Watching the Game

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She nearly screamed when he finally slipped into her, the teasing pleasure had built up all night. He slowly slid in to the hilt, then grinned at her, gripped her hips, and began thrusting wildly. She met him thrust for thrust, gripping him with her legs to pull him in as deep as possible, playing with her nipples as the pleasure built. Growling, he bent his head to take a nipple into his mouth, biting it and rolling it around his tongue. She did scream this time when the climax hit her. He thrust even harder until he finally reached his own climax. They lay there gasping for breath for a moment before he rolled onto his back beside her and winced as he pulled the condom off and tossed it in the trash.

“Once a week just ain’t cutting it,” she pouted, running her fingers through his chest hair.

“I know, babe, but with classes and work, that’s all we’re getting right now,” he teased one nipple back to attention.

She sighed with pleasure, and dipped her fingers to wrap around his hardening cock, “Yeah, but you’re gonna kill me with the pleasure of it!” She joked, squeezing him in her hand.

“Or you me,” he lowered his head to lavish attention on her breasts, alternating between them while his fingers brought her clit to firm attention. Words were lost to moans of pleasure as they picked things right back up for the rest of the evening.

“I’ll see you next Sunday?” she asked as he dressed the next morning.

“Oh, crap! I completely forgot!” he smacked his head, “I promised the guys I’d watch the game with them! Jim’s parents are out of town, so we’re all going over to his house to watch it on the big screen.”

“What?!” she nearly shouted, “But Sunday is ALWAYS our day!”

“I’m sorry babe,” he tried to kiss her and caught the top of her head instead, “I’ll see if I can get off Saturday and we can go out then.”

“I hope so,” she frowned.

One week later…

“And, of course, he couldn’t get off work. I doubt he even tried,” Melissa whined to her best friend, Jill, over drinks the next Sunday afternoon.

Jill snorted, “The big game just holds too much attention. I doubt any of us could get them away from it! Not even if we stripped naked and masturbated in front of them!”

The girls squealed with laughter over that thought, then Melissa’s face turned pensive.

“Oh, no,” Jill said, “I know that look! Melissa, hon, you’re not thinking of going over there are you?”

Melissa smiled, “Why not? They’ll probably ignore me the whole time no matter what I do.”

“Oh, avcılar elit escort MY!” Jill choked, “They might just ALL decide to take you up on your offer! Melissa, IMAGINE!”

Melissa was imagining. If the thought of sex with Tony alone was mind boggling, the thought of sex with him and all his friends had her wetter than she could remember.

“You want to come?” she asked Jill as she paid for her drinks.

“No, but be sure to tell me all about it when you finally get home!” Jill bubbled and Melissa could tell her friend was feeling just as horny.

Two hours later, she stood on the front step of Jim’s house. Fortunately, she knew where it was from a party earlier that year. It was cold and snowing, so she was bundled in a winter coat, scarf, gloves, and hat. She had deceptively dressed in layers. Unsexy on top, sexier as you unwrapped.

Jim answered the door with a confused expression, “Melissa? What are you doing here?”

“Missing my boyfriend,” she laughed, “I figured I could at least watch the game with him!”

“Okay, sure, come on in, it’s freezing out here,” Jim held the door open enough for her to get in, “Tony! Your girl is here!”

“Melissa?” Tony came into the foyer as she stripped off the outer snow covered layers and tugged off her snow boots.

“I missed you,” she said simply, “I figured we could at least be together today!”

“Okay, come on,” he dragged her into the room where Tony and four others were watching the game on a huge TV. The two settled on one of the sofas together.

Melissa gave it about fifteen (boring) minutes of watching before she started her plan into action. Fortunately, they did have the temperature quite warm in the house, perfect.

“Wow, you’ve got in nice and warm in here,” she commented, slipping off her sweatshirt with a stretch that brought the apples of her breasts together in a nice arch against the low neck line of the white t-shirt underneath if anyone was watching.

The guys gave her a glance, but then the TV caught their attention again. Tony had noticed, though, because his arm snuggled around her with a hand squeezing one of the fruits on display. She leaned back into him, letting her elbow snuggle against his groin.

A few minutes later, she stood without a word to shuck off the oversized sweat pants to reveal the red short shorts underneath. Tony caught his breath and, when she sat back in his arms, his other hand, slipped past what little fabric covered her legs to caress her clit. avcılar escort He paused when he felt the lace covering it and slid a hand lower to part the sections of lace and plunge into her dripping wetness. The hand on her breast tightened and he began kissing on her neck and face from behind her. She moved a hand back to stroke his hard-on through his jeans.

“Evil woman,” he whispered in her ear.

A cough brought it to her attention that they had an audience. Much to her surprise, all eyes were on her. Tony slipped a hand under the neckline of her shirt to fondle the hard peaks of her nipples. Finally, he stood up, dragging her with him.

“Jim, can we borrow a room for a bit? I think my girlfriend needs a little more of my attention,” Tony’s hand was still on her breast as he spoke, sending shocks of pleasure through her.

“Unless you want to share some of that hotness,” Jim eyed the visible skin, “I wouldn’t mind a piece of that!”

Tony looked around the room and realized everyone was eyeing his girlfriend, who was in a state of rapture from his hands. Quickly, he stripped off her shirt and the lacey bra underneath, bringing her large apples to view. Melissa gasped and tried to cover them, but then he had hooked his thumbs into her shorts and tugged them down. She stood in her socks and crotchless panties facing the room of men.

Tony bent down to lick one pert nipple, “Anyone want a taste of this?”

Someone thought to mute the TV as clothes went flying and Melissa was soon surrounded by rock hard cocks begging for her attention. She was placed on her back on the floor and hands and mouths were all over her body. She felt the bumps of the cocks, caught several in her hands before they moved on as the mouth and hands moved down her body. Then one pressed against her mouth and she greedily sucked it in. Then they were placed in her hands for her to rub and pleasure. Each breast had a hot mouth sucking eagerly on the hard tip.

She distantly heard the rip of foil and snap of latex before the first cock slid into her. She groaned around the cock in her mouth as her first climax of the evening hit.

“Damn, she’s hot, already cumming,” an unfamiliar voice gasped as the cock, bigger than Tony’s, forced itself into her.

She squeezed harder on the ones in her hands, trying to give them the hand jobs of their lives. She did her best to lick and suck the one in her mouth to pleasure. All while enjoying the one filling her pussy over and over again.

Without avcılar eve gelen escort warning, one of her wrists was covered in dripping cum and another took the place. Then she was given a warning before cum exploded down her throat. The roughness in her pussy was her only warning to the explosion about to happen there.

“Wait, wait, pick her up,” a voice ordered. She was lifted off her back and carried to the sofa where Jim sat stroking his long and thick cock. A condom was shoved into her hand, “Saddle it and ride it,” someone told her. Shaking at the size before her, she stretched the latex over the meat and then rose up on her knees to take it into her. Sparks popped behind her eyes as her body stretched around him. Then Jim grabbed her breasts and began paying attention to the nipples. She climaxed again, not even halfway down his shaft, causing her to scream and drop the rest of the way in surprise. Shock laced through her as she found her legs moving without her thinking about it, riding the monster, her climax seeming never-ending. Suddenly someone shoved their cock in her face and she began sucking on it. One of her hands was freed from its’ death grip on Jim’s shoulders to begin a hand job on another cock. Then she felt something poking at her backside. She tried to say something, but the owner of the cock in her mouth grabbed her hair and began flat out fucking her mouth. A dripping coldness covered the area, then Jim stopped her from moving while the cock worked its’ way into her ass.

Full. That was the only thing she could thing. She turned wild, gripping the cock in her hand and wildly reaching for another. She stroked and licked and rode and was ridden. There was no thought, only action and feeling. Her climaxes were roaring on top of each other, making her ride even harder, be ridden even harder. Cum dripped down her wrists, then began leaking out of her mouth. And still they all kept going.

When she wasn’t sure how much more she could take, it was suddenly over. Jim and the guy in her ass came in unison. Her mouth and hands were covered in cum one more time as she finally opened her eyes.

The guys shook Tony’s hand and slapped him on the back as he came towards her, grinning ear to ear. She was still sitting filled with Jim’s monster cock, which was slowly wilting just a bit. Tony picked her up and she gasped as Jim’s cock pulled out of her with a wet slurp. Tony cradled her to him and looked over a Jim.

“So, about that room?” Tony asked, “I defiantly have some business I need to take care of now!”

Jim chuckled, “Tony, with that kind of business, you’re welcome to bring her back every Sunday you want to!”

Melissa heard the laughter as Tony carried her off for some private fun, but she seriously thought she wouldn’t mind that at all. After all, time with her boyfriend was very important indeed!

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