Walk in the Woods with Ann Ch. 01

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David had sent me on a course held at a country hotel for two days, however it finished early on the second day and I was stuck to get back, Mick was working till 6 and I didn’t want to wait till then.

I rang the office and got through to David on his mobile, luckily he was on his way back from a customer not too far away and said he’d pick me up in about 20 minutes, great, was really pleased!

I’ve worked for David for nearly 3 years, during which time he’s become a friend of Mick’s and I’ve become his sex toy.

He’s licked, fingered and fucked me on countless occasions and I turn I’ve fucked him, his customers and even…, all of which has been photographed which he sends to Mick who then fucks me stupid when I get home and tell him the tales.

As it was lunch time I was guessing that there could be an afternoon fuck session with David, he’s a dirty fucker but gets me so turned on!

I’d dressed in my normal business attire, white tight fitting blouse that made my tits look bigger, tight grey skirt about 3inch above my knee, shows off my thighs and arse, Rd bra and garter belt, copper coloured stockings, brown high heels and a tiny red see through thong, I’d started wearing tiny thongs when I grew back my bush.

My fanny and arsehole are completely shaven revealing my big cunt flaps, however, instead of a landing strip I had grown my bush in a big triangle, when I put on a tiny thong it would accentuate the bulge of my cunt, but fanny hair would be visible poking from the sides and above the thong.

I’d casually flashed a couple of guys by slowly grossing my legs and seen their reaction, their fuckin eyes nearly popped, the look in their eyes was pure animal lust, they’d have fucked me in front of their wives and friends the way they looked!

Anyway, David arrived and put my stuff in his car and we started the 50mile drive back, the road back bahçelievler escort was deserted and passed by a lot of woodland.

David mentioned that he’d just bought a new camera which was on the back seat, after a bit of chat David suggested we stop and he could try out his camera, business woman lost in the forest he said, I guessed where this was going to go, but I was his slut and didn’t fucking care.

We got out the car and I walked in front, occasionally turning round with a fake look of distress on my face so he could start to take pics.

I also undid a couple of buttons on my blouse and bent over a few times, you could see the tight impression of my garter belt across my arse, David took pics.

We came to a clearing and David lay out the blanket that he’d brought with him, I then started to pose, standing with my legs apart, swaying from side to side caressing my tits and hips, all the time my blouse was getting further unbuttoned and my skirt was now at my stocking tops.

I was as horny as fuck, I wanted David’s knob up me, it was then I noticed a movement behind David, am sure I got a glimpse of someone, then there was another movement and I saw a man’s face.

The thought of being watched by a stranger sent pangs right through me, my cunt was hot and wet.

I said to David, we’re being watched, David turned round but the bloke had disappeared, David carried on taking pics when I saw the blokes head again, I pulled my bra down immediately, my tits were on display for him, my nipples were like fucking bullets.

I was losing control, the guy was now stood in the open, I pulled my skirt round my waist and thrust my hips forward in the direction of the guy.

The guy looked like a hiker, t shirt, shorts and boots, he was also about 70, displaying myself like this for a stranger was turning me bahçeşehir escort on like mad, my twat was running like a tap. David turned and waved the guy forward, as the guy approached David greeted him and the guy apologised for interrupting something, both David and I simultaneously said no problem.

The guy introduced himself as Bob and commented on how gorgeous I looked, well my thong was struggling to keep my wet cunt in place and my tits were on display, David said yeah she’s fit isn’t she, cheeky fucker I said, I then got on my hands and knees, I spread my legs wide so my arse was in the air, looking over my shoulder I said to Bob, what do you think of this?

My thong was soaking wet so they could see my slit, fucking hell Bob said, I then pulled my thong tight and it went right up my crack, my big cunt flaps were on display, when David said, bet you’d like to shove your knob in that Bob, too right Bob said, I could see the tent that his hard on was making in his shorts.

I was in a filthy lewd position, displaying myself like a wanton slut to my boss and an old stranger, I loved it.

Bob was rubbing his prick through his shorts as I asked him to get he felt pen that was in my hand bag on the ground, Bob got the pen and I asked him to bring it to me, as he approached I told him to kneel, he knelt by my arse and I told him to write the letter B on my left arse cheek, he looked puzzled, but did as he was told.

I then said do the same on the other cheek, when he finished I reached back and pulled my thong to one side, my arsehole was exposed showing the spelling BoB, fuck I heard him say, I looked over my shoulder at him and said finger me Bob, shove your fucking hand up my cunt. He shoved three fingers straight in, my twat was soaking as he finger fucked me, I was now cumming, my cunt was frothing with cum has he rammed bakırköy anal yapan escort his fingers up me, more you old fucker I shouted at him and I felt the rest of his fingers slide in, my gash was gaping as he rammed his hand in up to his fucking wrist!

My thighs were shaking as I kept on cumming, my cunt was spraying fanny juice all over Bob’s arm, David was taking pics as this carried on, I could see his trousers were off and he’d got one hand on the camera and the other wrapped round his prick.

I looked round at Bob, he was fisting me with one hand, the other was a fuckin blur has he wanked his cock, come here Bob, fuck my mouth I shouted.

The old fucker pulled his hand out my cunt with a massive squelch, my juice squirted out as he moved in front of me, his prick was about 7 inch, not that thick but rock solid, I open my mouth and started to lick his bell end.

I looked at the camera as I slurped all over his prick, I knew that when Mick saw these photos he’d fuck me silly.

David was also in front of me taking close ups, I reached forward and grabbed his prick, I got both in my mouth!

Jesus, I thought, I’m a 36 year old married woman on her hands and knees in a wood with the pricks of two old men in her mouth posing for photos, what a fuckin slut I am and I love it!

David pulled his cock from my mouth and rubbed his balls and bell end over my face as I sucked Bob’s prick. Bob started to moan, he pulled his cock from my mouth and unloaded on me, his prick literally exploded, spunk was on my cheeks, nose, forehead, hair, I was caked in his hot jizz as he literally hosed me down, I don’t think that he’d cum for a year!

David who photographed all this then gave the camera to Bob and moved behind me, his prick slid right up my cunt, he then pulled out and shoved it up my arse, a Bob was taking pics as David fucked both holes relentlessly, finally David shouted that he was cumming and spunked all over my arse, cunt and thighs, I was covered in goo and loved it.

Believe it or not, after this we all sat around and chatted for a while, me with spunk running all over the place, until Bob said he needed to go, but… he walked these woods every Wednesday!

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