Welcome Home Honey Part 2

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Last night, my Husband Mike cheated on me with his secretary; Stacy and I returned the favor by fucking and sucking his best friend in front of him. To my surprise, however, the prick seemed to get off on it. But I have to admit, so did I.
It is the next night and I come home from a long night out with the girls (I needed it) and what do I find? Mike has his buddy, Stan, over. Stan is the friend of his that I never liked and Mike knows it. Stan likes to womanize girls and treat them like they are meat. He has even smacked me on the ass a few times in front of Mike and, come to think of it, I didn’t understand, until now, why Mike never did anything about it. He likes to see it happen. Well, I am not one to spoil a party so I set my things down and say high to Mike and Stan.
“So, Sarah, Mike tells me that you have something planned for us all tonight”
“Does he? Well, nothing set in stone but I’m sure I can keep us entertained.”
We all head to the living room. Mike makes sure to grab the chair, leaving the couch for Stan and I. As we sit, Stan scoots close to me. I look at Mike. His dick is practically tearing through his pants already. Stan’s hand moves to my leg. I politely brush his hand away. Pissed as I am at Mike, the thought of letting this ape of a man handle me, makes me sick to my stomach. Stan puts his hand on my leg again and this time starts rubbing up to my pussy.
“That’s IT!”
I stand up and move to the center of the room facing the two guys.
“Hey, man. You said if I came over that your wife would let me fuck her for sure if I let you watch.”
“Is that what he told you?”
“Well, that is not happening. I can’t believe you Mike! This is almost as gaziantep evi olan escort insulting as you cheating on me! You know what… Stan I’ll tell you what, I am so pissed right now that I am willing to look past my hatred of you and fuck you. But you will sit there and shut up, the both of you! I’m gonna make you will regret this, Mike.”
I move to Stan, undo his pants and take his cock out. He begins to slide his hands up my legs to my skirt. I stop playing with his dick and push him back into the couch.
“Obviously you didn’t get the message. I will be fucking you. You get to sit there and enjoy whatever it is that I do to you. Are we clear?”
“GOOD! Now sit back and don’t fucking move!”
Back on my knees, I begin to suck on Stan’s cock very slowly. Neither of these pricks deserve any satisfaction from this. I suck his cock for a long time, never letting him cum.
“This is what you want, Mike? Your wife to be a little whore for you? Well it’s not gonna happen. He is my whore.”
I suck his cock hard, bringing him to the edge of orgasm and then slow down. I am teasing him. My pussy is dripping wet. I am in control.
“Please, let me cum…”
“NO! I know you want to cum in my pretty little mouth but you don’t cum until I tell you to. Tell me.”
“I don’t cum until you say so.”
“That’s right, now be a good little boy and get down on the floor.”
I move over Stan’s body, facing my husband.
“You wanted to see me get man handled, huh honey. You wanted to see your slut wife be taken by this little prick here? That will never happen. I am gonna fuck him in ways you will only dream about.”
I gaziantep fetiş escort lower my pussy to his face and it is so wet that drops of my sweet juice hit his face.
“My pussy smells good right?”
Stan nods. He knows better than to speak.
“I bet you want to fuck this sweet pussy but its not gonna happen. Be thankful that I let you taste it.”
With that, I drive my slit into his face, smothering him. I roll my hips around, covering his face with my juices.
“That’s right, lick my pussy. It tastes good.”
I roll forward a bit driving my ass into his face as well.
“Eat my ass! That’s right; clean it out for me like a good little boy. Keep my clit happy too. You are here to please my pussy.”
As Stan’s tongue probes my holes I feel an orgasm building deep in my pussy.
“Oh yes, that’s it! Don’t stop licking that pussy. Clean that ass you filthy boy. Oh yes! YES YES YES YEEEEESSS!”
I cum like an animal, bucking on Stan’s face. Driving my pussy into his mouth. When I am done, I sit up a bit but don’t get off of him.
“Oh, that’s a good boy… But now I have to go…”
“Go where?”
With that, I release my pussy and let a hot stream of piss trickle onto his face. Stan begins to wiggle in protest but I grab his hair and remind him that I am in charge. When he realizes that this is the case he submits and I resume my flow. The hot flow empties out of me and all in his face. I tell him to open up for the last little bit and fill his mouth with the remainder of my pee. He swallows without me having to tell him. His is getting the picture now. I tell Stan to get up to his knees.
“I know how much you want to fuck gaziantep bayan escort my sweet pussy but you have not earned it yet. Right now my ass still needs tending to.”
I bend over and present my ass to him. He licks clean the remainder of piss and pussy juice that remains on my ass and pussy.
“Okay, now your dick!”
Taking position behind me, he places his dick at the entrance to my ass and, with one quick motion; I impale myself on his throbbing cock. He starts to try and fuck me but I clench his dick in my ass letting him know that I do the fucking. I start thrusting myself back on his cock as hard as I can.
“Oh my god, your dick feels so good in my ass! I never let mike fuck my ass but you will be my new personal anal toy! Yes, Fuck my ass!
Pumping on his dick as fast as I can, I feel his cock tighten.
“Do you want to cum in my ass, my little fuck toy?”
” Does my husband like seeing his wife getting fucked in the ass?”
“Oh yeah…”
“Oh fuck it feels so good, fucking my ass!”
My second orgasm shoots through my body.
“OH FUCK YES! CUM NOW! Cum in my ass! Oh Yes, fuck!
I feel his load fill my ass. His load even starts to leak out a bit onto the floor. I pull away from Stan, who is nearly passed out from exhaustion.
“Okay, get out…”
“You heard me, fuck toy… I will call you if I need you again.”
Stan, in a daze, gets up and leaves forgetting to even put his pants on until he is out the door.
“Now you, my cuckold of a husband…”
“You know what your job is…”
He positions himself at the floor, waiting to taste my wet pussy and ass. I kneel down in to meet his eye level and push Stan’s cum out of my ass on to the floor to mix with my piss from earlier.
“For tonight’s stunt you can clean up the floor…”
I stand up. Mike looks at me with an almost pitiful face.
“I told you that I would make you regret it.”
Mike smiles and drops his face to the floor and starts licking up my mess…
To be continued… again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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