White Boy Swagg

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“Y’all tell Gigi and Big Dad bye,” instructed the thirty-one year old father of two.

“Bye, bye,” said the older one – a girl of four.

The younger kid, a boy aged two, began to pout.

“Come on now, Maverick. Stop actin’. You know you’re goin’ to a birthday party,’ ‘ Josh Myers reminded his son.

“It’s okay, Mav! Gigi will come see you later,” Lori Myers attempted to assuage her grandson.

“Alright now, boy,” Steve Myers boomed. “Come to Big Dad!”

The toddler rushed to his grandfather.

“What if me and Gigi take you to the birthday party, Mav?”

Instantly the tears and the protest halted. Maverick Myers nodded in agreement.

Josh Myers rolled his blue-gray eyes and snickered. “Y’all spoil ’em.”

“It’s our right,” Lori shot back fussing over Maverick’s curly dark brown hair.

“Well, let me put his car seat in your truck, dad.”

“It’s unlocked,” Steve replied without looking.

Josh made the transfer and then loaded up his daughter, Gianna. The six foot, dude with barely ten percent body fat hopped into the driver seat of his black modified double cab 2016 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. Most people assumed on first glance that the lifted vehicle with wheel spacers and flashy chrome rims belonged to a Black dude. But, they were wrong. Oh so wrong.

Josh was a White dude. Born and raised in the suburbs. He did have a thing for Black women though. So much so that both Gianna and Maverick had Black moms – albeit different ones. He liked what he liked and he didn’t care. At first his parents were a little apprehensive, but as soon as they saw Gianna all of their reservations went straight out the window.

Josh picked up a kid’s meal for his daughter before taking her back to her mother. He hugged and kissed his little princess as he saw her off for the next few days. “Love you, baby!”

“Lub you too, daddy!”

Back in the truck, he looked at his reflection in the rearview mirror, he decided he needed a haircut. He decided to stop by a salon in a strip mall for which he had an HVAC and maintenance contract through the property developer. The owner was good people and would usually work him in for a cut and a shave.

Josh walked through the door. The gossipy and chatty women shut their mouths quickly when they saw a White boy come in the door. A few gawked at him.

“Hey, Josh! What’s up,” called out Darian Lockett.

“Can you shape me up?”

“Sure! Twenty minutes cool?”


“Have a seat,” Darian pointed to nowhere in particular.

Josh took a seat. He glanced at his super tough G6 tactical smartwatch and noted that istanbul travesti it was close to 2:00 p.m.

Around fifteen minutes later, Darian called him over. The proprietor threw a cape around the good looking White guy and inquired, “What’ll it be?”

“Crew cut. Trim up the goatee.”

“You got it! How are those adorable kids of yours?”

“They’re good. Just dropped ’em off.”

“You got a hot date tonight?”

“If you call a six pack and some TV a date, then yeah.”

“That’s a shame. I’m sure there are all kinds of ladies out there that would want to have a pretty baby with you.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” Josh chuckled. “I can barely afford the two I got.”

“If you say so,” Darian snipped away with the scissors. “How’s my little Gianna.”

“She’s good. You know she’s four going on forty.”

“Leave my little goddaughter alone,” hissed Darian playfully. “Is Mariah acting right?”

“Yeah! She’s been cool.”

“You know I’ll snatch her up if she messes with you.”

“You’re a fool, Dee!”

“I know. I swear Mariah is the smartest of all of us, but she’s also the craziest.”

“You don’t have to tell me.”

“Hey now. That’s my family you’re talking about,” snickered the hairdresser.

Darian finished up the haircut and lathered up his cousin’s baby daddy’s face. He used a straight edge razor to complete the look. He wrapped a warm towel around Josh’s face and let him wait for a few minutes while he went to check on another client.

When Darian came back to complete the work on his walk-in customer, he said, “I need my car washed.”

“Want me to do it,” Josh checked.

“Would you,” beamed the cosmetologist.

“Yeah! You’re practically family, right?”

“You’re the best. I told Mariah not to let you go.”

“Sure you did,” Josh gave Darian the side eye.

“What do you think?” Darian gave Josh a handheld mirror.

“I’m back in the game,” laughed the dark-haired man.


“How much?”

“We can settle up after you wash my car. Let me get my keys.”

Josh took the fob from the five-foot-eight effeminate dude with deep sepia skin over a cool, magenta undertone. “I’ll be back in an hour.”

“I’ll be done here in about two hours. Can you just meet me back here then,” asked the business owner with twists that were dyed an intense ruby red brown.

“That’ll work. I ain’t got shit to do for real.”

“You’re the best, Josh,” Darain shared.

Josh strode out of the shop.

One customer said, “I’m not into White boys, but he got some swag.”

“Yeah,” lisped şişli travesti Darian. “You know my Aunt Lynnette?”

“Mmhmm,” the woman with rollers in her head hummed.

“That’s her granddaughter’s father.”

“Oh. Is it now?”


“So that’s the White boy Mariah was messing with. I ain’t mad at her.”

“I know girl. She say he was good too.”

The two hens shared a hearty laugh as Darian removed the rollers.

Josh pulled up to his small ranch style house and parked Darian’s royal blue 2017 Nissan Maxima in the front yard. He hopped out and ran into the house to change into some joggers and an old paint stained T-shirt. The former standout high school hoopster went about the work of detailing the whip for his daughter’s godfather.

Two and a half hours later, Josh arrived back at Darian’s shop. The only vehicles left were his Tacoma and an older model Lexus LS 460. Josh had waited to spray the tire protectant until he got back here. So, he did that before going inside.

Darian was handing the patron back her credit card as Josh entered. “Have a good day, ma’am,” he acknowledged the woman while holding the door.

“Thank you! You too,” she remarked exiting.

“Hey, my wallet is downstairs. Pull around to the back and I’ll let you in. I’m just gonna lock up real quick and I’ll be right down.”

Josh got in his truck and drove down a narrow makeshift lane that led to the back of the establishment.

Darian had outfitted the daylight basement as a two bedroom, two bath abode.

Josh waited in his truck until he saw Darian step outside and motion him in.

“You had to change, huh,” Josh said when he got inside.

“You don’t like it?”

“You know I like those thick pretty thighs and that juicy ass, faggit!”

“Oh yeah,” Darian purred.

“Yeah,” the savage man grabbed the soft, girly Black dude. “You don’t want this big White dick?”

“You know I do!”

“Did you bring your beer over?”

“Sure did.”

“Well go get it. I’m gonna freshen up real quick.”

Josh retrieved the case of MGD from his truck. He also took a tall boy he had on ice in his cooler and cracked it open. He took a swig before placing a couple of cans in the freezer and the rest in the fridge. He’d polished off the sixteen ounce beer and had moved on to one of the cans from the freezer when Darian finally returned.

The supple bottom boy wore a purple and white jockstrap. His slight belly and fleshy, moderate gynecomastia were bare.

“I love your chocolate nipples,” Josh salivated. “Turn around bakırköy travesti and let Daddy see your ass.”

Darian made a big show of wiggling his booty.

“Ooh wee, faggit! You make my dick so hard!”

“Really, Daddy?”

“For sure! Feel it!”

Darian squeezed the engorged cock after Josh placed the tender hand on his crotch. “I need that!”

“Your cousin would go crazy if she knew I was fucking you!”

“Yes she would! That’s why you like fucking me, isn’t it!”

“That’s one reason.” Josh smacked Darian’s somewhat dumpy rear end. “The other is this ass!” Josh knelt down and dove into the butt crack with his tongue.

“Oh shit, Josh! Eat this boipussy! Fuck yes, Daddy!”

“Mmmm,” he moaned as he squeezed the cottony derriere.

“Oh my god! I wanna suck your big White cock!”

Josh stood up and pulled down his jeans and boxer briefs, His 8-inch-by-5-inch rod stuck straight out.

Darian fell to his knees and began sucking it up.

“Yeah, baby! Suck this dick good. Just like that!” He guided her along his shaft. He gripped a fistful of the kinky twists on the crown of Darian’s head. “Damn, sexy! Suck it!”

Darian pulled away and looked up at Josh. Salisa was all over his face. “You wanna fuck me?”

“Hell yeah! Bend over!”

Darian put his torso on the bed and spread his legs far apart. Josh eased behind him and angled his cock towards the pink hole.

“Ooooh,” cried Darian.

“Let me get that pussy, faggit!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Oh damn! It’s so tight!”

“Ooh, Josh!”

“Mariah would shit herself if she knew I was giving you this dick!”

“She would die!”

“Throw it back, baby! Gimme your asspussy, faggit!”


“That’s a good boy! Take all this big White cock, you chocolate ass fairy boy!”

“You like my big Black ass!”

“Hell yeah! Look at this big White dick goin’ in and out of your Black butt! Shit! It’s so hot!”

“Fuck me!”

Josh grabbed the waistband of the jockstrap. He used it to control Darian. He pounded. He jackhammered the asshole. “Whose ass is this?”

“Yours! It’s all yours, Daddy!”

“Damn right!! This is my ass!”

“Your dick feels good, Josh! Fuck me! Oh god!”

“Your pussy feels good! I love Black fag booty!”

“Go deep!”

Josh thrust with every fiber of his being. “You’re such a slutty ass faggit! Who else are you fucking tonight?”

“I don’t know. Owwww!”

“Quit lyin’, faggit,” he smacked Darian prodigious booty hard. “Tell the truth.”

“Dude that plays for the Boom.”

“He fuck you better than me?”

“No, Daddy!”

“Quit. Lyin’.” He said this with a full deliberate stroke to emphasize each syllable,

“I’m not, Josh1 Fuck me!”

“I love this juicy ass! Fuck, baby!”

“Oh my god! Give it to me! Fuck me, White boy!”

“Arrrggghhh! Shit,” huffed Josh. He pulled out and fell backwards onto the bed.

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