Wake Up Little Susie

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They’d had an excellently good party to celebrate Chris’s twentieth-first birthday; Chris who’d not long ago set out into the big wide world to find his own feet. He’d finally left college and had almost immediately been snapped up by a national company who recognised his designer talents, his good fortune enabling him to spread his wings for the first time and to quickly find a nice little flat near his work.

He soon decided that a small house-warming party would be perfect, so he invited his favourite sister – well, his only sister to be honest and a few of his new colleagues to come over and together with a couple of big pizzas and some beer, augmented by some libations his friends had brought round, they’d had a bubbly evening’s social entertainment. No-one had really over-indulged although they were all slightly merry by the end of the evening when eventually his friends all bade him farewell and sauntered off into the night, leaving just Chris and his sister, Susie.

“Mmmmm, I don’t want to go yet,” she said rather dreamily, as she snuggled herself languidly into the soft settee, “I’m so comfy here – can’t I stay a bit longer?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” said Chris, “Errrr, don’t know where you’ll sleep though unless you use the settee.”

“Oh I didn’t mean I’d stay overnight,” said Susie, “I just wasn’t in a rush to leave.”

“Oh sorry Susie. No, of course you don’t have to go yet,” said Chris, “Its Saturday tomorrow so I’m not working. I’m not tired yet either – are you?”

“No, I’m still wide awake,” replied Susie even if she didn’t look particularly wide awake, “Anyway, if I did stay overnight I wouldn’t have to sleep here; there’s room in your pit isn’t there? It’s a double, isn’t it? I wouldn’t take up much room.”

Chris felt his eyebrows jerk upwards and his penis do the same; incest or not, the thought of sharing a bed with his sister was appealing and yet appalling too. Chris hadn’t dipped his wick for some months and was feeling particularly horny tonight, especially with a pretty girl sitting just feet away from him.

Susie pulled herself from the settee’s comfortable clutches and meandered over to the table where the drinks were. She looked at the various bottles before brightening suddenly.

“Hey, look – they’ve left a half bottle of vodka!” she said, picking it up from among the empties and unscrewing the top, “That’s brilliant!”

She poured herself a generous measure and added some cola before looking around for Chris, who was just reappearing from the kitchen with a can of lager and a big smile.

“And I’ve got a couple of six-packs in there that I’d hidden!” he said, “Yeah, come on then; let’s party again!”

Chris was happy to chatter with his sister; they’d always been good friends with many of the same preferences, despite her being almost three years older than him. He didn’t mind her being older either; she didn’t play on being the senior one of the two and she was a happy cheerful soul with many of the same likes and dislikes as him. Chris watched her arse move as she bent over the table, his mind imagining various scenarios…

Well, she was also a delightful bit of eye-candy! Susie was a remarkably curvy girl. She seemed to have long slim legs, or at least she always exposed lots of leg, her pins topped by nicely broad hips – not broad enough to be ‘large’ but sufficiently generous to give her some nice curves. ‘A fuckin’ nice ride,’ as one of Chris’s mates had rather crudely described her shape. Her waist was respectably narrow and as a result, her bust looked big on her, not that her breasts were small anyway.

But despite her desirable body it was her face that Chris really loved the most – she was cute; almost elfin to look at and certainly she had a cheeky look about her. She had a fairly narrow chin and high cheekbones; cute freckles everywhere and the most gorgeous deep green eyes, all topped by a head of wavy ginger hair. And she was a kiss-lover – she adored kissing people, Chris included and he’d come to love and enjoy her warm moist full lips on his from time to time.

They chinked glasses and cans together; turned on the CD player and settled down onto the settee together, the soft music turning out to be a compendium of love songs.

“I want to wake up with you,” crooned Boris Gardiner, causing both Chris and Susie to look at each other somewhat self-consciously; to smile and giggle as well.

“So, what’re we gonna talk about?” asked Chris, breaking the spell, “Anything?”

“Dunno,” said Susie, “What’s on your mind?”

“Well, I guess that one thing I’ve always wondered is why you’re not married yet – why you haven’t found a guy and started a family. Why don’t you do that while you’re young – then you’ll have freedom when you get older,” he said as he sipped his lager.

“Haven’t found the right bloke,” Susie replied, “There’s a lot of crap out there to be honest – I want a good husband, not some loser. And I want a man with a nice big cock as well!”

“Don’t want much do you, but I guess that makes sense,” Chris replied, Lefkoşa Escort his eyes taking in his sister’s lovely body, “Guess you want someone like me then?”

He laughed at his own suggestion and thrust out his chest to exaggerate his muscles but Susie wasn’t laughing.

“You’d make a lovely husband; a great lover,” she said, smiling broadly, “I mean, you’ve got it all; the looks, the prospects – even the right mannerisms – all the things I like. Still – you’re my brother so that’s out the window…”

Chris glowed as she praised him and felt a small excited thrill stir his cock. Idly he looked at the clock to wonder when Susie would leave so he could have some self-gratification time but Susie spoke again.

“Bet you wouldn’t want me though?” she continued, her question seemingly rhetorical, “Bet I’m not really your sort?”

Ok – it was a throw-away reply but underneath she suddenly realised that she meant it seriously – suddenly she began to look on her brother as a potentially suitable mate. She’d always fancied him; loving all those attributes that she’d mentioned and now a seed of an idea was awakening inside her.

‘What if I get him to…?’ she wondered, ‘I wonder if he’s well hung too…’

Chris was also serious when he replied.

“You’d make a fantastic wife,” he said, squeezing her hand with his, “You’re certainly the kind of woman I’d pick. Look at you; you’ve got a great figure; a lively mind; a super smile too for that matter – you’d do nicely!”

He was blushing now as he too realised what he’d said but Susie didn’t follow up on his words; instead she just continued to plan ahead. But she needed to keep him talking…

“Well, funnily enough that’s what’s been on my mind too,” said Susie, looking straight at Chris, “I had the same thoughts. I’ve been wondering why you didn’t have a girlfriend?”

“Just haven’t got round to it,” replied Chris, supping at his lager, “Too many other things to do, I guess. Why – why do you ask?”

“Well, I’d have thought a guy like you would have got himself fixed up by now,” said Susie, easing herself into a more reclined position once more, “I mean you’re good looking and fit and all that…”

Her eyes strayed up and down his body as she spoke; taking in his strong biceps; his obviously well-formed pecs and what looked to be a generous bulge at his groin.

“And it looks as if you pack a fair parcel down there,” she said, “Bet you’ve got what the ladies like!”

“Hmmm, why should I tell you?” answered Chris, a little piqued by her very personal question.

“Well, I am your sister – I should know all about you, shouldn’t I?” Susie said, laughing, “Hah – you’re not shy are you?”

“No way – I’m not shy,” he said, “What have I got to be shy about?”

Chris found his hand automatically and unintentionally moving to cover his bulge, his obvious shyness coming to the surface, even if he couldn’t admit it.

“About whatever you’re hiding!” replied his sister, chuckling, “That’s what all of us girls like to find out about!”

“Well, you’re not finding out about me,” said Chris determinedly, “It’s got nothing to do with you anyway.”

Susie swigged at her drink again before replying; her mind thinking fast.

“Don’t go getting all uptight about it,” she said, “I was only asking… I was just curious to know what you’ve got down there. Yeah, what I mean is, how well hung are you?”

“I’m quite well enough hung, thank you,” replied Chris, a bit testily, “I mean, what would you do if I asked you how big your tits were or whether you shaved?”

“I’d tell you,” replied Susie, finishing her drink, “I’m a size 36C up top and yes I shave down below, completely – so there – so come on, tell me how long your thingy is then!”

“That’s too much information,” replied Chris shakily, almost missing his mouth with the can, “I shouldn’t tell you that even if you’re happy to talk about your body.”

“Why on earth not?” Susie asked, “I’m just interested because then I can get a better idea of you and what you can offer – I might even have a girlfriend that’ll suit you, for example.”

“Can’t I find my own girlfriends then?” replied Chris, the question hanging in the air.

“Doesn’t seem like it!” said Susie, laughing, “Here you are – twenty-one years old and no girlfriend…they’ll start to think you’re gay or something.”

“No way!” said Chris vehemently, “I honestly just haven’t got round to finding a girl.”

“You’ve had girlfriends though, haven’t you?” Susie continued and Chris nodded.

“Yeah – occasionally,” he replied, “Been there – done that I guess.”

“And you’ve had sex with them?” Susie asked, and Chris nodded again.

“And did you satisfy them?” Susie persisted, “Or was that a problem?”

For once Chris was stuck and he felt himself blushing; he had indeed lost several girlfriends as a result of sex, but he was too shy to talk about it, but Susie saw his glowing redness and pushed on.

“Ah, so you did have problems with sex,” she said, Girne Escort “So what’s the matter – can’t you get it up?”

Chris was definitely shy about this, especially with such a subject and even more so because it was his sister he was talking to – he just wasn’t used to it and he just couldn’t answer, so Susie began to answer for him.

“Surely you can get hard?” she said, her eyes sliding down his body, “Don’t they turn you on, is that it?”

“Yeah, they turn me on alright…” said Chris, shyly stumbling over his words, “But when it comes to having sex…”

“…You lose it,” said Susie, interrupting him, “You can’t finish the job – or you can’t even start it!”

“No – that’s not what I meant,” said Chris feeling rather irritated, “That’s not the problem.”

“Well, what is?” asked Susie, “Come on, tell me – be honest.”

Chris took a deep breath before replying.

“They say I’m too big!” he said at last, “It puts them off me. There, I’ve said it!”

He buried his red face in his can; now lifting it up and draining its contents.

Susie was open-mouthed now – her eyes were on stalks, riveted onto his groin, her empty glass in danger of falling from her hand.

“Really?” she asked, putting her glass down, “Nah – I don’t believe you. Dad isn’t particularly big so why should you be?”

“How on earth do you know that?” he replied, “You been sneaking then?”

“Their bedroom door was ajar once when I was passing and I saw Dad,” she said, “I think he was a bit excited for some reason; I think Mum was changing too; but he wasn’t really hard but even so I could see he didn’t have a whole lot down there. So how come you’re so big, if you are?”

Chris considered his words before drinking deeply; it was entirely true, but Susie was the first person ever to broach the subject – now he had to be brave to continue…

“Well, I’m pretty certain it’s true, that I’m big,” he said, “The girls I’ve had taken to bed all been pretty young I guess and too inexperienced perhaps. But when I’ve tried to put it in they say it won’t fit…and that’s the end of it.”

Susie was still in a state of shock and his words had done little to relax her – instead they only seemed to inflame her mind, but eventually she managed to speak.

“So your penis is too big to get into a girl’s vagina, is that it?” she said, braving the use of proper words rather than innuendoes.

Chris nodded again and took another swig at his lager to cover his embarrassment.

“Wow!” Susie mouthed, “Oh come on, you’ve got to tell me now. Just how big are you?”

Her interest now lay way beyond just finding out for the benefit of her friends.

“Just fuck off!” Chris expleted, “Why should I tell you? What’s it to you anyway?”

“I did say I might be able to find you a girlfriend, didn’t I?” said Susie, covering her personal interest in the matter, “So I’d need to be able to tell them what they’re letting themselves in for. And anyway, I’ll admit it, I’m curious now as well.”

Chris though, wasn’t about to talk about such things; the subject was still taboo to him, especially to his sister. Sure, the matter had arisen when he’d made out with a girl but once they’d found out and once things had come to a halt, nothing more had ever been said – it wasn’t a matter for discussion.

Susie got up from the settee and fixed herself another drink. She went into the kitchen and brought out another can of lager for Chris while she was up – then came and plonked herself back on the settee and looked at Chris earnestly. She slid her skirt up a few inches before settling into the cushions.

“Come on, tell me, please” she cajoled, “Why hide it?”

“Look – I’m big – end of story,” he said, “That’s enough for you to know, so there.”

But Susie wasn’t to be put off – not that easily and now she pushed herself upright on the settee and put her drink down. She leaned forward and put a hand on Chris’s knee, her hand slowly moving over his trousers. And as she did so, the top of her relatively low-cut sweater hung open, displaying the swell of her generous breasts to Chris.

“Oh Chris, don’t be so mean,” she said softly, “Tell me – please. Tell me how big you are, please.”

She shrugged her shoulders; seemingly just a shrug but Susie was thinking deviously – her shrug was a calculated move designed to expose more of her breasts in an attempt to encourage Chris to open up and it seemed to be working.

She could see Chris’s eyes locking onto her exposed cleavage and she smiled gently, realising that he’d soon be spilling the beans.

“Pretty please!” she said, her tongue intentionally licking at her lips, “What are you, seven inches; eight inches?”

Chris breathed in deeply before letting it all out in one big breath.

“If you really want to know, I’m nine and a half inches,” he said, quickly covering his embarrassment by burying his face in his can of lager once again.

“Wow!” exclaimed Susie, her hand suddenly gripping his leg tightly, “Really? You’re Magosa Escort that big?”

“Wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it,” he replied grumpily, “Course its true.”

Susie suddenly felt herself becoming warm and then damp between her legs and felt a hot glow suffusing her face. She fanned herself with her hand while the other hand pulled her jumper away from her steaming breasts.

“Phew – you’ve got me all hot!” she said, still fanning herself, “No wonder those girls couldn’t take you.”

She collapsed back in the settee and Chris was quick to notice that her already short skirt had ridden up her thighs and now revealed that her panties were pale blue. Quickly he averted his eyes but as he did so he felt his penis jerk energetically; the sight sending wicked signals all through his body.

But then Susie had another thought.

“Yeah but just because you’re that long, it doesn’t stop a girl from getting you inside her, does it – she doesn’t have to take it all, does she,” she said, “So your cock’s gotta be pretty thick too, hasn’t it?”

Chris nodded, unable to speak; then took another mouthful of lager as Susie spoke again.

“So that’s the real problem, isn’t it, you’re too thick for a girl to get it inside her,” she said, suddenly understanding their predicament.

She picked up her glass and drained the contents before continuing…

“So come on, how big are you; I mean how thick is your cock?” she asked, “Come on, tell me, please. As big as that can you’re holding?”

Chris stopped drinking and held the can in front of his face.

“No not that big; well, nearly perhaps,” he admitted, watching Susie’s mouth fall open as he spoke.

“Fucking hell!” she exclaimed, “Really?”

She was captivated now – held in thrall by the subject; unwilling to leave it and eager, almost desperate to find out even more.

“So what about your knob, you know, the crown, is it bigger than that?” she asked breathlessly, “Usually your knob’s even bigger than your shaft, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it is bigger,” admitted Chris reluctantly, “Quite a bit actually.”

Susie hardly knew where to put herself now; she was agog with the incredible facts and now felt compelled to see the evidence for herself – but should she explore any further?

This was getting into the realm of incest, she thought, and then reconsidered. No – incest was when they fucked, wasn’t it…so she was quite alright with finding out the details, she decided.

“So, when you’re hard, what does it look like?” she asked, a bit lost for words but eager to keep things going, “I bet it reaches well up past your tummy button, doesn’t it?”

She squirmed on the settee as she imagined the sight, her actions moving her skirt another inch or so upwards and causing her breasts within their flimsy bra, to sway enticingly. It also sent another wave of moisture to her pussy and she felt herself shifting her bum on the settee as her pussy became more aroused. She looked down and saw that her nipples, despite being quite small, were showing as little protrusions in the material of her top and she knew that Chris could see them too. She felt as if she wanted to take her top off, to reveal her charms to Chris but she held back – that just wouldn’t be appropriate or appreciated…well, not yet!

Chris hadn’t answered her but as she looked at him she realised that words weren’t entirely necessary – his actions were speaking for him and his hands had settled over his groin to hide his growing penis.

He was getting hard – she could see his trousers becoming stretched out of shape underneath his hands and she found herself wetting her lips once more, her desire to do more than just talk about his cock starting to take shape.

“Oooooh no, stop it!” moaned Chris, his voice quivering with emotion, “Stop talking about it, will you.”

Susie’s eyes remained fixed on his groin as if to force him to become erect and her ploy seemed to be working!

“Oh fuck!” moaned Chris, “See what you’ve done?”

He took his hands away and there before her was the outline of his penis – a massive object that seemed to stretch most of the way to his knee!

She gasped, astonished by the sight even though she’d been primed to imagine the size.

“Bloody hell – he looks really huge!” she exclaimed, her head spinning, “Can I see him properly?”

“Yeah, there he is,” said Chris, pointing at his cock, “What more do you want?”

“No – I want to see him – get him out and let me see him properly,” said Susie, her breath coming quickly, “I can’t believe how big he must be.”

“You’re joking!” cried Chris, his hand once again covering at least part of his penis, “No way!”

“Oh go on, please,” said Susie, “Please, please let me see him. I am your sister after all.”

“No, no, you’re not going to see him, especially since you’re my sister,” said Chris, “And if you don’t mind I’m going to push him up so you can’t see it, so there.”

“Ohhhhh Chrissssss!” moaned Susie, still imagining the huge edifice towering from his groin, “That’s not fair!”

But Chris was already moving; his hips squirming; his hands moving; his cock throbbing as he pulled at his trousers to get his cock from pointing down his leg to pointing up his body where it wouldn’t be so visible – when suddenly he cried out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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