Weekend with Him Ch. 01

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It had been a long day. The phone had not stopped ringing and the requests came at a rapid pace. Everybody wanted something from me. The end of the day could not come fast enough. As 5 o’clock neared, I started to think about the weekend ahead. I had agreed to something that was far out of my comfort zone. Far from the identity that I had defined for myself.

I left the office and turned my car in the opposite direction of home. Tonight’s drive would be a little longer. In my head, I could see the email I had received from him. He had asked me about my everyday life….and then he had asked me about my fantasies. What had I always wanted to do that I had not done…what was I waiting for? And he had asked just 3 things from me.

1. Please stop on the way and insert an anal plug. Make sure it is as least 1 inch wide at the widest part.

2. Please make sure that you drive here with no bra on. I know it will excite you and I want you to know that you are ready when you arrive.

3. Finally, please make sure that you have not had dinner when you arrive. I will have something waiting for you here.

I liked that he had a plan. I don’t normally like being told what to do, but there was something oddly compelling about his requests. He seemed to be thinking about both of us with these requests.

I guess I should go back and tell you how this all started. He had messaged me one night after I had left the site. Said he liked my picture but Pursaklar Escort was a little concerned that I was too into the bondage thing. He wanted to know more about the photo and the circumstances surrounding it. I messaged him back the next day saying that it was one that I had posed for in my one and only attempt at light bondage. It was uncomfortable and I was not sure I would be able to submit that way ever again.

He replied back saying he was relieved and he asked a lot of questions about my life and told me a bit about his. After 10 or 12 emails, he asked to meet. He was cautious and respectful about the request….something I was not really used to. And I said yes without hesitation. The first 5 meetings (yes 5 meetings!) were all about discovering what made me tick. He answered questions openly, but spent a great deal of time trying to “figure me out” as he said.

This night was the culmination of those first 5 meetings. A weekend where he was determined to hit all of the things that I had stated were important to me and try many of the things on my sexual bucket list.

I pulled off the highway at his exit and found myself in a very ordinary suburban neighborhood. The houses all looked the same and the manicured front yards had little in the way of imagination. I found his house number and nervously went to the front door. He opened it before I could knock.

“Hey beautiful”

The Rus Escort quiet sound of his voice reassured me. I entered the house and could smell dinner cooking. He told me it would be ready in about a half hour and that in the meantime would I like some wine. As he pulled out the bottle from the shelf, he told me that he saw no reason to rush. I was going to be there for the weekend….we had plenty of time. Dinner — a braised pork roast — was delicious and we took our time finishing it. The bottle of wine, finished, signaled the end.

He took my hand and led me to the living room. He lit some candles and turned on his iPod. He asked me to dance — a request that I couldn’t seem to turn down even though I hate to dance. He put his arms around me and pulled me close. His hands slid down my back and cupped my ass as we swayed to the music. His cock was already growing hard against my leg and my breasts — freed from their bra — brushed against his chest as we moved.

He lifted my skirt from behind and ran his hands up my ass…checking to see if the plug was in place. Happy to find it there, he whispered in my ear “good girl.” A smile — ever so slight – could be felt against my cheek as he said it. He kissed me then…slow and deliberate and with the slightest amount of pressure. It was barely a kiss — more of a brushing of mouths and tongues. His hands found their way under my sweater and my nipples, Sincan Escort hard as they were, were pinched to make sure that I was ready.

We walked to the bedroom with the music still in the background and he sat me down on the bed. He asked me if I was ok…did I need anything before we started. I shook my head no and he bent down and pushed me back on the bed. He hovered there for a moment before laying down on top of me. His weight, welcome at that moment, added some comfort.

We kissed and slowly undressed each other. Our hands were in constant motion and the urgency was building. He stuck his hand between my legs felt the wetness that had been building. His fingers pulled and pushed and stroked my quivering pussy until I could feel an orgasm building within me. But he stopped just short of letting me come. With a smile he told me “not yet.”

He paused for a moment to pull out a condom and asked me to put it on him. It was then that I got my first real glimpse at the cock that had been brushing up against me all evening. He was about 6 inches in length — but the width — it was like looking at my wrist. I couldn’t imagine that that cock was going to fit into me but I couldn’t wait to try.

He pulled my legs apart and threw them over his shoulders and entered me for the first time. As he slid in, he sighed and started the slow movements to work his member into my waiting pussy. Back and forth he spread me apart until at last he was all the way in. And then he just waited. Paused for a moment while I got used to him there. And then he finally started to thrust. Harder and harder as I cried out.


I came hard and he followed suit just moments later. He collapsed on top of me and told me that tonight was just the beginning.

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