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I come home from work late, not real late, but later than normal. My girl friend is there, I see her car in the drive, and when I walk in I can smell her scent. She has showered just recently; the moisture and the aroma of her after bath moisturizer are in the air. When I enter my room she is on the bed, naked except for the silk robe she loves so much. I approach her as she smiles that wanton smile off hers but she just points toward the bathroom. She wants me to shower first, not necessarily to cleanse the day’s accumulated odor from me, because I know that sometimes she loves to have me take her, hard and furiously when I am most sweaty and soiled.

No, she wants me to shower so that I am relaxed and refreshed; I have seen her this way before. Silently I strip and run the water, with the door open so she can watch, and she is, absently fondling her breasts through the silk.

Once the water is just right I enter the shower and go to work cleansing every part of me, especially the parts I know she is going to be paying particular attention to. Soon she is there, not all the way in the shower, but enough to reach me with her hands. And they are helping wash my cock, balls, taint and, with gentle dexterity, my anus. She is deft, soft, yet purposeful in making sure my entire nether region in clean, inside and out.

When both of us are done I emerge and she helps dry me off. Just this simple act by her is enough to have my manhood raging, turgid with blood and throbbing with desire. But she is all business, making sure I am all dry before leading me, naked to the bed.

There, she directs me into a prone position, my whole backside open to her. She still has not said a single word, and either have I, this is how she wants it. First her hands just glide over my skin, every inch that she can reach. They are barely touching, not caressing, more like sampling and it is a delightful sensation… Soon she finds her muse and her luscious oils and begins her sensual massage. It starts at the very ends of my body, toes, fingers, then feet, hands, legs, arms… Now it is my scalp and only that, then neck, back, buttocks, back, shoulders, neck, back, buttocks. It is deep and sensuous and I am lost in reverie. I am barely conscious as one hand works my spine and the other finds my taint and anus. Antalya Escort Light gentle probing is met by resistance, then reluctant acceptance and my trance is side tracked off to erotic pleasure. Presently both hands go to work on the most obvious of erogenous zones, cock, balls, ass but only after they so expertly set the stage on every other inch of my exposed body.

Now I feel a nudge, I am being impelled to roll over. I barely come to the surface of my trance to end up on my back. She is sure to use one hand to deftly take me back to the blissful state I came from. But now it is different, while still sensual, it is now decidedly and deliciously sexual. My cock is had and throbbing fueled by her exquisite ministrations to its shaft, head and balls, but it is her invasion of my anus the fuels the incredible lust. That lust is somewhat sated when she moves around to straddle my face and offers her sumptuous sex to my hungry mouth. It is wet, dripping and hot, she apparently is enjoying this as much as I am. I drink in her aroma, her juice and endeavor to explore every fold, crevice and node of her womanhood with my tongue. She has begun to use her mouth and tongue in concert with her talented digits. At first teasingly, deferring the heavy work to her fingers, but soon her mouth engulfs my head and shaft to the point I am in danger of finishing too soon. She knows me and shifts gears while staving off my orgasm with clever pressure and redirection. Part of that includes her tongue snaking its way across my balls, down my taint and… into my ass. She knows that this drives me crazy, and if not for her continued pressure and my concentration on her hardening and bulging clitoris I would have already finished this portion of our fun.

For the next millennium, or so it feels to me, she alternates technique, fingers, mouth, tongue all over my sensitive areas. She is always careful not to make me cum, in fact she is adept and keeping me from it and I am building rapidly to either insanity or climax. I concentrate on her, bringing her to the edge, and I am not above reciprocity… keeping the final result from her as well… But, I am weak and want her to cum, as well as me. I wrongly think if she climaxes she will allow mine. I pull out all my tricks and am finally Antalya Escort Bayan rewarded with her explosion into shivers, quivers and quakes. She wails and clutches but does not give me release as I had hoped.

Her body collapses in waves through her climax; my pique rises at the same time as my pride in bringing her to such ecstasy. I move to the side, out of her relaxing grip and soon have her face in the mattress and her ass in the air…

The first blow is swift, openhanded and meets her right buttock in a stinging blow and a loud report… SMACK! She whimpers and clutches the covers…

The next blows were just as swift but with a bit less force, and placed on both buttocks, and her upper thighs, in quick succession. She had no time to recover, react or recoil, just accept and cringe. This brought the rouge to her backside and tears to her eyes and I followed up with soft caresses of her reddened skin. And a little probing of her holes as well, a finger past her labia, into her hot and moist tunnel, followed by a second, deeper with a bit of a pinch to her engorged clit. Then three sharp whacks, one to her vulva, one to her anus and one hard one across her buttocks. Now she cried out, begging for… I could not tell, was it stop, or don’t stop…

When in doubt, I slapped her ass several more times, alternating on each buttock, thighs and her exposed anus and vulva. Time for soothing caresses over the now flaming red ass, but not for long, it was time to invade that lovely rosebud. I drummed her wrinkled little hole with my finger, while fucking her pussy with my thumb and tweaking her clit with my other hand. I could not resist twisting her hanging nipples alternately while I limbered up her rosebud. My tongue worked well to lubricate her now spasming anus and I could feel her shiver at the contact. The resistance to entry was both tantalizing and frustrating, but first one knuckle then another sunk in, all while her pussy milked my thumb…

Her whimpers were turning to moans as I penetrated, pumped and wiggled inside her most personal orifice, and I was now beside myself with lust. So, I needed a distraction too. Without warning I pulled my hand from her hole, grabbed her hair and wailed on her ass again. This time somewhat ruthlessly, quick Escort Antalya hard blows all around her buttocks, thighs, labia and anus. She responded with wild shrieks, lewd growling and a sopping pussy. I could not resist and dove in mouth first, lapping up the copious juices oozing from her quim, bringing those up to her reddened anus and drilling my tongue deep. Her sphincter was gripping my tongue and my palm on her cunt could feel the intense heat, I knew it was time. I rose up and just planted my cock into her gooey slit in one motion, eliciting a gasp from her. I only took half a dozen deep strokes before I pulled out.

This made her protest with a shrill rebuke and a question about my manhood. My reply was the head of my cock pressing relentlessly into her quivering anus. The head barely made it past the strong ring as she screamed out a rude epithet and bucked strongly against me. Her motion and fight allowed me to thrust deep into her bowels, till my balls slapped her pussy and clit. Her breath left her lungs making a very intense and primal guttural sound as it passed her vocal cords.

Now I was on a roll, I just got into a rhythm, slow and deep, fast and shallow, all the while tweaking her nipples with one hand and her clit with the other. Her animal sounds and wild breathing told me I was where I needed to be. I knew I would not last very long at this but I was on a mission and used every trick I knew to stave of my own orgasm while bringing hers on. And something told me I needed to spank her more…

When I started smacking her she responded with wild body movement, so much so that I could barely hang on, physically and orgasmicly. As I spanked and tweaked and twisted both nipples and clit her wild actions synced into a lurid dance and her vocalization deepened into an erotic tonality. Then she came, wildly! She flailed, wailed and collapsed making my bulbous cock eject from her ass with a POP!

She fell onto her side, clutching her crotch and convulsing. I could not take it any more and exploded! Ropes of my seed splashed onto her belly, tits and face. It took her a few seconds to respond, but she did so by relishing the semen shower and massaging it into her skin and lapping it off her lips and fingers.

I was spent, but had to join in. I melted into her in a slimy embrace and made my way to her seeping pussy, gathering her essence and bringing that up to her mouth for us to share. We shared our juices; each of us savoring its exotic flavor and texture. Soon we luxuriated in the decadent mixture till we drifted off into a sticky slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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