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She had never been so nervous in her whole life. They had decided to meet at Lake Cumberland. Solid familiar ground for her…growing up there and spending all her summers on the lake. There was a beautiful spot for a picnic right down by Cumberland Falls where you can feel the spray from the water. She bent over to tie her shoe. Checking her watch, wondering if she was nuts.

From about 30 feet away, he saw her for the very first time. Bent down tying her shoe, heart shaped ass in the air. He would have known her anywhere. Long red hair blowing cross her face .he walked closer and could hear her muttering to herself about being nuts.

As she stood, she turned and looked right at him as if she could feel his eyes on her. Her face lit up and a smile crossed her lips. She would have known him anywhere too. She walked across the rocks toward him her smiles faltering and then he watched her eyes darken as she stood about 5 feet from him.

“Damn you always seem to be sneaking up on Me.”, smile crossing her lips again. He stood there and watched the blush rise from her breasts and flood her cheeks. Her green eyes so expressive suddenly became concerned as she faltered again…”what’s wrong?” she asked, fearing the worst.

wind blew hair across her face and in two steps he was less than an inch from her brushing the hair from her cheek pulling her to him and wrapping his arms around her never saying a word.

She felt his lips brushing the top of her head. She could feel his heart pounding as she hugged him closer and god, he smelled so good. She tipped her head back after a minute looking up at him and he finally spoke,

“I have seen every inch of you from the pictures you have snet to me. But you lied to me. You told me you couldn’t make anyone speechless. But my god speechless doesn’t cover it.” sliding his hands over her shoulders to her face….cupping her chin. Leaning down, he touched his lips to hers softly, gently. The rush came as she opened her mouth and he couldn’t resist ….over and over kissing her harder and harder….

A soft cry escaped her lips as he raised his head. She opened her eyes and peeked at him. The smile on his face made her blush even deeper.

She took his hand and pulled him with her, walking beside him telling him about Cumberland Lake and growing up there. She knew from some of their talks that he had a thing for waterfalls. She had not mentioned Cumberland Falls yet and was hoping to surprise him with it.

She grabbed the duffel bag she had in her Jeep and he was just watching her, listening to her voice, watching her laugh and smiling back at her.

“The spot I have picked out for the picnic is just up on the ridge, it’s not far. Just follow me.” she said, slinging the bag over her shoulder. He stopped her, taking Balıkesir Escort the bag from her and carrying it himself, making her smile again. A gentleman to a fault, she remembered him telling her.

He watched her hips sway and her hair move in the wind, listening to her talk to him. She would turn back every now and then and flash that knee buckling smile at him. he would smile back knowing that she was exactly the same person standing in front of him as she had been that last few months on line that he had been talking to.

He was quiet and she turned back to him and opened her mouth to ask him if he was ok when she caught him staring at her ass. She stopped and walked back to him, tiptoed and pulled his mouth to hers and kissing him with a desire she had never felt before. Pressing her body against him, moaning as his tongue entered her mouth. He lifted his head at the low rumble he heard. Wondering what it was …and that was when he realized it was rushing water crashing against rocks. He had only heard his heart pounding in chest till that moment.

He looked down at her face, eyes have closed and lips still wet from his own. He raised an eyebrow and asked “where are you to taking me?”

she smiled softly and, “remember when I told you that I wanted to be your every fantasy?” walking though the trees and stopping about twenty feet from him. She was pointing, smiling at him like the cat that ate the canary.

He followed her and stopped short at the top of the ridge, mouth falling open at the sight. Sun shining through the trees creating a rainbow that followed the waterfall down to the rocks.

Beautiful and pristine he thought, just like her.

“Thought we might have lunch ….there…” pointing to a huge flat rock just by the water. He was so taken back by thoughts of water rushing over them that he dropped the duffel bag and took her in arms, holding her close.

“you really mean this?’ he asked softly his mouth moving to hers again. He swallowed her yes as kissed her again and again and again

she led him through the trees down to the rocks…sweat running between her breasts that had nothing to with heat of the day. Took off her boots and her socks. Sat there pretty as a picture dangling her feet in the water. He sat beside her….watching the water run over the falls…lost in the thought that he may have met his match. He felt her hair brushing his shoulder as she stood…amazed ,watching her as she peeled out of her shirt and was wriggling out of her jeans. His eyes moved up her body…strong legs…black lacy panties over her stomach laced with stretch marks. he could see full breasts encased in straining black lace, up over her neck, watching her chewing on her bottom lip…until his gaze reached her Balıkesir Escort Bayan eyes. She shut her eyes feeling like an idiot. Self consciousness rushing to her face. She knew what she looked like half naked….and she didn’t want to see the disappointment on his face.

She turned her back to him…and her voice cracking…”I thought I might cool off before we eat” and dove in to the water…

His hand just missed her arm as he tried to turn her back to him. He was almost out of his clothes when she surfaced about 30 yards away. She watched the muscles on his arms ripple as he stepped out of jeans…OMG she thought…so sexy…sinfully sexy watching him….She ducked her head under the water…her mind working on her…telling her no man like that would go for her no matter how hot the spark may be. Her head broke through the water…just as she heard a splash…looking for him .waiting to see where he was….treading water just by the fall.

She almost jumped out of her skin when she felt his hands moving over her legs pulling her to him as he came up for air. He pulled her legs around him and kissed her hard again and again. Her hands moving over his slick back trying to get as close to him as she could…she felt him hard against her panties and her eyes opened with a start.

“Oh” she said completely surprised she excited him. He looked at her and smiled and kissed her nose…pulling them under the falls. He found a place where he could stand and pulled her under the natural shower.

His hands holding her ass to keep her right where she was. He was afraid if he let go she would disappear. They stayed like that for awhile…getting to know the feel of their bodies against each other. He took her hands and locked them around his neck and unclasped her bra…and pulled the straps. She looked him right in the eyes as she pulled the bra from her arms and threw it in the water. Droplets like rain slid down her face…her neck his eyes following them down over her breasts to taut nipples .he thought he would die from the beauty of it. A slow lazy smile crossed his face as he dipped his head and licked the trail of water to her nipple. Circling it with his tongue and sucking it into his mouth like it was the best tasting thing he ever had in mouth…he moved from one to the other hearing her moans above his head…her hands in his hair pulling his head up and crushing her lips to his. She wriggled from his gasp for only second…and flung her panties over her shoulder and swam back to him. She took his hand and pulled him over to a rock where the water fell and washed over it.

He sat the water up to his chest and she moved to straddle his thighs…her lips coming back to his on their own. Running her hands over his shoulders Escort Balıkesir and down his chest….taking his cock in her hands stroking it as her tongue moved in his mouth…he tried to lift her onto him and she stopped him and smiled. Wiggled off his lap and pulled him to his feet. Dropping to her knees water lapping her breast and rushing down her back she took him deep in her throat. Holding him there for moment before sliding in him and out of her mouth her tongue swirling around his cock… the low guttural moan that escaped him surprised her and made her look up at him. Sliding him from her mouth and with a slight smile, licked the head of his cock and winked at him.

His heart dropped to his knees at that wink. Wrapping her hair around his hand, he shoved his cock in and out of her mouth until his legs started to shake…he tried to pull back…but she grabbed his thighs and held him deep in her throat milking him with her mouth . Sucking him in and out over and over …he came so hard, crying out above her head…and she swallowed every drop.

He jerked her to her feet kissing her hard breathing heavy. Kissing her neck and over her breasts taking them in hands…amazed the hands could not cover them completely. Flicking her nipples with his tongue his other hand moving over her belly…he parted her lips and slid his fingers inside her.”oh god ” she cried as he moved his fingers in and out of her wet pussy his thumb flicking her clit…her body was shaking and god he had never felt anything so hot and wet…she tightened around his fingers.. and moved his mouth to hers .kissing her hard… she came apart in his arms…nails scraping his back as she came all over his fingers…. he pulled her legs around him shoving his cock deep in her pussy …both of them crying out in complete bliss. Holding her ass he moved her up and down his cock…moaning with every thrust…she was so tight…so wet so fucking hot….she was kissing his neck whispering in his ear that she had never felt anything so good…telling him how he filled her… how he made her legs weak…that she craved him…her voice in his ear had pushed him over the edge on many nights and now to feel her breath quicken and her body tensing up …he couldn’t wait any longer slamming her pussy up and down on his cock.. Her tensing…tightening around him with every thrust …they came together…cum mixing with cum as the water rushed over them. Both crying out in ecstasy. Shoving his tongue in her mouth as the shudders wracked both of them. He never wanted to move from where he was…and she held him tight as she thought oh damn….he is real.

He held her in his arms…and swam back to the rock where the blanket and the sheet was. He helped her onto it and fell down beside her pulling her to lie on top of him kissing her hungrily. Telling her between kisses that nothing had ever felt so good. They fell asleep like that. Wrapped in each others arms…listening to wind blow through the tress and the water hitting the rocks. His last thought was…..every fantasy cum true all rolled up in redheaded dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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