Washing Machine Pt. 04

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With three women in my list so far, I felt like Casanova. Well not quite, as Casanova had many more women. I felt tired after so much activity and dreaded meeting sis at the breakfast table. She was there before me gloating over her new found information. I tried not to blush. Mom was around but if she had noticed anything different, she kept silent about it. The only thing she asked was that whether I was up all night looking at my puffy eyes. I did my best not to blush and mentioned something vague about working on an assignment. My sister cleared her throat and I gave her a murderous look.

I then remembered her comment about mom and couldn’t help but check her out. She looked quite cute early in the morning with her ever present shapeless robe draped over her night clothes. Her breasts moved under her dress and I couldn’t help thinking about sucking on them. My cock rose up to the challenge but I willed it down. I felt a leg on my thigh and it was sis. I blushed deep red as she pecked at my hardening cock under the jeans. She wore a skirt so I did the same making her squeal and stand up. Mom looked at the two of us and asked us to keep quiet.

I tried to avoid having to walk to school with sis but she wasn’t going to let me off that easy. I sighed as she dragged me out of the house.

“Oh my god, Jake, did you fuck Aunt Em too?”

“Shhh sis, you are going to let the whole neighborhood know!”

“Tell me Jake, when did you first do it?”

She kept asking me and then I told her all about the washing machine episode and then about Wendy at the mall.

“Oh wow! You are one hell of a stud!”

I shrugged.

“You know what Jake?”


“My panties are soaking wet!”

“Oh fuck, really?”


We were walking down our neighborhood and there were a few people on the road. We usually go to school early to catch up on school work at the library.

“Tell me if how much you liked me sucking your cock, Jake.”

“Oh gosh sis! Not now! I am getting a hard on.”

She reached across and felt it. I almost jumped.

“What are you doing sis? What if someone sees us?”

“I don’t care! I am so horny!”

Luckily we reached school before she could do anything more and I was able to calm her down. We are at the ground floor of the building that housed the science labs.

“Jake, meet me behind the science lab,” she said.


“Yeah!, Meet me there,” she said and disappeared up the stairs.

My heart started beating hard. She wore a pink skirt which was upto her knees and a checkered shirt with a t-shirt under it. I stared at her disappearing up the stairs and with her skirt lifting suggestively according to her hip movements. The school was still not crowded. The science lab was at the corner of the second floor of the building we walked into and was the quietest part of the school at that time in the morning. My hands were shaking and my heart was hammering in my chest as I climbed up the stairs after looking around. There weren’t many people about. I was kicking myself for following her but my legs had an agenda of their own. I was secretly happy that they decided to climb up the stairs. I reached the second floor and walked towards the end of the corridor and my sis was near a door that led to the emergency exit. She beckoned me towards her and she opened the exit. It was slightly dim inside and I could see the staircase winding down.

She pushed me against the wall and started kissing me hard. She pushed my hands to her breasts and I started to knead her over the t-shirt. Her shirt was unbuttoned and the t-shirt covered her torso tightly but it was made of a thin material. I could feel the outline of her bra. I pushed my hand under her t-shirt and her bra and started squeezing her breasts directly.

Her hand went to my pants urgently and unzipped it, taking my cock out. It was hard and pulsating and growing by the second. She moaned into my mouth while we kissed. Her hand was hot on my cock while she rubbed its length squeezing it lightly in her fist. The tip kept rubbing against her tummy. Then she parted her legs and lifted her skirt and I pushed my cock between her thighs and she tightened them around my cock. I dry fucked her thighs kissing her deeply. My cock got slightly soaked when it made contact with the crotch of her panties and it was drenched. With the help of her wetness, my cock slid easily, back and forth between her thighs. I crushed her against the wall as I moved faster and faster. I stopped as I was getting closer.

Then she knelt and started sucking my cock hard. I leaned against the wall and let her suck me off. I pulled her to me with my fingers gripping her head, forcing my cock into her mouth as I had seen in some of the movies. Her slurping sounds echoed on the stairway and I hoped no one could hear us. I felt my climax building up and I moved faster and faster. I had no choice but to empty my cum into her mouth. She swallowed all of it. Then I pulled her up and kissed her again tasting a bit of my own cum in her mouth. She had swallowed most of it.

“God sis, you sahabet güvenilirmi are wild!”

“Mmm yes dear brother. I was going crazy this morning thinking about you and Aunt Emma,” she said breathlessly.

“Well, I get excited when I think about that too.”

“Quick! Finger my pussy and make me cum, Jake! I am so wet!”

Her whispers were urgent and full of passion. I was half scared about being found out but the atmosphere on the staircase was electric. I wasn’t thinking straight at all. I guess a woman can do that to a man.

She leaned against the wall and I knelt before her, running my hands under her skirt. She was drenched and there was a minute stream of wetness dribbling down her thighs as well. I pulled her panties down and stuck my head inside her skirt.

I was getting better at finding my way around a woman. I held her legs apart and found her clit and started to lick it. I also found her ass hole and rubbed it lightly making my way inside its pulsating orifice. She gasped as she let herself be licked and conquered by my tongue. I pushed my tongue further down to lick the whole slit and pushed my tongue as far as I could in my kneeling position which didn’t allow for much maneuvering. I loved the taste of her pussy and did my best to lick her.

However, she didn’t last long. Her hands were around the outline of my head under her skirt and she shuddered a few times as she came and almost toppled on top of me as her legs grew weak. I quickly dashed out from under her skirt and held her as she lay there in my arms, totally oblivious to her surroundings. It took her quite a while to settle down and come back to earth. I saw her eyes grow wide as she realized where we were.

“Oh my gosh! Did we really do this?”

“Yes, we did! Shall we go to class now?”

“You go first,” I said. She first straightened her clothes and she opened the door cautiously and left the building. I took the stairs and went down to the ground floor. My face felt hot and I was sweating. My voice seemed to have changed as I greeted some of my buddies. I didn’t see my sister until the last class and we walked back home.

“Jake, I did a bad thing,” she said.

“What’s that?”

“I told Katie about what we did.”

“Who is Katie and you did what?”

“Well she’s been to my birthday party last year but I guess you haven’t seen her much. She joined our school only last year.”

“Oh,” I said trying hard to remember her.

“Yeah, but I said it was someone else and not you. But then, she wrung it out of me in the end.”

“Great! And what did she say?”

“Well it got her quite excited to tell you the truth. I told her that you had fucked my aunt too.”

“Oh my god! Why did you do that? I didn’t fuck Aunt Em.”

“Well, it sounds hotter than saying it was a mutual blow job right?”

“You bet it does and you want me in jail?”

“No she’s cool. We have talked about worse!”

“Like what?”

“Her dad and stuff like that/”

“You girls are nuts!”

“Well we didn’t fuck him like you did!”

“Yeah right, I am the bad guy here.”

“Awww bro, don’t say that. She kind got quite excited about it. Very excited,” she said turning towards me and raising her eyebrows.

“What does that mean?”

“Well we might have crept into the ladies washroom during the break.”


“I might have helped her cum a little,” she said, her face going red.

“What the fuck?”

“Sorry, I know its kinda gross right?”

“Are you kidding? It’s fucking hot.”

“You think? Well there is a slight complication.”

“What’s that?”

“She wants to meet you.”

“What the fuck? I am supposed to have met her before. Although I don’t quite remember her.” I said for the second time that day.

“Well she is quite hot and you will like her. And she didn’t quite believe me so I erm..,” she paused.

“You did what?”

“I said I will prove it to her!”

“Oh great! I don’t even know Katie that well and you want me to fuck you in front of her or Aunt Em? You are nuts!!”

“Let me show you,” she said pulling out her iPhone dismissing my protests. I know my protests would have sounded half hearted. My dick was beginning to get hard.

Katie was slimmer than my sis and slightly shorter. In the picture she wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and she was a brunette. It was not possible to gauge how she really looked as I knew that photos could be deceiving. Her face was not spectacular but she had an overall attractiveness about her. I vaguely remembered seeing her in school but I usually don’t spend too much attention on my sister’s friends as a rule of thumb.

“Hmmm not bad,” I said.

“Do you wanna chat with her first? Or do you want me to invite her home for a sleepover?”

“Woah woah, hold it a minute. Are you my pimp or something?”

“Mmm maybe. She might pay you!”

At this point I tickled her mercilessly. She ran hard trying to get away and I finally caught up with her at the gate. We rushed into the house and mom was all smiles. Seeing her kids come home always sahabet yeni giriş made her smile.

“What have my babies been up to today?”

I wondered what she would do if she really knew. We mumbled something about school and rushed to our rooms. I hoped she didn’t recognize the redness that suddenly crept onto our faces suddenly.

Two days later mom announced that she was going to be away for the weekend. I had to drop her off at her friend’s place. I remembered the day of fun I had with Wendy after dropping mom and made a mental note to call Wendy soon. I drove mom to her friend’s place. Sara, my mom’s friend met us at the gate of her house. She was delighted to see mom and they hugged and screamed like two school girls. For the first time I noticed that Sara was as nice as mom although not as well endowed. I might have been mistaken but she gave me a couple of looks that I thought was a little too perverse for a lady of her age. I left them still chatting and started on a fantasy trip about mom. My thoughts were cut short once I remembered my date with Katie and Kara. I hurried home anticipating a hot weekend.

When I got home the house seemed empty and Kara had sent me a text saying that she would be back soon. I went to my room and read a book till I fell asleep. I woke up around 3 pm in the afternoon and there was no sign of Kara or Katie. I freshened up and got into a pair of long shorts and a t-shirt imagining what it would be like. I felt anxious and excited at the same time to see what transpired.

I didn’t have long to wait. I heard a vehicle stop by our house and the doors slamming and the voice of my sister. I was starting to get nervous and I peeked from the window that faced the front of the house to get the glimpse of Katie. I was far from disappointed when I saw her. The picture hadn’t done her any justice. I saw a cute slim girl with her hair cut short. She wore a pair of long shorts. She didn’t have a shapely figure as mom but her butt was awesome. I got a glimpse of it as she turned. Her body was shaped like the letter “S” with her butt ending up way outside the scope of her body. It almost seemed like it was fixed separately. Her tummy seemed to have a natural curve in line with the curve of her spine. Her breasts seem to jut out too, although I couldn’t get a good view of how big they were but there was a promising bulge. She had a bag with her which I guessed were her clothes and I quickly ducked as they came closer and got into bed while pretending to read a book. I heard them inside the house and my sister giggling and talking non-stop.

Then I heard them in Kara’s room and after what seemed like ages I heard a knock on the door. I said “Come in.” and my voice was suddenly almost a squeak. My sis came in first. She was dressed in a skirt and tank top that didn’t hide any of her assets. Katie was right behind her and she had changed too.

She wore a skirt and a thin strap t-shirt. The skirt ended about 6 inches below her butt. It was a killer outfit. She had nice legs too. Her breasts seemed big because of her slim frame and they jiggled as she moved. When she turned, she looked like the letter ‘S’. She moved like a dancer with smooth surely gestures. I was still staring when she turned and looked at me with wide curious eyes. I had to drag my eyes back to her face. She seemed to understand my reaction.

“Hi Jake, heard so much about you,” she said, her gaze switching back and forth between Kara and me.

I didn’t know what to say, so I smiled and nodded. She explored the room giving me enough time to settle down, but my eyes found it difficult to not follow her body as she walked around the room. She looked through the long windows in my room as if she knew all about Aunt Emma and my visits there.

I looked at Kara. She smiled and sat down next to me. Her breasts jiggled inside her top. Finally, she asked Katie to sit down. She picked my computer chair and turned towards us. Her face was expectant and there was a tinge of excitement too. My eyes traveled to her thighs barely covered by her skirt. I could almost see upto her panties. I was still wondering about her breasts. They seemed to swell inside her t-shirt. I got a glimpse of her cleavage as she bent a little to adjust the chair. Her cleavage looked wonderful and I really started to like Katie. She caught my look and smiled gently as if she was used to it.

“Is it all true Jake?” she asked giving me an indication that she was the impatient type.


“Which part of it is true?”

“What did sis tell you?”

“That you fooled around with her and your aunt.”

“Yes, it is true.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Why not?”

“Sounds too good to be true.”

“It is true. I will bet my life on it.”

“OK, if you prove it, I will do anything.”


“Yes, anything.”

Boy, this was getting all fucked up by the minute. I wanted to run out of the room.

“So what do you want me to prove first?”

“I will let you decide.”

I turned to Kara. “Sis, are you OK with this?”

She nodded. I sahabet giriş pushed myself back further on the bed and spread my legs and patted the area between my legs indicating to Kara that I wanted her to sit there. She got up and sat between my legs, facing Katie. I started caressing her arms and tummy, feeling the warm skin below her short tank top. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I held Katie’s gaze for a moment and kissed my sister’s neck, licking the soft skin and biting. Sis gasped and broke out in goose bumps. Katie had moved closer towards us to see what I was doing. Her face was going red. I moved my hands to my sister’s breasts and squeezed them over the tank top.

Katie’s mouth was open slightly and her eyes were glued to what my hands were doing. I lifted the tank top and traced my fingers over the hard nipples, pinching them. Kara, leaned back and lay her head on my shoulder, moaning. I turned and started to suck on her lips and we kissed. Her torso pushed against my hands wanting my touch. I moved my mouth away to remove her tank top and she lifted her hands to make it easier. Her breasts were gorgeous and I kneaded them with my hands and kissed her mouth again. She pulled my head towards her and rubbed her back against my ever hardening cock.

I stopped kissing Kara and looked at our spectator. Her expression was a mix of astonishment and excitement. She found it hard not to look at her friend’s breasts and what I was doing to them.

“Seems like you might lose your bet.”

She smiled and said, “Well there is a long way to go for that isn’t it?”

I smiled and lifted Kara’s skirt to her hips caressing her smooth thighs. I realized that our watcher had moved even closer and I could reach out and touch her legs, if I wanted to.

I had an idea. I called Katie to the bed and made her sit in the same way as me, right next to me. She did so, her expression, questioning but willing to play along. I made sis sit so that Katie was between us. She watched us, amused, her mouth slightly open and her breath coming fast. I pulled sis close and started to kiss her, inches away from our audience. I also made sure that my hand rubbed lightly on Katie’s breasts as I pulled sis close. She didn’t move back or resist. I pushed the envelope by moving quite close to her mouth. I could hear her ragged breathing and I knew I was teasing her. It felt good. I moved to sis’s breasts and sucked them noisily. Her nipples were hard against my tongue. Katie’s breasts were so close that I was able to rub my cheek and ear against them. I almost felt her push them towards me.

“Oh god, Jake, I want your cock now,” she said. I stood up and faced both girls. There was a major tent already under my shorts. I undid the buttons on my shorts and took them off. There was a hard bulge inside my underwear. I moved towards sis and she licked the crotch and bit my cock over the elastic fabric tracing the outline of it with her fingers. Katie watched, fascinated by the sight of the soft material getting wetter and wetter. Sis pulled the cock out of its hiding place and it stood hard and long. She made Katie smell my underwear. That was quite kinky. Katie resisted at first but after a few attempts I saw her little tongue come out and lick it. Katie then turned her attention to my cock and gasped, seeing it being touched by sis. Sis pulled me close and started to lick the underside of my cock. She made sure it was quite close to Katie’s face. Then she took the tip into her mouth, sucking noisily, looking at Katie sideways. She seemed bowled over by the sight. I pushed it towards her face and sis understood what I was trying to do and helped me by moving even closer. My cock was at the eye level of Katie and she couldn’t take her eyes away from it.

I reached down and rubbed my sister’s breasts. My cock was being sucked more and more into her wet mouth. I was in heaven. Having someone watch us was kinky as hell. I was wondering how we could entice Katie into the twosome and Kara beat me to it. She took my cock out of her mouth and held it in front of her friend, encouraging her to hold it. When there was no response, she took one hand forcibly and placed it on my cock. There was not much resistance after that. She looked up at me, blushing and I smiled. She was tentative at first and sis moved towards my balls to lick it, giving the newcomer to gain some confidence. I pushed the tip slowly towards her mouth. My foreskin made contact with her lips and she pulled back a bit and continued to fiddle with my cock with her fingers. Her face had a childish quality at that moment as she explored it as if for the first time. I pushed again and this time she moved slower than before. I kept persisting and her mouth opened to let the tip in.

She nibbled on the tip tentatively. Sis moved towards my cock and started licking the base and moved up towards Katie’s mouth. She reached the end and both lips were close to each other. I was delighted to see my sister starting to suck on Katie’s lips and she somehow got my cock head between them. I reached down and pushed both heads closer, watching them kiss. The tip of my cock got some of the attention while the two ladies got hotter and hotter. I knew it was my time to touch Katie. I reached lower and caressed her breast. They seemed tightly enclosed in her t-shirt. I could see the bunched up breasts brushing against me and my sis.

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