a forty-five degree angle. Was he still thinking about us talking about dicks too?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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