What Do We Do Now?

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Steven Madison was sweating, his mouth was ajar. Never did he think she would be like this, like this in the dim candle light. He was spellbound at the bedroom threshold. His nose could detect the hint of musk and vanilla, two smells he loved on her. His ears were serenaded with the romantic jazz that sent his mind to sensual thoughts. And most of all, it was her, what his eyes saw.

Barely dressed in red lace and satin, her legs exposed. New lingerie, something he never thought she owned. It covered not much, but hid quite a lot. With each heavy breath, her breasts strained against the delicate fabric.

He caught himself starting to drool. Calmly and quickly, he wiped the left corner of his mouth, hoping she did not catch it. A mischievous smile came to her face; she did.

“Does something make your mouth water?” she cooed. With a twinkle in her eye, she turned ever so slightly, her nipples pushing hard against the red lace. He felt an electric shock race through his body as a hint of areola showed in the mesh that moved.

“Oh, I guess you want to see more of these?” she toyed, cupping her large breasts and pushing them together. He was motionless, paralyzed by both her actions and sexuality. “want to see more?”

“Yes,” was all he could muster as sweat poured from his forehead. He began to ache, his pants being strained by a growing demonstration of affection.

“Oh my,” she whispered. “Looks like you do want to see more. Well then, come here and show me.” She wiggled over and patted the bed. “Come here my love.”

He needed not another invite. almanbahis adres He slowly moved, kicking off his shoes and ripping off his shirt. A few more steps, and his pants and shorts were also on the floor.

“Oh my,” was all she could whisper as his arms wrapped around her, his lips meeting hers. His lips were hot, his embrace hotter. She moaned as she moved her body to reach his, to meet his.

“Oh God, take me,” she whispered as his lips traveled to her neck, her weak spot. His hands answered her request; he removed the straps from her shoulders. Silently, he lifted himself off and pulled down her lace, exposing her chest. He lunged forward, enveloping a breast into his mouth.

“Oh, sweet,” she cooed. His hot lips cupped her nipple, his tongue flicked over it. “Oh God, I can almost cum. God damn it.”

Her breathing became more labored with each brush of her hard nipple. Her hips began to buck, her head rolled back. She pulled him down firmly, moaning for him to suck and suck hard.

“God baby, oh my God, baby!” Her words her barely audible, just loud enough for him to hear. “You are making me cum,” she panted, a stop between each syllable.

“Oh, yes!” She stopped bucking, her heart pounding hard against her chest; he could feel it wanting to come out. He paused for a moment to look into her eyes. A wonderful smile of contentment showed on both their faces.

“I love you,” she whispered as he moved slowly up her glistening body, teasing her along the way with hot pecks.

“I love you, too,” he answered, his mouth close almanbahis giriş to her lips. Looking longingly into her eyes, he kissed her lips. She moaned slightly, her hands placed lovingly on his back. Their lips met, an electric shock traveled through her body.

“God, you make me feel so good,” she cooed, his lips moving to her neck. She arched her back as he touched her ‘spot’, the place that causes her to lose her inhibitions.

“Take me, take me now,” she moaned when his lips reached her breasts. His heart raced when his mouth found her hardened nipple.

“God,” was all she could utter as he worked on her body. Steven’s mouth and tongue sucked and licked her bosom, his fingers massaging her thigh. She reached for his hand and moved it upwards, faster. He took the hint and found her wetness.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, her hand now working on his hardness. Stroking gently, firmly, leading him in between her legs. “Fuck me, now!”

“Yes, yes my love,” he answered. Slowly, gently, he moved himself between her spread thighs, his cock sliding in perfectly.

“God, yes,” she cried as her body reacted to this splendid, sweet invasion. She arched her back, rolled her hips forward, taking in him deeper. “Oh yes,” she added as he bottomed.

He was speechless, he had nothing come to his mind. For years, his body ached for her, for her touch, for her smell. It was only a week ago she allowed him a taste; a forbidden kiss after a party. And now, his patience was being rewarded.

Faster, stronger, deeper he moved. Against his actions, almanbahis yeni giriş she pushed, meeting his thrusts. His natural scent, one that drove her to distraction, mixed with hers, filling the room with sex. Grunts and moans replaced conversations, words did not exist. Wetness and sweat fell onto the sheets. Her legs wrapped around his body; they became one.

Faster, stronger, deeper he moved. Excitement, passion became heightened. She was close, closer to something she’s not felt in quite some time. Explosive, she knew, was coming. But she bit her lip. Waiting, waiting for him, wanting to be as one in their crescendo. Waiting, waiting externally, she thought, for him.

Faster, stronger, deeper he moved. Close, so close he was to showing her his passion. He was eager, but withheld, not wanting to be too eager. But he needed release, and soon. Pent up emotions were beginning to flood in his mind: forgotten love, unrequited lust, passion lost. He moved his eyes slightly, looking at her face. She had a smile, one he’s only seen on Christmas. And on those that have found bliss.

He knew the time was right.

Faster, stronger, deeper one last time. And crescendo, passion release. “Oh my God,” they both yelled.

“Now what do we do?” Nancy Hillerman asked Steven as they both lay on the bed, the candles out. “Now what do we do, now that we’ve done this?”

He stared up at the ceiling and thought. He could give the obvious answer of ‘Nothing, and go on with our lives’, but that was not what neither were thinking. It wasn’t the right answer. With a heavy sigh, he turned to her. In the dim light, he looked as best he could into her eyes.

“We continue,” he said before planting a wet kiss on her lips. He knew the answer, the right one, but it could wait. They had the rest of the night together, and could say it later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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