What We Did to Pete’s Little Sis

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“Don’t worry,” I whisper to Michelle, “they’re all asleep in the next dorm room. They’ll never know anything, and we certainly won’t tell them. No-one ever comes knocking.”

“Mmm,” Michelle looked worried. “I shouldn’t even be here. If the girls notice I’m missing, they’ll have a search party out for me. And my parents would find out. Oh my god…”

“Here,” I said gently, my dick a fireball in my pyjama bottoms, “have some more Fruity Lexia, it’ll be okay, no-one will find out. I guarantee.”

Peter looked on in the hazy candle-light from his bed across the room, but it’s easy to ignore his furrowed brow. Michelle is his little sister, and I think he knows, like the rest of us, that there’s no way of telling how far tonight may go. We could only hope. Simon and Mike, on the top bunks, were keeping very quiet, and I suspect that their hearts were in their mouths with the vision of loveliness, the angel sitting in the middle of the room.

“Mike, how ‘bout sparking up the rest of that joint, getting a bit of a peaceful Bob Marley kind of atmosphere going.”

“Won’t they be able to smell it?” Michelle asked, her eyes wide.

“Naa, we do it all the time,” Simon smiled,” trick is, ya just blow it out the window.”

Mike clamoured expertly down from his bunk, the erection in his pants hugely obvious. I watched the way Michelle gasped at it, looked away then snuck another peek, her eyes drawn to it magnetically.

“God, you’re beautiful Michelle. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl as sexy as you,” I said.

She blushed, shaking her head and sipping at her wine, her plump lips moistening. She bit her lower lip, trembling slightly. Mike lit the joint and sucked on the end, orange sparks flickering on the tip, and plumes of smoke creeping into the room. He leaned forward and blew exhaled through the flyscreen and out into the night. Being on the third floor meant there was little chance of us getting busted.

“Michelle, have you ever kissed a guy before?” I asked.

Obviously embarrassed and taken aback by the question, she looked at her brother, took a sip of wine and looked back at me. “Of course I have,” she said. Mike passed her the joint. She sat up, turning slightly and sucked in a small amount. Her breasts seemed to move beneath the tight t-shirt she wore, and her long auburn hair glistened in the soft glow of the flame.

“Really,” Simon peered down from his bunk, his eyes glued to Michelle.

“Sure,” she looked up, obviously becoming affected by the wine. “I’ve done more than that.”

“What kind of things?” I asked, rubbing pre-seminal fluid over the bulbous head of my cock, wondering if she had any idea what we were up to.

“Ha,” she laughed, “as if I’d tell you perverts!”

Simon looked crestfallen as she passed the joint back to Mike, who handed it to Peter.

“Go on Michelle, tell them about the time you got fingered,” Peter said, taking the joint.

“Peter!” Michelle groaned. “That’s supposed to be a secret!”

“Uh oh, you’ve got to tell us now!” Mike said, squatting down next to Michelle, his hard on inadvertently brushing her leg.

“Yeah, come on Michelle, we can all keep a secret,” I said, knots forming in my stomach, and my vision tunnelling in on Michelle.

“You’re so sexy, Michelle,” Mike said, his hand touching her knee. “God, I wish I could have been the guy who did things like that to you.”

Michelle’s expression seemed to change before my eyes, and I noticed a look of pained need cross her face briefly.

“Really?” She said to Michael, then looking round at me.

“Michelle, we all think you’re the most wonderful girl in the world. Any one of us, even Peter, all want to do things to you. None of us would ever betray you,” I said sincerely.

“I think you’re all… really nice, Girne Escort and… really cute,” she giggled, sloshing her wine out onto her bare, golden leg.

“Can I kiss you Michelle?” Mike asked, a tortured expression on his face. “I’ve never kissed anyone before.”

“Okay,” she said, biting her lower lip again.

As he moved forward, her eyes closed and all of us gaped as their mouths met clumsily at first, and then hungrily. The silence in the room became deafening as the sloppy sounds of kissing, sucking and slurping reverberated through the dorm room. They seemed to kiss for aeons, floating in time and space, before Mike jerked away, his face turning crimson.

“Uh… Oh shit…” He gasped.

“What is it,” said Michelle with concern.

“He just came in his pants,” I said, smirking slightly, even though I feared the same thing happening to myself any second.

The funky smell of semen wafted into my nostrils.

“Oh, I can smell it,” said Michelle. “Gee, it smells good. Different than I expected. I’ve never smelt anything like it before. Can I see?” She asked leaning forward.

Mike stood up, the fronts of his pyjama bottoms dark with wet splotches. His penis made the front of them stand up like a tent.

“Wow, it’s so huge!” Michelle said, her eyes wide. She moved closer to his bulging cock until her nose was only an inch or so away. “Mmm, that smells so…” she became breathless, “so… Delicious.”

Mike’s breathing was also becoming quite ragged, with her face right in front of his raging, come-stained hard-on. Simon was looking down in pure amazement, and Peter looked very excited, and had moved forward to watch what his little sister would do next.

“Kiss Nathan too,” Simon said, his excitement obviously making him more outgoing than he otherwise would be.

Immediately she turned and leaned forward towards me. I moved to meet her halfway, then paused, my hand leaving my cock to come out and stroke her cheek, my fingers a little sticky with my own fluids.

She sank forward to meet me, our lips touching, and immediately I felt her warm tongue slip forward between my lips and into my mouth, her breath hot with alcohol. I pulled back, and she came forward with me, her tummy pressing against my erection. Immediately she groaned into my mouth and I felt her hand slide slowly up my leg. Taking her cue, I let my fingers trail over her breast, my heart pounding a million miles an hour.

Mike came forward beside her, and sat on the edge of my bed. “Hey look, Nath’s touching her tits!”

“What!” Peter said, and I heard him step across the bed, and Simon as well. They were all watching us.”

“Shh,” Peter said “keep it down. We don’t want to wake anyone.”

“Yeah,” said Simon, and they all sat on my bunk, the springs letting out groans of resistance.

“Can I kiss you as well Michelle?” Simon asked tentatively.

“Sure,” she said, breaking our embrace, her hand leaving my leg, just brushing over my penis.

She pulled Simon down onto her, and I moved aside to make room. Simon immediately started to groan into her mouth.

She paused, and pulled back from the kiss, her lips wet and shiny. “Peter, come here, if they do it, it’s okay for you too.”

Peter hesitated, although it was more than apparent that he was as turned on as the rest of us by the drunken shenanigans going on tonight. They kissed like lovers in the movies, as if they’d done it many times before, and now it was Michelle whose moans filled the room. Mike was almost unconsciously stroking his penis as he gazed at Peter and his sister reclining across my bed, her foot pressing into my erection.

“Just take it out Mike. It’s okay, we’re all the same.” I suggested, running my hand up and down Michelle’s leg. Kıbrıs Escort Her skirt was up so high I could almost see her panties.

Michelle stopped kissing her brother, her cheeks flushed, and her hair mussed. “Show it to me. I want to see it. I want to see all of them. God, I really want to. Though I can’t really believe I’m doing this.”

Mike pulled the elastic out and over his penis until it was released, hot and steaming in the electric atmosphere of the room. He shivered at his own confidence, and rubbed himself openly. Michelle gasped again, and looked up at it lovingly.

“It’s beautiful Michael. Show me yours Simon, and Nath.” She turned to her brother. “Pete… Come on, I can feel how hard you are.”

“God Michelle, I’m almost bursting,” I said, pulling my pyjamas down and letting my penis out. “Can we see something of yours?”

All the boys became motionless and silent, waiting on her answer. She was mesmerised by the sight of four hard penises surrounding her, flushed and aware they were all that way because of her.

“Okay,” she said, “pass me my wine for a sec.” Simon reached over to hand it to her, his penis silhouetted in the flickering light.

She sat up and sipped her wine, then handed the plastic cup to Pete. Smiling mischievously, she arched her back and untucked her t-shirt, then slowly stretched it up until her lacy pink bra became visible, her fat breasts bulging slightly over the top of the cups. They swayed as she pulled the t-shirt right off and handed it to me.

I held the warm cotton to my cheek, inhaling the dazzling array of various feminine smells, so out of place in a boys’ boarding school. I wished I would never have to return it to her. She turned her head to the side and reached slowly behind her back, looking shyly at our faces. “Is this what you want?”

Our silence and stares said everything.

“Okay.” She unsnapped the clasp and her breasts swayed as the cups lifted free. Her boobs were orbs of pure delight, milky and plump, succulent and round, with perfectly erect pink nipples, peaking upwards as if attached to a puppeteer’s strings.

Nervously she leant back on her brother, gasping as she came into contact with his naked cock.

“They’re so…” Mike couldn’t finish the sentence. “Can I?” He held his hand forward, his dick swaying.

“All of you can.” Michelle said, closing her eyes, and leaning on Peter’s hard-on.

I kept stroking the velvet skin of her leg, encircling her knee and squeezing of the brilliantly soft female bits, so different from my own harder and hairier one. If the light was better I’m sure I could see her panties, but as it was, I could just see shadows beneath the crimped hem.

Mike was first to move in, sliding up the bed and tentatively reaching for the holy grail. Michelle’s eyes closed again and she arched her back, and I noticed her knees moved even slightly farther apart. I took this as an invitation, and moved up her thigh, rubbing the delicate flesh, my breathing becoming heavy, and my penis threatening to spurt come everywhere. I began to feel like I was in some kind of wet dream. Lord knows, I’ve had enough of them about Michelle before. Sparked of by glimpses of panty, or the way her breasts had sometimes grazed me when I’d been hanging out at Pete’s place.

Simon took the hint and moved forward to relish her other free boob, and Peter’s hands stroked up and down her bare stomach. I let my fingers trail beneath the hem of her skirt, only ten centimetres from a place I’d never been.

Smells were in the room I’d only ever smelt in primary school, when sometimes I’d sat next to girls, and they seemed to have this musky, animal scent coming from somewhere that boys never had. That smell was deep in my lungs now, Magosa Escort and I knew it was radiating from the centre of Michelle.

Her thighs parted even farther, and my craving got the better of me. I allowed my hand to creep slowly forwards as the boys squeezed and moulded her breasts, until my fingertips found wet, steaming cotton. Michelle lurched as if stung by a bee and I withdrew my hand immediately.

She shuddered and groaned, her legs clamped together, but slowly widening again. Simon looked around at me with a helpless, lost expression on his face, as if he had no idea where we were going, or even how we’d got here. I leaned forward until my cock was pressed firmly against her leg, and my face was only inches away from Michelle’s raised skirt. Her panties were now obviously visible, and the pink middle, right between her legs was dark and stained in a large patch the size of a fifty cent piece. I licked my lips and kissed her thigh, feeling its perfect silkiness on my lips.

Breathlessly, Michelle sat up, and looked straight down at me, my head in her lap. I thought she was going to tell me to stop.

“I want to see them come. Like in the dirty movies Dad’s got at home. I want you all to do it all over me. Please…”

I knelt before her, and began stroking my cock again. I knew I was about to explode any second.

Peter moved out from under his sister, and the four of us knelt around her. With an expression of pure rapture on her face, Michelle lay between us all, her naked breasts flattening and her skirt twisted and crumpled, her pink panties stretched taut over her sex.

Simon began groaning, her pulsing erection only inches from Michelle’s soft face.

“Come on, just do it right on my face, I want to see every detail, I even want it in my mouth.” She opened her mouth wide and stroked Simon’s legs, even sliding up between them, and surely touching his balls.

In a flurry and shuddering groan, Simon’s penis seemed to swell up, before jerking and releasing huge geysers or come. The first flew right over Michelle, whose eyes opened wide in amazement, and her head lifted, as if hungry for the taste of it.

As soon as Simon came, Peter followed, aiming his cock right at his sister’s mouth. Simon’s kept shooting, and sperm fell in rivulets across Michelle’s cheeks. Peter’s first blast went straight onto her tongue, and she quickly licked her lips and arched up for more. Both boys jerked their cocks frantically, more droplets of sperm raining down on Michelle’s face.

Mike and I moved in for our turn. My excitement burnt holes through my lower belly. I could feel a sensation of losing control as deep spasms shot through me. Michelle’s fingers touched my balls and I let loose a spurting cascade of white semen. It splashed across her nose, her cheeks and into her hair.

Her tongue licked at the droplets below her nostrils, before Mike followed, his jets plastering across her tits, making Michelle groan and smile with delight.

All of us kept rubbing ourselves, and I let the last drops fall from centimetres above her lips, straight into her mouth. I shuddered as I even felt her tongue lick at the underside of my penis.

Her mouth opened and she showed us the large mouthful of sperm she held, a smile across her face. She rolled it around in her mouth, as if savouring the flavour, then closed her mouth and gulped.

She breathed heavily, her expression one of absolute rapture, perspiration on her brow.

We all knelt staring down at her, and I don’t know what the others were thinking, but I was absolutely in love with her. My heart was already crying with joy at my first sexual experience.

Michelle simply lay there, getting her breath back, sperm droplets all over her half naked body, her eyes half closed, and a smile of lust on her face, as if she was perfectly satisfied.

But a sudden knock on the door changed her expression to one of absolute horror, and I felt my own heart give a mighty buck as I wondered who could be outside the door at this time of night, other than one of the teachers.

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