We’ve Always Been Close

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My sister and I have always been close. She’s less than two years older than I and I have been hers since the day I was born. She didn’t have to play with baby dolls because she had me. My mom had four kids in seven years, she was busy. The fact that Nan took me as her own made it easier on my mom. One of my earliest memories was about age three or four. Nan was carrying me like a baby across the living room. I was too heavy for her and she dropped me on the floor. She just said she was sorry and we continued to play baby. I didn’t care and I didn’t cry.

I was always a little naïve and she sheltered me. And I adored her. I went along with everything she said and waited on her hand and foot. As we grew older, we shared thoughts and ideas, but she still protected me. She got into trouble in high school, not big stuff, skipping, being late, not turning in assignments, but she never let me know what she was planning. That way, I couldn’t be held accountable for her crimes.

Life wasn’t real kind to her. She married her first high school love, after she tested the waters with others. He was an alcoholic, but gave her three great kids. She stayed with him for over 15 years before the divorce. Today the two older ones are married with kids of their own. The youngest is a freshman in college.

She’s had lovers since her divorce. None of them really seemed to fit her. Andy was her last. He even gave her a ring. It ended when he wanted to move back to Florida. She couldn’t leave her grand babies.

We’ve stayed close over the years. Sometimes, I have just felt moved to call her out of the blue, and she answers the phone, “Hello Michael.” We always seem to know when we need each other.

It’s never been physical or even remotely sexual. It’s just been a connection.

Our older siblings have vacationed together for years. Our brother and sister have a connection similar to the one Nan and I have, and it’s always been cool. Nan and I have been always been too poor to vacation, so we just call each other.

Finally, I had made enough money to take a vacation and to invite my sister to go with me. We chose Maui. We live in Indiana, about an hour from one another. We met at the airport in Indianapolis, boarded and flew to Atlanta, changed planes, flew to LA, changed planes, landed in Maui and bussed to the resort. We were exhausted and passed out in our respective bedrooms in the suite I had procured for us.

We had each been to Hawaii once before, separately. We knew we would love it. We spent the first few days just soaking the sun, walking on the beach, eating fine meals and checking out the small towns on Maui. We were going to be there for two weeks, so we weren’t in a hurry to do it all. By the third day, we were tired. We decided to spend the evening in.

I secretly like chick flicks and date films. My guy friends don’t know this and I won’t ever tell them. Nan knows. Lefkoşa Escort We ordered room service and a romantic comedy on the widescreen TV. As the movie went on, Nan leaned into me as we sat on the couch. By the end, we were laying cuddled on the couch. It was perfectly natural.

“Do you remember,” she asked, “when you griped to me how much you missed sex since Lisa left a couple years ago, and I said I was relieved not to have the responsibility of having to have sex with Andy?”

“Yes, I remember thinking that sex shouldn’t be a responsibility.”

“I guess that was the problem. And I have been quite happy since he has been gone. But weird stuff has been happening to me since we left Indiana.” She was gently stroking my chest and snuggling into my neck. “I’m horny. I haven’t been horny in years. Sex hasn’t been fun since I was in my 20’s. I couldn’t figure out why I was horny now.”

“I think it is you. I think I’m hot for you. That’s sick and crazy, but it’s true.” Her hands were on my chest, on my neck and she looked deeply into my eyes.

“It’s not sick. I have lusted after you for years. You are the reason I learned how to masturbate. I have lusted after you since we were teens.”

“You learned how to masturbate because of me?”

“Sure. The summer you were sixteen, all those families from our town went to the same hotel in Daytona? You spent two weeks flirting your ass off for the teenage boys. You wore that yellow bikini every day. I could see the top of your ass crack above the bottoms. Your tits were barely covered. I jacked off every night thinking of you.”

“Wow, I was trying to impress the boys my age, and I was really blowing you away. Huh. But you had seen me naked before, why was the bikini such a thing for you?”

“I remember distinctly the last time I saw you naked. You looked very different than when you filled out the bikini.”

“That would have been speed showering, right?”


Speed showering was something we did as kids. One of us would shower, then hop out and the other would hop in without turning off the water. Naturally, we saw each other without clothes. One time during speed showering, Nan took a long time. She stepped out of the shower and I noticed her breasts. She didn’t really have breasts yet, she was only 12. But she had puffy nipples.

I said, “Wow, your nipples are poking out.”

“Yeah, I think I’m getting boobs. Your pee-pee is poking out straight. Why?”

“I don’t know.”

She reached out and took my penis in her hand and squeezed.

“It’s hard, like wood. Why?”

I was only 10 and I didn’t know. I said, “I don’t know.” And that was the end of it. But we never speed showered again.

“I’m sorry about that. I knew I had a hole. I experimented with my body early. It only made sense that the pee-pee would go in my hole. I had only seen yours. Girne Escort It was small and soft. I couldn’t figure out how it would work. Once I felt yours all hard, I understood. After that, I just couldn’t let you see me naked. It didn’t seem fair to you.”

Her hands were all over my hard cock contained within my jeans. She whispered to me, “If you’ll have me now, if it’s not too weird, I want you inside me.”

I pushed her toward the back of the couch and I unbuttoned her blouse. She wore no bra. That’s my girl, child of the 70’s. Of course, her breasts were rather small and she didn’t really need a bra. She’s maintained a great figure. She is slender with a great ass and exquisite miniature breasts. Taking one of those into my hands was like nirvana. When I took the nipple into my mouth, I almost died.

I don’t know how it happened, but all our clothes came off. She turned so that her back was against the back of the couch and her ankles were on the edge with her knees up and her pussy lips spread wide. I rubbed my cock up and down the slit between the wet lips. I positioned my cock-head at her opening and gently pressed in.

As I entered her, I said, “Your little brother has his raging cock up inside you.”

“And I want my little brother to pound his meat into me. I’m not fragile and I need a good, hard fucking. So give me all that cock has.”

I rammed my cock up into my sister as hard as it would go. My pubic bone slammed into hers. I pounded and pounded into her. She rocked back and forth as my meat slid in and out of her. My big sister began to moan. She pulled her knees up closer to her, opening herself up even more to me. The pace became frenetic. Her hands were on my ass cheeks, pulling me into her with each thrust. It went on and on. Even though it had been a long time since I had had sex, I held back. I wanted it to last a long time. I knew I was on the edge, so I slowed. This was a fantasy come true. From her feral sounds, I knew Nan was close to cumming. I wanted it to go on for her.

I slowed my pace and said, “Nan, look. Watch my cock going in and out of you.” We both looked down as I pulled my cock out until I could just see the ridge at her hot, wet lips. Then I pushed all the way back in.

“My god, that is beautiful. Do it again, Michael.” And I did; a pull almost all the way out, then a ram all the way in. On the fourth stroke, she screamed and came. As her body shuddered, my cock began to pulse, shooting my load of cum up into my sister’s hot pussy.

Still on my knees in front of her, I fell forward with my head between her breasts. I cupped a tit in each hand as we each caught our breaths. After we recovered, I stood, took her hands in mine and lifted her off the couch.

“Come on, Nan, there’s more,” and I walked her to my room. I laid her back on the bed. The bedside lamp was on. My incredibly Magosa Escort hot grandma sister lay back on the pillows and I climbed on top of her. I kissed her deeply, licked her ears and neck, and suckled those most wonderful breasts. I absolutely die for small breasts, and my sister’s were the best shaped I had ever seen, even at our age. I kissed my way down her tummy, tonguing her belly-button. I don’t know if women like this, I just think it’s fun.

Then I went further down. I stroked and kissed her thighs and worked my down to her feet and toes. By this time, my dick was hard and I’m sure I was rubbing it on her somewhere. I returned to the delightful space between her legs. I kissed and bite her pussy lips. I flicked my tongue over her clit. She started to buck against my face. I thrust my tongue up her hole as far as it would go, then I stuck a couple fingers in to help. My sister was starting to writhe as I sucked and licked her pussy. She came hard.

After she calmed down, I gently kissed my way back up her body, pausing again on those wonderful breasts. I ended up lying atop her, gently kissing her lips and face. My cock was raging hard by this time and it was pushing up against her wet pussy lips. My wonderful sister looked into my eyes and took my face in her hands.

“Mike,” she hadn’t called me that since we were young, “Mike I love you. You have given me more pleasure than any man ever has. I never imagined I’d want my little brother to fuck my brains out. But it has worked out fabulously. I feel your hard dick up against my waiting pussy lips. Mike, put it in me again. And let’s take our time.”

She spread her legs a little and my dick seemed to push itself between her lips on its own. I pushed my hips forward a little and I was in her again. We gently rocked against one another, my dick almost slipping out of her and us coupling again. I came close to my threshold and held her hips against mine until it subsided. I wanted my hard on to stay hard until she came.

“Let me on top,” my sis said.

I grabbed her ass and held my dick hard inside her and rolled over on my back. She maneuvered her knees on either side of me. She raised her hips up off me. I could see my cock up in my sister’s pussy. She rammed herself back down on my cock. She leaned over on her elbows and raked her nipples back and forth over my chest. She began to bounce her pussy harder and harder up and down on my cock. She began to make animal sounds. She grunted and groaned.

“Shoot your jizz into me, Mikie, I’ve got to feel you cum in me again. Come on, you can do it. My hot pussy want to feel you squirt!” That was all it took, I shot my load into my sister’s cooze once again. She screamed and rubbed her clit really hard. After my throbbing subsided, I could still feel her quieting orgasm pulsing on the end of my dick. She collapsed on my chest.

After a time, she rolled off me, my softening dick sliding out of her dripping pussy.

My Nan cuddled with me, her head on my shoulder, hands running through the hair on my chest. “Thanks for fucking me so good, little brother. I love you, Mikie. My pussy loves you. You’re the best.”

We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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