What Nice Girls Can Do

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Another night alone in his hotel room, Roger picked up the latest issue of Maximum PC to get some reading done. As an IT guy he needed to stay on top of the newest technology. “I know what I’d really like to stay on top of,” he thought and then blushed. His mind had been full of the woman he met last month.

Eleanor was an old college friend of one of his coworkers from home. “She’s really nice and wouldn’t mind showing you around New York while you’re there,” Sam had told him. Nice was the kiss of death, a not so subtle code for fat or ugly. “And she has a nice rack,” Sam had to throw that last part in. Now Roger was sure she was fat. But he was going to be in New York for 6 months and didn’t know a soul. He agreed to meet with Eleanor since all he needed was a tour guide. He already had a girlfriend.

Roger had been dating Angela for about a year. She was nice (kiss of death), a little older than he, but nice. They didn’t have much in common. He was a computer nerd who went to sci-fi conventions and she was a data entry operator who had never seen an episode of Star Trek before they met. What they lacked in conversation, they made up for with sex. With Roger on the road so much they silently agreed that whenever they did see each other they didn’t waste time on small talk. Lately, they hadn’t spent much time on foreplay either. Roger knew they were just going through the motions. And still, he was starting to contemplate marrying Angela.

He was getting old, almost 40. Most of his friends were married and settled down. Settled down, that’s a clever double entente. Most people seem to accept less than they want just so they don’t end up alone. He was starting to understand why. At least Angela was nice, boring but nice. But she wasn’t Eleanor.

It took a week for them to find an evening when they could meet. Roger waited patiently at the bar of a restaurant recommended by the hotel concierge. He texted the address to Eleanor who wrote back that she was running a little late but would get there. He was on his second martini when he looked over at the entrance to see a woman walk in. Bundled up against the January cold, Roger could still make out a small frame and a pretty face behind the puffy brown coat and wool scarf. He was actually relieved to see that she didn’t fit the “nice” stereotype.

“You must be Roger,” Eleanor addressed him, proffering her gloved hand.

“Yes,” Roger stammered, “how did you know?”

“Sam sent me a picture of you so I could find you in New York,” she said as she pulled up a chair next to him and signaled to the bartender.

She began unwrapping herself while she waited for her drink. Roger took a few surreptitious glances to assess the situation. At 5’6″ with an athletic figure, Eleanor was not unattractive. Her clothes were rather plain, jeans and an oversized sweater, not doing much to accentuate her features. Roger wondered if Sam had been lying about the rack.

“So, how are you holding up alone in the big city?” Eleanor got the ball rolling on the small talk

“Oh, it’s getting better,” he replied. In a short time Roger realized that he was conversing quite freely and casually with Eleanor. It seems that they were both big fans of science fiction books and movies. They even had a long, heated debate on the merits of Captain Kirk versus Captain Picard as the best Star Trek captain ever.

Slowly, Roger began to realize something. He had never had such an easy time talking to a woman before. And she even liked the same geeky things he did. He was so relaxed he even told her how shocked he was that he was so relaxed. She threw her head back when she laughed, releasing the most splendid, warm sound Roger had ever heard.

“You need to get out more,” she said. From anyone else Roger would have been offended but he knew she was only teasing him. He began to look more closely at her face. Her alabaster skin seemed flawless even sitting this close. She wore no make up. And her eyes changed color from deep blue to steely grey almost at random. She wore a green scarf around her head but one brown curl had escaped near her right ear. Roger resisted the urge to touch that curl which stood so dark against her perfect skin. He couldn’t help but wonder what her hair really looked like.

They met again a few days later and hit the Museum of Natural History, upping Eleanor’s geek “cred” status even higher. Seeing her in the daylight, Roger was struck again by her perfect skin and changing eyes. Still, her hair was tied up in a scarf.

“I’m having a bad hair month,” Eleanor joked when he asked about it. Roger found it intriguing.

They had met up several times over the month for dinner or Rize Escort a movie or a quick lunch in the afternoon. The last time they met, they ended up in his hotel room watching Heroes on TV and eating the complimentary chocolate they left on his pillow each day. Each time he saw her he became more enthralled. He didn’t know what it was that he found so attractive about her. She didn’t wear make up, her clothes were neither tight nor revealing, and she still had her hair bound up. But her eyes sparkled and her hands danced while she spoke. She was so animate in everything she did that he couldn’t help but watch her. Even during the show, he found himself watching her instead of the TV. The simple way she slid a piece of chocolate into her mouth, first rubbing it on her lower lip then gently nibbling a corner, was riveting. He had never met anyone so sure, so truly themselves before. She was breathtaking. Seeing her so at ease, Roger decided that tonight would be the night he kissed her.

Eleanor always hugged him goodbye when she left. In her enthusiastic manner, she pressed her body against his as if it were the most natural thing. Her arms were strong as she pulled him close. And just as Roger relaxed into her embrace, she would break off and bound away with a wave and a smile. Tonight, instead of letting her go, Roger was determined to take control of the situation. He would let her start the hug and immediately kiss her. Yes, damn it, that’s what he would do.

But something happened. When she went to hug him, it wasn’t her usual embrace. With no coat on, she reached around his waste to pull him in close to her. He could feel her breasts sliding against his chest through the thin layers of their shirts, her hands sliding up his back. He froze, realizing simultaneously that this hug was different and that he had a hard on. Suddenly he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to kiss her, and unless he was completely misreading this, she wanted the same thing. He debated with himself if he should hug her back or just move in for the kiss. He was still debating when her mouth found his and the gentlest kiss was planted there. Her second caress came quickly on the heels of the first, this time with more force. She brought her hand around to his head to steady him there while her tongue began to probe his lips.

In a state of complete panic, Roger didn’t react. It was as if he were watching himself on TV. His mind was screaming, “Open your mouth, you idiot,” but his body was stone deaf to his pleas. Eleanor pulled away from him, not having gotten the response she hoped for. She graciously smiled, said goodbye and headed out the door.

Roger stood in shock for a full two minutes. “What just happened here?” He said this out loud to the empty room. She hugged him, then kissed him, and he… stood perfectly still. And then he let her walk out. What the fuck was that? He had to fix this.

He spent the next 2 hours trying to compose an email to explain what happened. He eventually settled on explaining that he’s not good with women, that he finds her attractive and he just froze and please forgive him, and blah blah blah. It had a tone of desperation but he decided that that would just have to do, since he was, in fact, desperate to fix this.

She didn’t respond.

He tried calling her but only got her voice mail. He couldn’t think of anything to say so he just hung up.

Now a week had passed ad Roger was certain that he blew it. Eleanor wasn’t going to speak to him again let alone kiss him after his reaction. He couldn’t blame her. If he’d kissed her and she completely didn’t respond he would be so hurt. It’s so hard to pluck up the courage to show your feelings like that. And he just let her leave.

So Roger resigned himself to his fate: alone in a hotel room with nothing but the Info Porn column in Wired for company. He’ll be going home in a few days. His house will be there. Angela will be there. That will help put thoughts of Eleanor out of his mind. Roger fell asleep hoping that would be true.

Suddenly awake, Roger started up from the chair he had fallen asleep in, dropping the copy of Wired to the floor. A quick look at the clock told him it was 1:30 am but not why he was awake. Then he heard it, a soft tapping at his door. He wasn’t sure at first if that was just his heart beating in alarm but he went to the door just to be sure. Without checking to see who it might be, he flung open the door to see the Eleanor standing there, startled.

“Oh,” she gasped, hand flying to her chest, “you scared the crap out of me.”

“I’m sorry,” Roger blurted out as she spoke. “Not about that. I mean, I am sorry about that, Rize Escort Bayan but I mean I’m sorry about last week. I don’t know what came over me. You caught me by surprise. And I really wanted to kiss you. I mean, I had been planning on kissing you I was going to but then-“

She cut him off there with a hand over his mouth.

“Shhh. You’ll wake the neighbors,” she whispered into his ear as she pushed him back into his room. With one hand over his mouth and the other on his chest, Eleanor slammed Roger into the wall as she kicked the door shut behind her.

“You’re a jerk,” she said, still holding her hand over his mouth. “Do you think I came here tonight to hear your lame excuses?”

“Hmpf hmmnph,” he tried to reply through her surprisingly strong hand.

“Did I say you could talk? No? Then don’t.”

Roger was so surprised by her aggression that he immediately fell in line. He stared at her fiery eyes, a deep sapphire blue, and recognized passion there. His cock was instantly erect.

Just then Eleanor’s eyes shifted down to see Roger’s cock bulging in his pants.

“Come here,” she growled as she grabbed him by the shirt. Sitting him on the bed roughly, she brought her face close to his, “is that what you like? You like a woman to take control? I should have known.”

Eleanor untied the scarf from around her head. A cascade of soft, brown curls spilled down her back. Her beauty was magnified tenfold by this glorious mane of hair that Roger couldn’t control himself.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he sighed, forgetting her earlier reprimand. Immediately, Eleanor pushed him onto his back.

With a forceful hand on his chest she whispered, “What did I say about talking?”

Roger drew in a breath to apologize but caught himself just in time. Eleanor smirked at him.

“Better.” She straddled Roger, grinding her hips slowly as she spoke. “You did a very mean thing last week, leaving me hanging like that. I think you need to be taught some manners.” She bound his hands together above his head with her scarf and tied them to the headboard.

Eleanor took this moment while Roger was subdued to take off her coat. She was wearing a green tank top that clung to her rather shapely breasts and a short black skirt that barely covered her ass. Roger could see the top of her thigh high stockings peeking out. He made a mental note to thank Sam for this when he got home. He wasn’t sure if he could contain himself, his desire for her hot body magnifying his need to have her. She climbed on top of him again, high heels and all. Slowly she began to undress him as she spoke.

“It was so rude of you to treat me that way,” his shirt was now open, exposing his chest and nipples to her punishment. She gently stroked his left nipple. “Here I was putting myself out there, taking a chance, hoping you would respond favorably to the idea of kissing me. And what did I get:” She twisted his nipple sharply. “Rejected.”

Roger squirmed and writhed beneath her but Eleanor’s legs grabbed him like a rider on a bucking bronco. He was not getting away from her.

“Oh, did that hurt? As bad as rejection hurts?” She pursed her lips and returned to gently stroking his nipple. Roger couldn’t believe how turned on he was. He could feel his cock throbbing. Eleanor seemed on fire. Her pussy ground against his cock, soaking his pants with her juices.

“I don’t think you realize how much you hurt me,” she said as she climbed off him. Roger tried to sit up but the scarf held him fast to the bed. Eleanor opened his pants and roughly pulled them off. His boxers went next, just as quickly.

Roger’s cock stood tall and hard like the mast of a ship, exposed to the world. With a lascivious grin Eleanor grabbed his balls and yanked on them hard. He squirmed and panted but did not cry out, knowing that he was not permitted to speak.

“Something you don’t know about me, Roger. I don’t ask for much, but when I do, I expect to get it.” Her right hand started to caress his cock, which was now dripping with precum. She ran her palm lightly over the head sending chills through Roger’s body. “All I wanted that night was a long, slow kiss and a little attention paid to my breasts.” At this point, Eleanor’s left hand cupped her left breast, “I had hoped that you would want to touch my breasts.” Eleanor slowly moved her tank top down to reveal an erect, perfectly pink nipple. She squeezed it between her thumb and pointer while mirroring the action on the head of Roger’s cock. “I guess I was wrong,” she stated as she abruptly stopped the ministrations of both hands.

Roger could hardly breathe, his whole body throbbing with desire. Escort Rize A dejected groan escaped his throat.

“Is there something wrong?” Eleanor asked with a look of innocence on her face. “Go ahead, tell me what you want.”

“I want to fuck you,” Roger blurted out.

“Oh, you want to fuck me,” she says pensively.

“Yes,” he whispers unable to contain himself.

“I see. Well, it’s good to want things.” Eleanor stood over him, pressing her hands into his thighs. “Do you want to slide your big hard cock into my hot wet pussy?”

“Oh God, yes,” Roger never wanted anything more in his life.

“Do you want to feel my pussy squeezing you cock while I cum? Do you want my juices all over your cock? And do you want me to lick them off of it when I’m done having my way with you?” She leaned closer and closer. He could feel her breath on his cock as she spoke these last words

“Please,” he begged, more cum dripping from his cock. She flicked her tongue and caught a few drops.

“I’m going to fuck you because it’s what I want. But you cannot, I repeat, you cannot cum until I say so. If you do not obey me you will be punished. Do you understand?”

Roger agreed to obey her every command as she climbed on to his rock hard cock still fully clothed.

“Fuck me, ” she ordered as she rocked her hips plunging his cock deeper and deeper into her hot pussy. She reached under her skirt to rub her clit with her right hand. He could feel how wet she was, her juices were everywhere. She was grinding faster and groaning louder.

“Oh, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum on your big hard cock.” Roger could feel her pussy tighten round his throbbing cock, “Don’t you dare cum, ” she ordered between moans of pleasure. But there was nothing he could do. Her pussy was too much for him. Roger exploded inside her, cumming as she came. He moaned and writhed beneath her alternating his screams between apologies and exclamations of joy.

“God, that’s so good. I’m sorry. Oh, yes. I couldn’t help it. You’re so hot. I’m sorry” Eleanor had collapsed onto his chest. She fully expected he would cum; she hadn’t expected to enjoy the feeling of him inside her so much. She would have been content to let it go but Roger needed to understand that she means what she says.

“You disobeyed me,” she whispered into his ear, nipping at the lobe to emphasize her point.

“I’m sorry, “he panted, “I couldn’t control myself,”

She set to work untying his arms. “On hour hands and knees,” she ordered. What else could he do but obey.

“You’ve been a bad boy, Roger, and bad boys get spanked.” With her bare hand, Eleanor smacked his ass quite hard. The sound was loud and his ass stung where she made contact. A second smack on the other ass cheek and Roger’s cock was hard again. This hadn’t happened to him in a long time.

Suddenly Eleanor smacked his ass repeatedly, a quick succession of slaps landing haphazardly on his ass and thighs. As quickly as it began it stopped. Next, her fingers gently stroked the reddened area. Roger was overwhelmed by the sensations, first pain than pleasure. But he was not prepared for what happened next.

Abruptly, Eleanor spread his ass cheeks to reveal his puckered anus, Slowly her tongue ran circles around and probed into his ass. This was a first for Roger. No one had ever eaten his ass before. He was getting harder by the second. Eleanor replaced her tongue with a finger and probed deeper and deeper seeking out his prostate. She knew she reached it when his whole body shuddered, forcing an unbidden groan from his lips.

“Do you like that?” She asked playfully. “Is it better if I do this?” She reached around and took his cock in her other hand. She began jerking him off while massaging inside him. Roger could no longer speak. His whole body shuddered with the ecstasy of this woman playing with him in ways he never dreamed of.

“Would you like to cum again,” she asked, her sultry voice barely above a whisper.

“Yes please,” he whimpered, barely able to contain himself.

“Cum for me, Roger,” that’s all he needed. She felt his sphincter contract around her finger while she beat his cock faster. His cum shot out while he screamed with pleasure and relief. She milked his cock of every last drop before she let go, still gently stroking his prostate the whole time.

When she knew he was completely spent, she removed her hands from his body and guided him down to lie on his side. He quickly turned over and grabbed her close, kissing her neck and face.

“That was amazing,” he panted still covering her with kisses. “And you’re so beautiful. Your hair, you tits. Why did you keep that from me?”

“I wanted to give you a chance to get to know me. To see if you liked me for me and not just my body.”

“Well it worked. You are the most amazing woman I have ever met.”

“I told you, you have to get out more,” she teased him. “Now how about that kiss?”

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