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Walking up the steps, his shoulders were slumped. It had been a long day full of endless customer meetings and frantic Sales teams. He walked slowly rolling his shoulders and tried to stretch the tension in his neck. Another day, another dollar, but at least it was done for now. He took stock of the rest of the day and what all needed to be done before he could crawl into the bunk and try to prepare for the next day. He secretly hoped for a quick dinner and a little quiet time on the couch before retiring, but one never knows what life may throw at you. At least it was summer, so no homework.

He smiled inwardly at the thought of the couch time. It was always his favorite piece of the day. For him, it was place as comfortable as any on earth because of her. It was their sanctuary. She would lean on him and they would talk about the day. He would wrap his arms around her and whisper in her ear something in her ear. He never knew what it was going to be, but it always came to him. Just a tidbit, different than the standard “I love you”, to let her know she still lit his way. The smile broadened and he reached for the door.

The handle eluded him somehow as the door opened seemingly on its own. It slowly revealed a dim room that he knew well and a smile that he never tired of seeing. She was standing half hidden behind the door. She was dressed simply in her favorite robe.

He had picked it up on a whim in some far away land all those years ago. He hadn’t been looking for anything, rather just killing time when he saw it. It was a simple, if well-made, silk robe of a deep, rich navy blue. It was patterned with dragons that had reminded him of her inner fire. It was her embodied and he bought it. Had he known the pleasure he would have received from it, he would have paid five times the paltry some to have it for her. It was her every day robe and that made him love it all the more. She put it on after her shower every morning. It smelled of her skin and he had kissed her a thousand times in that robe.

“Hey, Baby,” she offered demurely.

“Ahh…” was about all that came to his usually acute mind.

She chuckled and pulled him inside by the shirt.

“The kids are at my sister’s place for the night. I thought we might waste an evening together.”

The mind partially reengaged. The tension in his shoulders vanished. As the door swung shut, he noted the candlelight and a simple plate of meat, cheese and bread next to a bottle of wine already corked and breathing. “One of those nights,” he thought and grinned broadly. His heart started pounding. She would be anxious. He never knew what to expect and he was never disappointed. He loved that.

As the door clicked shut, she leaned all her weight and pushed him hard against it. His shoulders slammed back into the hardwood.

He chuckled, “Good to see you too, Lover. And how was your day?”

“Shut up, You,” she responded playfully. “You kept me waiting…”

She grabbed a couple belt loops and pulled her body into his. He leaned forward to kiss her, but she evaded. She ran a hand up over Kolej Escort his chest to his face and cupped his chin. She pushed his face skyward exposing his throat. She bit him. He didn’t respond outwardly other than his breathing faltered momentarily. Now it was her turn to grin.

She unbuttoned his top button and kissed the top of his chest. Undid another and spread the collar slowly, letting her nails slide against his skin. She lightly kissed his collarbone. Fingers deftly unfastened the next two. She kissed his chest then lightly nipped his nipples in turn. Another button, another kiss until the shirt was wide open and she was tugging at his belt which quickly gave way. Another button magically opened and the zipper fell. She slid the pants down slowly kissing the flesh that was exposed until they fell away.

Her hands gripped his thighs and he felt the warm embrace of her mouth engulfing his rising manhood. He had no time to ache or to long for her touch, none of her teasing that he secretly enjoyed, just a brisk dive into a sea of pleasure. Her hands stroked his legs and abdomen. She moved surely but slowly, willing him to harden. His body obeyed.

She grabbed him by the base and examined her work. He was thick and rigid. She seemed amused with her work.

“Watch,” she said and he complied staring down at her.

She held his gaze as she licked him along his length alternately flicking her tongue or kissing. Their eyes remained locked. He recognized this dance and reveled in it. Her velvet tongue’s touch so light, it was almost imperceivable compared to her hand gripping him. It teased and tempted, but it didn’t sate. Watching her, he hungered. She could feel him starting to throb in her hand.

“Something you want, Baby?” she smiled.

He growled and started to say something but she put an end to any words as she broke the eye contact and took him deeply as she was able. A groan came from him as aching released and the pleasure began. The teasing was done.

Her rhythm quickened. He reached and interlaced his fingers in her hair. He arched his head back enraptured. The furious pace continued and he was lost in another world. The pleasure welled in him. His hand gripped her hair and he started to move with her strokes, thrusting himself hard into her mouth. A sound escaped his lips that emanated from his very soul. She slowed to a deliberate steady routine and he, with a shout to heaven, exploded into her. Unfalteringly she continued for a moment while he emptied. His fingers slipped away from her hair. One final deep stroke made his breath catch and as she withdrew, she lightly raked her teeth on the shaft. He was left quivering leaning back on the wall.

He heard her giggle. Undoubtedly taking stock of him weak kneed and gasping.

“Hungry?” she said as she walked away toward the sustenance.

“You have no idea,” came the response and he grabbed her arm forcibly and culled her back. The other hand found its handle in her hair again and drew her mouth to his.

As rough as Rus Escort the hand was that arrested her arm or as tight as the other pulling her hair, so too was the kiss tender. He kissed her slowly and willfully, their lips meeting and brushing, their tongues intertwined and dancing. He was aware of her scent, light and sweet, and the feel of her mouth, hot and salty. They melted sumptuously together and as she relented for a second, his hands loosened and fell to her body, encircling her.

The kiss lasted but a moment. She had placed her hands on his chest and tried to shove him away. He smiled knowingly and simply tightened his arms around her waist as she strained and struggled vainly.

“Do you really want to walk away?” he growled.

She may have even answered, but grabbed her hair roughly, pulling her head back, and tried forcefully to kiss her again. She bit his lip. He spun her around, a dull thud resonated as her head, none too gently, impacted the wall. She now was the one trapped against the wall. He pressed his body against hers and bit her firmly at the base of her neck. The sound that came from her was some sort of cross between a gasp and a moan, but her surrender was fleeting. The sound turned into a defiant cry. She punched him in the chest with all her strength and brought a knee up with caught him in the thigh.

“Ooof.” was his immediate reply.

He followed this clasping her hands and pinning them to the wall. He pressed a hip into her to protect himself while simultaneously immobilizing her. He bit her again, his teeth leaving additional tracks next those of a moment before. He released her hands as she momentarily swooned. One hand immediately went to her throat pressing gravely upward. She unconsciously rose to her toes. His other tore open the robe and pressed into her crotch while kneeling, his mouth found a nipple.

Sucking and biting the breast, he sunk two fingers into her. She spread her legs slightly to welcome the intrusion. Her felt her groan vibrate in his other hand. He lowered seeking her sex. Fingers working inside of her, he licked. Using the tip of his tongue, he peeled back the hood revealing a swollen button of flesh and covered that with the flat of his tongue. Circles with his tongue, hand fervently pumping, he felt her essence dripping from his fingers to palm and started to run a bead down his wrist.

Her hands were back on him, but no longer pushing. Instead, she was digging her nails into his shoulders. She pressed her mons to him and heard her breathing change to match the tempo of his digits. When he noticed the involuntary tightening, he stopped and pushed away from her.

He pivoted and walked gleefully to the wine not noticing her attempt to reach for him. She was left heaving, heaving and frustrated.

“I asked if you really wanted to walk away and you didn’t answer.”

He poured himself a glass of red and examined it.

“If you really want to walk away, I won’t stop you,” he said coyly.

She moved with ginger steps to him. Her robe, Yenimahalle Escort no longer a shroud, had become libertine drapes open and flowing from her shoulders. “You will not just do that.”

“Now, now…”

“You need to finish what you started.” The robe slipped to the floor as she pressed her full breasts into him.

“You need to ask nicely,” he countered.

She locked his gaze and slid her body down his until she was kneeling at his feet. Bright, paradoxically innocent eyes looked up while she drew her talons lightly down his inner thigh and spoke. “Please, Baby. Please finish.”

He became acutely aware of his own throbbing. He never completely lost his erection, but it could pound nails at this point. His desire was brimming, but he chided himself to slow. It would be soon enough. He sipped and set down the wine glass.

“Much better,” he said softly lacing his fingers in the hair at the nape of her neck, “There’s my good girl.” With that, he delicately lifted guiding her to her feet. He drew her lips to his for a single slow kiss. Her mouth lingered as he withdrew.

“Now, about your insolence…”

Any tenderness in his touch had vanished replaced with firm resolve. His clutch of her hair was now sharp and urgent. He led her tersely to the side of the couch and bent her over the arm pressing her face down into the cushions before releasing her. Perhaps she would have felt exposed had she been made to stand there as he had done before, but there was no time for that today.

Her next sensation was his hardness pushing into her followed by two iron hands on her hips. A gasp of relief escaped her lips as he began to feverishly plunder her. Her frustration was gone. Her body instantly remembered and responded, returning to the mountain from whence it came and climbing higher still.

He looked down on her, magnificent and wild. Her back arched, she drove her hips to meet him. He could feel her muscles tensing and he smiled. Her sodden pussy was clasping, squeezing, trying futilely to contain his manhood that was rapidly tearing a hole in her reality. It was fruitless and the coming orgasm rose in her like the tide and just as unstoppable.

She called out, but he barely noticed. Her tightening fed his fervor, placing his own pleasure in sight, but somehow just out of reach. He was lost in the most primal of hunts. Bearing down, he impaled her, stabbing and thrusting, voraciously chasing. He was oblivious to her voice that filled the room. He knew nothing but the red tendrils of lusty pleasure that beckoned. Less man, more animal, his body screamed in effort as he plunged into her relentlessly. It was a manic dance until at long last he reached what had been eluding.

His own voice rose to match her now ragged cries. He shoved himself hard against her driving as deep as possible, pulling her hips to him. His muscle constricted as he threw back his head and, with an oath, released. Pleasure washed over him like a rolling thunder as the spasms pumped his seed into her.

He was sapped. The fire that had driven him was gone. He shuddered slightly as he withdrew from her. Only then did he notice her heaving breath. He reached down and touched her hand and felt her fingers close on his own. He helped her up and with a hand in the small of her back pulled her close. He was greeted with sparkling eyes and a wry smile.

“Welcome home, Baby.”

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