Wanda’s Story Ch. 08

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High over southeastern Utah, a chartered 727 turned towards Salt Lake City’s airport. Inside the plane were members of the Utah State football team, victorious that evening against South Florida. The players were loud, typical of football players in their late teens and early 20s celebrating a hard-earned victory.

Among the loudest players was defensive lineman Erich Buchanon. Erich had forced a quarterback fumble that led to the winning touchdown being scored by his linemate and roommate, Jamaal Stephans. Erich and Jamaal were in a partying mood, and were speaking smack with each other.

“So, what you got planned tonight, brother?” Jamaal asked.

“The usual,” Erich said. “Gonna go to Amber’s house down in Provo and fuck her like there’s no tomorrow.” Erich was speaking about his girlfriend, Amber Anderson.

“That woman of yours is totally fly!” Jamaal said. “When you gonna let a brother in on that action. She so limber, she could take us both on, no sweat.” Amber Anderson was limber, because she was a former gymnast and still kept in good shape.

“My brother, I’ll speak to her about it. That woman, she puts the kink into kinky. I never know what she got up that sleeve of hers, but whatever it is, I always like it.”

“That the truth. For a white girl, she’s the best thing this side of Lil’ Kim.”

The friends slapped hands, and Erich’s mind turned to his girlfriend. Though they went to different schools two hours apart, now, Erich still made the weekly commute to Amber’s apartment after every football game. They spent from whenever Erich got there until early Monday morning making love together, then Erich drove back to the Utah State campus in Logan, getting there in time for classes.

Soon the plane touched ground in Salt Lake City. While the rest of the team boarded a bus for the one-hour trip north, Erich rented a car and headed south. He knew the pleasures awaiting him at the end of the drive. His thick black cock started getting hard just thinking about Amber.

“Down, boy,” he teasingly called out. “We’ll be there soon enough, and you’ll be nut-deep into Amber’s mouth, pussy and ass before long.”

It was almost 2 am when Erich got to Amber’s apartment. He used his key to enter, and smiled in anticipation. Amber had lit candles, and was lounging naked on the couch. Erich started shrugging off his clothes, advancing on Amber. The girl got up and reached for his jeans, opening them quickly. Just as quickly, her mouth sucked Erich’s hard cock into her mouth and started deep-throating him.

Erich finished undressing while the blow job continued. He wanted to fuck more than her mouth, but knew that patience was what was required .. . for now.

As soon as he was naked, he grabbed the small woman and turned her upside down. his mouth drove into her pussy, licking and sucking. He was amazed to feel that Amber was already very wet, wetter than she had ever been before. It made things easier for the lineman, then, to pull Amber away from her blow job and twist her around. With her butt in the air, Erich rammed his hard cock into her pussy, driving it deep.

Amber squealed in delight. Erich’s arrivals were always the sign for a weekend of fucking and sucking. But Amber knew, as Erich pounded deep inside her, that this weekend would be much different than any they had experienced before.

The man’s deep thrusts had slicked his cock with Amber’s precum juices. Erich, as was his tradition after a football victory, pulled his cock out of Amber’s pussy and drove it into her ass. He was amazed to find that her ass accepted his cock easier this time than before. it was almost like it had been stretched out before his arrival.

Each thrust into Amber’s ass got Erich closer to climax. Amber was moaning and groaning, in pain and in joy. Erich reached around and clamped his hands on her 32a breasts, hiding the entire breast in his palm. He pulled her back with every forward stroke he made, driving as deep as he could.

When he could hold off no longer, Erich groaned and came, spurting his white cum through Amber’s ass and out the sides of his cock. He stroked in and shot more cum into his girlfriend, as she moaned in pleasure with every spurt of his cock.

Spent, Erich pulled out of Amber’s ass and collapsed on the couch. Amber, as always, scooted to the floor and sucked Erich’s cock into her mouth, preparing him for the next round. And that’s when the weekend changed forever.

As Amber sucked on Erich, she lifted her ass and wiggled it. Suddenly, from the kitchen, another woman appeared. She looked older than Amber’s 21, and was as naked as Amber and Erich was. She was wearing a large strap-on around her pussy. She strolled up to Amber, knelt down, and shoved the strap-on deep into Amber’s pussy.

Amber screamed in joy. Never before had she been fucked while sucking a cock. The cock in her mouth was large, but the dildo in her pussy was larger. Amber, who had not cum when Erich was fucking her, relaxed more and enjoyed the feelings. Erich’s arap escort cock jerked in her mouth and started resuming it’s hardness.

Erich, after a momentary panic, was enjoying himself. Amber had brought him someone else to fuck, he thought. She had larger breasts than Amber (just about any woman did), and Erich imagined his cock buried between those breasts, something Amber could not provide for him.

His cock was hard now, and still Amber sucked on him. On the other end, Amber’s friend was moving her hand between Amber’s legs, apparently to rub her clit. The woman found the clit and started pulling it. Amber moaned onto Erich’s cock and came, her usual squirting cum blocked by the dildo filling her pussy.

As she started to cum, the other woman said “Now!” From the kitchen came yet another naked woman, this one very young and doe-eyed from watching the fuckfest. This woman had even larger breasts than the second woman, and also had a full round ass. Erich looked at the newcomer in approval. This woman, he thought, has an ass well worth fucking.

Erich’s imagination and Amber’s sucking did the trick. Erich’s cock jerked, once, twice, and he started to cum. As soon as Amber felt the first cum shoot from Erich’s cock, she pulled her mouth off him and finished him off by stroking him with her hands. The cum shot straight up from Erich’s cock and fell onto his stomach and Amber’s hands.

The newest woman from the kitchen watched Erich’s cock explode, her eyes growing even bigger. Then she approached Amber, bent down and kissed her hard on the mouth. Amber, after seeing the orgasm Erich had and feeling the deep loving kiss of this woman, came again as the second woman continued to fuck her pussy.

The second woman pulled the dildo out of Amber’s ass and let her squirting orgasm splash on her thighs. She smiled happily, then signaled for the third woman. This girl left Amber and immediately fell between the other woman’s legs, licking the cum off her, cleaning her up.

Erich watched in anticipation. He had seen lesbian scenes in pornos he had watched, but had never had more than one woman at a time. Now, he had three women, and his mind whirled with thoughts of what he could do with them all.

Soon the younger one had finished cleaning the older woman. She sat up, then sucked on the dildo the older woman wore, cleaning that, too. Amber had gotten onto the couch, curling by Erich’s side. The big football player hardly noticed her, as his attention was on the two strangers.

When the dildo was cleaned, the older woman turned to the two on the couch. “Hi,” she said. “My name is Anne, and this is my slave girl Wanda. We’re friends of Amber’s, and invited ourselves over after learning about your weekend fuckfest with her.”

A wide grin creased Erich’s face. “I’m glad to meet you, Anne. Same to you, Wanda. Let’s fuck!”

“Hold on, cowboy, there are some rules,” Anne proclaimed. “First and foremost, I am in charge, not you. You will get plenty of sex, but you will do as I tell you, when I tell you, or we’re all leaving. Agreed?”

Erich was already imagining what he could do with three girls, all of them for him. “Sure,” he replied. “Anything you want.”

“Also, if for any reason someone wants to stop, you must stop, no matter what. Understood?”

Erich didn’t want the details, he wanted the action. “Sure, sure.”

“And finally, you must warn us whenever you’re about to cum. Will you follow these rules?”

“Damn, I said yes,” Erich said, exasperated. “Now let’s go!!”

“OK,” Anne said. “Everyone to the bedroom.”

Amber’s bedroom was a study in pink. There were pink walls, pink sheets, and pink pillowcases. The bed itself was king-sized, and a four-poster bed. Attached to each of the four poster corners was a leather strap. At the end of the straps were handcuffs.

“Lie on the bed,” Anne told Erich. The football player quickly did as he was told. The three girls attached the handcuffs to Erich’s hands and feet, leaving him spread-eagled.

Amber guided Wanda over to one side of the bed. “Honey, let me show you how to suck a man’s cock,” she said. Wanda, who had never done that before, nodded in agreement.

Amber climbed between Erich’s legs. She took his 12-inch cock into her hands and started stroking it up and down. She opened her mouth wide and slowly let it drop down the top of Erich’s cock. When she had the head inside her mouth, she closed her lips and sucked in. The vacuum in Amber’s mouth on Erich’s cock made the lineman moan in pleasure.

Amber then started bobbing her mouth up and down on his cock. With each downward thrust, more of his cock slid into her mouth. When she had eight inches in, she stopped. It looked to Wanda like she was going to throw up. Instead, Amber relaxed her throat, and slid the last four inches into her mouth. Then she started bobbing up and down on his entire shaft, sucking in with each upward thrust, and licking the shaft as she lowered back down on escort arap it.

While Erich could feel the blow job, he could not see it. Anne had strattled his chest, and was busily moving her 34b breasts from side to side, just inches from Erich’s mouth. Erich could feel the strap-on lying on his chest. If he stuck his tongue out, he could just flick at the woman’s nipples. He wanted to devour those breasts, but he couldn’t move, so he couldn’t pull the breasts closer. Anne’s teasing of Erich continued on.

Wanda had started rubbing her pussy. She had never seen a blow job before, except in movies. This was also the largest cock she had ever seen, movies or no. It seemed even larger than the cocks she had been rubbing against the past couple of nights as a stripper/lap dancer at the Strip-O-Rama.

Amber’s hands were busy. One of them started rubbing Anne’s pussy, as she had lifted her butt a little to drop her breasts even lower and closer to Erich. This had caused Anne to gasp when Amber first touched her, but Anne maintained a slight distance from Erich’s mouth. Amber’s other hand had cupped Erich’s balls, playing with them and feeling their movements at the same time.

After a couple of minutes deep-throating Erich, the gymnast lifted her mouth from Erich’s shaft and sucked his balls into her mouth. She swirled her tongue all around them, pulling at them as she did so. Wanda, noticing Erich’s shaft was freed, screwed up her courage and leaned over. She took the tip of his cock into her mouth and sucked.

Erich’s cock jerked immediately, and a couple of drops of precum slipped out of the little slit at the cock’s end. The lineman had never had two mouths on his cock before, and wanted to cum. But he realized that the more he held off, the better the pleasure he would receive.

At the taste of the precum, Wanda pulled her head away. The fluid had tasted salty, not at all like what a woman’s orgasmic juices tasted like. The teen wrinkled her nose at the taste. She knew which taste she preferred now, but she was committed to this night’s play, so she returned to Erich’s cock. This time, she opened wider and took his cockhead into her mouth. Her tongue flicked over the slit, causing more precum to ooze out. Then her tongue moved around the head, causing Erich to moan in pleasure.

As soon as Erich moaned, Anne dropped a breast into his mouth. The moan was immediately muffled by the flesh invading his mouth, but he did not mind. He took a big mouthful of this woman’s breast and sucked hard on it, matching the vacuum being exerted on his cock. His tongue flicked at her nipple. The combination of tongue on her nipple and fingers in her pussy caused Anne to moan in pleasure.

Wanda got four inches of Erich’s cock into her mouth, then started to gag. This was a very thick piece of manflesh, and Wanda had never sucked a real cock before. She tried fighting off the gagging, but couldn’t. With a quick pull up, her mouth came off Erich’s shaft.

Amber felt Wanda’s movement and looked up at her. The teen seemed on the verge of throwing up. Amber removed her mouth from Erich’s balls and lifted up to kiss Wanda. The kiss stopped Wanda’s feelings of gagging, and re-started her internal juices flowing.

“Watch me, love,” Amber said. “When you get where you feel like gagging, just stop. Relax your throat, then slide the cock lower. Don’t worry if you can’t suck him all in, though. It took me a while to learn how to go down to his balls. Watch.”

Amber dropped her head back on Erich’s cock. He moaned into Anne’s breast again as she went deep down his shaft. When she reached her gag point, she pointed to her throat. Wanda watched in fascination as she thought she saw the throat muscles relax, and then the cock slide down, making a slight bulge. Amber lifted her mouth off Erich and said, “Your turn.”

Wanda put her mouth on Erich. The man moaned again, feeling a different mouth on his shaft. Wanda lowered her mouth until she felt that gag feeling again. Then she stopped and tried to will her mouth wider and her throat to open more. She took another half-inch, then had to lift off him.

Amber’s hand was now on Wanda’s head. Instead of letting the teen pull totally off Erich’s cock, she stopped Wanda and then pushed the head back down. Wanda followed Amber’s lead, going down to her gag point, sucking, then lifting up before dropping back down again. Every third drop of Wanda’s mouth, she practiced deep throating. Her patience was paying off, and soon she had half the cock in her mouth.

Anne, meanwhile, needed more than a finger in her pussy. As Wanda lifted off Erich’s cock, Anne slid down and let the cock impale her, filling her pussy with cock for the first time in almost a year. Anne, though mostly lesbian, had an occasional need for a cock. Tonight she was going to fulfill that need.

As she started riding Erich’s cock, she called for Amber to come around her front. The small nimble girl did as she was told. Anne positioned Amber arap escort bayan with one leg on each side of Erich’s stomach. then she pulled Amber backwards, filling Amber’s pussy with the strap-on. The gymnast moaned in joy as she was fucked by the dildo. she leaned down and kissed her boyfriend deeply. She knew he was close to orgasm by the various sounds he was making.

Wanda felt a bit left out, but not for long. Anne told her to sit on Erich’s face. The teen did as she was ordered, and a man’s tongue entered her pussy for the first time. As it did so, Amber moved her hand in such a way as it would rub Wanda’s clit, giving her added pleasure.

Anne came first. She folded herself backwards on Erich’s cock and came, flooding his shaft with her juices. The backwards movement also changed the angle the strap-on was going into Amber. It’s tip started rubbing on her G-Spot, causing the gymnast to cry out and cum as well.

Erich pulled his mouth out of Wanda’s pussy quickly and screamed “I’m cumming!!” Anne lifted off his cock just in time, pulling the dildo from Amber, as Erich blasted his sticky semen out the slit to splash on Anne’s thighs and Amber’s backside.

Wanda rolled off Erich, still horny. His tongue had not been very good, possibly because his thoughts were on Anne’s pussy. She started masturbating, hoping for a release from her sexual tensions.

Anne and Amber both saw Wanda’s predicament. They both dove between Wanda’s legs. Suddenly there were two tongues filling Wanda’s pussy. The teen spread her legs wide and enjoyed the double-tonguing for a minute. then, with a beg of “Mistress, please let me cum!!”, and an approval hand sign from Anne, Wanda came, flooding both tongues with her cum.

Watching three women orgasm had kept Erich’s cock semi-rigid. Amber crawled away from Wanda and sat on Erich’s cock. Her pussy kegeled on his shaft, squeezing it back to hardness. As she did so, Anne rolled onto her back next to Erich. Her strap-on pointed in the air, but only momentarily. Wanda happily crawled over, raised up, and slid her pussy onto Anne’s strap-on.

Erich’s eyes moved back and forth, one minute watching Amber riding his cock, then looking over to see Wanda riding Anne’s “cock.” He smiled in appreciation, seeing Wanda’s 38c breasts bouncing as she went up and down on her Mistress’ shaft. Erich appreciated the agility Amber had in bed, but he missed seeing a nice pair of tits bouncing along with his every thrust. He hoped he could appreciate Wanda’s pussy on his cock soon.

Having just cum, Erich had amazing staying power. Amber rode his cock until, squealing in delight, she orgasmed. Amber’s orgasm signaled Wanda’s body, and the teen followed with her own orgasm a minute later. Then, as if arranged, both girls lifted off the cocks they were riding, turned around, and slid the shafts into their asses.

Erich loved fucking Amber’s ass, but seeing another woman with a cock in her ass, even a strap-on cock like Anne was wearing, was too much. Less than a minute after Amber had filled her ass with Erich’s cock, he came, the semen flowing out of Amber’s anal opening.

For Wanda, this was the first time Anne had made love to Wanda’s ass. She had shoved things in it, for torture, but never had Anne used a strap-on to make love to her slave anally. As the dildo filled Wanda’s ass, she felt Anne’s hands rubbing her clit. This added to the excitement the teen was feeling. She knew she would cum soon, and asked her Mistress for release.

“Please, Ma’am,” Wanda said, “Let me cum.”

Anne stopped stroking then. “Hold your orgasm, pet,” she said. “Get off the strap-on and sit on Erich’s face.”

Wanda, confused, still did as she was told. As she lowered onto Erich’s face, his tongue automatically drove into her pussy. Wanda, close to cumming before, felt the need returning quickly. This time, she wanted to cum.

Anne agreed, and as Erich’s tongue thrust into Wanda’s pussy, the teen came, juices flowing from her onto Erich’s face. The man licked and slurped as fast as he could, but despite his efforts, cum still flowed past his mouth and down his cheeks. Anne and Amber both leaned over and licked Erich’s cheeks, cleaning him off. Wanda, after cumming, automatically started sucking on Anne’s strap-on, doing her slave duty by cleaning her Mistress’ toys.

The three women curled around the still-bound Erich and soon fell asleep. Erich tried to sleep, but found he could only doze off. Lying on his back, still tied to the bed, was uncomfortable. He hoped he would be untied soon.

As Sunday morning broke, Wanda woke first. She stealthily undid the strap-on from Anne’s waist and slipped it on her own waist. The teen had enjoyed being awakened with a fucking, and now she would give that pleasure. Being a slave, she could not initiate sex with her Mistress, so Wanda pulled Amber’s legs apart slowly, then shoved the dildo into her and started fucking her.

The movement of the bed caused by Wanda’s thrusts woke Anne and Erich. Amber, on the other hand, woke to her own moans of pleasure. Anne sized up the situation and crawled over Erich to Amber’s side of the bed. She lowered her pussy down and muffled Amber’s cries of lustful joy with her pussy over the gymnast’s mouth. Amber automatically started licking Anne’s pussy lips, pleasing the older woman.

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