What a Ride!

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Being 40 isn’t easy. Being horny all the the time is horrible, and wasteful, since I am single. I don’t sleep around, and don’t have “friends”. So what does that leave me with? My trusty B.O.B and a wonderful imagination.

I have been having amazing fantasies lately of completely taking over a situation, by lowering my dripping wet cunt on my lovers lips. Forcing him to lick me clean. Spreading my ass cheeks, and bearing my rosy bud and have his tongue wet, lick, poke and push at it like a tiny little cock. I want to make him hungry for my cunt and ass.

I lean over and swallow his now hard cock. Enjoying the fruits of what my juicy cunt and the promise of my ass has provided. I love sucking dick. I can honestly say I am good at it too. I love hearing a man moan with satisfaction when I deep throat his cock. Sometimes I surprise them, they don’t know it’s coming, or that I am any good. I love their reactions. I love their hands on me, all over me, showing me appreciation for what I am doing.

I have left only my cunt and clit assessable for my lover to play with, while I enjoy my favorite pastime, he doesn’t fail me. He continues to lick me, eating my pussy, teasing my clit. Flicking it so quick with his tongue, I have to shove his cock down my throat as I cum on his face, to prevent myself from screaming.

I 1xbet yeni giriş lean back on his face to allow him to clean up my juices, and lick my ass some more. I am almost ready to have his hard throbbing cock in me. I need to feel his big fat cock, filling me up. He thrusts his tongue deep in my cunt, then licks me from end to end. Swirling deliciously over my asshole. He teases my asshole, by plunging in and out making love to my asshole with his tongue, like a new virgin pussy, making me moan. He finally breaks and asks me “Please, please fuck me!!”

I crawl slowly down his body, my head still facing his feet, and slide his throbbing fat cock, deep in my cunt in one stroke. As I sit there a moment savoring the moment, the feeling of how much he fills me, I hear the side drawer open of my dresser. I smile.

I start riding my lover’s cock. Reverse cowgirl. I love his hands rubbing my ass cheeks, my thighs. His hands tell me the speed to keep, if he wants me to go faster or slower. Right now. I am just enjoying sliding up and down on this throbbing pole. He slides his fingers across my asshole, leaving lube on me. I smile knowing that is what came out of the drawer, then here the snap of the glove. I shiver, knowing what’s going to come next. My cunt tightens on his cock every so slightly. I hear 1xbet güvenilir mi him chuckle, “That excites you now does it sweetness?”

I give no response, he needs none, he knows what I like, what I need. I move a bit faster up and down, in circles on his cock. He grabs me and laughs. “You need to be still a minute girl, or I will go before you get what you want.”

I stop, for a minute. While he slowly rubs my ass cheeks. I feel more lube on my asshole, then a finger starts to slide in. I start to ride his cock again. Really slow. He enjoys watching this as much as I love feeling it. I don’t want him to cum by accident.

He works his finger in and out, loosening me up. Then two fingers start fucking me. I am now pushing back on his cock and his hand, riding both. My breathing has started to change. His hand makes rotating circles, he needs to make his fat cock slide in without any pain. My cunt tightens up, and I moan. I can’t help but cum. The sensations are amazing.

He keeps working his fingers in and out of my ass. When my cunt release his cock. I stay still for a few minutes. But he slides a third finger in my asshole.. “Oh My God!!!” I moan. “FUCK YES.”

He has me panting. I can actually hear him making noises now too. He needs to be moving faster. I start pushing back on both his 1xbet giriş hand and cock harder and faster. I am loving how deep I can feel both of them.. I can feel his knuckles bore into me. His cock is buried deep in me. I shouting now.. “Ugh, Yes, Fuck me. Please. OH GOD.”

I can feel his fingers slide out of me. I am left feeling so empty. I keep riding his cock to keep myself semi-full. I am almost on the verge of coming. I feel him slide his cock out of my cunt and as I slide back it slips effortlessly in my ass.


I have never had a cock go in me so easily before. I start fucking him like never before. He grabs my hips and starts moving me back and forth on his cock, like a mad man.

I hear him say, “This is such a beautiful sight. You look amazing with my cock in your ass. Keep fucking me, oh yeah.. I am close.. Fuck me baby, harder… “

I give him my all, and pound him as hard as I can. My ass swallowing his cock, with every stroke. Riding him, I am on the verge of coming too. I can’t stop, I want him to come. All of a sudden I feel his cock shudder, just as he says, “OH BABY, YES!!!”

I loose it, I stroke his cock two more times, feeling him cum so hard in my ass, my whole body seizes up, my ass and cunt clinches down, and I have the hugest orgasm of my life. Shaking so hard, the bed shakes with me.

I feel the bed shaking, I roll over to find out I left my egg on and it was vibrating next to me, and my wet, dripping cunt….

God I have an amazing imagination… I can’t wait to find a lover. 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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