Vivacious Aunt Victoria

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Vivacious Aunt Victoria

Rob had almost forgotten about the sleeping arrangement at his parent’s place over Christmas, so when he opened the door to his room a cold fright ran through him. In the second bed of the room, his mother lay, her back to him, dark hair splayed across her pillow, breathing gently.

It had been quite a few years since his parents had been divorced and his mother had kept his childhood home. He wasn’t keen about her sleeping in the same room but she had decided to give her room and bed to her parents.

The thought of Aunt Victoria flooded back to him and a hot flush of shame washed over his whole body. What he had just done to his mother’s sister was beyond wrong. He could still taste Aunt Vicky on his tongue and it tasted so right. He’d never forget the feeling of her tight ass pulsing and contracting against his tongue as she climaxed. And then, of course, he had blown his load right down her throat. The depravity of it made his head spin.

The fucked up thing? His mother was named Veronica. Who the hell actually makes the decision to name one daughter Victoria and the other Veronica? His grandparents were just having a laugh it seemed, perhaps to torture him now in very this moment… or to tempt him…

He quickly undressed into just his underwear, which was now cum and saliva stained, and slipped into the empty bed on the other side of the room. It took a while but eventually, exhaustion overcame the young man and he drifted off to sleep.

What seemed like a few moments later he awoke as some mysterious force shook his whole body.

“Rob?” a soft voice whispered desperately. “Rob, wake up, darling.”

He rolled over to be greeted by Aunt Victoria’s face right in his. “Aunt Vicky, what are you-” he was cut off as her finger pressed against his lips.

“Quiet, dear. You don’t want to wake your mother, do you?”

Rob glanced over to the other bed where his mother slept soundly then back to Aunt Victoria. She was wearing the same underwear from earlier and the only thing covering her chest was a tiny tank top, low cut and cut off, revealing her smooth belly. The sun was just beginning to rise so a dull light filtered through the corners of the curtains. It was now Christmas day. “Merry Christmas, I guess. What are you doing in here?”

He smiled coyly. “I couldn’t sleep. My mind was just full of you and your cock and your tongue on my ass…” with every breath Rob could still smell a hint of his cock on her lips. “Plus, your father is a snorer. No wonder your mother divorced him. Can I… snuggle with you?”

Somehow he had a feeling that it was more than snuggling she wanted to do. “Aunt Vicky, if mum wakes up and sees us in bed together what is she gonna think?”

She gave a shrug as she pouted. “That you’re an amazing nephew for taking care of your Aunt?”

Her closeness was causing his body to react. He felt hot and his growing erection wasn’t helping in resisting. How could he say no at this point? “You’re insatiable, Aunt Vicky…”

She smiled wide as her hand slipped under his sheets and groped at his cock over his underwear. “After having this cock down my throat how could I not be?”

Rob moaned and gasped as her hand pressed into his lips. “Shhh, darling. You wouldn’t wanna wake mummy up, would you?”

He shook his head as his eyes rolled back, the pleasure of her hands gently stroking was overwhelming. Then she took her hand off his mouth and leaned in, pressing her lips to his, kissing him with passion, softly moaning into his mouth, hand slipping into his underwear and squeezing around his girth. Her lips wrapped around his tongue and she giggled as she sucked it as if she were sucking his cock once more. After a moment she pulled away. “You felt so amazing down the back of my throat, my dear. But now I wonder how you’ll feel balls deep inside my ass…”

“Fuck…” he groaned at the thought of it. Could his cock even last long enough for a single pump? “But mum is right fucking there…”

“Doesn’t that just make it hotter, darling? My pussy is soaked just thinking about it.” and with that, she stood straight beside the bed and peeled her thin underwear down, bending down as the fabric parted from her closed holes. Rob wished for nothing more than to be her underwear, to be sitting snug against her ass and pussy for whole days bornova escort at a time. His mouth salivated.

“Has the taste of me even had the chance to leave your mouth, darling?” Her hand slid down her ass and a finger began teasing at her pussy. “Just the thought of your wet tongue all over me makes my pussy weep.” Her finger pulled away and a long rope of mucus followed. “You’ve been a good boy, Rob. And now Santa had brought your present.” She smiled and climbed up on the bed, straddling his head. “If you eat my cunt well enough, I just may let you fuck my tight little asshole. Wanna fuck your Aunt Vicky’s asshole, honey?”

Rob nodded and licked his lips. He was like a dog. As soon as the prospect of eating came up it was the only thing on the mind.

Aunt Victoria lowered herself and sighed as her lips pressed into his. Her juices squelched into him as he opened his mouth and his warm tongue lapped at her eager pussy. Her hands ran up her body and groped at her own breasts as she let out a soft moan. Rob’s eyes widened and glanced over at his mum. She stirred but remained asleep.

“Don’t worry, darling, she won’t wake.” Aunt Victoria nibbled at her bottom lip a moment. “I know she’s a heavy sleeper, trust me. We shared a room growing up and I used to sneak boys in all the time.” Her hands moved back down her body and her fingers weaved into her nephew’s hair, pulling him into her pussy. “They would fuck me so hard and I would moan so loud…”

Rob’s eyes rolled. Her taste was blooming on his tongue as he licked, slowly up and down, his whole tongue working as much of her sex he could. He wondered just how many cocks had been inside this pussy and how many men she’d let blow inside her.

She moaned, a little louder this time, testing her sister’s deep sleep. “Fuck, nephew, you know my pussy just as good as my ass…”

He squeezed his eyes closed as his tongue moved down, sliding with ease into the warmth of her slit. She moaned and rocked her hips into his face as her tight little hole tried it’s best to clamp down on his tongue. “Fuck baby, yes, you’re so good with Aunty’s sex. I was looking for real men all over but I should have been looking within my own blood. Who would know me better than family?”

Her dirty and depraved words made him moan into her cunt which in turn leaked directly into his mouth. He drank her down gladly, cock throbbing and bouncing on his stomach, pre-cum pooling in his bellybutton.

“Don’t you wanna feel my ass in your hands, darling?”

Rob’s hands clapped to his Aunt’s thick cheeks and his mum stirred next to them, letting out a groan and rolling onto her back.

Aunt Victoria glanced over with a chuckle. “The real challenge is trying to wake her…”

Rob groped and squeezed and kneaded at her ass, pulling her into him as he began to focus on her engorged little clit, swirling his tongue around, his eyes full of forbidden lust as he gazed up at her.

Her face was twisted in ecstasy, his nipples hard and poking through her tank top, her fingers gently tugging at his hair as her hips rolled. She was so wet that he could feel it dripping down his cheeks and ears.

“I’m normally a huge tease,” she said as she lifted her crotch from his face, long strings of saliva and juice stretching between their lips, “but I don’t think I can resist my nephew’s cock any longer.”

He licked his lips as he gasped for air. Breathing was secondary at this point. He could die happy if he suffocated in Aunt Victoria’s perfect pussy.

“My cock is so hard for you, Aunt Vicky…”

She smirked and slid down his body, grasping his cock in her hands. Her lips brushed against his tip. “Oh, I know, my darling nephew… it’s time for you to take my anal virginity…” with her eyes locked onto his she took one long lick across his belly, tongue dipping into his bellybutton, cleaning off all the pre-cum in one go.

“The whole night I couldn’t stop thinking about how good you tasted…” she licked her lips and purred her delight. “Now let’s get this cock nice and wet for my ass.” And with that, his cock disappeared once more down her throat, the whole time her eyes stayed on his until they started to roll as her nose touched his navel.

Rob gasped and grabbed two fistfuls of her messy bed hair, unsure whether to pull bornova escort bayan her off or pull her down further. His moan was loud but he managed to clamp his mouth shut before he screamed his Aunt’s name.

His mum let out a sigh and rolled from her back to facing the taboo lovers.

Aunt Victoria glanced across at her sister and the corners of her lips turned up in a smile as she glanced back at Rob. She winked and her fingers began fondling at his heavy balls. Saliva slowly drooled from the corners of her mouth and her hands were quick to scoop it up and use it as lube in her nutjob.

Rob tapped at her head as he groaned. “Aunt Vicky, I’m gonna cum if you keep this up!”

She grunted and lifted her head, his spit-soaked cock slapping down wetly against his belly. “We can’t have that before you get to experience the tightest pleasure one can feel. And besides, I want that whole load inside me…”

She crawled back up his body, her soaked pussy grinding against his soaked cock, and she moaned as she kissed him. Her lips tasted of cock while his tasted of pussy. It was the perfect amalgamation of flavours. They moaned together as their tongues explored, swapping sexual fluids, their eager privates throbbing it tandem.

“I can’t stand it anymore,” she whimpered so desperately, “I want- no, I need your cock in my ass, Rob.” She slowly stood on the bed and turned, her ass to him before squatting down over his crotch. She pulled a cheek aside with one hand while the other grabbed his cock and guided it to her quivering pucker. It looked so eager for his cock like it was ravenous for him.

She gasped as his tip pressed against her and her hole tightened, reluctant to let his cock inside.

He reached out and spread her cheeks with both hands, fingers digging deep into her thickness. “Relax, Aunt Vicky… my cock was made for your ass…”

“I know, baby…” she whimpered and took control of her breathing. Then her ass began to relax and loosen a tiny bit, just enough for his head to start its penetration.

“Yes, baby, fuck yes…” her hands grabbed a hold of his shins, her nails digging in, as she began her descent. “Let my tight ass engulf your cock.”

It stretched wider and wider against his pink head until there was a satisfying pop as it snapped around him. They both moaned in unison, their heads tilting back.

“Oh god, that feels amazing…” she said as she glanced over her shoulder and down at him.

Rob looked up at his Aunt and grit his teeth to stop from moaning. “It’s so tight… so warm…”

Her hands moved back, resting on top of his, helping him spread her cheeks. “Push in deep, darling. I want every inch of you stretching me…”

He went deeper and deeper, her ass making way and accommodating for his girth until his balls rested against her cunt. Balls deep inside his Aunty.

“God, fuck me…” he glanced across at his mum who stirred, her arm pushing her blanket back, revealing a huge breast falling from her sleeping tank top.

Aunt Victoria chuckled. “That bitch Veronica was blessed with the tits. But I think having the ass is better, right, darling?”

Rob could only moan in response, squeezing his Aunt’s ass tight.

“But could you imagine… balls deep in my ass while mummy smothered you with her tits?” She yelped as his cock throbbed. “Oh, you do like the idea, huh? Have you thought about fucking your own dear mother before?” His face went even redder than it already was in the dull morning light. He couldn’t deny that his mother had a fucking killer rack… if he wasn’t throbbing hard before he was now.

“Mmm, it’ll be just like the old days when your mother and I would team up on your dad’s dick…” she shuddered with the memory. “He would fill us with so much cum… you could’ve actually been my son, ya know? Maybe you are my son…” She chuckled.

The teasing was too great. His hands gripped her ass tight. “You can’t be serious!? You and mum would have threesomes with dad?”

“All the fucking time…” she moaned. “Of course it all stopped once Veronica got pregnant with you. That lucky bitch. I wanted to be the one your dad bred. Should’ve made him cum inside me more…” her ass pulsed and gripped around him as she started to slide up and down his length. “Maybe I should resume escort bornova trying to get bred, but this time with my nephew…”

“Oh, Aunt Vicky…” the thought of filling his Aunt with his fertile seed sent shivers through his body. It was so wrong but he still wanted it so bad. But first, he was intent on breeding her ass. “You’re so fucking naughty…” He lifted a hand from her ass and slapped it back down, sending her thick fat rolling and her pucker squeezed around him with the sudden sting of pain.

She let out a squeal then a moan. “See? Your mother is such a heavy sleeper. I bet I could reach over and squeeze her tit without her waking.”

“Is that really a good- oh, you’re doing it.” Rob watched in wonder as Aunt Victoria leaned over, his cock still in her ass, and groped at her sister’s breast.

“Is this hot for you, darling?” She smirked at him over her shoulder. Her fingers twisted his mum’s nipple and she let out a moan, her eyelids flickering. “Oops…”

Rob groaned. “Fuck, not so hard! You’ll fucking wake her!”

“I kinda hope I do.” She grabbed a handful of breast and squeezed hard. “I want my sister to see what her son doing to his aunty.”

“Fuck…” he groaned. “Saying things like that is gonna make me cum…”

“Good.” She let go of his mum’s chest and slid off his cock and it slapped back down on his belly. Then she moved forward, down on her knees, ass high in the air, her gaping asshole slowly closing back up after its stretching. “Now hurry up, my darling nephew, and fill my ass up again with your cock. It’s where it was meant to be…”

Rob shuffled up on his knees and got into position, one hand on her ass and the other guiding his cock. This time her sweet rosebud opened with ease to accept him and they both moaned in unison. She tightened with every inch that pushed inside until his balls rested against her soaked pussy.

He couldn’t hold back any longer. With both hands on her hips he started thrusting in and out. Hard. His hips slapping against her ass filled the room with fleshy claps. Aunt Victorica gasped as her hand grasped around his wrist, fingernails digging into his skin.

“Yes, baby, fuck my ass good!” She moaned, looking back over her shoulder at him with furrowed eyebrows and desperate eyes. “Pound me deep! Fill me with your thick load!”

Rob’s lust for his Aunt consumed him as he pounded her ass like his life depended on it. He glanced over at his mum again as he panted and puffed, both hoping she’s wake up and praying she’d stay asleep. He wanted to know what she thought of this, what she would say about being balls deep inside her sister’s asshole. He moved a hand up Aunt Victoria’s back and took a fist full of her hair, pulling gently. “Aunt Vicky,” he groaned, still slamming in and out of her forbidden tightness, “you’re such a fucking slut for incest, aren’t you?”

“Yes, baby, yes!” Her back arched, leaning into his hair pulling. “I love it when my handsome nephew fucks my asshole!” Her hand slid down, fingers flicking against her soaked clit. “Fuuuuck, you’re gonna make me cum so hard!” her voice turned to pathetic whimpers as she babbled in ecstasy.

It didn’t take long for him to start throbbing and engorging. “Oh god! I’m gonna cum, Aunt Vicky, I’m gonna cum, gonna cum!”

“Cum deep inside my ass, darling, yes!”

Aunt Victoria’s tight pucker contracted and pulsed around him as her orgasm began to rock her entire body. “Yes, yes, yes, yes,” he repeated over and over as his orgasm erupted and a thick rope of seed snaked down inside her warmth. It came hard and fast, filling her quick, her gasping and moaning making him moan louder, his mother stirring beside them, eyes flickering.

“Oh, my god,” Aunt Victoria wheezed, “so much fucking cum… more that you dumped down my throat for sure…”

Rob let go of her hair, both hands on her ass, and slowly withdrew his cock. A gush of white came as his head ejected, splattering down onto the sheets. Her fingers quickly scooped up his leaking load and she rubbed it into her clit with postorgasmic glee. It was truly a sight to behold.

“After all that,” Aunt Vicky moaned as her long fingers gently swirled around her cum soaked clit, “Veronica didn’t even wake up…”

Rob glanced over and surely enough his mum still slumbered, mouth partly open and breathing gently. She groaned and rolled onto her back, heavy breast wobbling like jello.

He slumped back on the bed with a content sigh. “Merry fucking Christmas, Aunt Vicky…”

She giggled and dragged her body up his to lay down beside. Her eyes gazed into his with pure love. “Hope you liked what Santa brought you this year.”

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