Where’s Reginald?

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Hello you naughty girls and boys.

This is another look into office life with Ms. Haskins. This story takes place after Follow Me Sam. Here’s what happens when Ms. Haskins finds Reginald.


“Where’s Reginald?”

Ms. Haskins was looking for him to pop his head out of a nearby office. He didn’t really have a place of his own these days and was kept busy running around the building or even on errands outside of the building. But then as far as she was concerned he had brought that upon himself.


He heard Ms. Haskins calling from far away and dropped everything to race toward her. It wasn’t reasonable for her to expect him to always be next to her and at the same time remain out of sight as well as do the work of five people, but Ms. Haskins, in his opinion, was never reasonable.

The seconds ticked by and then Ms. Haskins heard a sound that could only be Reginald on his way. Sure enough just seconds later he rounded the corner like a scared elephant and nearly took out Janice in his haste.

“Here I am Ms. Haskins.”

He was out of breath and stopped bent over in front of her, his hands on his knees.

“I think you owe Janice an apology.”

“Sorry Janice. I apologize.”

“Now then, we have business to attend to.”

Saying that, she grabbed his ear and drug him behind her as she marched her way to the ladies room. Reginald did his best to keep up and stay on his feet.

She burst into the ladies room, her heels clicking on the tile, with Reginald in tow.

“Everybody out!”

The ladies fared far better than the males under Ms. Haskins, but even they knew when it was time to steer clear. They quickly made their way to the door.

“Susan if you would be so good as to stand guard outside. Thank you.”

Susan nodded in acceptance. It was a small price to pay. And truly she didn’t have much choice.

Now alone in the restroom, Ms. Haskins drug Reginald over to the wheelchair stall where they would have more room. Once inside, she practically flung him against the wall.

“Alright you little shit, assume the position.”

The demetevler escort ‘position’ as Reginald had learned, was for him to be sitting on his knees, bent forward slightly, with his head raised and his mouth open. It was a position he had become all too familiar with in the past three weeks. He didn’t waste any time getting there either as he could not afford to disappoint her in any way.

Ms. Haskins hiked up her skirt to her waist and stepped forward. This was the one moment of service that Reginald enjoyed; being able to see the perfect bare pussy before him. She was shaved and nothing was hidden from view. And it was just…perfect. It was a pussy that could hang on a wall in the finest of museums and put other artwork to shame.

But of course such appreciation could only last a short while. Almost as soon as he gazed upon it, it was opening and she was placing fingers on either side. And then the yellow stream began to flow like a fountain, landing on his tongue and sliding down his throat.

He had gotten much better about catching it all and not making a mess. But it wasn’t exactly something he could really be proud of. He had become a toilet for Ms. Haskins. And it was all because he failed to meet one of her ridiculous expectations.

He had tried, he really had, but when she first laid out what she wanted from him he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to deliver. He failed, which was little surprise, but when he expected to have some coaching session or something put in his file, that was when the real surprise came. She was going to fire him. And not only that, but she gave the ‘you’ll never work in this town again’ speech.

He was unprepared for such a blow but he just couldn’t lose his job; not in this market. It had been hard work even getting in the door here and he was still behind on several payments when he began. His current and future employment was the only thing keeping a roof over his head.

And that’s when she gave him her conditions. At first he thought it was a sick joke. But Ms. Haskins didn’t joke; not like that. The first dikmen escort taste was the worst, and he made a mess of things. Who wouldn’t? But he had learned, painfully, how to perform his duty for her. And now he had been drinking what felt like a gallon of her fresh, hot piss

“Stop. Now hold this.”

She wasn’t finished. She did stop for just a moment and the flow became a trickle. But once she gave her command the flow returned. It didn’t last long of course because when she said ‘hold this’ what she meant was to keep the rest of her piss in his mouth until he had been given permission to swallow.

So soon the flow became a trickle once more, and eventually it stopped all together. She grabbed some tissue off the roll and dabbed at her privates. Once she was sufficiently wiped, she dropped the tissue into his mouth were it began to soak up the piss and sink into the pool in his mouth.

“So Reginald, I have news for you.”

That didn’t sound good. Unless she was going to stop this toilet service, which was unlikely, he feared the news she had to offer. Still he had little choice but to listen and with his mouth full of her piss he couldn’t really respond.

“So I am hosting a sort of business conference this weekend for a select group of women. I have already rented the clubhouse and everything is in order. But I want to make sure this is a memorable occasion. And that’s where you come in. Since you are already trained in basic toilet service, you are the obvious choice. You will make yourself available all weekend for any of the women who wish to use you. I imagine that will be all of them.”

She paused a moment letting that sink in. He almost lost some of the piss in his mouth as he involuntarily began to hang his head. What was she thinking? It was no small task keeping up with Ms. Haskins at work. But multiple women would quickly be more than he could manage. And if it was over the weekend, he also would get no nightly rest or anytime to really recover.

And then there was the idea of new ladies and new piss for him to experience. He was no connoisseur, ankara escort but he was sure that there must be differences. Maybe some would be more tolerable, but his fear was he might experience something even worse than what he had been forced to swallow already.

“Now it goes without saying that I expect only the best from you. If you do this well and the women are all pleased with your performance, it will go a long way to getting you off this probation. You might want to be thinking what you can do to go above and beyond your expectations. But if you fail me in this, fail any of these women in any way, well then this probation will be the least of your worries. Do I make myself clear?”

He still had a mouth fill of piss and the tissue which was more of a wet lump. So he blinked his eyes to show her he understood. It was hard to imagine a fate worse than serving as a toilet to a group of women for the weekend. And yet he was sure Ms. Haskins could come up with such a fate if he failed her.

“I’ll have one of the girls give you the details before you leave work today. When I see you this evening you had better be shaved and showered.”

Right. Wouldn’t do to have a male acting as a women’s toilet to have a little sweat or a five o’clock shadow. Ms. Haskins always had high standards.


He was thankful for that. Well a little, in some ways. He was going to have to swallow the piss anyway, so he’d rather do that than hold it in his mouth. And he wouldn’t have thought it before he had experienced it, but the tissue was actually more trouble than the piss. Piss alone he could swallow. Piss soaked tissue would catch in his throat and he had to chew it into smaller pieces.

“I spent some time thinking about this Reginald. Don’t you dare fail me. Now I have other business to attend to. I’m sure you still have plenty to do today, so it’s time for you to get back to work.”

Reginald stood and dusted off his knees. They both made their way out of the ladies’ restroom where Ms. Haskins thanked Susan for standing guard. And once Ms. Haskins was out of earshot, Reginald let out a depressed sigh before heading back to pick up where he had abruptly stopped working when he heard her call.

He tried to focus on the work he had to do to get to the end of the day, and not the very heavy workload he would have this weekend, serving as a ladies’ toilet.

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