Waited Long Enough Ch. 01

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Driving home from work my mind races around the thoughts of what is in store for us tonight. It’s been 10 days since we’ve last been together and both of us had made a promise not to give in to sexual relief until we were able to see each other again. The sexual tension has been crazy, between the long length of time and the hot conversations that we’ve had almost every day. I was so excited to hear your voice today, telling me that you were going to be able to come over tonight. I told you where my spare key was and to let yourself in if you wanted to come over before I got home.

My heart races a little and a smile appears on my face as I turn the corner towards my house and I see your car in the driveway. I walk inside the door in to my dark house, music playing in one of the rooms, I walk slowly and quietly following the sound of the rhythm coming from down the hall. As I near my bedroom I can see candlelight bouncing off the walls through the partially open door and I push it open further still being very quiet. I can now see clearly in to the room, which is illuminated by many candles, and can see you lying on your side on my bed. I take in the beautiful sight before me, you’re in a very small white thong and corset, your ass is pointed towards the door and your skin is slightly glistening against the soft light.

You still have not seen me and I take in a deep breath as I watch your hands move across your body, touching yourself all over from your legs to your ass and up to your breasts and neck, eyes closed and small moans escaping your lips. I can see that you have been rubbing oil in to your skin and can smell Ataşehir Escort a tropical scent from it filling the room. I continue watching you and decide to remove my clothes as your fingers continue to touch yourself, they have become more concentrated on your ass and upper legs and as you squeeze your cheeks I can see the edge of your tight asshole appear at the sides of the small piece of fabric running up the center of your ass. I am down to my boxers and have reached inside them, stroking my cock softly up and down as I continue to watch your fingers dance around the edges of your thong panties, touching the outer edges of your slightly exposed pussy. I can see that the white material covering you has become wet and somewhat transparent and I lick my lips and let out a soft moan as I think about what I’d like to do to you.

You have become aware of my presence and your eyes have locked on to mine. Your hands have not stopped their movement and your eyes are telling me what you want. I remove my last article of clothing, releasing my straining hardness from the restraints of my boxers, and walk towards your waiting body on the bed.

I position myself behind you and let my hands wander over your soft moist skin, touching your legs and ass slowly…teasingly. I lay on my side and start kissing the back of your legs. Sticking my tongue out I move from just above the back of your knee all the way up to the top of your ass, tasting the piña colada flavored oil that you had been rubbing on yourself. I then start kissing and licking the top of your thong above your booty and make my Ataşehir Escort Bayan way down slowly, my tongue never leaving the material as it moves between your cheeks.

I feel you shudder and push against my tongue as it passes down over your asshole and continues making it’s way to your pussy. I have found the wetness I’ve been looking for as my mouth finds the soaked material of your thong. I’m no longer licking, but now sucking at your panties, my face pushed harder against you now as I taste your sweet pussy cum.

You can’t take any more of my teasing and you pull your pussy soaked thong aside so you can feel my mouth sucking and licking your dripping wet hole. You moan as I penetrate you with my tongue and rub my face against your wetness. More delicious pussy cum drips out of you as I lick your clit, down to the inner folds of your pussy and finally around your tight backdoor. As I continue my oral aggression on your ass I feel your hand find my throbbing hard cock as you slow jerk it up and down, occasionally spitting on your hand to make it slick.

I can’t wait anymore, I have to feel you…have to feel you around my cock…have to feel the inner walls of your pussy dragging against my swollen shaft. I kneel behind you as you stay laying on your side, your knees pushed a little further up than before. I guide my cock at the entrance of your pussy and push in so slowly, feeling every wet inner part of you as my cock explores deeper and deeper until our bodies meet together.

I begin thrusting in to you slowly trying to keep myself from cumming, the days of waiting Escort Ataşehir already has me on the edge but I need to feel your pussy drench my cock in your juices before i give you my cum. I turn you over to your back spreading you wide and pumping in to you a little faster as our tongues play together. My hands are busy opening your corset so I can get your hardened tits, my cock now pounding deeply and noisily inside your cunt.

I’m in heaven as my hands squeeze your tits and I feel what I’ve been waiting for…your pussy is clenching and squirting against my cock as I take long fast strokes in and out of you. Our eyes are locked as i fuck you fast and deep, my thoughts start coming out of my mouth as I drill in to you. “You like how I fuck my nasty little slut don’t you? Are you going to cum all over this cock again? Show me how that pussy squirts for big thick cocks.”

Again I feel you gush pussy juice as I begin to lose control of the building orgasm that is making my cock twitch. I quickly pull out of you and start stroking my ready cock…this time it’s you who let’s her thoughts escape…” stroke that fucking cock for me, shoot that cum all over me, you can put it wherever you like…I’ll be the good cum loving whore that you want me to be”.

With those words I lose it… My cock erupts like I’ve never felt before, shooting ropes of cum across your entire upper body…some managing to reach your neck and face. I begin moving up your body still stroking and cumming all over you as I guide my cock to your open waiting mouth, the last bit of cum falling on to your tongue as I watch your hands massaging the white fluid in to your skin as you moan and suck whatever I have left out of me.

Your hand reaches for my shaft which is still extremely hard…stroking it while your eyes look in to mine. I know we’ve only begun our night when you say “my ass has felt left out, think you could help me out with that…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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