Waiting for Nick!

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I’m waiting patiently for Nick to arrive at the hotel. It’s not long to go now. I’ve showered, shaved my legs and trimmed my bush, and put on my new silk bathrobe. I want everything to be perfect! I look at the clock and I can see it’s almost time. I’ve been in a state of arousal all day, but knowing the moment is so close releases another rush of heat and moisture. Sliding a finger between my lips I realise I am more than ready for what is to come.

I hear a key in the door and lying back on the bed, I put one arm above my head, the side of my breast just visible, my excitement more visible, nipples so hard that every brush of the silk dressing gown is excruciating! Parting my legs just a little to expose a glimpse of my pussy I pretend to be asleep.

The door opens and I can hear footsteps that stop just after he comes through the door, I’ve caught his attention, the intake of breath gives it away. He’s not appreciating me as such, but he knows if I have made the effort he is in for a good night, which he deserves.

I pretend to wake when I feel his fingers lazily brushing up my leg. When I stretch from my yawn, my robe falls away exposing my nipples to the cool air, all I can do is whimper!

He stares down at me as he continues his path to the top of my legs, brushing aside the robe and nodding in appreciation at my newly trimmed bush! He can smell my arousal it fills the air between us, and I can see his from the visible bulge in his jeans. He moves to touch me but I brush his hand aside and tell him to go and stand at the end of the bed letting him know this show is all for him.

When he is in where I want him to be, I bathe in the sight of him, all gorgeous 6ft 2 of him standing at the end of the bed, I love his shoulders and body and whimper again at the thought of being able to touch them soon. I have his complete undivided attention.

Opening the Haymana Escort tie on the robe I let it fall from my body until I am completely naked. I run my hands over my throat and down my chest until I reach my breasts, caressing the sides of them and trailing my nails over and around them until I finally reach my nipples which I pinch between my fingers.

Shock waves ripple through my body and my legs part just a little to release some of the heat that is building inside me. Nick starts to shuffle from foot to foot when I lift my breast and put my nipple up to my mouth, darting my tongue out to flick the hard little nub then circling it, working first one and then the other. A poor substitute for his unbelievable tongue but stimulation all the same and I know he likes to watch!

I slide my hands on down my stomach, until I reach the top of my mound, sliding over it and then trailing my nails up the inside of my thighs so I can part my legs and let him see my soaking wet pussy. Now it’s his turn to moan as I part my lips and slide my middle finger into my waiting cunt and my thumb to my clit which feels like it is about to explode.

I start to moan and raise my hips, if I am not careful I will cum there and then and I don’t want to, the fun is only just beginning. My finger which I reluctantly slide out of my cunt is slick with moisture and I raise it to my mouth and suck and lick all the juice from it, hoping he can read the signs of what is to come next.

I get up and stand in front of him on the bed. Putting my arms around his broad shoulders I kiss him, a long deep kiss, sliding my tongue in to meet his and letting him taste my juice. As I unbutton his shirt I kiss his neck and down over his shoulder, as I stoop to get lower he slides a finger into my cunt making me bite his shoulder.

I let him finger me İranlı Escort for a few minutes closing my eyes and enjoying the sensation bearing down so his finger is buried deep inside. Pulling his hand away I place them both on my hips and resume my journey down his body. When I reach his nipples which are almost as hard as mine I slide my tongue out and gently flick them, then catch each one between my teeth gently tugging , grazing my long nails down his sides as I do so.

His cock is straining against his jeans so I open them and slide them down his legs and tell him to step out. When he does I sit on the edge of the bed in front of him. His cock is rock hard and I almost give in to sliding two fingers into my cunt again the anticipation is so great.

But instead I slide down his boxers and grip his manhood which jumps from my touch. Running my thumb over the head I use his pre cum as lubrication and then start to slowly work my hand up and down his shaft, there’s no hurry, we have plenty of time. With each stroke he continues to grow, so I dip my fingers into my pussy and smear his cock with my juice then lowering my head I lightly graze his head with my teeth, while darting my tongue into the hole, all the while still stroking his cock with my hand.

I love sucking cock, and I swirl my tongue round and round to add lubrication so I can work him into my mouth. Further and further down his shaft I go until I am able to take him all, sucking gently as I pull him out and licking as I slide him in, massaging his balls with my free hand.

He puts his hands on my shoulders as I start a rhythm of fucking his cock with my mouth my nails digging into his bum to pull him closer to me and into me, his fingers digging into my shoulders. I alternate between fast and slow, increasing the suction ever so slightly on the slow movements. Karapürçek Escort His hand goes to the back of my head, grabbing my hair lightly to move me back and forth on his cock! I am on fire and juice is now starting to run down my legs, I need to feel his cock inside me, I need him to fuck me, I can’t wait for him anymore.

I slide up the bed and he follows me, towering over me. I open my legs wide for him and raise my hips and taking his cock run it over my clit and then down to the entrance of my cunt, sliding it up and down until it’s glistening with my juice. I am so open for him and so ready, I need to feel him inside me, I need complete abandonment of my senses.

Guiding his head to my waiting pussy he teases me by just inching inside me, I put my hands behind my head to to arch myself towards him and he grabs my wrists and pins me down, flicking his tongue over my nipple and biting me gently. I kiss him, a frenzy of small and long kisses as I feel him slide inside, my cunt is so tight it has to stretch to accommodate his length, but I am greedy I want it all, I want him to fuck me till I scream! He starts to slide in and out of my waiting cunt and I strain up to suck his nipple, and nibble at his chest. I am reaching fever point and I’m screaming fuck me harder Nick, slide your cock right up my dirty wet cunt in between moans of pure pleasure as he pounds himself into me, and I buck up towards him.

I know he’s getting close as his grip on my wrists tighten and I start to work myself up onto his cock faster, pushing my cunt onto his length, widening my legs trying to get him to meld into me. He’s fucking me so hard I am scared I will break but I don’t want him to stop, I want him to shoot his load right inside me, right into my waiting cunt.

I tighten my muscles around his throbbing cock as the pleasure builds, gripping him and massaging him with the walls of my cunt which sends him over the edge and he thrusts himself right inside me as I start to cum. I can feel his hot liquid shoot inside me and mingle with my own as I am engulfed in waves of pleasure. Kissing his lips and his eyes as the last of his cum pumps into me.

He rolls off me and I say, “Hello Nick.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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