What A Wonderful Stepdaughter Ch. 01

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My name is Kyla and I was 18 when my mother Jennifer finally decided to marry her boyfriend of 3 years. His name was David and they made the oddest couple. My mom was pretty attractive for 42 and a mother of a teenager. She stood at 5’3″ and 125 pounds. Her blonde hair cascaded past her shoulders and to her lower back. Her green eyes always stood out against her pale skin. Every guy in my neighborhood had their own hot dreams of her. However she did have one downfall, she was flatter than a piece of wood. Her boobs were lucky to be an A cup and her butt was practically nonexistent. While my mom was good looking for her age David had her beat.

He stood at 6’3″ and was extremely fit for 44. He had a perfect caramel brown tan and his arms were sleeved down to the fingers. His black hair never grew longer than the short buzzed style. But his vibrant blue eyes never faded. David worked out in the garage and sometimes I would walk downstairs just to watch in the doorway. When he worked on his arms it positioned him with his back to the door. I would watch as his muscles flexed and his body glistened with sweat. I would get lost in the view and would end up watching for up to 10 minutes.

After I went up to my bedroom and collapsed on my bed. I stared at my ceiling reviewing everything I watched. My fingers crept below my pants and underwear to my swollen clit. Before I knew it Id open my eyes and my heart was beating rapidly and my body was shaking. The last word I uttered was always David.

It was Saturday night and I had a huge party to go to. I picked out my newest black dress that clung to me like a second skin. It stopped just below my butt but still showing a little of my ass. My appearance succeeded in every place my mom’s failed. By the time I had gone through puberty my boobs had grown two cup sizes and barely fitted a C cup bra. My butt grew just as much and couldn’t fit in any of the jeans I had. My hair was shoulder length and brunette with a little tint of red in it. It naturally curled itself to make beach waves. I never wore heavy makeup not even to parties. I only put enough red lipstick to make my luscious lips a little pinker.

I reached into my closet and got my 6″ heels that had an inch high platform. I stood back and examined my outfit and smiled. I knew I was getting fucked tonight without a doubt. I grabbed my small black purse and walked down stairs where I met David just getting home from work.

“Hey Kyla where is your mom?” David asked as he turned around. I felt myself blush and began to stumble upon my own words.

“She… um she took the night shift at the…uh the hospital tonight. But I have to go I’ll be back sometime around midnight.” Before I could reach the doorknob David grabbed my arm. I felt the intensity of his touch run through my body. My arm began to get tense the longer he held me.

“You’re not going anywhere looking like that. Go upstairs and get something a little more conservative on.” I wiggled my arm from his grip and spun around facing him.

“This is like a 180 dollar dress I bought specifically for tonight’s party.”

“Your ass cheeks are hanging out-“

“That’s the point so I can dance and give guys a show at the same time” I argued cutting David off. I could Rize Escort tell by the expression on his face that he was slightly disappointed.

“It’s what’s hot today David.” I looked down at the floor feeling angry at myself for upsetting him.

“I guess we did do it differently when I was in high school.” I made eye contact with him and smiled sticking my chest out slightly.

“Well how would you dance with a girl like me?” David smirked and put my hands on his shoulders and his hands on my waist. I pulled myself closer to him feeling my boobs press against his chest. We swayed back and forth in the hallway smiling and giggling. I put my head on his chest listening to his heart beat and closing my eyes. I felt his own head rest against mine and his arms tighten around my back. I realized I had practically zoned out and at least 15 minutes had gone by.

His grip never loosened from my back and his head never left mine. At that moment I took my chance and threw the rule book away. I lifted my head gently and looked into his eyes feeling myself blush. My stomach began to knot and I just about felt sick with nerves.

“Kiss me.” I uttered keeping the straightest face I could.

“I don’t think your mom would like that.” His smile reassured me and gave me a glimmer of hope that maybe he would.

“I won’t tell her David.” I brought myself closer to him feeling his breath on my lips.

“We…we can’t Alexia.” His voice shook and I was sure this wasn’t going to happen. I lost my eye contact and found myself looking down at my feet. I suddenly felt his hand find my jaw and he lifted up my head to meet his eyes once again. His hand guided my lips to his until they met. He pressed me to him holding the arch of my back. His lips caressed mine perfectly and his tongue peeked into my mouth quickly finding mine. I held his jaw line pressing him into me. We broke the kiss and looked at each other both breathing hard. David grabbed my waist and pushed me against the wall and lifted me up using the wall for support. I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt my dress slip up slightly. His lips pressed hard into mine, our tongues playing with each other rapidly.

I felt my pussy starting to get wet and un wrapped my legs and stood facing him in my heels. David’s eyes roamed me up and down as he smiled pleased with his view. Once again his lips met mine and we went into a passionate kiss. His hands groped my body until his right hand found my pussy underneath my dress. He used his fingers to spread my lips apart and massaged my clit adding pressure with each rub. I moaned through every kiss and reached my own arm down felt his dick hard in his pants. I rubbed it through his pants and felt his dick twitch with the first touch. His fingers continued to rub my clit faster and faster with each passing second.

Before I knew it I began to feel my body shake and my knees give out. A wave of pleasure ran through my body and could barely support myself as he held me. He wrapped his arm around my waist and bent down a little grabbing my legs and picking me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck breathing hard into his shirt as he carried me to his bedroom.

David just about threw me onto his bed and climbed on Rize Escort Bayan top of me. We began to rip at each other’s clothes. I threw his shirt to the ground and rubbed my hand over each muscle. He sat up before I could get to work at his pants, and he pulled my arm sitting me up facing him. He kissed my shoulders and to my neck as he searched for the zipper to my dress. David began to slowly unzip it as his mouth gently sucked on my neck. I felt each little pull of the zipper and with each one a new wave of arousal followed. When he got my dress all the way un zipped he had already formed a large hickey on my neck. He leaned back and slipped my dress over my head. He stared at my pink laced bra with the little white bow in the center. He kissed me again before reaching behind me and un hooking it. My breasts popped free and hung there perky and ready for his warm lips.

We embraced again holding each other close and groping our bodies wildly. He kissed my lips and down to my neck where he formed another hickey. His strong hands squeezed my boobs and he ran his thumb over the nipple rubbing it in small circles. His warm soft lips pecked around on my chests sending shivers up and down me. His lips met my nipple and he opened his mouth slightly and began to suck on it gently. He used his wet tongue to flick my nipple as it was held tight in between his teeth. I moaned a little louder each time I felt his tongue run across my hard nipple. He went back and forth between my right and left boob giving each one special attention from his mouth.

David laid me back down and leaned over me kissing my lips and playing with my tongue. He kissed me gently down to my thighs until he reached my soaked pussy. He used his hands to spread my lips apart and gave my clit a little flick with his tongue. The first lick sent a tsunami of pleasure mixed with electricity through my body. He licked the entire length of my pussy and kissed my clit each time he went back up. He began to suck on my clit gently using his tongue to massage it. His left hand found my tight opening and began to wiggle his middle finger inside. I propped myself on my elbows as I gazed down at him. My head went back as I moaned and lost control of my arms.

I fell back onto the bed and grabbed his hair tugging it gently. He slowly began to use his middle and index finger to fuck me. His pace quickened with each moan I gave. His tongue roamed my clit at every angle adding pressure to the sides. I began to feel my body rise and my hips buckle as my back arched. I never achieved this powerful of an orgasm by myself even when dreaming about David. He gave my clit a few more kisses and sucks before reaching his hand up and putting his two fingers into my mouth. I sucked each one tasting my own juices flow onto my tongue. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed my own taste. He took them out and leaned down kissing my pushing my further into the bed.

I sat myself up and began to fumble with his belt before I got it off and un buttoned his pants. I reached into his pants and through his underwear. I pulled out a solid 7 and a half inch dick. I started to stroke it and looked up at him kissing him. David took the rest of his pants off and sat up on his knees Escort Rize making me eye level with his dick. I noticed his balls weren’t shaved which was disappointing but still was the biggest cock I have had through my years of high school.

I looked up at him smiling as I kissed his head and down the side. I kissed my way back up before opening my mouth and allowing him to enter. At first I was only able to get about half way down before I felt my throat tighten and I gagged. I tried to relax my throat and when I did it became too easy. I kissed his head again each time before slipping him into my mouth and my left hand followed close behind tightening with each stroke. I moved my way down to the base of his dick where my nose was tickles by his pubic hair. I stayed at the base gagging lightly until I couldn’t take it anymore.

I reached my right up and massaged his balls as I kept him deep in my throat. He grabbed my hair and wrapped it around his hair holding my head in place as he fucked my mouth. I heard his grunts as he began to go faster and faster. By the fifth time I gagged he sat me fully up and kissed me harder than he has that night.

I hovered over David’s erect dick as we looked at each other smiling. I kissed him as I used my hand to guide his dick into my pussy. His size stretched me more than I ever had been and it took me awhile to be able to sit fully down. I put my hands on his shoulders as I began to ride him. I moved my hips as I sat on his full length. He reached up and held my breasts and kissed them adding little nibbling bites to them. I supported myself on his shoulders and began to bounce on his dick. The higher I began to bounce the more pleasure I felt.

I moaned louder the faster I went and the more he sucked on my nipples. Before long he reached around and held my ass up as he fucked me as fast as he could. I felt his balls slap against me almost like a whip. Sweat formed on my breasts and on his own chest. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close as he continued to fuck me as hard as I have been. I felt my own orgasm approaching as I screamed in absolute pleasure. The wave of pleasure took over my body and I became weak.

David held me in the place the best he could before laying me on my side. He was behind me as he lifted my right leg in the air and entered his dick back into my pussy. He kissed and sucked on my neck as he fucked me hard. My boobs began to bounce hard as I tried to hold them into place. I grabbed the bed sheets the faster he went. I tugged the sheets pulling them off the corner of the bed as I bit my hand. His left hand reached around and started to rub my clit while he slammed into my pussy. I laid my head down and moaned loudly into the bed.

I felt my body weaken as I felt another orgasm approaching. My body shook and my eyes rolled back as I screamed David’s name. As I came out of my orgasm I suddenly felt warm squirts of fluid into my pussy. David began to slow down and we laid on the bed his arms wrapped around me. He kept his dick in me as we held each other close dripping in our own and each other’s sweat. It was a half hour before we moved a muscle.

David un wrapped his arms and pulled his dick out of my aching pussy. He kissed me softly and looked into my eyes smiling.

“You’re a good stepdaughter Kyla.” His grin reassured me that this defiantly not the last time. I cuddled back into his chest as he rubbed my hair. Nothing could have ruined that moment…until we both heard the front door being unlocked.

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