When It Rains

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The rain was coming down so hard that when I went to jump over the curb from the road and keep my feet from getting wet, I didn’t jump far enough and landed in a large puddle on the sidewalk, generating a giant splash that ensured that both my legs ended up soaking.

I finally made it to a sheltered doorway and stood there, waiting for the storm to pass through. I wasn’t dressed for the weather at all, as I’d been working from my downtown apartment and ducked out on a whim dressed in chino’s, a big old T-shirt and sneakers without socks to get an espresso coffee and take a break from programming when the storm hit. If I’d bothered to check the weather forecast, maybe I’d at least have an umbrella with me. By now it was too late anyway. The rain was coming down even harder by the minute. If my pants had been dry before, the ricochet splashes would have fixed that. I just had to wait it out.

A young woman came running through the rain. Like me, sans umbrella and coat, headed straight for the awning I was standing under. Ah, I thought, someone as stupid as me. I grinned at her when she made it under the awning. In fact, I started laughing a little, and she joined me.

‘Two drowned rats, eh?’ she said, a faint accent evident.

‘Yeah,’ I replied, ‘but it saves on the cost of showering.’

Despite being completely wet and her hair bedraggled, I could see she was very pretty with a nice curvy body with what looked like a great ass and B-cup breasts, like a gymnast might grow into. Her eyes and hair were brown, though I couldn’t be sure of the color since it was wet and dark. She kept her arms folded over her chest, as the coolness of the air was even effecting my own nipples.

‘Hi,’ I said after a minute of silence. ‘I’m Chris,’ and I put out a hand for her to shake.

‘Hi. Angie.’

She smiled a rueful grin, and pulled a cell phone from her jeans and tried to use it.

‘Fuck! Piece of shit!’ she said. ‘Oh, I’m sorry – I didn’t – ‘

‘Don’t worry,’ I said, covering my surprise. ‘What’s wrong?’

‘My cell phone. I slipped over around the corner and now it’s not working.’

‘Maybe it got wet,’ I stupidly said. ‘Sorry. Look, try mine,’ and I handed her my phone.

‘Thanks,’ she said. She dialed a number, and turned away from me to talk into the phone. I tried, but not too hard, to ignore her conversation.

‘Hi, Patrick it’s me,’ she said, ‘the car won’t start – it must be the rain.’

She waited while the other party spoke.

‘No, my phone’s not working either…just a guy. He lent me his.’ Another pause. ‘Can’t you come and pick me up? I’m on West 4th Street, outside a Qwik-Copy place.’

I don’t think it was my imagination, but she sounded like she was getting pissed at whoever she was talking to.

‘You can be such a prick, do you know that?’ and she hung up, fuming. I could see the tension effecting the whole set of her body, and in fact she’d dropped her arms and I could easily see her dark taut nipples through the light cotton of her top. I was impressed with their erect size, but forced my eyes away. Maybe she would put her arms back up to prevent me making a ass of myself by getting caught staring.

‘Boyfriend?’ I asked.

‘Not for much longer,’ she said with feeling. ‘He’s “too busy” to help and come pick me up.’

Even though the storm had eased off, it was still raining and dusk had come in the interim, so the temperature had dropped even further.

‘Do you mind if I call for a cab?’ Angie asked.

‘Go ahead.’

She held the phone to her ear for quite a while before disconnecting and handing it back to me with a sigh.

‘There’s an hour backlog.’

‘Listen,’ I said, reaching into my back pocket and pulling a business card from my wallet. ‘Call someone else, let them know you’re with me and tell them to pick you up from this address. It’s getting too cold and dark to hang around here.’

She looked surprised and disbelieving.

‘Uh, look, I appreciate the offer,’ she began, ‘but I don’t even know who you are or anything.’

Mentally I shrugged. I was offering an alternative to hanging around here until her uncaring boyfriend showed up, but if she didn’t want to take it, that was her business.

‘OK, sure,’ I said, ‘but I feel bad about leaving you here to freeze while I dry off and get warm. Here, keep my phone, put it in the post to me tomorrow or drop it at this address. I rarely use it anyway.’

‘Oh,’ she said, clearly surprised.

‘Take care,’ I said, and left to jog back home.

I was just getting out of the shower when the foyer phone rang.

‘Hello,’ I said.

‘Hi, Chris? It’s Angie. You know, we just met. Ah, does that offer still stand?’ I could hear her teeth chattering over the intercom.

‘Of course. I’ll buzz you up so just come up to the second floor. Do you want tea or coffee?’

She laughed. ‘Coffee, please.’


‘And Chris?’



‘I like your place,’ she said.


We were sitting opposite each other at the dining room table, drinking our coffee’s and chatting. The storm, as seen through the lounge room window Kolej Escort across the lake, continued with a moderate lightening display. Angie had dried off, and was dressed in some spare clothing I’d found. I must say, I thought she cleaned up nicely.

‘You’ve got a nice place here, and you work from home? What do you do for a living?’

‘I write computer software for brokerage companies.’

‘Stock brokers?’

‘No, customs brokers. Companies who declare imports and exports to various government departments.’

‘Your accent – Australian, right?’ I asked.

‘Oh, yes,’ she said, sounding surprised. ‘Most people can’t really pick it.’

‘Yeah, I thought that’s what it was. I spent some time in London which seemed to be populated with Aussies and New Zealanders.’

‘Really? I lived in the UK for a couple of years.’


‘No, I was studying there, doing a masters in history.’

‘And now?’

‘Now? I’m trying to get a full-time job at the university.’

‘And the prick on the phone?’

She blushed and looked embarrassed, squirming a little in her seat. For half a second a gap in the shirt she wore opened, and I caught a glimpse of the underside of one bare breast, and my mouth went a little dry.

‘I’m sorry. You must think me so rude for swearing.’

‘Are you kidding? It’s refreshing to hear it again. Where I worked in the UK was pretty working class, and I soon got used to the, er -‘

‘The earthiness?’

‘Ha, yeah.’

‘Well, the guy on the phone was my boyfriend. Soon to be ex-boyfriend, actually.’

‘So you said.’

‘I honestly don’t know why I’ve stayed with him this long. Even though he can be nice when he wants to, he doesn’t seem to want to very often.’

‘Well, I’m sorry.’

‘Oh, no. I just need to get it over and done with, you know? I’ve been putting it off because it’s not a real nice job.’

One of those moments of silence happened, where you know that to speak would be to break some spell. Angie wasn’t looking at me, though her face was towards me. I could see she was lost in thought. It was during this moment that I realized I really liked the shape of her lips. Though they were thin they were perfectly formed and, to be frank, a luscious color, like wine. I looked down at my coffee cup, seeing it was empty.

‘If you like,’ I said, ‘I could run you home.’

‘Oh. Um – yes. That would be – ‘

‘Or you could stay for dinner, if you don’t mind eating whatever I can find to cook.’

I looked up again, into her eyes this time.

‘I – ah – I think that would be nice. Yes.’ She smiled prettily, and blushed a little.

I looked at my watch, and couldn’t believe what I saw.

‘Ah, Angie?’


‘It’s nearly 11 o’clock.’

‘Don’t be silly, it’s – oh God! It is!’

Somehow the night had disappeared. I’d made some Thai chicken with rice and had a bottle of good wine. It was hardly a feast but it had been pleasant. We sat opposite each other, as we had over coffee some – God, five hours before. We’d talked a lot, obviously, but the time had flashed past.

‘Do you want to call Patrick and let him know where you are?’

‘Yeah,’ she said, ‘I guess I better call him.’ The topic of our earlier conversation, about how she’d been planning to end it with him came back to her mind. Like most people she didn’t want a confrontation or specifically to hurt someone, if she could avoid it.

‘Can I – I mean, I hate to sound silly, but – ‘

‘What is it?’ I said.

‘Do you mind if I have some privacy?’

I blinked, for some reason, a little surprised.

‘OK, yeah. I’ll just be in the kitchen.’

When I thought about it, it was funny. We’d spent the last five hours talking as if it had been only a few minutes. I put the radio in the kitchen on low so I wouldn’t overhear anything, and got on with doing the washing up, for which there wasn’t a great deal.


‘Hmm?’ It was Angie, finished with the phone. ‘Everything alright?’

‘Yeah. You know you’ve been washing that plate for the last five minutes?’


She walked slowly towards me. All night I’d been thinking about how pretty she was, how funny and interesting and smart she was. When she looked at me I felt – something – I wasn’t sure what it was, but she was sure nice to look at.

‘Chris?’ she said, now standing right in front of me.

I couldn’t speak, but could only swallow, rather noisily too.

When she kissed me I didn’t believe it at first, thus causing my lips to part and allowing her tongue to slip gently inside my mouth. As soon as it touched my tongue, I seemed to get my breath back, and I stepped back from her.

‘Ah, listen, ah. Angie. I don’t date other men’s women. I mean – Hell, I, ah – ‘

‘Do you like me Chris?’ she asked, stepping closer to me and putting both hands on my chest.

‘Sure. Um, yes. I –’

‘Then don’t worry about Patrick. That’s why I needed some privacy; to break up with him.’

‘You did?’ I asked.


She has lovely lips to look at, and now that I knew she was Kuzey Ankara Escort single, even if only for the last five minutes, I just had to kiss them again. They were warm and gentle, and tasted like vanilla and fig – not items that had been on the menu tonight, so heaven knows where that came from.

When her tongue came pushing into my mouth again, I didn’t push her away, but instead put my arms around her to hold her closer, and I felt her sigh into my mouth and relax against my body. She could really work her tongue, thrusting and twisting it against mine, and it was having a very definite effect on me.

When we broke from that kiss we were both breathing a little heavier. She looked at me quizzically.

‘What the hell color are your eyes?’

‘They change.’

‘What do you mean, they change?’

‘Sometimes they’re blue. Sometimes green or hazel, and sometimes all three at once.’

She chuckled, the most delightful and filthy little chuckle I’ve ever heard in my life.

‘That’s insane.’

‘That’s me.’

I smiled at her, thinking how desperately I wanted to fuck her, and I saw her face change from lighthearted to something else. I hadn’t seen such a look of lust on a woman’s face before.

Did I just do that?

I slipped my right hand down her back, placing it on her left ass check, just cupping it and holding it, and, OK, yes, I squeezed it, pulling her harder into me. When I heard her tiny gasp and watched her eyes close just a little, I had to squeeze again, and this time watch her swallow and then hear her breath race a little faster.

That bottom lip, though, man, her bottom lip just begged to be kissed and sucked, and so I did, gently trapping it between my teeth and pulling it out a little bit to suck on it. Again there was that hint of vanilla and fig, but the scent was quickly gone when ever I tried to concentrate on it.

She took my other hand, and slid it up inside the shirt I’d given her to wear. Braless, when my fingers began to stroke her breast, I could already feel the nipple semi-erect, and growing harder as I touched it with a fingertip, but then running my fingers down the underside of her breast and over to the other one, to repeat the same actions.

Angie groaned in my mouth as I took the weight of her breast in my hand.

‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ I asked, not quite believing she’d want to be here.

She looked at me strangely for a second, as if debating something internally.

‘Well, to be frank, I’ve been wanting to do this since two minutes after I met you.’

She lowered herself to her knees in front of me and slowly pulled my pants and boxers down to my ankles. My erect cock stood bobbing in front of her face, and I watched in amazement as her tongue flicked out and licked the tip of my cock. When she closed her mouth around the head my eyes closed automatically, and I only felt her suck all of me excruciatingly slowly into her mouth, licking and sucking her way down to the base, and slowly, oh so painfully slowly, pulling back until only the head was still in her mouth, to be wrapped in her tongue. I’m no larger than average, but when I opened my eyes and saw my cock in her mouth I swear I grew another inch, and I heard her groan in response and resumed sucking.

I thought I couldn’t stand it, until she picked up her pace a little. What was erotic before became sweet agony, again going a little faster each time, one hand now cupping my balls and squeezing gently. I could barely breath, leaning back against the sink, this beautiful woman between my legs sucking me off. And she kept increasing the pace every minute. I don’t know how long she kept it up; perhaps it only felt like forever, but when she felt my cock flexing and my balls drawing up, she carefully brought her teeth into play, scraping away the sweetness of overpowering pleasure and adding the sourness of a dash of pain to the mix. My eyes opened and watched this scene, surprised, though I don’t know why, that one of Angie’s hands were buried in the sweat pants I’d loaned her as she sucked me, and I could see her hand moving rapidly between her legs, the rhythm constant as her hips started to buck of their own accord. Her eyes were closed and I could hear and feel her moans starting, and she somehow sucked my cock all the way into her mouth, and deeper, into her throat, impaling herself on me. It was too much for me too, and my hands flew to grasp her hair, and she sunk her head down on me, taking me completely in her mouth and throat and groaned like it was the best thing in the world, and I came hard, pouring into her mouth as she came herself with shudders and moans, as semen leaked down her chin.

‘Jesus Christ!’ I said, collapsing down to the floor.

Angie lay in a tumble beside me, but chuckled again, and I swear that just the sound of her doing that made me half erect again. Taking her by the hand, I lead her to the bedroom. Under the skylight, now showing the cloud-free moon, I lifted her arms and pulled the top from her. Oh God, what a wonderful sight her breasts were. They were absolutely Maltepe Escort perfect, lacking only my mouth on them, which I quickly rectified by taking a nipple between my teeth, pulling lightly and licking the very end. Once I had it hard as a ball-bearing, I did the same on the other, continuing to stroke the tops and undersides of both of them. Angie shivered and moaned. I licked my way up her breast to her shoulder and then neck, and heard her again sigh and relax against me as I nibbled and sucked her ear.

I turned her around to face away from me, and licked my way down her shoulders and back, across from one side to the other, and then down a little and back across. By the time I reached the top of the fleecy warm-up pants, I was on my knees behind her. I slowly pulled those pants down. For each inch of exposed flesh now visible to me, I licked and sucked and kissed it, until it was finally clear of her hips and fell to pool around her feet.

After my tongue touched her, at the wet gap between her thighs from behind, Angie’s knees collapsed a little and she slumped forward, grabbing onto the foot of the bed, while I continued to lick and kiss my way down one leg. I turned her around to face me, and continuing up the other leg, moving to the inside of her thigh, and now heading in a direct line to her pussy. The hair was tangled and wet from the workout her fingers had given, but all the more beautiful for knowing it. This time, I knew. I could smell vanilla and fig again, and it seemed to be coming right from between her thighs. I pushed her back onto the bed, the edge under her thighs and her legs now spread wide, waiting for me.

I ran my tongue very gently up her slit, barely touching those swollen pussy lips, up and along until I reached her clit. With a finger placed higher, I drew back the hood of her clit, and Angie moaned in delight as I circled her clit, licked it harder once, and then licked back down to her pussy, there to slide my tongue gently inside her, twist it and pull it out, and to repeat this action again and again until she was writhing on the bed.

When her legs clamped on my head, and her hips started grinding her pussy on my face, I knew she was just about to come, so I planted my mouth right on her clit and sucked strongly. She cried out, once, twice, and then again when I pushed my tongue back inside her pussy and twisted it around to lick as much of her as I could, taste all of her as I was able.

Angie drew a deep breath, and chuckled again. What is it with this woman and her laughter?

We lay together in the bed, Angie in my arms.

‘Where the hell did you learn to do that?’ she asked.

‘I have no idea. It just seemed like a nice thing to do to you, after what you did to me.’

‘Well Mr. Smarty, I have to tell you no one has ever made me come like you just did.’

‘Happy to oblige. All part of the service.’

‘And I have I told you, you have the cutest accent?’

‘I don’t have an accent,’ I said.

‘Where was it you grew up? Louisiana, Tennessee and Texas?’


‘Well, you do. I don’t know what it is, but when you talk I can feel your voice inside me, you know?’

I placed my hand on her, and moved a finger up and down, massaging her.

‘In here?’

She laughed.

‘No, you bad man – oh!’

She couldn’t talk for a moment, as my finger stroked her sensitive clit gently.

‘Actually, maybe you’re right,’ and she gasped as I massaged her clit and pushed my thumb inside her pussy, the tip of it rubbing her G-spot, and I started to fuck her with my thumb.

‘God, what are you doing?’ she asked. ‘That feels amazing.’

‘I’m getting you ready so I can fuck you,’ I said quietly in her ear, and then kissed and sucked on her lips again.

Her hand darted down and she grabbed me, gently but firmly.

‘Where’s a condom?’ she asked. I pulled one from the drawer and handed it to her. First she took me in her mouth again, slathering my cock with saliva and making me rock hard. When she was happy, she wiped her saliva off, rolled the condom on, and pulled me up over her.

From above I watched her face when my cock met the entrance of her pussy, and watched her gasp in pleasure as I pushed the head in, just resting the corona inside her. Angie’s legs wrapped around me, and following the pressure from her heels, I slid deeper into her in one slow but flowing movement that only ended when her head fell back on the pillow and she groaned so loudly I could feel it all the way back to my balls.

She looked in so much pain when I started to pull out, I had to stop and ask if she was alright.

‘Jesus, don’t fucking stop,’ was all she could exclaim.

Every time I thrust into her, a groan was forced out of her mouth to heat the air. Each time I pulled out, her pussy would slide and grip and try to hang onto me, not relinquishing until the corona was pulled out. Then her heels would push me back in. A tiny bit faster each time. In and put, groaning and gripping, a little harder back in each time. My cock sliding into her, her pussy sucking me in further. I saw her nipples swell and a flush rise up her chest to her neck, and with each thrust into her, she started whispering ‘fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck’, and so I did, fucking her again and again, faster and harder until she came moaning and crying out in my ear, the contractions in her pussy holding me there, milking me, making me come too, and all I could see was her eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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