Waking Up Angels

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Lauren was sleeping, and beginning to wake from a wonderful dream. In it her skin was electric, tingling to the touch of Nick’s body. As she drifted in and out of sleep, she felt her every movement, every brush of her skin against the soft sheets and pillow sent waves of passion rushing through her body.

She had fallen asleep last night, totally spent by Nick’s passion, left laying in their bed with only a whispered “God, I love you, baby” between her climax and the soft darkness. Now she was waking up with the same feelings that drove her to exhausted sleep.

As she came slowly out from under the haze, she realized how excited she was. She wanted him, again. Lauren knew as soon as she shook free from slumber, she’d soon be feeling Nick inside her again, where he belongs, where she needed him.

Lauren’s hands absentmindedly ran down her body, feeling herself, realizing her dreams had already physically aroused her. Her nipples were hard, and brushing against them made her tingle. Still groggy, she decided to slide her hand down between her legs and see if her fantasies had woken her wet.

When her hand arrived, she instead felt the back of Nick’s head.

Her hands ran to him, clutching his thick hair and holding him in place. Her passion exploded within her, realizing her true love awoke feeling the same way and had already begun, twisting her dreams to suit him.

Nick’s tongue worshipped her, lavished her with deep kisses. She could feel his tongue, lips, and teeth on her, kissing, tasting, sucking at her. Now fully awake, she threw her leg over his shoulder, her body silently begging him to continue. She ground her pelvis into his face, feeling him caressing her inside and out.

She gave a shudder as she realized Nick was tasting her for his own reasons. He was not doing this for her pleasure, that was just a side effect to her liking. He was very deliberate in his actions, he was thorough and patient. He was not being unselfish, not burying his tongue in her to bring her to orgasm.

He was only doing so to make her wet.

Lauren let a low moan slither from her throat, a sound that drove deep into Nick. He began to use his tongue faster, growing impatient. She thrust herself forward for him, realizing that he was merely putting her into position to take her, to wake her with the knowledge that she belonged to him, only to him.

And as her juices ran freely, she knew that he was right. She was his property, his birthright. No one had ever loved her like Nick, and no one had ever made Ümraniye Escort love to her like Nick. She knew that she would do whatever he asked. And she knew he was not a man to ask for what he deserved.

He would simply take it.

She tried with all of her power to hold him there, to keep him in place and his wonderful tongue upon her. But Nick was too focused, too strong to be held. He wanted her, and he would take her. Lauren knew that. She was helpless to stop him.

Nick threw her leg from his shoulder, and ran his hands up her body, leading the way. Her hands rushed to his, to feel his strong, rough hands caress her. They traced her stomach, and then to her naked breasts, squeezing softly.

And then, roughly. Pinching her, molding her body to suit him. Lauren arched her back, driving her beautiful breasts farther into his hands, offering herself to him, and Nick’s mouth quickly followed. Her nipples throbbed, feeling his tongue tracing them inside his hot mouth. Sucking her, biting gently at her, arousing her in ways she had been dreaming of mere moments before.

Lauren wasn’t even aware, but her legs had spread for his body. As he crawled up her slowly, she felt him, hot and hard below and rubbing against her. She could feel him dragging against her body, burning her with every touch. His mouth, so hot on her bare breast, melting her.

He raised his face to her, and she offered up her mouth for a kiss. He roughly took it, and she sucked at his tongue, daring him to stay there. He threw her face to the side with his own, and buried himself in her hair and neck. Lauren’s body again rose to meet him, her legs spread and rising to wrap around him.

And then, with a hard bite to her soft neck, he was inside her.

Nick filled her as she had never been filled before, as if he were cast from the perfect mold. Every part of her that had gone untouched for so many years was his for the taking, thrusting into her completely, fully. With his first deep stroke, her mouth dropped open but no words could escape. With every following thrust, she ground her teeth together, trying with all of her might to hold on.

She dug her fingernails into his back, not from pain or pleasure, but just for support. The feeling of him slamming himself into her, her body desperately trying to push back and force him deeper, left her clinging for life, afraid she might fall off the world if not for the strong arms of this man inside her.

Her legs, curled around his waist, went higher Ümraniye Escort Bayan still, opening up yet another place inside. She whispered in Nick’s ear, dirty things. Foul things. Things a woman should never say, and were uncontrollably spilling forth from her. She was his, his woman, his slut, his toy. She was everything he ever wanted, and would do everything he ever desired.

As long as he did not stop.

Nick did not speak, no more than a low growl. He was an animal now, Lauren’s animal. When she fell asleep, he had just been inside her. Now she was awake, and he was again. It was as if they were never separate, always two parts of the whole. With every thrust, he took her, reminded her that she was his to do with what he wanted.

And that is what she wanted to be, needed to be. In her mind, she never really existed before Nick. It was all a lie, a charade. She never knew what she was until him. And now, she knew she could never be otherwise.

He took her because she belonged to him, and she knew it had always been so. Even for the many years before she met him, she was always waiting for Nick to find her.

His rhythm continued to quicken, and Lauren realized he was growing close. She tingled inside with anticipation. Before Nick, she never allowed her lovers to finish inside her. She never trusted them, never belonged to them.

With Nick, she couldn’t think of anything else.

His hands dragged down her body, cupping her cheeks and lifting them from the bed. She let out an involuntary gasp, as Nick surprised her with his savageness. Her body was now bent, legs flailed upwards, and he was thrusting into her, unstoppable. The wave of pain took her before cresting into pleasure, and her nails dug into him to quell her scream.

But she wasn’t sure if she would scream for him to stop, or beg him not to.

Growling, moaning into her ear, Nick’s pulse grew stronger and stronger against her. Lauren bit down on her bottom lip, sucking at it to help focus. He was everything to her now, she couldn’t think or speak, a slave to the animal on top of her. Every penetration made her tremble, every violation was a blessing.

Her body taken, her will bent, she knew there was nothing left of her except him, and what he made her.

His arms were rock hard, his body locked in place, his breathing labored. Sweat ran from him, glazing him in the early morning sunlight streaming through the bedroom window. She could feel her own rush surging through her body, Escort Ümraniye about to take her, just as his was.

Nick arched his back, growling and thrusting deeper than ever as the first drop erupted from him, covering her inside. Lauren knew that would trigger her, the hot feeling splashing within her, burning to her core and deeper than anything ever before. She was hot and wet a moment ago, and now she was filled and even more so. And with every drop of him that burned into her, she felt the wave of passion, ecstasy overriding the pain.

Nick trembled throughout his entire body as he gave himself to her, and Lauren did the same as she accepted him. Freely, hungrily, giving her body to him, taking everything about him that made him her man.

And made Lauren his woman. She burned inside for him. She knew she was his, forever.

After a minute of gradually slowing thrusts, Lauren’s body began to breathe again. He realized she had wrapped herself around him when he began to come, and had not moved from the moment he exploded inside her.

She was desperately trying to catch up on oxygen, sweat running between the two lovers, muscles throbbing and aching. One final movement into her, and one last hot drop producing a strange chill inside of her.

Nick felt her shake, and covered her with his arms to warm her, hold her in place. He nuzzled her neck with his face, rough and unshaven.

Lauren raised her mouth to his ear, still speechless. She wanted him to hear her breathing, the panting and breathlessness he had inspired. She started to speak, and realized she still couldn’t.

Nick raised his face to hers, and she realized for everything that had happened, for being woken up and taken so fiercely, Lauren hadn’t even stared into his beautiful green eyes yet.

Her body had responded to his touch, sight unseen.

She smiled at the thought, and kissed him deeply. He returned the kiss, and she felt how hot his body was. His pulse still raced with the touch of her skin.

“Mmm,” Lauren finally spoke. “Good morning.”

Nick smiled, and kissed her again. “Stay with me, Lauren. Just stay in bed with me today. We’ll stay here and hide from the world.”

She pulled away from him, and sat up on the side of the bed. She realized how much her muscles were sore and aching, throbbing in pain from the rough treatment.

She smiled at the thought of it.

“I can’t, baby,” Lauren said, dragging herself to her feet and stretching.

Nick bounded from bed to cradle her body as it reached for the sky. “Sure you can. I’ll make it worth your while.”

Lauren laughed, and pushed herself into his body, forcing him to wrap around her. “I know you would, love.”

“But if I don’t go now, I’ll never leave.”

“And my husband would notice eventually.”

And so, Lauren went to the shower.

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