What? I’m Getting Married!

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Chapter 1

“What a nice ass! I mean my god have you ever seen an ass like that?” yelled one very drunk, soon to be bride’s maid Nikki Henderson.

The bride, also Nikki’s sister and also equally drunk, Cassie Henderson proceeded to fall face first onto said ass before she could answer. Nikki and all of Cassie’s friends who had thrown the ho-my-god-you’re-getting-married\this-is-your-last-week-as-a-single-women party laughed as Cassie came up sputtering butter cream frosting everywhere.

“While dam Cass, ya ruined that nice piece of ass and I was just about to get me some too, laughed Emily d’Argy as she doubled over till beer came out her nose.

Nikki who has been moping up Cassie’s face looked over at Emily just as the beer came up and then slammed Cassie’s face back into what was left of the cake, because she was laughing so hard at poor Emily. Cassie, who by this time was getting rather sick of having cake up her nose grabbed Nikki and shaved a handful of cake in to her face.

That was it, Emily yelled “FOOD FIGHT,” the food was flying.

Nikki took an apple pie to the face, causing her to miss hitting Sam, her other sister and Cassie’s maid of honor, with the French onion dip and hit the wall above the front door instead. Meanwhile Jammie went for the mustard, locked on to Emily and fired, hitting her square on the chest.

“Score one for team Jammie. Go team, go,” shouted Jammie as she ran for cover behind the now overturned couch.

Cassie, not to be out done, grabbed a can of pop and shook, pulled the tab and got Jammie just before she jumped over the couch. Meanwhile Nikki moved in behind Cassie who was facing the front door and let loose with a rotten egg she’d found in the bottom of her fridge. etlik escort Cassie saw and dodged just as the door opened, in walked her soon-to-be hubby Mark Good. Splat, right in the middle of Mark’s forehead landed one very rank and smelly egg.

Everyone froze. Save for Mark’s best man, Matt Good, who was right behind him and not knowing about the egg kept on walking right into his egg covered brother. Mark went down, face first into what was left of the French onion dip. Everybody but Mark and one contrite Matt burst out laughing. Matt, after helping a swearing Mark up off of the dip covered floor, looked around Nikki’s food covered house until his icy blue eyes found Nikki’s slightly glazed gray ones. All who were drunk sobered fast. Mark and Matt were not very happy, as was evident by the glares they were give the five women covered in god knows what. Jammie, Emily, and Sam made a quick exit and stumbled to their respective home, which were within walking distance even for three rather smashed soon-to-be bridesmaids. Nikki made for the back her back door, followed by Cassie; they did not make it out the door. However, they did run right into the closed glass door and promptly passed out. They would latter thank whatever god there maybe that they were passed out when the male stripper they’d had over for the party came out of the bathroom and was found by one very angry soon-to-be husband and a very annoyed Matt. The poor guy was lucky to have made it out of the house with all his important parts in tacked.

Chapter 2

“My head,” this for a very hung over Nikki. “What happened last night? Wait, who cares, I’m dead. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH MY HEAD!!” Never mind I can’t be dead, if I were I be in heaven and my gaziosmanpaşa escort heaven most definitely DOES NOT include YOU!”

The You being a monumentally piss off Matt.

“Well good morning to you too,” growled Matt.

Nikki, not yet coherent enough to pick up on Matt’s mood, proceeded to cover head pounding head with her pillow.

“What’s so good about it? Why are you still here? Go away. On second thought bring me some aspirin first, then go away.”

Each of Matt’s footsteps echoed throughout Nikki poor, abused, still not really working brain.

“Could ya not walk so loud, it hurts my brain?”

In answer to her question Matt stomped the rest of the way out of her room and slammed the door behind him. As soon as Matt left the room Nikki threw off the pillow and covers, dashed over to her dresser and grabbed a pare of jeans and a t-shirt, dressed and ran to her window. Picking up her motorcycle boots and leather jacket as she went. Opening the widow Nikki proceeded to climb out, hitting the damp, leaf cover earth outside. Just not the way she’d had in mind. She only hit the ground after Matt set her on it.

“Going somewhere, Honey?”

In answer Matt received a jean-clad knee to a certain rather sensitive area of the male anatomy, causing him to double over thereby releasing Nikki. Now free she ran as fast as her boot covered feet would carry her, hopped on her Harley, reached into her jacket pocket for her key and come out empty handed. Just as she made this ominous discovery a very big shadow fell across her. Nikki tried to jump from her bike, only to be caught around her waist and unceremoniously thrown over Matt’s hard shoulder.

“Oomph, PUT ME, wise, DOWN, ankara escort cough, NOW.”

“No,” this from Matt.

Having regained her breath and voice Nikki proceeded to both pound on Matt’s very brood, defined back and swear till she was blue in the face. Neither of which help her predicament any. For her troubles Nikki received a swat on her ass.

“Quite Nik, we would want the neighbors to come and investigate.”

Nikki stilled instantly, her small fist raised in the air, her other hand braced on Matt’s well muscled butt.

“You wouldn’t,” hissed Nikki through clenched teeth.

“Oh I would, Nikki, I would,” was Matt’s reply as he turned his face into Nikki’s thigh and softly bit her.

She yelped and smacked Matt on his ass in retaliation. Matt slid the hand that was holding Nikki to him up the inside of her leg till it rested on her denim-covered core. This caused Nikki to lose her hold on Matt’s ass so that she fell nose first into it. Matt moved the hand between her legs back and fourth, finding her clit and concentrating his efforts there. Nikki stiffened, and despite herself moan into Matt’s jean covered behind. Discussed with herself and piss at Matt Nikki bit down hard on one of well-muscled cheeks of Matt’s glorious ass. He froze mid stride, every muscle stilled and tighten. Perfect, thought Nikki. Looking to the ground under Matt’s feet she found the X she’d put there This would take some maneuvering, reaching out to the side of her house she pushed in one of the stones. There by starting a series of events that concluded with Matt once again getting hit were it counts and Nikki running in the opposite direction. That is to say away from a soon-to-be furious Matt, although he looked rather pitiful at the moment. Nikki felt like laughing out loud, so she did just that, she throw back her head and let loose. Once she got that out of her system she ran all-out straight for the forest that surrounded her small log home. Matt caught a glimpse of her raven black hair as she vanished into the wood.

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