When Hubby Returns

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This story is a follow-up to, ‘My Solo Time’


This is a story of what happens when my husband comes home from his business trips. I think that he volunteers for the assignment just for this reason. I might actually do something like this myself if I got this kind of response.

The last time that Shawn left for one of his trips, I was forced to resort to giving pleasure to myself. I don’t have a problem with masturbating, but it only works for a short time, for me. I am one of those women that require a cock almost every day. Masturbation is a good substitute, but I tend to get a little bored with it after a little while, the real thing is always so much better. And he knows this little tidbit of information. I think he enjoys making me ‘suffer’ a little; it always seems to benefit him in the end.

He is scheduled to be home this afternoon. I am starting to climb the walls. I don’t know if I can hold off touching myself till he gets home. If I can wait it will be spectacular when I finally get to cum. I just need to find something to do that will take my mind off of my growing discomfort. I can only clean my house for so long before I run out of things to clean. I can’t sit still long enough to watch tv or read a book. Reading stories online is my downfall and that will be counter productive to my cause. I need to find something else to do. I look at the clock and it is 9:05am, oh wait, my favorite store is open, I grab my purse and out the door I go.

It didn’t take me that long to get there. We have a new ‘toy’ store in town; it opened up about a year ago. I love this store, and they know me by name now. As I walk in I was met by the cutest young guy that I have ever seen in this store. I have not seen him in here before; he must have just been hired in the past week. The smile he gave me didn’t do anything to help my growing discomfort, but I will use it to fuel my lust for later. We made small talk, and I let him know that I am a good a frequent customer. He let me know that he was glad I came in.

“Well, is there anything that I can help you with, or do you just want to browse?” Peter said with a smile.

“I am not sure just yet; I am trying to kill some time right now. My husband has been out of town this past week and I want to find something fun, for when he comes home this afternoon.”

“Okay, I’ll let you wander around for a bit, and I will check in with you in a while, okay?”

“Perfect.” All I could do was smile at him. I need to focus on the task at hand, not the piece ass in front of me. We were the only ones in the store, so I would not have to wait for him if I needed anything. And boy, do I need something.

I turned around to walking through the shelves of various toys and instruments of pleasure and the racks of lingerie, and I found the cutest little bra and panty set that I just had to have. I went to the dressing room to try them on. I removed my clothes quickly and put on the items that I brought in with me. I have to admit, I looked good. I have long light brown hair, my breasts are a ‘D’ cup, and my waist is modest with long legs. As I was admiring my reflection, there was a knock at the dressing room door. It was Peter; he wanted to know if everything was okay and if I needed anything. I had the biggest smile on my face, I couldn’t resist what I was about to do. I am so bad.

“I think I need a second opinion, do you think that you could help me?” I knew this could backfire on me, but I was so horny right now that I couldn’t help it. He asked me if I needed anything, who am I to turn down help.

“Um, I guess I could help you.” Peter stammered a little, I don’t think he planned on me ask him that.

I opened the door to him. His grin left his face and his mouth gaped open as he took in the sight in front of him. His eyes traveled from my face down to my breast barely clad in a red lace bra. Slowly his eyes moved down my stomach to my pussy that was covered in a red lace thong pantie. His eyes moved down my legs next and slowly back up to my face. I could tell that he was enjoying my scandalously clad body; he was starting to develop quite a bulge in his jeans by this time. He blushed a little when his eyes reached my face.

“Ma’am, you look absolutely stunning. I think your husband will love this set on you.” This poor boy was having such a hard time keeping his composure. I was having a hard time as well. I was getting so wet under his gaze; I am going to have to buy these panties if I want them or not.

“Thank you so much Peter. You are so sweet.”

“No problem. If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.” I think it took everything he had to keep his hands off me, and make his voice not sound desperate. His smile finally came back to his face. He might have been hoping that I would invite him in the dressing room with me.

I smiled at him and closed the door slowly. I had to get out of this bra and panty and get home. I can’t hold out much longer.

After I returned my clothes to my body, I left the dressing room and walked to the counter to pay for my new purchase. Peter was still blushing a little bit from my display. When I reached the counter, I laid my purchase down. I was reaching in my purse for some money, and when I looked up Peter had my panties in his hands, staring at them. I looked down at his hands to notice the wet spot that he was looking at. He raised his hands to his nose and inhaled slowly. A slow sigh escaped him as a low moan escaped from me. He then looked up at me with a deep blush on his face. Quickly he rang up my purchase and placed my items in a bag.

“I am really sorry about that,” he said. He was so flustered and too damn cute.

“That’s okay, a person need to take pleasure when they can.” I was trying to reassure him as I winked at him and exited the store. That was so much fun; I am glad that I decided to visit this store today. Peter provided a little extra fire that I will use later. I will be back, and I hope Peter is here the next time.

By the time I reached home, I still had a little more than an hour before Shawn was scheduled to be home. I almost lost my battle at the ‘toy’ store. I can wait an hour, I hope. I decided that I needed cleaned up, after the incident at the store, I was so wet by the time I left.

I climbed into the shower, I didn’t want to linger, just get cleaned up. The water flowing over me felt good as I rubbed my hands over my body. I started with my breasts, they are a ‘D’ cup with large areoles and nipples that can become quite hard and protrude almost half an inch. Slowly I lower my hands over my flat stomach to the junction at the top of my legs. I felt a little stubble there so I reached for the razor to make my mound smooth, which means he can feast on my wet pussy longer. I know Shawn really enjoys the feel of my smooth mound and slit. No little hairs to get caught in his throat. And in return he shaves himself for me. I don’t want to spend too much time in the shower, but I want to do a good job; I still need to get ‘dressed’ for when Shawn comes home.

I exit the shower and towel dry. I don’t have much time left so I made quick work of my hair; I pulled it back into a pony tail. You will find out why, later. I put on the bra and thong that I purchased at the ‘toy’ store, along with my cute black fuck me heels. I didn’t bother with makeup; it would just get messed up anyway. I looked at the clock to check on how much time I had left, any minute now. I went into the living room to wait for him. I didn’t have to wait long, his car just pulled into the driveway. He usually leaves his bags in the car and retrieves them later, after I am done with him. Priorities. – Would you rather fuss with your bags or get a piece of ass?

Shawn opened the front door and quickly closed it when he saw me standing in the middle of the room, never taking his eyes off me. When he let go of the door his eyes slowly traveled down my body with a kind of evil grin. He removed his jacket and dropped it on the floor. I slowly walked towards him and reached for his tie and pulled him towards me (I love this tie; it has been used in so many ways that must be why he wears it when he comes home). His hands went around my waist and pulled me tight against his body and crushed his lips against mine. My arms circled his neck and kissed him back with all the lust that I was feeling at this moment. Then he started groping me as I was trying to remove his clothes. I lost my focus when he grabbed my ass and squeezed hard. I let a deep moan escape my mouth. Damn that feels so good.

Shawn knows that I like to be treated a little rough, no chains or whips, but a little discomfort is good. We have been married for 10 years so we know each other quite well, and we openly discuss sex so we know what the other wants and likes. He is so good to me.

I regain my senses and resume the removal of his clothes. His shirt and tie are discarded quickly and I unbuckled his belt and made quick work of the button and zipper on his slacks. Before I could slide his pants down his legs, he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. His lips attacked my neck with all the passion that he had built up. My arms went around his middle as my fingers dug into his back. He finally let go of my hair as he kissed my lips, sliding his tongue into my mouth and continued grabbing my ass. When I was able to dislodge myself from him, I slid slowly down his body. Kissing on his neck, then lower down to his chest. I love to suck on his nipples; he inhales sharply when my lips first touch him. And a guttural growl escapes his mouth. He runs his hands over my back and shoulder and digs his fingers in a little. After I have finished giving his nipples the much needed attention, I continue kissing and licking my way lower until I am on my knees in front of him.

His pants slide over his hips and fall to the floor. I reach for his boxers and slowly pull them down; I don’t want his cock to spring out. I don’t want to run the risk of hurting him, and I have too much respect for this gorgeous appendage to treat it roughly. After he steps out of his clothes, I reach up and take hold of my favorite toy as I look into his eyes. He is smiling down at me, waiting patiently for me to devour his delicious cock. One hand is holding his cock while the other is fondling his balls. I lower my mouth to his cock and lick the pre cum that has formed. Without warning my mouth takes in his entire 7 inches. Shawn is caught off guard and releases a sound that is part moan and part growl. His hand goes to my head and holds me in place for a moment to savor the sensation that I have given him.

I slowly move up and down on his rock hard cock, as he grabs my hair to guide my movements. I know that he will not take very long as his hips find their rhythm with the movements of my mouth. I reach my hands around to grab his ass and keep my balance while he fucks my mouth. He is moving faster as I continue to suck on his cock. He grabs my hair harder and thrusts his cock even harder into my mouth, and with a grunt he shoots his load down my throat. Rope after rope hits the back of my throat as his orgasm rips through his core. As soon as his release has run its course, he eases up on my hair. I make sure I got all of the cum out of him before I let his cock out of my mouth.

He stumbles back and falls on the couch. With a wicked grin I crawled over to him as his head was back and his eyes were closed. When I touched his legs, his head came up and he opened his eyes. He had a very satisfied look on his face as he looks down at me. He knows what is coming next, he also knows I can’t resist. I have recently discovered a new fetish, and Shawn has no problem letting me indulge in it. My new fetish has to do with his soft cock, after I have had my way with it. I just love how it is pliable, soft, and how it twitches in my mouth. I also get more of a reaction out of him now than I did before he shot his load, mostly because he is more sensitive. I just need to remember to be gentle; I am not done with him so I don’t want to hurt him. I take all of him into my mouth and run my tongue over and around this little cock that I am enjoying. I keep up my attention until he is hard again. I release his cock from my mouth and stand up in front of him, as he lifts his head and looks into my eyes.

He eyes move over my body, taking in every inch of me. He can smell my arousal as he leans forward and takes my hand in his, he pulls me towards him. I move to straddle him on the couch as his hands come around to my back; he brings my body closer to his and crushes his lips to mine as he unhooks my bra. He stops kissing me while he removes my new red lacy bra, which barely contains my breasts. He takes in the sight before him before he starts to fondle my breasts. His grip is tight as he kneads his fingers into my flesh. I leaned back as he leaned in to take one breast into his mouth and suck on my nipple hard. Such attention would make any other woman flinch with pain, but to me it is incredible. I moved one hand to his back for support and the other hand went to the back of his head. I threaded my fingers thru his hair and pulled him closer to my breast; he then sucked on my nipples harder and even bit on them a little. This was bringing me so much pleasure. My hips were moving in a circular motion on his cock. I can’t contain the moans that are coming from my mouth. Oh damn, this feels so good. I am in heaven, he knows how to bring me the most pleasure that I have ever known.

After several minutes of fondling my breasts, he placed his hands around my waist and lifted me off his lap and placed me on the couch beside him. I was stunned for a minute before I realized what it was he was going to do. Shawn scooted off the couch and kneeled in front of me. My fuck me heels were removed and he kissed my feet, and kissed his way up my legs until he reached my knees. He slid his fingers up my legs to my waist to remove my new little panties and slowly slid them off. He placed his hands on my knees and spread them wide so he could get a look at what lay waiting for him. He then pulled me closer to the edge and leaned in. Before he got to my waiting pussy he stopped and looked up at me, he could see that I was on the verge and impatient for his attention, my hips could not stay still.

“Please,” I growled, in a very desperate voice.

Shawn smiled his devilish smile, and moved in to barely touch my lips with his tongue. Oh my god just that little touch almost undid my resolve. His fingers opened my pussy lips for his assault. His tongue started at my ass and moved up to my clit. Oh my god, I thought I was going to cum right them. I felt like I wanted to explode, the electricity that coursed through my body was so powerful. His tongue continued to move over my most intimate region, and occasionally sucked on my clit, which almost sent me over the edge. He had to have known that I was getting close with all the moans and sounds that I was making. He placed 2 fingers into my pussy as I moved my hips trying to get more contact, damn it felt so good. His fingers started moving in and out of my pussy as he was sucking on my clit. I was able to only endure a minute of this treatment before I lost it. My release was coming and it started from my toes; I could tell that this was going to be the most awesome orgasm I have ever experienced. It quickly boiled to the surface, and then erupted. It was like shock waves ripping through my body, as he was moving his fingers faster and sucked harder on my clit. I arched my back and screamed with the immense sensation. My body was quivering as I grabbed a hold of the couch for support. This orgasm seemed to last forever, definitely longer than any I have ever experienced. Slowly I descended from my high; Shawn eased up on his movements and was becoming more gentle and slow. He knows that I am extremely sensitive after my massive orgasm, but he wants to make sure he gets all the juices that I produced for him. Slowly he stops his assault to my still quivering pussy, and leans back.

He looks up at me as he runs his hands back and forth on my legs. Slowly I open my eyes and look down at his face; he has a smile on his face that says he is pleased with himself. I am now feeling relaxed and somewhat satisfied. Shawn stands up in front of me, never taking his eyes off mine, then grabs my hands and pulls me up off the couch. He reaches behind me and picks me up and carries me off to the bedroom. He has never picked me up like this before; it is usually caveman style, I wonder what he has in mind. Slowly he makes our way down the hall towards the bedroom, and to the bed. In one fluid movement he laid me down and lays next to me. Once we got settled I turned to him and kissed him fiercely. I was not done with him yet and he will not get away from me till I am completely satisfied. I drape my leg over his hips, and he rubs my hip before he moves his hand to my ass and then starts to caress my pussy. That feels so good. I can feel his cock against my smooth mound as he is caressing me. I roll over on top of him and reached down to take hold of his cock. I want this to be rock hard, and it did not take long before it is.

I positioned myself over his cock and slowly lowered my pussy down over his throbbing rod. We both groaned as I took all of his cock into my waiting hot pussy and I stop moving when he was buried deep. Slowly I moved my hips in a circle that caused us both immense pleasures. With his hands on my hips he slowly raises me up and down on his cock, then back and forth. This movement causes so much friction on my clit that will bring about another orgasm quickly. Shawn knows this as he thrusts his hips up to bury his cock as deep in my pussy as possible. I was moaning quite loudly by now, as was Shawn. I am so close, and then he rolls me over onto my back, without even pulling out. I am impressed. Shawn didn’t miss a beat; he continued to thrust into me as I locked my ankles behind his back. He was slamming hard into me know while I was moving my hips to his rhythm. We couldn’t control the sounds that were coming from our mouths, moans, grunts, and growls. Neither of us lasted very long, or release was growing closer to the surface and with a couple more thrusts, Shawn was cuming in my pussy, after one more thrust I was cuming on his cock. He continued to pound into me as I screamed through my orgasm and Shawn grunted through his orgasm. We rode this extraordinary wave together as we groped each other. When we finally came down from our release, Shawn slumped down on top of me as we tried to regain our breath and strength. After several minutes, Shawn rolled off of me.

It took me several minutes before I could indulge in my fetish again. Finally I rose up on my side and leaned over his body so that I was right over his beautiful soft cock. Slowly I lowered my head and licked the length of his soft cock; he inhaled sharply as if he didn’t realize that I was there. He should know by now that I can’t refuse his cock with our combined cum on it. This soft cock right now is the main reason for my fetish. This is what I want, his cock tastes so good right now, and I feel as though I am in heaven. After a couple minutes of his cock in my mouth I let him go and lay back down on the bed. I turned my head to look at Shawn and he was looking at me with a satisfied grin.

“Hi honey, I missed you so much. Did you like the little outfit I bought for you?” I said this with a saucy little voice that let him know that I might not be done with him just yet.

“Hi beautiful, I missed you as well. I didn’t get a chance to see much of your new outfit. Maybe you could put it back on and show it to me again.” His grin was one of pure delight with a hint of the devil thrown in.

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