What Michael Knows Ch. 02

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Present Day

“That’s preposterous,” Stephanie said. “Jacob is not the father of Bella. You have some perverse thoughts, Michael.”

It took every fiber of self-control in her body to not punch him for the grin he gave her after he heard her denial. She wondered why she was bothering with even denying the accusation. This wasn’t the kind of thing you suggest someone did without having a pretty good sense that they did it. Maybe something in her wanted to hold out hope she could explain this way. She was having an affair, but maybe she convince him that he was deluded.

“Mom, don’t bother,” Michael said so confidently. Shrugging, he continued, “It’s not my thoughts that are perverse. I mean, they definitely are, but that doesn’t change the facts. You had an affair with your son and now, I have a sister that’s also my niece? Pretty common on the West Virginia side of Dad’s family, I guess.”

The tears that rained down her face before seemed to boil away. The hesitation as he pondered the sister/niece connection was one thing, but how could he dare make jokes about this?

“You’re disgusting,” she hissed as she climbed back to her feet. “And I don’t have to listen to your filthy mind anymore.”

She started to move to his door, desperate to escape the situation only minutes after actively trying to clear up things with her son. He had gawked at her and grabbed her earlier in the day, making her feel less like his mother and more like some brainless slut there for his enjoyment. Now she wanted to simply run from the situation and never think about it anymore.

How could she had been so stupid?

“I’m sure if we told Dad,” he started. Her body stopped in place as her son brought up her husband. “Told him about the affair, the love child that isn’t biologically his, and the fact that his wife has been fucking his first-born son. Yeah, I’m sure if we told him about that, his disgust wouldn’t be directed at me.”

Slowly, she looked at her son meekly. What did he have in mind?

“You want to know how I found out about the affair?” She turned to look at him, fighting off more tears. “It’s a fun little story. It’s the day I found out my Mommy is a woman. A woman who gets turned on. And more – she is a naughty, naughty lady.”


Last September

“I fucking miss you, Jacob,” she said into the phone. It was a warm early fall day and she had the house to herself for just one more hour. Her pussy still throbbed from her orgasm only a few minutes before he called.

“Yeah, you do? I kind of noticed.”

He was between classes and back at the apartment he shared with two other guys. One of his roommates was still in the apartment so he had to keep his volume low. His door was locked, his shorts were in a pile in the floor, and his hand was lightly stroking his cock. The pregnancy had his Mom a bit hornier than usual and he was quite thrilled to help her deal with it.

Nearly two hours before she called, she sent him a series of pictures during his Abnormal Psychology class. Checking his phone, he quickly put it away and feared that a neighbor near where he sat in class saw one of the pictures she had sent. As his professor continued with the lecture, he barely could think about anything but his mother. She was only beginning to show so she barely had a tummy, which didn’t bother him anyway. And what he saw – with the promise of more – had rendered him incapable of sticking with the material his professor droned on about.

After he returned to his room, he quickly stroked himself to a powerful orgasm cycling through the five pictures. The more explicit picture-sharing was a new thing for the incestuous lovers. For a couple of months following their winter tryst, she denied his pleas after he returned to school, informing him that their relationship only worked if it remained a secret. The more chances they took, the more likely their relationship wouldn’t remain secretive for long. But he wore her down slowly, prompting her to send selfies and body shots of her wearing just regular clothes. When he asked for something sexier, she tried tighter clothing first, feeling like a teenager as she giggled before snapping pictures for her son.

Then came the bathing suit pictures. First, the one-piece. She almost looked like one of those Baywatch ladies in her red suit. Hearing her son describe in graphic detail how he came to that image both made her pussy drip and also pushed her to go out of her comfort zone and buy a bikini.

A mother of three at the time – and just a few weeks until Bella was conceived – Stephanie Ball definitely knew she wasn’t in the best shape of her life. While not quite as bad as her husband, she let life become comfortable. She fast-walked with a few of the ladies in her subdivision every morning and when she compared herself to them, she felt like she was in wonderful shape. But when she compared her pictures to ones from her younger 20’s, she knew she had gaziantep escort numaraları packed a few pounds on and her stomach lacked tone compared the young girls who wore bikinis had.

Of course, very few of them had 34D breasts to deal with, wide hips from three natural births (well, with a little help from an epidural), and a penchant for joining her husband at all-you-can eat buffets. Wearing a bikini seemed like one of those things she had long ago given up on. Why subject the world to that?

But her son kept pushing her to show more-and-more of her body to him. He had already seen and explored every inch of her body, yet still wanted to see it. She thought of Jacob, surrounded by hot college girls, rushing back to his room to jack off his huge cock to the quite tame pictures she was already sending. It made her feel alive. Her husband said he found her still sexy. He still fucked her. But it was different with Jacob. The raw “I must have you” mentality drove her crazy and made her quite willing to try new things.

She remembered trying on the bikini and looking at herself in the mirror. Yes, her body sagged in places and her heavy breasts hung lower on her chest every year. But she still had flawless skin, vibrant (mostly) brown hair, and a smile that could light up any room no matter her age. She nervously took a few photos and sent them to Jacob. He responded with a picture of his cock. Her mouth watered at the sight.

From there on, shots of her in sexy lingerie seemed like the natural step before it seemed pointless to prolong the inevitable. Stephanie looked up articles on how best to take naked photos for your boyfriend. She smiled wickedly at the term boyfriend. Buying a selfie stick to help with her new habit, she tried to ignore all the times she made fun of people for having one of those dumb things. To be fair, she wasn’t buying one to take pictures of gatherings. She was buying it to get better angles as she took dirty pictures for her son. That was something, right?

Even during the summer, her new penchant for taking pictures didn’t end despite the return of Jacob. She particularly enjoyed the thrill of taking a picture of her pussy spread open for her son and then sending him the picture as they sat down as a family and watched a movie. His phone would buzz and she tried, but couldn’t avoid, looking his way. Watching his eyes open wide, his mouth slightly part, and his tongue wet his lips – those were the things she lived for.

Once he returned to college in the fall, the oversexed now-pregnant woman took it into overdrive. The last five pictures were a prime example of that. The first was tame – Stephanie was merely biting her lip as her bra straps hung loosely on her arm. That was the one Jacob saw in class that had him worried others also saw it. She took many more than she sent, but really liked the allure of that one. However, she immediately wanted to make him drip precum with her next shot. She set the timer on the phone and hoisted up her heavy breasts – the bra thrown on the bed visibly behind her. Stephanie was on her knees and she had to admit that she was thrilled to look like a porn star. Sure, she had a little bit more weight to her, but this was the blowjob angle he particularly loved. Not only that, her tits were quite inviting as she smashed them together. She wondered if his first thought would be how amazing it would be to fuck those huge mounds. Or maybe he’d skip to the end and flash back to the few times she happily took a large load on her breasts.

The third photo also got down to business. She shucked her panties. It amused Stephanie tremendously that just taking pictures for her oldest boy had her dripping wet. Attaching the phone to the selfie stick, she tried to find the right mix of natural light pouring in from the windows. Again, many pictures were snapped. Finally, she had just the right one. The boy was right, she had to admit. Her pussy just looked better completely shaven. The moistness was captured so enticingly. Her own mouth watered at the sight.

The fourth and fifth pictures were taken one after another. In the fourth picture, a flesh-covered dildo was in her hand, pushed mid-way into her waiting cunt. It was the same dildo she secretly bought because she wanted a “Jacob-like” cock at her beck and call. At first, the dildo only improved her skills at sucking his huge tool. Now? It fucked her hard when her baby couldn’t.

The final picture was taken only a few seconds later. The dildo was still shoved inside her dripping cunt, convulsing around the fake penis. She stretched out her leg and it pointed to the sky. Meanwhile, she moved around a bit to a slip a hand under her rump. With her tongue licking her top lip, her pussy filled with fake cock, and her body contorted, Stephanie pushed a wet finger into her anus.

Her son had started to hint that he wanted to fuck her ass next. The gaziantep escort bayan numaraları suggestion was first clear during sex over the summer. He often wanted to slam into her from behind. She didn’t mind. In fact, it was her preferred position. But if he thought he was sneaky as he placed his thumb in the crevice of her ass, he was kidding herself. At first, it worried Stephanie. She was no anal virgin, but the few times she had tried with her husband, neither seemed to enjoy it. He was skittish, too afraid of hurting her. For her part, she couldn’t relax and she was only doing it just to try things out. And her husband’s cock didn’t reach the depths his oldest son’s hard tool did, nor was it comparable in terms of girth.

But the more he hinted, the more she considered it. She started to read more about it. The two lovebirds shared an account on a porn website – both loving the history feature on the website so they could watch what the other enjoyed. He was definitely watching a good deal of MILF anal porn. As she read through material – always in incognito mode – she learned about the dangers of ass-to-mouth and how they did it in porn. She read how women worked up to enjoying the action.

She planned to surprise him during Fall Break. She was still working on the first of three glass butt plus she had bought at a sex boutique about an hour away. Much like her largest dildo, she hid this from her husband. She also hid the buttplugs from her son. Didn’t want to waste the surprise.

Yet, Stephanie couldn’t hold back from teasing him with a “taste” of what was to come. It made her feel like such a slut to train her ass in hopes of enjoying the feeling of her son’s cock splitting her into two. She also couldn’t wait for it.

“That last pic, Mom,” Jacob said as they continued their conversation on the phone. He was working himself into a second orgasm. “It turned me on so fucking much.”

“Language, honey.” They both shared a laugh about her using the motherly tone despite dropping a f-bomb only seconds before. Not to mention the pictures she recently sent that Jacob now had loaded up on his Google Drive. She checked the time and tried to figure out if she could chance one more masturbation session before her youngest son arrived back home.

Her son wasn’t having that dilemma. It only took him a matter of seconds before his cock was out and his pants were in a heap at his ankles. His hidden folder on his Drive, stashed away inside three additional folders related to his Earth Sciences course last year, was growing seemingly by the day. He particularly loved sitting back and starting a slideshow of her pics. Jacob used to beg for sexy pics while he was away at college. Now, they arrived in droves.

The screen changed to a picture from July 4th. It was one of his favorites.

“Fuck, Mom, I got the slideshow going again,” he said.

At first, the idea of him keeping the pictures she sent bothered her. After all, it’s not like he hadn’t got in trouble before for material on his Drive. But her pussy overruled her brain. It was a certain thrill to know that despite all the options around him, that he chose her and his hand over a drunken one-night fling. She was slightly conflicted about it as well. After all, she didn’t want him to shut himself off from finding the woman of his dreams. At the same time, it made her pussy moisten at the thought of him returning to his room and firing up a stream of photos depicting her at her most slutty.

“Oh, you do, baby?” she replied with a smile. “Is that all you’re doing, Jacob? Are you just looking at Mommy?”

“Of course not. How could I not have my cock out? I stopped the slideshow at that picture from July 4th. You know the one.”

She did, indeed. She took it while in the bathroom at Chili’s, slightly crouched with her cell phone pointing up to capture both her mischievous grin and her shaven slit. Without thinking of the potential dangers, she immediately sent the picture to her oldest son. No caption. Instead, she washed her hands and came back to the table. Sitting down next to her husband with her other two kids, she looked at Jacob. He looked like he was trying to catch his breath and his eyes darted to his father nervously. She smiled at him.

A few minutes later, she started to sing “Happy Birthday” to her husband with her kids joining. Even others in the busy restaurant joined in. It was slightly early – his birthday was on the sixth. But he would be working that day so they doubled up with not only America’s birthday, but her husband’s.

“You seem to love that picture, Jacob. Kind of one of my more normal ones nowadays. No toys, lighting was poor, and I’m just separating my fat pussy lips.”

She knew what he would say before he even said yet. Nevertheless, her pussy leaked in anticipation. She couldn’t help put shove a hand between her thighs, rubbing herself escort gaziantep numaraları through her yoga pants and drenched panties. She’d probably have to change into some new clothes before Michael got home.

“We’ve talked about this before,” he replied, knowing this game and willingly playing along. “The idea of you being so fucking into me that you would snap a shot of your pussy to send to me as we sat in a public restaurant just does things to me.”

Stephanie felt her body go warm and her tongue slipped out to lick at her lips. They always avoided saying that the other part that truly turned them on was the fact that her husband was so close. Once, he started to mention it, but she quickly hushed him. They both knew the dangerous game they were playing and both got off because of it. Acknowledging that she was cheating on her husband hurt that game. She loved Nathan. She was sure of it. But the guilt? It wrecked her if she let it.

Her answer was to ignore it and that worked most days. Her son liked to push the issue, though. He was starting to figure out that when he had his dick inside her, she was more likely to say the dirty things she felt the most guilt about.

“Your brother will be home soon,” she said, looking at the clock to once again try to figure out if she had enough time to get off again. Sighing, she removed her hand from her crotch. She would take care of her pussy later. Or maybe Nathan would be up for some fun later this evening?

“I’m so close, Mom.”

All of her other considerations quickly vanished and she slid into her sexiest voice. “What can I do to help?”

“Tell me…tell me what you would do if you could magically teleport here right now.”

She chuckled to herself, but was already putting the pieces together for a story.

“Okay, baby. Imagine I’m there. I just walked into your apartment – earning looks of astonishment from your roommates. I’m not messing around, Jacob. No, not at all. I’m clad in just a black coat. Far too warm for it, but they have a good bet why I’m dressed that way as I head to your bedroom.”

“Because you don’t have much on underneath?” her son asked through loud breaths as he stroked his cock.

“Anything, honey. I don’t have anything underneath.” She paused for a second and bit her lip as if she was telling the story to him in person. Rubbing her legs together, the pussy of the hyper-aroused mother demanded attention. Stephanie took a breath to compose herself and continued. “I close the door behind me and lock it. Your look of confusion turns to only desire as I undo the buttons on my coat and drop it to the floor. I let you take in the vision. My pussy is shaven just the way you like it. My tits are begging for your hands. And I’m ready to pounce on you – ready to fuck my son once again.”

“God damn, I miss your body,” her son interjected.

“And I miss yours, baby. So much,” she replied, dropping the pretense of the story for a moment before jumping right back into it. “You’re barely able to push back away from the desk before I reach you. I kiss you – hard. My tongue aggressively licks at your lips, inside your mouth, against your tongue. I need you, baby. I grab at your dick, restrained in pants. I can feel it getting hard under my touch. You always get so hard for me.”

A few seconds later, her phone vibrated with a new message notification. Opening it, she saw just how hard Jacob was getting for her. She marveled at the veins that traveled up his cock and the ridges they created. The boy was never good with lighting, she thought, but Stephanie desperately wanted him back in her mouth and her cunt.

“Mmmm, baby, Mommy likes. Back to the story, I pull you up from the chair and practically throw you down on your bed. You’re surprised by the aggression but also excited by this side of your mom. I eye you hungrily before going to the button and zipper of your pants. I’m a mad woman and I claw at the contraptions before finally undoing them completely. I then begin to drag down your pants roughly, pulling at them forcefully. I drop all pretense of a slow, methodical fuck and take down your boxers with your pants. I don’t even bother to completely remove the clothes, baby. As soon as your cock is free, I engulf every inch I can. You’re bumping against the back of my throat before I even allow you to get a word in.”

“You’re so fucking sexy,” he says into the receiver. Jacob has slowed his stroking. He doesn’t want to orgasm too quickly, but every part of his body screams for release.

“I want you so fucking bad, baby. I gag on your cock, trying to take all of the monster. I struggle, but still can’t help myself. I grab one of your hands and put it on the back of my head. It takes you a moment to figure out what I’m asking and I can’t exactly tell you what to do with your meat stuffed into my mouth, but you get what I want. What does Mommy need, baby?”

Jacob loved when his mom got like this. After a bout of wild fucking one day when they had the house to themselves, she confided in him that she was almost scared by the animal she became with him. “I’ve never been like that with anyone – not even your father,” she told him. It didn’t happen every time they had sex or messed around, but when it did, it was like she was taken over by some spirit that could never be completely satisfied. But, as Jacob would also tell her, he loved to try.

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