Wedding Bells

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The most beautiful white wedding dress, a church filled with friends and family, flowers everywhere, a giant extravagant wedding cake, the sun shining brightly overhead, a large wedding party, beaming parents and grandparents seated proudly in the front row… what girl doesn’t dream of the day she gets married from the time she sees her first wedding? How many bridal magazines are bought every day by girls without even a boyfriend at the time just so they can fantasize about being the beautiful bride on the cover?

As for me, I had kept a box filled with all my ideas and plans that had grown from a small shoebox to a much larger version over the years. It included invitations and programs from weddings I’d either attended or been a part of in the past. (Yes, I’d been the proverbial “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” for many years with the ugly dresses in the closet to prove it.) Clippings from magazines, newspaper articles I’d read, advertising materials from caterers, florists, and chauffeurs; it all made it to the dream box I kept in my bedroom while growing up. Over the years the type of service, indoors versus outdoors, the dress, flowers, colors of the bridesmaid dresses – and styles, it all changed based on my mood and the state of my life at the time. One thing never changed – the moment I said “I do”.

So as I entered the second quarter century of my life I had just about everything I needed for the wedding except to one teenie weenie little detail – the groom. All through high school and college I was never lacking for boyfriends but they were really more boys who were friends than anyone I wanted to marry. Like so many girls I’d had a HUGE crush on my first boyfriend and I knew as certain as the sun rises in the east that I’d met the guy I would marry someday. You can just imagine how shocked I was when he told me that he was moving away to the west coast, leaving me despondent and convinced I would die an old maid.

A few years ago I finally met him, the guy I just KNEW I wanted to marry. Duane was everything I’d dreamed of, or so it seemed, and I was totally convinced that he was the going to propose at any moment. As much as I was excited about the upcoming event, I was also nervous in that Duane didn’t know anything about my incestuous background. Would he understand that as my father’s daughter I had duties and responsibilities that were just as important as my future duties as a wife and mother? Would he object to my relationships with other members of my family? Could he ever truly comprehend the love and closeness that I had with my family because of incest when he had never been exposed to it before and only knew what he saw in the newspapers and 20/20 episodes??

Rather than come right out and tell him, I decided to introduce him one step at a time. At the time I was heavily influenced by my mother’s belief that adultery was a cardinal sin and a violation of the Ten Commandments. Thus once I was married, sex outside my immediate family would be out of the question. However, that also meant for my future husband that he would be free to enjoy the women in my family – so long as it was someone in my family and NOT just any girl off the street. After all, incest is NOT adultery since it stays within my marriage family. (Just a note – since then my parents have divorced and I now consider adultery to be the act of CHEATING on your spouse, not just having sex with other people.)

So I told Duane about my Aunt Linda and cousin Kristi who had slept together since their husband and father had divorced them just a couple of years after Kristi was born. I figured if Duane could deal with THAT bit of information then maybe I could tell him about mom and my father. Besides, I knew he wanted to have sex with them both anyway and this was basically giving him permission to do so.

Another lesson learned and this was a hard one. Duane did NOT react well to the news and before it was over I lost my job and what looked to be my entire teaching career. It was only the intervention of my father that salvaged anything. What he said to Duane that night neither of them ever told me but at least it stopped things in their tracks before they got any worse. Still, it took years to repair the damage – both to my career and to my heart.

Then my fairy tale fantasies came true. Imagine my surprise the day in church when Steve tapped me on the shoulder and I turned to see my old boyfriend had returned! As it turned out, my original prediction regarding him from back when we first dated came true. How many girls can say that the first guy they had sex with, the first guy they thought they would marry, would actually BE the one they married?

After the Duane incident, perhaps the scariest time for me was the day I told Steve about me and my dad. Unlike what I did with Duane, I came out and just spilled everything. It was a little easier as Steve was not entirely a stranger to incest. Once when we dated his mother caught us having sex and one thing led to another. Although mariobet güvenilirmi they both claim nothing like that ever happened again, they were a lot closer than your average son and mother. Seeing them kissing and cuddling made me wonder about them at first, especially when the fondling got hot and heavy but it was always over their clothes and never went any further than that.

Steve actually didn’t believe me at first, assuming it was another practical joke like the ones I enjoyed playing on him. I guess I couldn’t really blame him but the only way to convince him was to show him. Well, THAT settled the issue and the next day he proposed to me so I was glad I hadn’t waited any longer. While we both have agreed that what goes on between me and my dad stays between me and my dad, he didn’t hesitate when it came to taking advantage of the situation. Surprisingly to me, it was my Aunt Linda that he was most attracted to and then my own mother. For a guy who has a fetish for younger girls, for whatever reason he likes the older ones when it comes to my family.

So after a nine month engagement, the moment was almost here. Everything was in place and there wasn’t a whole lot left to do at this point. The previous night we’d had our rehearsal and dinner which went off splendidly. One thing I did take note of was that even though I thought I had everything planned down to the smallest detail, there were still a few surprises. For instance, I hadn’t figured that less than ten minutes after arriving that my dad’s oldest brother would be doing me in the coat room. I also hadn’t even had the slightest idea that my cousin would be doing the groom and his brother between the rehearsal and dinner. Looking back it shouldn’t have surprised me but who can predict everything?

Without a doubt the biggest surprise was when I learned that Jim and Sharon, Steve’s younger siblings, also had sex during the rehearsal dinner. Now THAT really shocked me as I had no idea that sort of thing was going on and I couldn’t wait to corner Sharon later to find out more about it. I knew she had a crush on her older brother back in high school but never once had she hinted about any longings for her younger brother.

Now it was August 27th, the day that would forever more be on my calendar as my wedding anniversary. I woke in the morning groggy and sleepy. Ideally I would’ve had a good night’s sleep but when my cousin gets in bed with me it’s not like either of us can just turn on our sides and ignore the other. In the end it turned out to be a great way to spend our last night together as roomies. Certainly there would be other nights but never again as two single cousins. Actually I didn’t even remember falling asleep as somewhere along the line I just became so exhausted that I more or less passed out in the middle of things.

I was the first to wake and I laid there motionless, enjoying the feel of Kristi’s warm nude body snuggled up against mine. Somehow or another I’d ended up on my back with Kristi laying on her side, one leg draped over me and an arm over my chest with her head resting on my shoulder. My left arm was under her head and I reached down and felt her bare butt, running my fingers lightly along the curve of her hips. She stirred at my touch but didn’t wake; if anything she just seemed to press in tighter against me. I had to wiggle under her just a little to get comfortable and as I did I felt her smooth crotch pressing in tight against my upper thigh. Mmmmmmm, I wished I was the one on top right now as I knew where my head would have been before long.

Reaching over with my right hand, I gently stroked my cousin’s hair away from her face. She looked so peaceful and innocent when she was asleep, not a hint of the sexuality she had oozed just a few hours earlier. Reaching down, I adjusted my boob under her as hers pressed down against it. My pussy tingled as I remembered how good her mouth had felt on me and how badly I wanted her again.

I’ve been with a number of women over my lifetime although only a small fraction compared to the number of guys. Unlike guys, who I’m willing to have fun with regardless of who they are, I tend to lean towards the women in my life I know and am comfortable with when it comes to sex. Even then it’s a world of difference having sex with a girlfriend as compared to being with your mother or cousin. There’s a sense of intimacy that just can’t be matched when you’re with someone you’ve literally known all your life. Neither Kristi or I had a sibling so we pretty much grew up as sisters more than cousins. With her mother being divorced, sometimes it seemed that they spent more time at our house than their own. Of course it didn’t hurt that my aunt loved sex with my dad even though I didn’t know about THAT until I was having sex with him myself.

As my fingers ran slowly up Kristi’s bare back and then back down to her cute little butt, my other hand gently touched the sides of her perky boob and then I carefully squeezed my fingers mariobet yeni giriş under it so they were between our boobs, allowing me to cup her breast in my hand and slowly massage it. God her breast felt so good in my hand and I loved the way the back of my hand felt against my own hardening nipple. Apparently she liked it as well as she stirred again and I saw her eyes start to flicker open.

“Good morning sweetie,” I greeting her softly, twisting my body so we were now facing each other on the bed. I put my arm around her and pulled her in tightly to me, pressing my leg in between hers and pushing it up tight into her crotch. Her pussy felt so warm against the top of my leg and I moved it just enough to rub her gently. Our boobs rubbed up against each other and I could feel my nipples move against hers.

“Mmmmmmm, that feels so good,” her first words came out. She had her eyes closed again but I knew she wasn’t sleeping anymore as I felt her arch her back and press herself in tighter against my leg. Then she started to slowly hump against me, rubbing her pussy on me.

“Fuck I’m so damn horny,” she whispered under breath as she humped against me more. Well, so much for getting out of bed early!

Later as I showered all I could think about was the upcoming events! So far the day had started out perfectly. While I hadn’t planned on 69’ing my cousin before even getting out of bed, it was definitely a good omen for the day to come. Like the day was barely underway and already I’d cum twice!


Fortunately I’d woke with enough time to get the morning started right with my cousin as we were both due at the salon by 8:30. Ever mindful of her duties, my Maid of Honor was calling me a half hour beforehand to make sure my alarm had gone off. Hillary was 40 years old and a good friend of mine. We taught together as a team at the small Christian school where I teach. Hillary and I had become quite close over the past year or so and it just felt right to ask her. It also gave me a bit of an excuse for not choosing any of my friends over the other when it came to the MOH thing. Some decision are just impossible to make and I never claimed to be Solomon

My other bridesmaids were going to be Beth – my absolute BFF who I think was a bit disappointed not to be the MOH but she dealt with it nicely. Then there was Brenda, my freshman year college roomie who also had the distinction of being my first lesbian experience (I don’t count my mom and aunt as that was family). Samantha is probably best known to people who read my diary as the girl who got me to try sex with her dog. Nancy was also one of my longtime good friends, best known for her obsession with Truth or Dare. Finally there was Carrie, a close friend of Kristi with whom I’d spent quite a few fun times with. I decided NOT to include any relatives in my bridal party just so I wouldn’t hurt anybody’s feelings. Even so, I still invited Kristi and my other cousin Tammy to join us for the preparations. Sharon was also invited. I probably should have included her as a bridesmaid but to be honest I wasn’t even 100% sure she would make the wedding until I actually saw her at the rehearsal.

The colors for my wedding were pink and grey. The bridesmaid dresses were pink with grey trim while the groomsmen would wear grey suits with white shirts, pink vests and pink ties. When we got our nails done I stuck with just simple light pink nails with light grey tips. We all had them done the same of course, but when it came to hair it was every girl for herself!

With all the hustle and bustle of the rehearsal, this was the first time I actually got to spend some time alone with Sharon. It had been years since we had been together yet it seemed like just yesterday when we were young teenagers dealing as best we could with our erupting hormones. As was the case with all my friends at that age, we never actually touched one another but we did masturbate sometimes when we got especially hot talking about some guy we knew. Once I started dating her brother most of those times revolved around me telling her the latest dirt on what Steve and I had done. Perhaps I should have felt guilty for teasing her when I knew how badly she wanted her brother for herself but I never did.

After what had happened the previous night, or at least what I assumed had happened between her and her younger brother, I couldn’t wait to get her off to the side for a few minutes. With so many of us crammed into the salon, privacy was not easily found but eventually we managed to get a few moments when we could be relatively alone.

“OK girl, spill it,” I demanded as we sat on two chairs facing one another.

“Why Kelly, what in the world are you talking about?” she replied coyly, pretending to be clueless. For a moment she tried to appear serious but then she couldn’t contain herself anymore and broke out into a huge grin. “OK, so what can I say? I know it must freak you out to think of me having sex with my brother but mariobet giriş don’t knock it ’til you try it.”

I almost burst out laughing. Wow, if she only knew! Still, I didn’t give her any clue as to my own history of incest. Talk about don’t knock it ’til you try it, she had no idea!

“So how… I mean when did this all start?” I stammered, pretending to be flustered somewhat.

Sharon quickly gave me a rundown about how after they had moved to California. It seemed like everyone was stuck up and with Sharon being a little on the heavy side back then the guys wouldn’t talk to her so her younger brother came to her defense. She said that Steve just ignored her all the more now that he wasn’t dating her best friend anymore so it was just natural for her and Jim to grow closer. Finally one day when she was upset about not being invited to a dance it happened. She said she felt incredibly guilty afterwards and a little bit dirty but she couldn’t stop herself and so their relationship deepened.

We didn’t have much more time but she mentioned that it got pretty tense when her mom found out. Apparently she came home early one day and caught the two of them in her bed and all hell had broken out. Still, they refused to stop despite her demands and eventually her mom and Steve just ignored them so long as they didn’t do it in front of anyone.

“So you guys have sex all the time still?” I asked, trying to sound incredulous at the stunning news.

“Oh yeah. I even think we might move somewhere new where people don’t know us and get married,” she gushed.

Now THAT did make my jaw drop. I’m a firm believer in the potential benefits of incest when done in the proper setting but to MARRY your own brother? It was something I would never have even considered in a fantasy. Marriage would mean having kids and although I know of people who do that, it wasn’t something I would ever do myself. People have asked me if I would ever have my father’s child and my answer has always been a vehement NO. (Of course, the fact he got a vasectomy after my mom’s difficult birth with me made the whole point rather moot.)

That was all we had time for, leaving me with a thousand more questions that I hoped to have time for later. With us leaving for our honeymoon the morning after the wedding I wondered if Sharon and I would have any time as the schedule was pretty stuffed as it was. Sitting back in the salon chair I tried to digest the new information. It certainly helped me to understand a few things better, such as why neither Steve or his mom liked to discuss the topic of incest. It also helped me to understand why even though they each obviously had carnal desires for the other neither of them was willing to cross the line – although they certainly pushed it about as far as they could.

It was interesting to see the difference in how people react to such situations. In a perfect world the relationship between Sharon and Jim would have paved the way for the rest of their family to become involved but in the real world, it actually accomplished the opposite. I wondered if the two of them had not started having sex if Steve and his mom would have gone on to the next step. Oh well, that was the way it was but it made me feel better to finally understand a situation that had baffled me for the past year or so.

There’s just something about spending the morning, lunch, and then the afternoon with friends and family doing fun things like nails, makeup and hair that just makes you feel special. I looked in the mirror when all was said and done and I wanted to cry. It had been ages since I’d been doted on this way and I loved the way the girl had done my hair, exactly the way it looked in the magazine photo I’d shown her. I felt like a princess ready for her royal wedding. Well, the country club may not be Buckingham Palace but it was MY wedding this time and because of that it was going to be the most special one ever.


We arrived at the country club a couple of hours before the wedding. Special rooms had been set aside for the wedding party with the guys off somewhere in theirs and all us girls in our own. I never did see where the guys were. For that matter we hadn’t seen any of them all day. Steve had mentioned something about some massive video game tournament so I left him to do his thing while I had my day with my girls.

The room was decked out with flowers and ribbons. Someone had brought in a portable player and had their phone or whatever hooked up to play music. There was a table of finger foods which I tried to stay away from as the last thing I needed was to spill something on me or stain my fingers or dirty a nail. In the far corner was my wedding dress, hanging up waiting for me. I LOVED my dress. After all the ones I’d tried on it was the one that I knew was the perfect one the moment I looked in the mirrors. I still tried on some others but once I’d seen it I was just going through the motions. My aunt made sure the price tags were hidden so I never did find out exactly what it cost after the alterations but from the way my dad teased me I got the idea it wasn’t exactly cheap. Oh well, it’s something you only buy once and even though you only wear it for a few hours it’s the memories that last a lifetime.

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