We Are All Together Ch. 14

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Chapter: 14: “Oh! Take me Daddy…”

Keya felt lonely as she was alone there in the house. Her brother and sister were on honeymoon and Shreya, the youngest sister has still not returned from the college excursion. She felt the urge of her brother’s huge cock inside so eagerly and wondered, how on earth would she live ever if she is not allowed to live with her brother! And surely, her parents would not allow them to live together and carry on the forbidden relationship.

His brother has fucked Mira aunty, made her pregnant and she is to give birth to her child soon within a week. On the other hand, she has fucked Vidyut Uncle so many times, that it’s very natural, and if she visits home and she will be readily welcomed and warmed in bed by him. Uncle must feel alone and she decided to take a week’s break till Joy returns and visit home.

She reached home when it was noon of the very day Joy set out for Simla. Keya rang the doorbell and found Mira aunty with her nine month’s huge belly welcome her. She kissed Keya on her lips and she found her short hair so sexy. Joy had shaved her head, and she has not grown still that length in the last eight months. She cares for her boy’s cut look and it fits her.

Entering home, she found nobody around. Mira told her that her mother was to Kolkata and her father is likely to return from the shop. She changed into a sleeveless nightie and began to chat with Mira aunty. Their subject shifted to the experience with Joy. Mira proudly announced how much she enjoyed her time with the boy, even better than her husband.

“You know, Keya, he made me full every time he entered me. And his skill encouraged me to make it eternal. I told Vidyut that it’s time of my belly to swell up with Joy. And he agreed.”

“He did not decline? Wow! Aunty, you are lucky.”

“Yes, you can say that. But before that you have to accept that your mother is fucking your husband and you did not interrupt. You know, Keya, my mother gave birth to Vidyut’s daughter at the age of 40. I was pregnant with our first child then. We both mother and daughter gave birth to his children and they still fuck like newlyweds.” Mira sounded sad. But Keya found she was excited also.

Keya touched her lips, kissed Mira and said, “To tell you the truth, aunty, Vidyut Uncle had fucked me a lot. He even fucked my shit out every time. And to tell the truth, he made me pregnant more than once. He has fucked my mom also. I’ve seen them so many times together!”

“Don’t apologize, darling, I know that, and to tell you the truth, I’ve fucked your father a lot. He is still so energetic like your mom. You are lucky that you inherit your parents’ energy and libido.”

Keya grinned. She felt her pussy getting wet as she talks over her brother. And Mira’s description about her father’s stamina and skill made her horny and she secretly wished her father. She had a secret desire for her father from the day she has seen her parents enjoying sex. She was a teen then. Even she has spied them there at the rented house in Jalpaiguri as they visited the sisters. Yes! Now she remembers, he lasted for more than twenty minutes. Mira aunty also gave her the same information. He lasts long, and is skilled like a young man.

The rest of the conversation seemed boring to her until she felt Mira suddenly pulls her close by her hair and begins to kiss violently. She responded and her palms began to caress Mira’s swelling boobs over her cotton nightie. Mira’s tongue found hers and they sucked like lovers. Keya then unhooked her nightie. She took the erect nipples in her mouth. Mira moaned and to her surprise, she began to milk. Keya tasted the breast milk more and more.

She shifted on the alanya escort sofa and parted her legs carefully. Mira’s swelling belly looked great and Keya kissed her there. She was on the floor, between her parted legs and tugging her nightie up, she found the hairy pregnant was not in any panties. Keya was lost in eating Mira’s pussy that she missed the footsteps of her daddy. He entered the drawing room to find the horny ladies having lesbian play. The lady with the huge baby in her was lying in the couch, spreading her legs making room for the sexy girl in her nightie sitting doggy style. Her round ass made his poker still. What a hell! She is my own daughter! He thought, and the thought of fucking his own daughter made him more ready and needier. He could hardly control his hands unbuckling his belt, and opening the fly of his trousers and taking the ready-to-fuck penis take in hands.

Keya was on her knees, and her nightie was tugged up to her waist. The father left his trousers and silently sat on his knees behind his daughter. His cock has not been having a chance to enter a hole since the last three days. His wife is having her periods and at home, Mira is not in a condition to be fucked. He needs a pussy so eagerly and here it is, may it be his own daughter’s, its ready to take his poker as it is dripping like hell.

Keya felt a hot iron rod go straight in her pussy without a warning and she almost jumped up only to find that her face is stuck between the creamy, hairy thighs of Mira aunty and a couple of heavy hands clutch her slander waist.

She almost cried out in pain and out of satisfaction. Back there, her father had already started the lovely in and out holding her oh-so-slander waist. She felt full under there, her abdomen so full and the walls of her randy cunt so sensitive like the feeling when Joy goes into her. She began to groan, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh… ummmmmmmmmmmmm… fuck me, yes, like that…”

The love words of his own daughter made the old man hornier and he began to push and pull vigorously. He saw the pregnant woman biting her lower lips and messaging Keya’s head as she was licking her wet pussy. The lapping sound was clear and the old father had only to push faster.

Keya had begun to moan in lust. She knew from the grip that holds her slander waist, that it was her dad who is in her now, ramming her wet pussy. She did not want to waste the moment and began to moan louder, inspiring her father, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, come on Daddy, FUCK your little girl, fuck her hard, Ohhhhhh… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh… Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… That’s it… faster, DADDY, FASTER… Your Slut Little Daughter wants you fuck her faster. Oh… yes… I like that, Daddy… ohhhhhhh yeas, yes, yes… fuckfuckfuck… make me your randy whore, make your daughter pregnant WITH YOUR CUM…”

And then her father stopped. As he withdrew his still erect and huge cock glittering with his own daughter’s pussy juice, Kaya turned to face him and took the manhood in her hands, taking it all at once in her mouth. Mira was still lying on the sofa and she made her father sit by her, giving him a good blowjob.

Bending down toward him, she took his cock in her mouth. Coating him with her own juice and saliva, she runs her tongue around and around his crown while bobbing her head up and down on him. Her tongue flicks over that sensitive place when his head meets the shaft. This drives him crazy, and his hips start to buck, his cock rising up to meet her mouth every time it goes down.

Keya cupped his balls in her hand, fondling them first, and then pulling his scrotum down, in rhythm with her descending mouth. A growl emits from deep in alanya escort bayan his throat. He throws his head back and fisting both hands in his daughter’s hair, he pulls her head up and down as his thrusts up into her mouth.

After so many years of fucking, and giving men their best blowjobs, Keya knows he’s getting close to his release. He holds her tighter, his balls start to draw up tight, and she can feel the head of his cock swell even more. Gently, she rakes my fingernails over his hardened sack, and that pushes him over the edge. Shouting her name, he erupts, shooting wad after wad of cum down the back of her throat, “Keya, take it… take it… I’m cumming… oh my god…”

Swallowing it all, she looks at up him and smiles. “It was great, wasn’t it papa?”

“Ohhhh… it was… fascinating, baby.”

“Did Papa like his girl’s blowjob?”

“Ohhhh… more than just liking, Baby… I’m looking forward for more… aren’t you, baby?”

“Oh, of course I’m looking forward for more! But, I’m not done yet, papa. It’s unfair that you didn’t look for your girl.”

“Oh! The old man forgets now-a-days. Sure, I’m going to look for my baby girl’s need.”

And the father took his daughter in his arms and the kissed. She kissed his tongue and he back kissed hers. His hands found the swollen wet pussy under the nightie. She was still dripping.

“Are you always so wet, Baby? Or is it that you are fucking your daddy makes you so wet?”

“I don’t know, papa. I’m more than excited to have you. Please fuck me hard. Fuck the shit out of your slut, papa.”

Soon, she was lying on the sofa besides the beautiful huge bellied Mira. She just spread her legs as far as she can and saw her father lowering his erection between her legs. Soon he was all into her wet pussy, pounding her like hell.

He picked up his rhythm a bit, and grasped her cheeks, pulling her into him as he plunged. Keya arched her back and set her hips in motion herself, rising to meet his every advance. Daddy picked up her legs and held them wider high in air catching her ankles, opening her cunt up farther, giving her more leverage to pull herself into him.

Faster and faster they fucked, until her whole body shook like an avalanche as an orgasm ripped through her from top to bottom. Daddy drove on, right through it, and she came then and there, filling the room with her wails of ecstasy. Oh! How she loved the feeling of cumming when her father was in her…

And there, her papa was about to boil over as well. He drove hard into her pussy, and then froze, balls deep, as his entire body shook and he emptied himself into her.

They were both panting, the sweat coated bodies were glittering, and she planted a long wet kiss on his lips.

“Did you like that, papa?”

“Oh! Baby, I liked it a lot.”

“Were you not missing mummy, don’t lie to me papa.”

“Your mummy is still so sexy, Keya, and you must know, we share a good and healthy sex life still after some twenty-five years living together. It’s due to our love and pure sex we enjoy. But as we both fuck around different partners, we are free not to think about each other when we fuck other than us.”

Keya hugged her father and kissing again, said, “Shall we do it more, papa? Do you promise?”

He nodded and looked towards the lady still on the sofa, rubbing her clit. He positioned between her legs and she began to caress his hair while he began to eat her swallow pussy. She began to moan soon and her climax was near. She came with loud moans and as her legs stopped shaking, he opened his mouth and to Keya’s surprise, Mira aunty began to pee. Her golden shower was escort alanya gushing straight into her father’s open mouth which he accepted gladly.

She heaved a sigh of relief and the old man stood up, all rinsed with the lady’s pee from top to toe and hurried towards the bathroom. Keya followed him and hugged him from behind, kissing his neck. He turned and embraced his daughter. His hands began to caress her firm boobs together.

His lips entered her mouth and she gladly accepted him. A long kiss and he said, “Baby, just stand here, I’ve to pee. It’s urgent.”

“Oh, papa! Let me be your piss-mop, please. Shower me with your golden shower. I love to pee and have dreamt of being pissed all over my body.”

She positioned on her knees before her dad as the handsome old man opened his belt, fly and his well used pole comes out before her eyes. She took it in her mouth, sucked it and as soon as she felt him began to release the hot, yellow shower, she opened her mouth.

As he released his bladder, she was accepting his precious shower with all her body. She opened her long hair and rinsed the length carefully. Then she upheld her boobs in nightie and soon, her only cotton nightie was all wet. It clung to her body, making her body visible.

Her father watched the figure of his daughter, and her eagerness to be drenched, making his cock grow hard soon enough to enter a pussy. He took her hands and made her bend upon the bathroom basin. She was all wet from top to toe, her hair draining the yellow shower, as her body. She could hardly see as her father peed on her face, mouth and eyes also.

She bent over the basin clinging to the wall and over shoulder, saw her father tugging her wet nightie up to her waist. Soon she felt her father enter her wet pussy. She felt a tension growing deep under her abdomen, and her pussy walls were clenching to her father’s fat big cock. She knew, she will not last long.

Her father began to thrust his erection deeper through the tight channel. He felt the softness of her ass bumping his abdomen with each thrust. And her moaning was filling the whole bathroom, “ohhhhhhhhhhhh… my… my… my… fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… oh yeah… oh yeah… Papa, fuck your slut, fuck me, papa, fuck, fuck, fuck meeee… “

He felt her pussy muscles clenching and unclenching around his rigid pole each time he was doing that in- and- out act. Oh how exciting it was for him to fuck his own girl! He has been jealous to his wife’s luck whenever she told her experience with her father. He did not object even when she confessed to him that she was going to give birth to the baby of her father and not her husband’s. She gave birth to two baby girls of her father, one girl and one boy with her husband. Nobody knows the secret but the husband-wife and the wife’s father.

With each thrust, he was feeling that his revenge to his wife is complete. He is not ashamed to fuck her girl. She is not biologically his daughter.

He was pounding with such might that there was no tomorrow. She felt the ease of her father, and screamed like a maniac, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… fuck meeeeeeee… oh papa, fuck me… oh yeah… oh yeah…oh yeah… fuck your baby girl, fuck, fuck me…ummmmmmmmmm… Ahhhhhhhhh… Ahssssssssssssssssssssssssss… Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Hold on daddy… I’m Cumming, I’m cumming, and I’m cumming…”

And she felt her pussy muscles clenched and released a gush of juice and she came greatly with her own hot yellow shower. She peed greatly. The sound of her pee made her father aware that she was peeing and he immediately sat under to take her hot pee in his mouth. When she stopped, her legs were shaking and she almost fell on the floor.

Her father kissed her lips and as she caught her breath again, she took her father’s still erect cock in her mouth and gave him a good blowjob to remember. He came with a huge satisfaction in her mouth. His sticky goo in mouth, she fell on the floor of the bathroom exhausted.

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