Wear It…

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It was one of those familiarly quiet nights as Jerry mindlessly peered at and, pretty much, through the TV…thinking of Loren. The long departed, long lost Loren. He wondered what it was he had done to prompt her leaving… Wondered what he might have done to have prevented it. He was just about to finger his groin when the doorbell chimed. Odd at this late hour…but he almost welcomed the company, any company.

“Coming,” he said to the door.

Opening it wide…his mouth followed. Of all the visitors he did not expect to show up at his apartment! It was Lily, Charlie’s wife…the two of them his old friends; both of them not seen since Loren’s taking off. Both of them big fans of his…ex!

“Wow.” Said Jerry, “What a surprise. Lily! To what do I owe…?”

“Is Loren here with you, Jerry?”

“Come on in, Lily. No. I haven’t seen her in months. I thought she was… with you. What happened? Charlie was the last one to show up here asking for her…but that was a while back and after we pow-wowed that night we figured she was with you. We figured you and her…”

“Well, you figured right. It’s been me and Loren all along, Jerry. I’m sorry. It’s wasn’t your fault. We all make mistakes. She really tried, Jerry… with you…but it just didn’t work. Not your fault.”

“I know. I didn’t think it was…but…”

“Didn’t you know, Loren’s gay” said Lily, staring straight at Jerry’s eyes… “…and so am I. You seem surprised. Is it my legs?” Lily chuckled. “Well, maybe I go both ways, but Loren and I have been together all this time and, well, I’m…I’m in love with her. I’m not sure she feels the same way…but I love her very much. You say you haven’t seen her?”

Jerry swallowed. What Lily confessed wasn’t xslot the biggest realization for him…but it was a lot to process. He was still in love with his wife too. “No, I haven’t, Lily, and I really miss her! And the way she left… She just walked out! It wasn’t just spiteful…; she was a bitch!”

“Yes, indeed. She is that. But maybe there was some confusion in her mind…and heart. Sometimes I got the feeling she missed you. I don’t know, maybe that’s why I’m here. Lots of times when we made love I got the feeling she might have been thinking of you. And to tell you the truth, it was a turn-on for me. Just thinking of the two of you turned me on. But I was hoping I wouldn’t find her here. What a bitch! Maybe I should go.”

“Don’t go. Let me get you something to drink.”

Lily sat on the couch. “Ok. I’ll take you up on the offer. I’ll have what you have.”

Jerry poured a few inches of bourbon into each of two glasses.

“Thank you for being understanding, Jerry. Mind if I take off my shoes…or would you like to do that?” Lily punctuated the remark with an inscrutable smirk.

“Why? Would that turn you on?”

“Not really. But Loren told me how you dug that.”

Lily kicked her pumps off and revealed her feet…perfect arches in their smooth nylons. She raised them up to place both legs on the ottoman. It was just a stolen glance but Jerry could see Lily’s nylon seams across the bottoms of her feet as he looked away and drank half of what was in his glass. He hadn’t felt anything like this in a very long time. Was it calculated on Lily’s part, or was it just his having been alone so long?

“You don’t have to look away, Jerry. Remember my sending you my red heels and that pair of xslot Giriş stockings? I saw you staring at my legs that night at Don’s place. You and my husband. He was nuts about your wife, by the way. And I know they got it on a few times! But Charlie wasn’t as discerning as you, Jerry. Big pussy guy, Charlie…more direct, not as romantic. But he had a hard-on for Loren… Sorry, Jerry, maybe this is just the booze talking. You can play with my feet, if you like.”

Jerry finished what remained in his glass. Poured himself another.

“You can get me another too, Jerry. Loren told me about how you loved those flats…and how she bought a dozen pairs of flip-flops just to piss you off. Didn’t work, though, did it? They actually turned you on! And maybe lots of other people! Your wife, wearing those barefeet shoes for everyone to see?… to the movies? …to dinner parties? On the street? Just to look trampy and to piss you off? To shame you? To show the world she was depriving you…of her? Her sex? It turned you on though, didn’t it? It’s ok, Jerry. We all have our private turn-ons. And as I told you, just thinking that you were with Loren turned me on. Just thinking of you putting her shoes on for her, taking off her stockings, blew me away. Still does. Strange isn’t it? But, you know, Jerry, I don’t think I’m being fair…and I know it’s late.”

“Would you really like me to… massage your feet Lily?”

“You’re so perceptive, Jerry. Why not? Go ahead. Have at it. I think I’d like it.” Lily raised her right leg, admiring it. “But first…you’d best deal with my stocking. Do you mind? Or do you prefer stockings?”

Jerry stared down at Lily’s foot as it elevated to meet his glance. “It’s hard to believe you’re xslot Güncel Giriş inviting me to touch you… your feet.” Lily smiled.

“I hope it’s more than just a touch! But why not, Jerry, I don’t mind and I know you like it. You’re the big foot man, aren’t you? That’s what Loren said. You might even get off.” She smiled at him and poked her foot between his legs. “Do I need to tell you, though, keep your hands off the legs. Ankles are the border.”

Jerry left Lily’s stocking on and took her foot in his hand. And as if nothing had occurred the conversation between the two of them, as well as their expressions, continued. Lily breathed deeply.

“Mmm. You can rub me harder, Jerry. My foot won’t break. I can feel why Loren wanted you to do this for her in that movie. You really disappointed her.

“It was a public place.”

“She didn’t care, Jerry. In fact, that was the point. Your wife wanted people to see what you were doing. And she loved you staring at her feet. So do I, Jerry. And remember, this was MY idea. So, man up!” Lily lifted her other foot. “Take my stocking off…carefully! Just watch your hands!”

Jerry’s hand trembled as he sought the rim of Lily’s stocking…but he didn’t get a purchase when she adjusted her body, took her feet off the ottoman and reached down for her pumps.

“Sorry. I really have to go, Jerry. Thanks for the ear…and the rub. I’ll let you know when I find our friend. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to tease you. I’m gay but we can get together for a drink…and…whatever!”

And then Jerry really opened his door, answering the chime as it sounded again. It wasn’t Lily after all but his neighbor Harlow.

“Hi, Jerr, said Harlow, “just thought I’d check to see you were okay. That TV is blasting beyond loud…and Jen’s got this miserable headache. Do you think…?”

“Sure,” said Jerry. I must have fallen asleep! Sometimes my dreams blot out all kinds of noise. I’ll lower it right away. Best to Jen!


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