Waiting , Wondering

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You hear the door open and I gently murmur a hello to her as I guide her from the entrance area of the room to the bedroom. As you strain against your bonds, exposed completely, you hear her intake of breath when she sees you – your nipples hard and rosy against your breasts, pushed out by your arms stretched tautly above your head, your legs spread and lips glistening with desire, thrusting your hips lightly off the bed begging to be touched – by either of us.

“Mmmm, can’t wait” she says.

The next moments seem like hours to you. You can only imagine what she is doing. Getting undressed, fondling my cock – maybe she is on her knees in front of me, touching herself watching you; you don’t know.

You hear sounds but can’t make them out.

But you know you feel the weight of someone on the bed next to you eventually. The light sensation across your belly and chest must be her dragging her blond hair across you. It is so tantalizing. She starts at your pussy where you can barely feel it and by the time she gets up to your breasts with it your whole body is on fire. Back and forth slowly she drags the tip of her hair only, just teasing until you feel the weight shift and her tongue lightly across one nipple.


The sound of my hand on her ass is unexpected and lets you know that she is naked even as it competes with the sound of her moaning on your tit and the feeling that brings to your belly and below.

As I continue to spank her, avcılar üniversiteli escort her mouth becomes more insistent on your breast and she uses her teeth as well as tongue. Her left hand moves between your legs and you strain towards it as her thumb touches your clit every time she moves forward from my hand on her ass.

Her mouth moves off your nipple and down your body. Is she going to put her face between your legs? Your push your ass off the bed losing contact with her thumb hoping for the tongue snaking down your belly, delirious with the thought as you hear me say “Not yet”.

She is so close she can smell your desire. Her mouth is just on the hair above your clit but going no further per my command.

You lost track of the fact that I am no longer spanking but as the thought comes I take your face in my hands. Having moved around the bed, I take your mouth with my cock. Holding your head, just the tip is inside and you concentrate now on moving your tongue around the tip. Licking, sucking, nibbling on it – you want it further down your throat and eventually I oblige, slowly running it all the way in to the balls.

Almost forgetting that you have a beautiful woman at the entrance to your pussy with my cock filling your mouth and your senses, you become aware that her hand is now in her mouth across your cunt. She is stroking it in and out in time to my cock in and out of your mouth!

Then avrupa yakası escort she takes one moistened finger and brings it not to your pussy but to your ass. Gently pushing against the ring her finger barely slips in at the same time her tongue finally flicks your clit and your moan on my cock in your mouth as you come.

Her mouth covers you completely and you are barely aware I have slipped out of yours until you feel her now being thrust intermittently into you. Her tongue reaching inside, curling from one lip to another. Her finger slowly deeper into your ass. I am pumping her now as her face is pumping you. Your orgasm hasn’t stopped and only intensifies as she moans, cumming, into your pussy with her tongue inside and her finger still inside behind.

You sense that I withdraw from her and haven’t come yet.

She is lightly lapping at your pussy as you are coming down from your sexual high.

I am just beginning.


“Turn over, Nancy.” I tell you.

You know what position I want you in as you whimper, knees thrusting your ass into the air with your back arched accentuating the thinness of your waist and the flare of your hips.

You feel her shift on the bed wondering what’s coming next.

“I love the look of you like that.”

You feel the air only slightly before simultaneously hearing the sound and feeling my hand on your ass. The tips of my fingers lightly touch bağdat caddesi escort your cunt as I spank you, your ass becoming a beautiful red hue under my hand. Kelly is on her knees in front of me, you can hear her mouth on my dick in between the sounds of your ass being smacked.

The fire is building still.

I stop and you moan wanting my touch as I tell you to rise off your elbows and on your hands off the bed. You feel Kelly slithering underneath you and know what is coming next. I am going to tell you to use your mouth on her!

You can smell her arousal underneath you. You have always secretly wanted to try this. You can’t wait but know you must have my permission and the smell is overwhelming just as you feel my tongue lightly on your burning ass and her head rises to lick your pussy again.

“Smell her Nancy, you want to taste it for the first time don’t you?”

You can barely moan a reply with both our mouths torturing you between your legs.


“Now.” I barely finish the word and your tongue greets her slit.

I step away to watch, stroking my cock, still the only one who hasn’t come, watching you two enjoy yourselves in the moment.

You are so close to cumming again, but it is going to be my turn, too.

You feel me on the bed and her mouth leaves you for a moment as she lubes me. My dick is at the opening of your ass as she begins to lick you again and your face hasn’t left her cunt as I slowly work into your ass.

Oh my god. You can feel it deep inside you as you begin to come again, overwhelmed by all of the sensations and emotions within you: submissiveness, passion, desire, fulfillment. As you begin cumming this next time, her mouth leaves your pussy to lick my balls as I come deep into your ass only intensifying your own orgasm more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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