What Happened in Vegas

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So friends, you were wondering why I had such a good time in Las Vegas, I’d love to share it all, but you know the old saying. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Let’s get some perspective here.

I was so restless late one night… my curiosity and unfulfilled sex life brought me back to reading erotica on line. A sweet little redhead read my profile on the 24 hour chat site, and decided to see what I had to offer… she was so shy… what is she doing in the “secretly slutty” room I wondered, hmmm… married… 43… Red head (Hot xxx) pressure building in my pants.

What a hot night it turned out to be. Traveling on business can be draining, I know there are freaks and monsters on these sites, but I’m here, so maybe someone else out there has an empty spot they needed filled too? I private message curious georgette…she accepts… I just had to know what made her curious, this magnet pulled at my cock and made it jump as we anticipated each other’s moves… was she someone I knew? This was freaky.. also stirring. At my age, this slut had made me cum so hard just chatting that I shot cum on my chin! And I remember how she laughed when I told her. I could tell what she was thinking, her typing would get all fucked up when she was Cumming.

Eventually I went on web cam and masturbated for her, and she became a cum slut of mass proportions my friends….the secret phone sex got to be too much to bear. The of rest our brief tryst was, how can I phrase this politely – a tidal wave of ups and downs, and so much cum. I was spent, and she still wanted me. Neither of us had ever strayed from our partners, save a private chat, some cum soaked panties sent to a secret address, to tie around a stiff strangers hard cock…. well a year later as her husband planned his annual hunting trip with his father, we naughtily planned a way to meet in Las Vegas.

Soon after we met we started to play truth or dare. Our minds took us places we both will remember with a blush forever. If I won, my wish was for us to meet in Vegas and consummate our relationship. Hers was for me to tattoo a “one way only” sign on my ass. She withheld her photo from me until the day she lost our dare. I thought her nervousness took over and when she turned off her cell phone blocking my contact, I didn’t even know her last name; I thought I had lost her forever.

The next Eryaman Escort time I was in Los Angeles on business my postal mail arrived, a brown envelope from Canada, inside was a date written on a Google printout of Cesar’s Casino, and a photo copy of two first class tickets, direct Calgary to Vegas! Fuck me; is this a photo in here too? My cock explodes in my pants as I realize she is the one in the photo she showed me months ago, the very picture of her smiling face that she claimed was of a friend, the vixen…how I had cum soaked that printout over the hard weeks and months – waiting for this weekend, dreading it, yearning for it.

Hmm, let me tell you a little story, about a dare that went? … well, wrong or right?? – how about you decide and tell me later???

For my little cum slut… the gift of my mind….

I tell you to meet in the sports betting area in Caesar’s Casino. You had finally sent me a picture so I know how to spot you. I’m doing some sports betting but can’t stop looking over at you and your friend. It becomes really obvious I’m lusting after you. I tell the waitress to buy you two drinks. I finally come over and start chatting with you. We sense the anticipation of what awaits us. We start talking about partying and getting high. I tell you how I used to be such a pot head. You smile and show me your packed bowl. “Oh you are tempting me baby” I say, my hand at that point on your sexy thigh….sliding up under your skirt. You open your legs a bit so I know my touch is welcome. My hand slides up higher….touching your panties. They are soaking wet. My finger rests on your lil luv button….ticking it…. whispering in your ear. Your friend thinks I’m telling you a joke. But I’m really telling you we need to go back to my room, get high, kiss, lick, suck and fuck all night.

Heather has no idea that I know who she is and who you are baby Beth… you nasty cunt ha ha ha…. you take my hand and press it to your pussy and lean into my finger. You lick my ear and grab my cock (your friend is so high) she’s off dancing with a rather big black man. Your friends secret passion oozes from her as she grinds into his obvious erection, Black on Blonde – hot combination…little does she know that Bethany has told me everything about her, and her long unfulfilled fantasy Sincan Escort of fucking a black man. I also knew that Heather hated Beth’s husband and would do anything to convince Bethany to stray from her marriage for just a weekend… after all, what happens in Vegas and all….

Heather leaves the dance floor and comes over and buys a round of shots. The waiter hands them out. I can’t believe my luck.

What are they doing?

They are such sluts… I’m blushing! Every man in the bar is watching. I bet their cocks throb!

Oh damn baby…

Heather leans over and licks Bethany’s chest, Bethany licks her friends,

Their satin shifts are poked with their nipples as they salt their tits;

Heather offers her salty tits to her boxer friend, as I lick Bethany’s salt….

Heather looks over to see Bethany’s curious green eyes glassy and fiery,

They are whispering… hmmm

Bethany laughs and says that Heather’s new friend here boxes, and has the Angus Tower Spa Suite, and wants to party.

Beth turns to look at me…

I shoot the Tequila and suck the lime, then lick her salty tits.

We head up to the luxury suite. Heather kisses her new friend in the elevator. I look at you then smile. I kiss you. Our lips melt together.

This is finally real.

Our tongues meet and start swirling around in each other’s mouths. My hand up your sexy dress, sliding between your legs, finger gently rubbing up and down your hot slit….pushing the lacy material up between your pussy lips. I whisper in your ear….. I’m so hungry for you baby.”

We open the door to the suite. Heather and her new friend go to the bedroom and shut the door. We sit on the couch. “Let’s get high Beth”. We take a few tokes. Oh man this is strong. Already feeling buzzed. I get sooo horny when I’m high don’t you baby? You just smile and lean in to kiss me. Another sloppy kiss. MMM I love the way you kiss baby. My hand slides under your dress again. Your hand rests on my hard cock over my trousers. Kissing and feeling each other’s sex. Your panties soaking. I slide them to the side and touch your wet pussy lips; sliding two fingers into your honey pot. I take them out and lick them in front of you. Telling you, “I love how you taste baby”!

Your breath escapes your lips as you look Etlik Escort into my eyes, so many months, so much pent up passion … can’t control it any longer, but once this line is crossed, there is no going back!

The door opens, Heather stumbles out of the bedroom, a robe in her grasp; her chest exposed. She covers up and ties the sash. Squinting at us, she comes and sits on Beth’s knee. She smells of sex and hickeys cover her neck. Heather takes my cum soaked hand, and places it on your pretty face Bethany, pressing it there… my cock is ready to explode, Heather grabs the weed off the table, kisses my hand and your soft cheek, I see her eyes make you the promise that what happens here stays here… she goes back to the bedroom and we hear the stereo blaring some familiar fuck music. Oh Heather’s a screamer LOL.

You grab my cock and lean in to kiss me, whispering and begging me to take you to our room. The one secretly reserved for Mr. finally freeing from your bra what I have been craving for so long.

You press your tits together as I take my cock in my fist and push it into your cleavage…for the first time. Fucking your tits, finally… pull me….your tongue licking out for me, needing the taste of my cum.

Oh fuck, my cock feels like a fire hydrant about to explode… I’ve never been this thick!

Fuck Beth, you make me tremble like a little boy. And rage like a caveman … I push you over the sofa and run my tongue over your pussy, tasting your cream. You are the cum slut you promised, and more. You made me yours; like when your tasty slender fingers first struck the keys to private message me, my cock now slams into your slick cunt where it has needed to be for too long. You are so tight, and I hear you grunt as I enter you deep.

I stay still, and kiss your neck, as I lick your ear your goose bumps harden your nipples, I whisper, I Love You… and you squirt on my cock, soaking me.

Feeling you press to me, like lava on my swollen cock.

As your climax peaks I feel you shudder, I turn you to me, and lay you on the couch… I kiss you, and watch your big green eyes … where do they go, oh I stroke into you and your chest bounces.

Feeling my cum boil, you nasty slut… get your finger out of there! My ass is one way only!

Cum Bethany, cum for me … you are mine, and you know it, and now I can show you, for real… as you scream out my name I lose control and explode. Filling you with a year of pent up passion, still hard and unable to think. Fuck what you do to me baby. What did you do to me baby????

So friends… I was there 3 days… what have I gotten myself into now? ohhhh mmmm lol … can’t wait to find out!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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