What the Girlfriend Wanted

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As I drove down the winding highway I tried to focus despite my girlfriends roving finger nails. She was getting too much pleasure out of tormenting my body as I drove. Danielle was a wild one, she was adventurous, she wasn’t shy and she was far from inhibited. She could be, so wild. D hadn’t told me where I was driving us too but had hinted that it would be an experience of a lifetime. To say the least, I was nervously intrigued.

Considering the varied experiences we had already shared I was torn between trepidation and titillation, and was being driven to distraction by the possibilities. D had arranged for us to meet someone but wouldn’t enlighten me as to who. It was incredibly exciting with her adding to the drama by the preparations involved.

It didn’t hurt that in preparing for this she had taken me for a spa day that had turned out to include a round of hair removal. My skin was so smooth and hairless it didn’t feel like it was mine anymore. She had insisted that we take public transportation to the appointment and packed silk underwear and satin pajamas for us to wear home under our coats afterwards. The brushing of the soft fluid material over my recently denuded body kept me in a heightened state of arousal the entire trip home.

While I was expecting a session of torrid sex once we got to our apartment it wasn’t what D had in mind. As soon as we got the door closed she had me strip in the hallway. My fully erect cock swayed before me and D eyed it with an impish grin. Grasping my cock in her warm hand D murmured throatily, “Follow me.”

Like I had a choice, where my cock went my body followed. I was focusing on not cumming prematurely as the cool air played over my hairless skin and D’s fingers held me in her firm exciting grip. When we got to the bedroom she muttered, “Tsk Tsk darling, but we haven’t got time for that right now.” With that she reached out with her other hand and flicked the head of my cock with her fingernail. It wasn’t exactly excruciating but it had the immediate effect she was looking for. My cock rapidly deflated as I winced from a second flick.

She had done it so quickly I had barely had a chance to finish my chirp of surprised pain before she had moved on. With practiced ease D slipped my rapidly deflating member into my steel cock cage. It was all done while I was wondering about what D had in mind and I started to mutter, “What the fu…”, when D’s fingers encircled my cock cage and hustled me off to the bathroom.

Once there she promptly bent me over the bathtub requesting, “Reach back and spread your cheeks for me please Christopher.”

When D used my full christian name I knew that something serious was up. All business D slipped on rubber gloves while I nervously complied. I couldn’t stop myself from lurching forward when D inserted a lubed finger into my ass. While I moaned and my cock swelled painfully in its cage she reamed me with her finger until satisfied I properly lubricated. When she removed her finger I sighed then gasped when she replaced it with the cold plastic nozzle connected to an enema bag. Giving my cheek a light smack D demanded, “Squeeze your cheeks Christopher, you know the drill.” I did as she told me and felt the cool rush of water from the enema bag flooding into my bowels.

With another light smack D told me, “That’s a good boy Christopher, it won’t take long.” I grumbled quietly but didn’t speak. D stripped while my bowels filled and I watched her repeat the enema exercise on herself before joining me leaning over the bathtub. D turned and kissed me while our abdomens began to swell. D continued to kiss me, encouraging me to take in more water while she did the same. Before long the pressure internally was getting uncomfortable and I started to moan quietly, then groan, forced to squeeze my butt cheeks tighter and tighter against the pressure. D smirked with mocking concern, “Does my lil’Christopher need to use the potty.”

When I nodded my head vigorously yes D giggled before getting her potty training seat cover to put over the toilet seat. The thought of being made to use a potty training seat was deeply humiliating but the need to relieve the pressure building against my clinched anus became a necessity that couldn’t be ignored. So being forced to sit on the bright pink potty seat became of little concern and soon descended into relief punctuated by D’s dramatic, “Ewwwuue, stinky.” Feeling utterly chastened I allowed her to dominate my clean up before she inserted the nozzle again.

While I went through the enema experience again D used the toilet. She was intent on us being entirely cleaned out. From experience I figured that the series of enemas D was putting us through was going to lead to a session of intense anal sex. I was again disappointed when after we had cleaned up D inserted a medium sized butt plug into my ass before slipping me into an overnight diaper.

D couldn’t miss my disappointed looks as she plugged bursa eskort her own butt and slipped into a diaper too. “Awww is lil’Christopher not happy,” she taunted me. When I pouted in response D laughed producing a novelty pacifier. I resisted as she pressed the cock shaped tip to my lips but when D sang out mischievously, “Christopher.” I relented and sucked it into my mouth. D gave me a delighted peck on the cheek before taking my photo with her phone. I went back to pouting while she took a selfie and then one of us both. It wasn’t the most incriminating photo she had of me I thought as I sucked on my pacifier.

D busied herself arranging our clothes for our big meeting in the morning while I watched tv. I suspected that she was having a messaging conversation with someone on her phone, even suspected that she had sent them the photos she had just taken. When I rose to use the toilet D asked with pleasant inquisitiveness, “Where’s my lil’Christopher going?” When I pointed to the bathroom D accompanied me. “Does my lil’Christopher need to use the potty,” she asked with mocking concern.

Without waiting for me to respond D took my hand giggling as she led me back to the bathroom and her potty training cover on the toilet seat. Turning on me, she carefully pulled my diaper down before helping me to sit on the potty seat. “That’s a good lil’boy,” D cooed to me while taking charge and making sure my caged dick was pointed properly into the protective cup on the seat.

D took more photos while a stream of hot piss sprayed through my cock cage. “Look at me Christopher,” she chuckled, enjoying the sight of her boyfriend so humiliated while I flushed red and sucked harder on the little cock pacifier. When I was finished and tired to stand D put a commanding hand on my shoulder stating, “Oh no Sweetie, best sit there and make sure you’re all finished.” As I fumed silently at her D chided me, “We wouldn’t want any accidents would we Christopher?” Then with a condescending pat on the head she left me to sit there.

After a long time my butt was so numb from sitting on the uncomfortable seat I was grateful when D returned. Happily she inquired, “All finished Christopher?” When I nodded my head vigorously yes D helped me up. Keeping a possessive grip on my elbow she inspected my caged dick wiping away any drips of piss with a tissue. Pulling on my elbow D made me bend over so she could check my butt. “Oh goodie,” she breathed sounding relieved, “no leakage Christopher, good boy.” While I silently fumed at her treatment D gently extracted the plug from my ass while I groaned over the sudden feeling of emptiness.

“Wait there a sec Christopher,” D requested while she rummaged in the bathroom vanity drawer. From the drawer she produced another plug, slightly longer, slightly bigger. “That’s a good boy,” she cooed pressing it against my anus until it slipped inside me. The empty feeling was gone. While I flexed my butt to help get accustomed to the bigger plug D pulled my diaper back up. With a playful swat to my padded butt she told me, “Good boy Christopher, now you can go back to watching tv.” Silently, sullenly I sulked away wondering when or if the action was going to start.

D finally joined me on the sofa and we snuggled pleasantly under a blanket wearing only our diapers. At some point I drifted off only to be woken by D. In a sleepy daze I allowed myself to be dragged off to the bathroom for a brief repeat of the toilet experience and an even larger plug in my ass. D was very gentle and constantly praising me for being her, “Good lil’boy,” before dragging me off to bed.

I awoke the next morning to D’s shrill calls of, “Get up sleepy head, we have to hurry.” Bustling into the bedroom in her dressing gown D dragged me out of bed playfully crying, “We don’t dare be late Christopher.” Before hauling me off to the bathroom she chastised me, “Don’t forget your binky Christopher,” pressing the cock shaped pacifier back between my lips while pulling me out of the room.

All business D had my diaper down and off, cooing praise at me, “All nice and dry, very good Christopher,” before pushing me onto the potty training seat. I peed and then waited still sleepy headed as D busied herself with an enema bag. Turning on me she smiled, “Just a quick flush this morning.”

The rest of the toilet regime passed in a flash until I felt empty inside before being showered and re-plugged. Leading me back to the bedroom D hummed tunelessly. After diapering me she left me to sulk on the bed and watch her get ready. First she slipped into a pair of pearl white ruffled satin and crotchless panties. Two thin strips of ruffled lace attached to layers of stain at her waist framing her freshly shaved pussy and left her creamy butt cheeks fully exposed. Gyrating her hips D inquired coquettishly, “Do you like these Christopher?” They were spectacular panties and I nodded yes awed.

Next D put on a matching open cup bra. The bra pushed bursa escort D’s breasts up pertly making her nipples stand out more than normal. She then struggled into a very tight waist cincher that accentuated her hips and breasts even more. Giving me an evocative wink D wiggled into a white dress with a tight fitting bodice and a short skirt that flared out from her narrowed waist. Twirling around the skirt fanned out exposing how little her panty covered. D watched herself in a full length mirror giggling with delight.

Stopping mid-spin D smiled down at me, “Your turn Christopher.” D descended on me like a whirlwind. Casting aside my penis binky she pulled me to sit in front of her vanity where I was subjected to her ministrations. My hair was dried and styled, not exactly feminine but certainly not masculine either. D insisted on a touch of powder and a thick layer of clear lip gloss. Ignoring my inquisitive glare D helped me out of my diaper and into a white satin jockstrap that cupped my caged cock and balls while leaving my buttocks exposed.

Forcing me to bend over D removed my butt plug then made a ceremonial scene out of opening a gift box and extracting a medium sized metal plug. Smiling savagely at my reflection D showed me the deep red cut glass base before expertly inserting it into my ass. I couldn’t help shuddering as the cold metal invaded my butt to the ringing of D’s laughter.

Reaching back into the box D produced a matching plug and turning so that I could watch, bent over and inserted it into her own ass. D gurgled wantonly as the plug slipped inside her then gyrated and shook her butt playfully enjoying the feel. Beaming with delight she slipped me into a sheer whtle dress shirt and lose fitting white pants. Running her fingers over the nearly transparent material covering my butt D traced the outline of the jockstrap letting me know that it was very visible to anyone who cared to look.

D slipped on heels that accentuated her ankles and long legs, and gave me ankle boots to put on. Holding my reflections stare in the mirror D smiled reaching out to brush fingers gently over my cheek casually announcing, “It’s time to go!”

That was hours ago and rounding a blind corner in the road D gasped a sharp breath pointing at a little old diner, “This it is.”

Pulling over I was surprised at how full the parking lot was. We sat in the car staring mutely at the diner until D finally broke the silence with an excited, “Let’s go in,” before scrambling out of her side of the car. Hesitantly I got out too and stood nervously in the cool air wondering what she was getting us into. Coming around the back of the car D took my hand pulling me after her as she headed for the diner.

D’s heels clicked on the asphalt ominously in the quiet country air as she dragged me across the parking lot. Her flared mini dress ruffled in the gentle breeze and I couldn’t help wondering if it exposed her to the faces in the diner windows that were watching us approach. D was irrepressible as she flounced into the diner when I opened the door for her and the place was deadly quiet. I followed sheepishly, keenly aware that every set of eyes in the place were fixated on us.

In the looming silence we stood in the doorway, the objects of everyone’s attention. Unperturbed D slowly scanned the crowded diner her short white dress in stark contrast to the drab rural attire of the folks occupying the place. She ignored the ogling diners waiting for the person we were there to meet to acknowledge us. I glanced around timidly unnerved by the open assessing stares while wondering who amongst this crowd could D be possibly interested in.

Finally D murmured a quiet, “Ah yes,” when a stout lady raised her hand to get D’s attention. D took my hand to lead me over to a table in the middle of the dining area where the stout woman was seated with a drably dressed bulky man. Neither of them looked in any way special, she was a stout, plain faced woman with shoulder length slightly oily, mousey brown hair and a stern scowl. He was pasty with treads of hair plastered to his shiny somewhat bulbous head, beady eyed and disheveled looking. They came across as hard unhappy people and I couldn’t figure out why D was standing before their table beaming like a kid at Christmas.

We stood before them as the couple took their time looking us over. D kept smiling seeming to enjoy being the focus of theirs and everyone else’s attention. I was starting to have grave misgivings when the woman muttered, “Best sit down.”

D giggled like a school girl obviously thrilled as she coquettishly flipped up the hem of her dress so as not to sit on it while giving the people behind her a tantalizing peek of her mostly bare ass. I settled more slowly on the hard seat well aware of the eyes on me and the jeweled butt plug in my own ass. D squirmed in her seat all but purring her delight as the diner seemed to suddenly spring back to life bursa escort bayan around us.

I dared to look around and it was apparent that once the other people in the diner knew who we were with it wasn’t their business anymore. Mystified by this behavior I turned back to find the couple were totally unfazed and stoically staring at D and myself. Quietly the woman addressed D, “Well you didn’t lie.” D beamed in response enjoying the seeming praise.

While D gazed at her adoringly her the woman gestured with her hand and invited us to, “Have some tea.” The tea was bitter but without being asked the woman spooned sugar into our cups and we both drank more. The woman smiled encouragingly as the man watched on deadpan. D was still looking at the woman like some smitten school girl as I finished my tea.

Ignoring D the woman cast an appraising eye over me drawling, “You know your safe word boy?” Surprised by the question I looked furtively at D who was gawking unabashedly at our female host who wasn’t paying her any attention as she sneered at me, “Well boy do you know it or not?”

Taken aback I fumbled for words finally mumbling, “Yes Maam.”

I felt insignificant as she cast her withering glare on me snarling, “Well,” she inquired like she was speaking with someone mentally challenged.

Gulping I nodded vigorously yes. Shaking her head in despair the woman asked wearily. “Well what is boy?”

In a comic effort to show her that I wasn’t a complete dolt I blurted out, “Slut,” loud enough for most of the diner to hear.

D giggled enjoying my predicament though the couple seemed less than impressed. While sharing a look the couple nodded and the woman pulled out her phone. After typing in a password she pointed it at me telling me all business like, “State your full name.” And when I did she continued, “You agree to obey me and my man.” Startled by the lack of emotion I snuck a quick look at D, she was still staring at the woman enraptured.

Carefully I nodded and answered, “yes.”

“Yes what,” the woman asked snidely her voice full of threat.

I was tempted to grab D’s hand and flee but she was still ogling our hostess so instead I murmured respectfully, “Yes Maam. I agree to obey You and Your Man.”

“Good,” the Woman sneered before turning on D and telling her, “Show me your tits.” I gasped, shocked at the Woman’s command until I realized that D was thrilled and quickly complied. Pulling down the bodice of her dress to expose her breasts pointing pertly from her half cup bra in the middle of a crowded diner D beamed into the camera. It was all happening in a daze as the Woman reached out to delicately trace a finger around first one, then the other of D’s protruding nipples. D flushed with color, moaning appreciatively in response while leaning slightly forward obviously enjoying having her nipples played with in public.

Passing her phone to the waitress who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, the Woman was free to roll both of D’s nipples between a finger and a thumb. D moaned, squeaked and keened louder and louder. Watching on fascinated as the Woman played with D’s breasts I became aware of the building interest of the people crowding the diner. They and I watched my girlfriend squirm as this Woman played with her nipples. The Woman twisted and tweaked and pulled on D’s nipples making my girlfriend writhe in her seat.

The Woman’s visage never changed as she played with D’s nipples. I noticed that she was no longer playing with D’s nipples but squeezing them and pulling. Where she pulled D followed squealing gently as she dealt with the for some reason pleasing pain. The Woman pulled on D’s nipples until D was forced to stand and lean over the table. D’s dress rode up her thighs fully exposing her bare buttocks and jeweled plug to everyone behind her. Then further until D was pulled right over the table.

When the Woman released a nipple D sighed audibly only to gasp when the Man’s finger and thumb took her place. Then He took the other nipple from the Woman squeezing hard. As D mewed He pulled her further over the table until she was resting on her elbows and standing on her tip toes.

The action then became fast and furious. While I gaped dumbfounded at D splayed over our table a couple rose from a nearby booth. Watching transfixed I listened to D moan over her tortured nipples as the woman of the standing couple undid the man’s pants letting them drop to the floor. The man wasn’t wearing underwear and his raging hardon stuck out obscenely from his skinny white hips. The woman grabbed his erection and practiced ease drew a condom over him. Gripping his erection tightly she pulled him up to our table directing his dick towards an exposed D from behind.

I willed myself to stand up and was befuddled when my body didn’t comply, somewhere at the back of my brain I screamed, “the tea.” I tired again but could do nothing more than turn my head to stare as the man allowed his woman to position him behind D. With sudden urgency he thrust his hips towards D rocking her bodily over our table. D’s breath rushed from her in a long sigh. When the man thrust again she gasped then cooed with pleasure.

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