Wanting What I Can’t Have

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I was running late, my brow sweating from my walk that was closer to a jog through the hospital. I was hoping to get to the hospital before Dr Green did, it was less intimidating getting ready for the day without him watching me. My heels tapped along the corridor as I made my way to my desk, as I turned the corner my heart began to hammer in my chest as I realised, he was already here. I quickly dropped my bag under my desk and walked across the hall to his office, I gave a light tap on the door and waited for his response.

A, “Come in” was quickly followed my knock and I stepped in looking up to see him sitting at his desk, frowning at his computer. I took the moment that he was distracted to appreciate the man that sat in front of me. At 46 years old, he stood over 6 feet tall, with dark peppered hair and dark eyes that when focused on me, caused me to act like a blushing schoolgirl.

“Good morning, Dr Green,” my breath quickened, and I fought the sigh that fought to leave my lips.

“Oh Poppy, stuck with you today am I? Aren’t I a lucky man?” His question came out more of a statement, making my stomach flutter. His playful tone and words adding to my growing want for the man. Although, I knew better then to put too much thought into due to the wedding band that sat on his left ring finger. I just enjoyed testing the boundaries with him, I knew he was married and that I was 20 years his junior, so there was no chance he would reciprocate, it was just a fun little game to play to pass the time and indulge in my fantasies.

I smirked, “Probably the luckiest.” I flashed a grin at him and moved around his room, letting my hips sway a little extra as I did. I could feel the heat of his gaze as I bent over to adjust the patient medical table, so I bent over a little further. The sound of him clearing his throat echoed through the room, I stood up and faced him, his eyes flicking up to meet mine as I did, “Anything else you’d like while I’m here Sir?”

“Hmm?” he asked trying to refocus, “Uh, no I should be good thank you Poppy.”

I quickly looked around the room doing a double check to see if anything was amiss, the room was a comfortable size. A desk sat on one side with two seats to the side for his patients and a patient medical table on the opposite side of the room, with a small drape giving privacy to the table.

“No worries Sir, let me know if you think of anything,” I let the hidden meaning of my words hang in the air before walking out and taking a seat at my desk, preparing everything I would need for the day. A few minutes later, Dr Green stepped out of his office and asked, “Coffee Poppy? You like a flat white, no sugar right?”

I felt touched at his thoughtfulness and ability to remember the little details that he had learnt about me over time.

“Yes please.”

I watched him walk to the staff room to get us coffees, a little ritual he does every morning before the first patient arrives, I shook my head mentally scalding myself for the fantasy’s that entered my mind. I replayed a familiar line in my head for the umpteenth time that week, “married man, your boss, 20 years your senior, not for you”, the line had become somewhat of a mantra for me with the sordid thoughts that would not seem to leave me alone. It’s not that I think he wouldn’t want to be with me, I see the way he looks at me when I’ve teased him too much. I’m an attractive young woman, who quite often gets compliments on my long red hair and blue eyes, but he’s married. And my boss.

Out of all the doctors I worked with in the hospital, Dr Green was the one who was most particular in how he liked things to be done. The other receptionists were not the biggest fan of working with him because of this, as well as often complaining of his rudeness. Personally, I appreciated the extra things to do, they allowed me to keep my mind busy and off of him.

Besides, he was always quick to praise me for the work I did for him, always telling me what a good girl I was for it and reminding me how much he appreciated my work. His praise always made me want to work harder to please him, desperate for the pleasure his validation would give me. I was replaying over the times he had told me I was a ‘good girl’ when I felt a hand on my shoulder causing me to jump.

“In your own world again?” I felt his chuckle reverberate down his arm, through my chest and down to my core, my thighs squeezed together reactively and I turned to face him, smiling and reaching for my coffee that he held.

“Always. Thank you for the coffee, Dr Green.” From my sitting position I looked up at him in his crisp white shirt, sleeves rolled Bursa Escort up and a deep blue tie tight around his collar. His wife probably helps him tie it every morning I thought to myself.

“For the hundredth time, you can call me Alex.” His smile was warm and before I could reply said, “I’ll be in my room, buzz me when the first patient arrives.”

“Of course, Sir” I teased and he pinned me with a mocking glare, my stomach twisted and my core clenched from having so much of his attention, for a moment I thought I saw his eyes darken with want? Need? But as quickly as I saw it, it was gone. He broke the stare with a chuckle and returned to his room closing the door. I let go of the breath I didn’t realize I had been holding and slouched back into my chair, praying today my crazed thoughts would leave me alone, but I doubted it.

The first patient arrived shortly after and I called through to the phone in his room, letting him know they had arrived. The morning went by fairly quickly and it stayed busy enough that I was able to keep my mind off of any immoral thoughts, mostly.

The phone rang and the caller ID showed it was Dr Green’s room, I picked up and his deep voice travelled through the phone, “Come have lunch with me.” The call ended before I had a chance to respond, the demand sent a small thrill through me before I stamped on it with my mantra, “married man, your boss, 20 years your senior, not for you.” I inwardly groaned, knowing if I didn’t get a handle on this crush soon I’d be needing to look for another job.

I sighed and got up to grab my lunch before going to join Dr Green in his room, eating together had become a new part of our routine after he caught me eating in the back office alone. I stood outside his door for a moment steadying my breath and clearing my mind, I gave a small knock before entering. He was sitting at his desk, tie loosened and he looked up with a grin that made my heart ache and wetness pool in my panties. I walked across the room trying not to squirm under the heat of his gaze, I took a seat, doing my best to maintain my air of confidence.

“Are you okay Poppy? You look flushed,” he leaned back in his chair, his shoulders so wide they dwarfed the chair he sat on.

“Yeah just a little warm.” He nodded at my explanation with a twinkle in his eye.

“Are you seeing anyone at the moment Poppy?” His question caught me off guard as he isn’t usually one to probe into personal details.

“Um kinda, I’ve been seeing someone for a few months.” Annoyance flashed on his face but he covered it up with a smirk and continued his questions.

“Are you being safe?” My usual confidence faltered at the line of questioning, he saw the apprehension on my face and followed up by saying, “I’m a doctor Poppy and I care about your health. So, I’ll ask again, do you use protection?”

His eyes never left mine and I felt compelled to do as he said. “Yes, I always make sure we use condoms.”

He nodded thoughtfully and said, “Good, that relieves me to hear. To be safe, I’ve put some time aside this afternoon to see you for a check-up.” He turned back to his food and continued to eat his lunch.

I sat there with my jaw slack, trying to regain composure, “Uh right if you think that is necessary.”

“I do, now eat your lunch.” He hummed happily to himself and continued the conversation with chitchat regarding the afternoon appointments. I sat there trying to listen, but my mind was overrun of images of me laying on the medical table, my bottom half undressed, legs spread while he stood over me, him using his rubber gloved fingers to spread my pussy lips open, circling my clit with his thumb.

“Poppy?” My name snapped me back to the moment, I felt like I had been caught. I flushed feeling the heat travel from my cheeks, down my neck into my core. I squirmed in my seat and met his eyes, “Hmm?” I asked.

“What do I have to do to keep you in the moment with me?” Fuck me, my mind shouted.

I laughed, “A girl has to keep herself entertained somehow, I should get back out there, the next patient will be arriving shortly.” As I stood to grab my things, his hand reached out and grabbed my wrist, “Don’t forget about our appointment, I’ll expect you in here once the patients have left for the day.” Once I nodded in agreement he let me go and I made my way out of the room.

The rest of the afternoon raced by, before I knew it, the last patient was leaving and closing the door behind them. How am I supposed to lay there and have his hands on me? My heart was racing, I began to ache with need and had to stop myself from racing home to Bursa Escort Bayan take care of the feeling. I knew he was waiting for me, I took a moment to brace myself repeating internally “married man, your boss, 20 years your senior, not for you.” I stood, not wanting to test his patience, for as kind as he was to me, I knew patience was not his virtue.

I quickly got to my feet before I lost my nerve to knock at his door, “Come in Poppy”. I walked in, before I said anything he instructed, “Go behind the curtain, take your clothes off and put the gown on, let me know when you’re ready.”

“I appreciate you making the time, but you don’t have to do this, I have a GP and she usually does my annual check-ups.” Now faced with the moment I didn’t know how I could have his hands on me, I won’t be able to stop my body’s reaction. I would never be able to show my face at work again.

“Poppy, go get undressed and tell me when you’re ready.” My desire to please him stopped any other objection I was going to make. I just nodded and walked behind the curtain, I stepped out of my heels and began unzipping the skirt letting it fall to the ground. “Your panties too,” he said through the curtain.

A shiver ran up my spine at the demand and I slipped my panties off along with my shirt and bra before putting the gown on that had been left to the side for me. I sat up on the table and called out to him letting him know I was ready. I heard him stand, it sounded like he was walking away from the curtain, I scrunched my eyebrows up in confusion until I heard the sound of the door being locked. Anticipation shot through me. He made his way around the curtain, and he greeted me with a small grin.

“Good girl, you’re always so good at following instructions Poppy. I need you to sit at the edge of the bed for me now, I’ll start with an examination of your breasts and complete a vaginal examination after, brace yourself my hands might be a bit cold,” he warned.

I scooted closer at his instruction, my legs dangling off the side. “Remove the top half of your gown now.” I slid the gown down past my breasts, the material rubbing against my nipples as it did. The cold air, the friction of the gown and knowing he was looking at my breasts, were enough for my nipples to harden.

“Hmm, so rosy and pink,” he seemed to be talking more to himself, so I stayed silent. He reached for some gloves but seemed to give it a second thought, before he reached his bare hand up to cup my breast, his thumb flicking over my nipple in the process. He wanted me too, the sudden realisation of this caused wetness to pool between my legs. This new information gave me the confidence I had been lacking and I leaned into his touch craving more. His fingers played with my breast, probing for any lumps, his thumb brushed along my nipple one more time before moving to the other breast and giving it equal attention.

“Look how reactive you are,” his fingers came together and pinched my nipple, my back arched in response and a small gasp escaped my lips. He pulled back, leaving me feeling cold without his touch.

“There’s nothing to worry about here, you can pull your gown back up, lay down and put your feet up for me.” He stepped back, allowing me room to readjust, I put my feet up together, which sparked a response from him, “Feet on either side of the bed Poppy.” I did as he said and spread my legs from him. He stood at the end of the table, looking directly in my eyes.

“Do you think I don’t notice how you look at me Poppy? How you squeeze your pretty little thighs together every time I look at you. God, look at you even now, if I look down you’re going to be dripping all over the table aren’t you?”

My brain raced a million miles an hour, praying this wasn’t another one of my daydreams I’d be woken from.

“Answer me when I ask you a question Poppy.” His eyes darkened and his hands reached out and grabbed my ankles tugging me closer to him, the shock of the movement woke me out of my stupor and had me replying,

“Yes, I’ve made a mess.” I tried to rub my thighs together to get some relief from the throb of my pussy but his grip on my ankles wouldn’t let me move.

“Do you enjoy teasing a married man Poppy? What am I supposed to do with your pouty lips that are just begging for me to use them hmm?” I watch as his eyes roam down and he finally looks at the dripping mess I’ve made and a groan escaped his lips, “Look at you, my pretty little flower so wet and needy.”

His words made me preen, “Touch me, please.” If he didn’t touch me soon, I’m pretty sure the fire burning in me would engulf me. Escort Bursa His grip on my ankle tightened as he leaned forward placing a light kiss on the inside of my knee.

“Do you really think you’re in charge here my little flower? Do you know what you’ve done to me? Don’t you want to know how I have to picture your pouty little lips around my cock and your ‘yes Sir’s’ just to cum when I fuck my wife? I think you should be punished for that, don’t you?”

“Yes, punish me, I didn’t mean to make you think of me when you fuck her, I’m sorr-.” Before I could finish the rest of my sentence, he thrusted one of his fingers inside me, causing me to cry out in shock and pleasure.

“I don’t think you’re sorry at all. I mean look at you, you’re just so eager to please me aren’t you.” He slipped a second finger in and already I felt an orgasm chasing me. He laughed, “Oh not yet, little sluts that want to sleep with their married bosses don’t get to come on their fingers, if you cum right now I will spank your ass red raw.” My legs trembled, suppressing the need to cum all over his hand. He kept fucking me with his fingers at an agonising pace, his thumb circled my clit again and again, his eyes watching my face, drinking in every noise that fell from my lips.

“So beautiful, look at you. You can cum, cum for me baby.” His permission ripped the orgasm from my body, my body was shaking and I could barely think, I heard the sound of him undoing his belt and pants, the word “more” fell from my lips and I heard him chuckle in reply.

“More? You can have it all, I want your mouth but I need to be inside of you now.” Before I could utter a reply, he thrust to the hilt inside of me, a scream of pleasure was torn from me, my legs automatically lifting to wrap around his waist burying him as deep as he would go.

“So fuckin tight, fuck.” His thrusts were slow as he filled me to the brim. I clenched my pussy around him, trying to pull him further inside of me.

“Please don’t stop, I feel so full!” I cried, arching my back trying to get closer to him, greedy for anything and everything he could give me.

“Not gonna stop, won’t ever stop,” he grunted as he kept thrusting, his hands gripping my hips hard. I could feel the coolness of his wedding band digging into my skin, reminding me of what all kinds of wrong this was, it just made me wetter. “I’m gonna cum soon, you’re too tight for me to last too long, do you want me to fill your pretty little pussy up?” He leant forward, kissing my collarbone, the sound of him fucking me filling the room, only accompanied by the sound of my whimpers from every thrust he made.

A warning flashed in my mind, and I managed to mummer in between thrusts, “No condom, not on birth control,” my words just made him thrust faster and I realised he was going to fill me with his cum.

“You want that don’t you? God I’m gonna fill you with my cum, are you going to take my cum like a good little girl?” My legs twitched and tightened around his waist at his words, an orgasm being brought on from his words. I nodded my head. “Say it Poppy, say you’ll take my cum like the good little girl you are.”

“Yes I’ll take it! Please, I’m your good little girl, I want you cum please!” My desire to please him completely clouding the dangers of him cumming in me.

“That’s my good girl, get ready to take my cum.” His pace picked up, the tip of his cock hitting my womb, my mouth fell open ready to scream when my orgasm finally tore through me, his lips crashed down on mine for the first time, swallowing my scream. With a final thrust I felt spurt after spurt of his cum filling me up. As my orgasm subsided, I unclenched my legs from around his waist. His kiss became more gentle his tongue teasing my mouth, tasting me. He pulled his head back enough to see my face, “You look so pretty when you cry,” he leaned back down and kissed a tear that had run down my cheek.

“You came in me,” I mumbled, shivering as he slid his cock out of me.

“And I will again,” he said.

I watched him stand, admiring how good he looks freshly fucked. I felt some cum start to slide out of me, he noticed and reached forward scooping it up in his fingers and pushing it back inside of me, my eyes rolled back from the pleasure at letting him do whatever he wished to me.

“Don’t want any of this going to waste now do we?” he asked, he slowly finger fucked me, pushing his cum deeper inside of me. “When you get home, I want you to touch yourself, use my cum that drips out of this pretty pink pussy of yours and rub my cum all over your clit until you cum, do you understand?” His voice left no room for questioning so I nodded in agreeance and began to sit up. “Good, well it looks like your examinations are all good, so you can get dressed now and I’ll see you out there in a moment.” With that he walked out of the room.

I sat there wondering what tomorrow would be like.

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