What’s New, Pussycat? Ch. 5

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Daren felt the blessed relief of coming, his balls emptying and his cock pulsing as he filled her mouth. He could hear her swallowing and gulping, while she murmured her appreciation of his bounty. As his cock finally emptied and the throbbing slowed, Kit took his softening dick into her mouth, cleansing it with tiny strokes of her tongue. Daren was so relaxed, so happy, he began to drift off to sleep, drugged with satisfaction.

He went to that gauzy place, where he was nearly watching the love play, where he could look down and see Kit’s small body entwined with his, her head busily bobbing between his legs. When she had cleaned him to her satisfaction, Kit moved up his body and fitted herself against him, her head fitting that curve of his shoulder that seemed made for her. Daren lifted his hand, heavy with spent passion, to her head, sliding his fingers into her downy hair, combing it back from her face. His fingers continued their exploration, tracing her features, learning her. She held him close and whispered softly to him, listening to his breathing become deeper and more regular.

When he woke, Daren was alone in the bed, naked and unmasked. The room was dark, the candles had all burned low or been extinguished. He heard Kit’s singular voice, coming from the armchair near the windows. “Do you want the truth now, or would you like to continue our game?” she asked.

Daren stared into the darkness, his mind whirling with the possibilities. The excitement that Kit had created in him was overwhelming. He loved the fact that she might pop up anywhere or anytime. He was surprised each time because he didn’t know her face, just her scent and feel and taste. He found himself wanting to continue. “Please, Madam, may I put on my mask?”

He could hear the smile in her voice as she told him to cover his eyes and he heard her moving around the room, relighting the candles. Daren slipped the black satin mask over his eyes, checking for any possible light. He was satisfied Beylikdüzü Escort that he was in total darkness. Even now, the sounds in the room seemed clearer, brighter. He was aware of her footsteps and the lighting of the match, the hiss of the wick as it ignited. He could smell the vanilla scent as it whirled from the wax. He knew she was walking toward him. He felt her stop and stand beside him and could feel the warmth of her gaze on his naked body.

Her mouth covered his, her tongue delving deep into his warmth. She licked his tongue and teeth, traced his lips, tempted his own tongue to join the play. Her nipples brushed against his chest, hard and knotty. Her moans rose from her throat, the most beautiful music. Her fingers touched him carefully, avoiding the sweetest spots and discovering new ones. His cock throbbed toward her hand, but she continued to run her fingers along his groin, into his curlies, up his thighs. He felt her nails lightly scratching his balls, and they tightened in response. Her fingers delved deeper, looking for his tight bud, tracing around the puckered opening, trying to gain entrance. His legs fell open, allowing her access to whatever she chose to touch. Her mouth left his and she moved away. He felt bereft. He waited. Then he felt her weight on the bottom of the bed He heard her knees as she crawled up the big bed between his legs. Her mouth was near his cock, he could feel her hot breath on his taut skin. He stopped breathing, waiting to feel her sweet lips wrap around his erection. But she didn’t do that. Instead, he felt her hair on his sensitive inner thighs, tickling him. Then her breath, hot and rapid, against his balls. Just her breath, no touch of her fingers or mouth. Her hands closed on his ankles, pushing them up against his ass. He heard her voice, soft, yet commanding, instructing him. “Place your feet on my back, lift them up and then relax your legs.” When he did this, his ass lifted off the bed a few inches, Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan and he wondered about her plan.

Then he felt it. Her hot mouth closing on his bud, kissing him there, french kissing as much as possible. Her tiny tongue was thrusting against the puckered opening, trying to gain entrance. He stiffened. She tried to thrust again, but he was too tight. He felt her look up, and then he heard her soft voice. “Please, I want to love you there, I want to feel my tongue inside you, I want to taste you. For me, Daren, relax and trust me.” Her mouth returned to his ass, her tongue circling his bud, slowly, tantalizing him with her skill. She flattened her tongue and started taking long strokes of his flesh, licking him as an ice cream cone. He could feel himself relaxing, enjoying the sensations. Her curls brushed against his balls, exciting him even more. He could hear the slurping noises she was making, the sounds of satisfaction that she emitted. Again, she paused and looked up at Daren. “I want to enter you, be inside your hot smoothness, please, Daren!” When her mouth returned there, she found him opening for her. Her tongue slipped inside the hot hole, not far, but enough. She pointed her tongue and thrust it in and out, fucking his ass, loving his ass. Daren couldn’t believe her. This was something he had wanted to feel, but never dared ask. And now, his lovely Kit was happily probing his darkest place. Daren’s cock was throbbing madly now. The precome was dripping down his hard shaft, wetting his balls. He was helpless to stop his response. He knew he was going to come and knew it would be soon.

“Kit, I can’t wait, I can’t stop….!” Neither could Kit. Her face was buried between his legs, her mouth happily fucking his ass, and she didn’t want to stop. Her hands circled his hips and touched his hot dick. That was all it took, he felt his orgasm pouring through his body. The come exploded, spilling on his tummy and into Kit’s Escort Beylikdüzü hair. And she continued. Her tongue was playing games with him, moving deeply into his ass and then retreating, nearly exiting, only to probe deeply again. Daren had never felt this excitement and found himself coming, throbbing, long after his semen was spent. The sensations were exquisite. Her mouth slowed, merely resting against him. She kissed him occasionally, her tongue gently stroking against that secret place. She listened to his breathing return to normal and still she remained there, her mouth covering him. Finally, she stood and moved into the bathroom. He could hear the water running and smell the mint of toothpaste and then heard her feet treading softly toward him.

She kissed him deeply and then he felt her weight on the bed. She stood over him, her feet planted on either side of his head. He could sense her warmth as she squatted down, her pussy poised over his face. Her curlies were soft and wet against his nose and cheeks. He opened his mouth, his hands reaching up and cupping her ass, pulling her down onto him. She was opened and swollen, wet and ready. His tongue sought out her clit, licking it and flicking it back and forth. She called his name, she pushed against him, grinding her needy pinkness onto him. He slipped a finger into her, amazed at the roominess of her usually tight pussy. A second finger entered her and she still felt empty. When he pushed a third finger into her pinkness, she stretched to accommodate him. Then she began to ride his hand, thrusting her hips back and forth, up and down, while his tongue frantically tried to stay in contact with her clit. She stopped moving for a long second. Then she began to call out, his name, words, desires, all of it cloaked in passion. His fingers were grasped tightly by her muscles and milked with abandon. He continued thrusting, but felt as if he had lost control. Kit was in command now, taking what she needed, using him for her satisfaction. She continued to ride him, wetting his hand with her copious fluids, sighing with happiness. As she lifted herself up, he could hear the lovely wet sound of a satisfied pussy. She slid down beside him, kissing his shoulder, already breathing deeply, ready for sleep.

To Be Continued…

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