Who Rescues Who?

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Dean had spent his time and was truly reformed. He’d made a mistake when he was young, sexually assaulting a woman. In the years since then he’d come to appreciate women as equal humans, a concept foreign to him growing up. He’d also come to regret what he had done to that innocent woman and to have a greater respect for all people. He also was clean in health and very physically fit. He had educated himself while locked up, become a model prisoner, and was paroled early as a reward. He never wanted to return to his old neighborhood, and instead chose a new town in a different state to avoid the temptation and acquaintances of old.

Jenny was a hard working young lady, having studied hard in college while working part-time to cover the expenses. Her job wasn’t glamorous or high paying, but it was her job and was enough for her to be self supporting even if it was in a meager, dull lifestyle. Jenny was the shy sort, and never wore much makeup or clothing that was flattering to her body. She exercised regularly but was too modest to be proud of her figure, always wearing clothing to disguise the curves.

Their lives were about to cross paths.

Jenny worked late most afternoons, well into the evening some days. The area of the office was relatively safe but emptied immediately after normal working hours, becoming a ghost town of sorts. It was one of those days where she left the building just as the street lights were coming on when her worst nightmare began. Swiftly and silently an arm was wrapped around her from behind, her mouth muffled. At the same time a hard, sharp object was thrust hurtfully into her ribs and a gruff voice angrily grunted into her ear to do as he told else she would suffer. As Jenny was shoved along towards the shadows of some bushes she never noticed the stench of her assailant, fear instead whirling through her head. She tried to remember what she’d been told to do in such an event, but at the moment she seemed so helpless.

At the bushes the thug spun her around and forced her to the ground. He wore a mask, but it was the large fearsome knife he held to her ribs that held her attention. She could feel herself sinking into a deep, dark chasm as he tore away the front of her blouse, jerked the bra up to expose her pert breasts and was roughly squeezing them. He was saying something, but the words weren’t registering. Jenny felt her legs being forced apart, then, nothing. The weight atop her was gone. The rough hand, gone.

Dean had managed to find work cleaning offices, mostly after hours and always in the company of other workers. He didn’t have a car yet and depending on where the offices were he usually had to ride a bus to the building they were working in that night, catching a ride home with someone on the crew. This day as he was walking from the bus stop to the building Jenny worked in something caught his attention. He was still the better part of a block away, but the image of a struggle was clear to him. His pace quickened without thought as he watched the girl being forced back into the shadows. Dean knew what was going to happen and he moved without hesitation.

Working along at the edge of the landscaping Dean was able to come close enough to the alteration that he could hear the gruff commands of the scum, and the whimpers of the young girl. When the rapist began to focus on his assault Dean made his move. The punk never knew what hit him. The first blow knocked the punk cleanly off the girl, sending him sprawling out backwards onto his back. The knife was kicked away and within seconds the rapist was unconscious. Dean turned to the young girl and in a very calm and soothing voice he tried his best to soothe her and get her further help.

“Ma’am, if you have a cell phone you should call the police.” Noticing she didn’t have her purse, Dean looked back towards the parking lot and saw her purse where it had landed at the initial assault. “I’ll bring your purse to you while you gather yourself. I am here to help you.”

All Jenny could do was cry and try to pull her torn and button less blouse around her violated body. She was terrified, not only of the guy that had assaulted her, but of this new guy too. After all, she was so vulnerable at the moment, scared, shaken and terrified.

Dean sensed her state, set the purse down beside her then tried to assure her. “Ma’am, I will not harm you, and I will not allow this scumbag to harm you now or ever again. Now, please, call the police and I’ll sit over here by the scum. Here, please take my jacket.” Dean felt so remorseful for what had happened to the girl. His mind was flooded with thoughts and images of the time he’d been the scum doing the assaulting. He wanted to beat this guy to death, but prison had taught him patience and control. As he approached the barely stirring scum lying on the ground he took his belt off, rolled the guy over onto his belly and bound his hands behind his back with the belt. About the time Dean found the knife and picked it up Mersin Escort with his handkerchief he could hear sirens nearing. He laid the knife down beside the girl then took a seat on the ground near the rapist, knees bent and hands behind his head. He wanted to run, but he felt obligated to the girl.

Dean had been treated roughly by the police that first arrived at the scene but Jenny became almost hysterical at them, pleading for them not to hurt him. She called him her hero, and then began telling them over and over what he’d done for her. It was then that she realized that she didn’t even know his name, nor he hers.

In the months that followed Dean’s life and Jenny’s life became intertwined. At first it was merely statements for the police, then depositions for the lawyers and detectives, then the trial. It had come out that Dean was an ex con, having done time for the very same crime that he’d intervened upon this time. There were accusations of him being a partner in the crime, but having gotten cold feet at the last minute, of him now using her trust to plot an assault of his own against her. Through all of this Jenny held trust in Dean and in the end the truth prevailed. Her attacker was sentenced and sent off for his own prison time, hers being his third offense.

During this whole period and experience all that Jenny knew about Dean was his name and a part of his past, and where he worked now. Or did work. When his employer found out about Dean’s interruption of the assault and the subsequent accusations of his being part of the plot he had fired Dean. Treatment like that wasn’t uncommon for men like Dean, and in prison he’d been taught to be patient with and forgiving of those who were short sighted and accusational. He felt that it would be the last he ever saw of Jenny. In prison he had learned to let things go, to move forward positively, but he couldn’t let go of his thoughts about Jenny. She had been the sweetest person he’d ever met and he longed to know her better though he knew his background would never allow a person as clean and as good as Jenny to let someone like him into her life. Dean found new work in a local restaurant kitchen, determined to move forward with his life.

Jenny would look for Dean on the days her office building was to be cleaned. Sometimes he’d arrive with a carload of other workers but mostly he walked from the bus stop, the same as he had that day he’d rescued her. She would wait until he was on her floor and would make excuse to go chat with him, ever mindful of him being watched always by the foreman of the crew. She hated their distrust of him and how they worked him harder than any of the other workers. She admired how Dean would work along, never stopping even when she was talking with him, never complaining about his treatment or when they scolded him for no apparent reason. But then she didn’t see him anymore and after missing him for a couple of weeks she finally worked up the nerve to ask the foreman of his whereabouts.

“Excuse me, but I’ve not seen Dean lately. Is he OK?”

“That lowlife don’t work for us anymore, lady. But, how can I help you?” His attitude was revolting to Jenny and with his smirk adding insult to the address her eyes lit with anger, her nostrils flared and her temper took control of her words.

“He’s a better man than you ever thought of being and you can bet your ass I’ll be talking to your boss about what I’ve seen of you, too.” Jenny turned, grabbed her purse from her desk and stormed out, furious with that man. As she broke into the quiet, cool stillness of the parking lot and got into her car her thoughts had already turned to how she could find Dean. She had to reach out to him…..she just had to.

About a week later Jenny and some office cohorts were having lunch at a downtown restaurant not too far from her office. It was crowded and noisy and they were even further annoyed by being seated right next to the doorway that led to the cleaning station of the kitchen. The constant foot traffic past them, the carts of dirty dishes, the loud clatter of dishes being cleaned and washed and the loud voices that often were clearly audible yells of commands and insults to the staff. One poor bloke was really getting it that day, so much that the three of them at the table even remarked about it not being that fool’s day. Jenny caught herself watching the traffic into and out of the kitchen doors and could plainly make out the activities of several of the wait staff.

She watched as one guy purposefully stacked plates and glasses so that they would fall with little warning or provocation then beat a hasty retreat. About that time the washer guy reached for a plate and the whole stack crashed to the floor. The washer bent down to start cleaning up the mess as the barrage of verbal assaults began and Jenny’s eyes grew wide when she realized it was Dean. He’d once again been the victim of a prank set to bring him misery. Her heart was breaking Mersin Escort Bayan for him when the manager went up to him, said something, and Dean turned to walk away while untying his apron. She realized he’d just been fired, again. Without hesitation Jenny jumped up and ran through the doorway to catch up with Dean.

“Dean, I saw it all. I saw that waiter stack those plates so they would fall. You were set up! I can talk with the manager…”

“Jenny, let it go. The manager didn’t want to hire me in the first place and has been trying to get me to quit for weeks. Just let it go.” Dean was both gloriously joyed to see Jenny, and very sadden at the same time. This was the third job he’d been fired from, all through no fault or wrongdoing of his, and there was a three strike stipulation in his parole. There would be a hearing and they had the power to return him to the prison.

Jenny got her purse from the table and left with Dean. She texted her boss to tell him she’d be out the rest of the afternoon on a personal matter, and then took Dean to a small, quiet coffee shop to talk. She promised she’d go to his hearing and testify as witness to him being unduly treated by the cleaning company and the restaurant. Then she promised him more.

“Dean, I want you to move out of that halfway house. I want you to move in with me. I have a sleeper sofa you can use, and we’ll find you a decent job where you can be respected and allowed a chance to prove yourself as I know you. The thoughts had never crossed Jenny’s mind before that instant and the words surprised her as much as they did Dean.

The hearing was scheduled, heard, and Dean was allowed to continue on parole. He and Jenny met with his parole officer and gained permission for him to move in with her, and Jenny went with Dean to the halfway house to gather his belongings. Tears filled her eyes when he picked up a small handbag, an alarm clock and told her he was ready to go. That was all he had in this world.

The next couple of weeks were wonderful. With Jenny’s help Dean had found a new job, one paying much better and with a great group of people. He helped out around the apartment, bought some new clothes, bought groceries, and if anything was left from his paycheck he always gave it to Jenny. She took him out to restaurants, to movies, and tried to give him a life like he’d never known. As they went places she was never ceased to be impressed with his manners, his politeness, and his courtesy, especially to her. She let him drive her car when they went places, and introduced him to all of her friends. She even found herself dressing a bit more attractively and spending more time on makeup and her hair.

They had been out to eat one evening then taken a stroll through a downtown park. The crisp night air was refreshing and the talk pleasant. Jenny had learned much about Dean’s life and was eager to share her memories with him. She felt more comfortable with him than anyone she’d ever known, and perhaps happier than at any time in her life. As they walked back to her car she realized that it was Dean that had brought the companionship and happiness into her life. It was his custom to unlock and open her car door for her, and this night as he did so, standing at relaxed attention for her to get into the car, she paused and impulsively kissed him. It was the first time in his life a female had kissed Dean by her own accord, and it surprised him. It tasted sweeter, was more delicate than he imagined, and caused his head to swirl. When she pulled away Jenny touched his hand as she looked deeply into his crystal blue eyes. Neither spoke aloud.

When the swirling slowed and Jenny looked deeply into his eyes Dean was aware of the messages being sent, but he’d never been in these circumstances and didn’t know for sure how to interpret or act upon what had just happened. All he knew, for sure, was that he cared more for Jenny than anyone he’d ever known, and had cared for her for a long time now. Beads of sweat popped out on his forehead as he walked around the car to the driver’s side, for he truly didn’t know what to do. Too much and he’d blow it for being too aggressive. Too little and he’d lose her for a seeming loss of interest. He was quiet, too quiet, as he started the car and pulled out onto the boulevard, and Jenny noticed it.

“I’m sorry, Dean. I should have controlled myself. Please tell me what’s going through your mind.” Thoughts were racing through his mind, for sure, and right now he didn’t know what to say, how to answer. He fell back on the counseling and honesty he’d found in prison and decided to be open with Jenny, to say exactly what was on his mind, to confess his confusion, lack of experience and his feelings.

“Jenny, I’ve never had anyone like you in my life and each day with you is a new adventure, a treasure and a growing experience for me. You are the best person I’ve ever known and I’ve had feelings for you for a long time. That kiss was Escort Mersin the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me, in my life. But I don’t know what to do now and I’m afraid of screwing it up.” They sat in silence for long moments as his words sank into Jenny. As the quiet lingered Dean’s fears of screwing up magnified, almost overwhelmed him, but then they were put to rest. Without word Jenny leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, a kiss that was slow and loving. Her hand then came to rest on his, her fingers seeking an embrace from his.

Dean’s head was filled with every imaginable thought and fantasy during the drive home. Not wanting to mess things up he decided to just take it slow and follow Jenny’s lead. When he’d parked the car he came around to open hers, then went to open the house door for her. This time as she passed him she not only kissed him, in the most brazen move in her life Jenny purposefully allowed her hand to brush across his pants, taking aim at the mounting bulge at his crotch. With his head already dizzy from the passion of the kiss, his body almost jumped at the unexpected rub against his cock. Indeed, Dean thought he’d cum standing right there on the spot.

Inside the apartment Jenny felt totally in control, and she was determined to get Dean into her bedroom that night. Sure, there was a tremendous amount of apprehension of what might happen then, for she was a virgin. She’d never touched a man’s cock before, never even seen on up close and personal. She had never used a dildo or vibrator before, only pleasuring herself with her fingers when the urges were too great, and one had left the tub feeling shame and guilt for allowing the jet from the whirlpool to pulse directly against her pussy and causing an orgasm. Still, Jenny was determined to have her way with Dean this night.

“Hey, Dean, you want an after dinner drink?”

“Jenny, you know I don’t drink. Besides, if I get another of those kisses I want to be fully aware of what’s happening. Those are too good to be true and I sure don’t want any impaired senses if it happens again.”

Oh, though Jenny, you’re in for way more than a kiss, mister. “Well, in that case I better keep my senses too because I want to make sure I do everything just right.” The big wink she gave just then brought a huge grin to Dean’s face, the happiest she’d ever seen him. “Now, let’s try that kiss once more…” and Jenny walked up face to face with Dean and did her best to plant the sexiest kiss on him that she could imagine.

As her tongue ran around inside his mouth, dancing with his tongue and tasting his mouth Jenny pressed her body hard against his. Her breasts were firm, even for their size, and the pressure against his chest was exciting for them both. As she pressed her hips against his she could feel his hard cock in his pants, actually feel it twitch and jump inside his clothing. She pressed harder, putting her mound directly against his cock and humping against him. His breath quickened and he seemed to be in another world, his tongue seeming to go limp. His hips humped back, beads of sweat were over his face, his hands had taken a firm grasp of her ass and were pulling her closer and more firmly against him as he lost touch with the kiss. His breath came is gasps, he began to moan from down deep within, and then his body became rigid. As his head fell down onto her shoulder his body relaxed, and he began to whisper.

“I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.” It took Jenny a few moments to realize he’d cum in his pants standing there in her embrace. She felt sorry for him, felt his embarrassment, and also felt it to be both sweet in an innocent way and humorous.

“Dean, honey, there’s nothing to be sorry for. Nothing to be ashamed of my dear, sweet man. In fact, I take it as a huge compliment. Look at me.” She held her fingers under his chin, lifting his head up to look at her. His eyes were so innocent, both frightened and ashamed, but still so sexy in their crystal blue sparkle. “I hope I’m always able to have that affect on you, sweet boy.” With no other words Jenny took his hand, turned, and led him to her bedroom. She sat him on the bed and turned out all but the nightlight, for as much as she wanted this her modesty still wouldn’t allow her to openly and in full light bare her body to him.

Jenny slowly unbuttoned her blouse, slid it from her shoulders and tossed it onto the arm chair in the corner. Even in the dim light Dean had no difficulty in making out her dark areolas under the lace of the dark colored bra. She bent slightly to remove her high heeled shoes and tossed them over near the chair too. The zipper on her skirt went down silently; Jenny stepped out of it, folded it and laid it across the arm chair as well. Her legs were perfectly toned with smooth skin free from any blemish. She was wearing fairly conservative panties by the standards of the day, but with a sexy vee-shaped front with lace waistband. The lower edges of the lace gave hint of the dark pubic hair below, not long but neatly trimmed. The lower portion of her panties was of solid fabric, but in perfect reflection of the camel toe contours beneath. At this point Jenny stepped over to Dean, took his hand and pulled him to a standing position beside the bed.

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